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    • Anatoli
      night of the living dead:
      There's a group of people inside a house. Another group is having trouble getting in. Dawn of the dead (original)
      There's an epidemic of some sort, then people start goofing around inside a mall.
    • Akahana
      NOOOOOO IT'S SO CUTE DON'T EVEN SAY THAT!!  I'm so happy you took my prompt, Daichi is such a babe.  And god I love a mischievous Suga, a devil dressed like an angel <3  Thank you so much.  And welcome to college!!  I'm finishing up my 2nd year this semester, so I hear you.  Don't worry too much about it, you'll get the hang of it in no time.  Just look forward to being treated like an actual human being unlike high school.
    • Kalla
      I don't have a thing for either giants or male sneezing, so it really speaks to your talent that this melts me. The giant is adorable! I love his sweet, innocent face with his cute floofy hair and short facial hair. The pink coloring of the nose alone is A+++. You beautifully captured the pre-sneeze expression including flared nostrils, a personal fave.
    • BringDylanTheHorizon
      I PHYSICALLY SCREECHED WHEN I SAW THIS ON THE THREAD , I LOV VOLTRON. Seriously though I'm so glad you wrote this because I can't find any voltron fics anywhere and this is just perfect.  This made me laugh a lot. But yeah i loved this so much
    • BringDylanTheHorizon
      Hi again! I haven't posted in so long because I've been away on holiday and I just got my exam results so I had to enrol in college! Still struggling with writing block, but I managed to write the prompt given to me by @akahana (sort of anyway ) I hope it's okay! 5. Stuck, Daisuga One more hour. Only one more hour until he could finally go home. Daichi shifted in his seat, sniffling quietly and blushing at the wet sound of it. His allergies were usually mild enough that they only caused a few sneezes here and there, however today he had all the symptoms; watery red eyes, blocked nose, constant sneezing- except today that wasn't true. He hadn't sneezed once. He had been on the edge of a sneeze all day, but every time he thought he'd finally get a release, all he got was disappointment. And a sympathetic look from Suga, who was lucky enough to actually sneeze with his allergies.  Daichi's nose buzzed again, and he sighed in irritation, raising his hand to be excused to go to the toilet. His teacher gave a nod, and Daichi walked out the classroom, unaware of the concerned look Suga had been giving him throughout the class. Waiting a few minutes, Suga raised his hand as well. The teacher absentmindedly nodded to him as well, and he hurriedly left the room to find Daichi. Walking to the toilets, he pushed the door open to hear hitching breaths and then someone blowing his nose. 
      "You okay there Daichi?" Suga said, a smile playing on his lips.
      Daichi looked up, startled.
      "Snff... Suga! Whad are you doig here? Why ared't you id class??" 
      He sounded painfully stuffy, Suga just wanted to take him home and tuck him in bed.
      "I came to see if you were okay, idiot. And you definitely don't seem like you are." 
      "I'b fide. Well, I bead I could be better. I've deeded to sneeze all day but I just cad't. It's addoying be- heh..." 
      His breath started hitching again, a blush rising on his cheeks. 
      "Well, let me help you." 
      Suga got a piece of tissue from a stall, twisting the corner into a point.
      "This is what I do when I have a stuck sneeze, it's a lifesaver." 
      Suga smirked, moving Daichi's hands away from his face and putting the pointed corner of tissue in his nose. Daichi somehow blushed even more, causing Suga's smirk to widen. He twisted the tissue in Daichi's nose, who's breath hitched more. 
      He took the tissue out Daichi's nose.
      "Hhhh... ITSHHH! TCHHH'U! IT'chHEH! HA'KTcHIEW! HhE'IKSHHieW! Nnn.." 
      Daichi held his hands over his face as he walked into a cubicle and blew his nose.
      "He'KSHhU! Et'SHhh! Hi'KChh! Hu'kShU!" Suga blushed, pulling a tissue from his pocket to clean himself up as Daichi emerged from the cubicle.
      "Nobody would mind if we just went home now, would they? I mean it's last lesson, and volleyball isn't on tonight... bless you, by the way." He said, taking Suga's arm and walking out the doors to the exit.   (i couldn't think of a good way to end it im sorry it's crap  )
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