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    • TsundereKushami
       Short story about Natsuki Shinomiya from Uta Pri being ditzy and making himself sneeze on accident.  He's my favorite and I'm sad no one knows him since he sneezes in canon as well. Twice actually! So I wrote a fic about him enjoy! I may do more for him soon!  Natsuki had finished doing his recordings before anyone else. He was fine with that, he was pretty content by himself. He whistled a bit, trying to get a bird he heard to respond with. When it came to nature he was a natural Snow White. That was when something cute and pink caught his eye.  It was some flowers. They were smaller sized ones with a yellow center but pretty tall. A type he had never seen before, but they were so adorable looking. The scent was powerful enough that he could kind of smell it from where he was standing.  “Wow these flowers are really cute.” he commented to himself out loud leaning over a little. He took a deep breath inward through his nose. His nostrils flared out a little as he took in the scent of the pink flowers, giving them a big sniff. “Mmmmm…” he smiled a little. “These are good, I should get some flowers like these for Haruka.”  Natsuki wasn’t allergic to flowers or anything. However his nose was a bit more sensitive then his friends. Even his own hair rubbing against his nose had tickled it enough to get a sneeze big enough to knock his glasses right off his face. He also grew up in the country so pollen wasn’t too tickly to him!  He had taken a pretty big wiff of those pink flowers though… It took a moment but Natsuki suddenly felt a tickle in the back of his nose. “Huh?” His nose twitched. “Ohhh my nose is…k-kind of itchy…I-I think I’m gonna…gonnahhhh” His eyes half closed as the tickle got bigger and covered more area. He had stood up more fully as the tickle took over. “Ahhhh…” his body froze a little. His nose twitched with more intensity and his nostrils flared out just a bit more. “Ahhhh….haaahhhhh…HaAH!”  Natsuki tossed his head back but grabbed his glasses. Ditzy as he was he thought of that ahead of time. His nose was so tickly, this was going to be pretty big even he felt that much.  “HAAAAAaaaASHOOOOO!”  His glasses bounced a bit as he shot forward, bending a little at the waist. He sprayed a bit unable to help it, but thankfully the one sneeze had been enough to get rid of the itch. He straightened up sighing and rubbing his nose. “Ugh…gonna sneeze..” He finished what he was trying to say. He looked at the flowers and smiled a little. “You’re still really pretty though! Haruka will like you a lot, but I think you make me a little sneezy. I’ll have to be more careful if I sniff you again!”  With that Natsuki walked back to the building hoping to find a way to dig them up dirt and all so she could have the flowers without them dying! He couldn’t wait for her to see the flowers! They were cute and pretty just like her! 
    • Chanel_no5
      So this is what @Reader more or less challenged me to write, because I accidentally told her I have these meta meetings with fictional characters where I drag out various scenarios to put them in. They’re generally not too happy whenever they get a visit from me, but I try to give them valuable rewards. I really do. This is how these things usually happen, in my mind. This is a "broken fourth wall"-conversation I had with Theresa Cullen from Westworld. And yes, this is actually how fetish fics and regular fanfiction are usually created by me. I meet with them. I throw scenarios and questions at them. And this is the story about one of those meetings I had last night.  **** “Hi, Theresa,” I say as I enter her office without knocking. She looks up at me, sighs and rolls her eyes. “Oh great, you’re back.” “Is that the way you’re speaking to someone who’s bent reality to make sure you and Bernard get to stay together?” I ask as I plop down in one of the visitor’s chairs. “No, but that’s the way I’m speaking to someone who keeps showing up with requests for me to carry out. Suspiciously often with the main thing being that I sneeze.” “What can I say? You have the most striking nose. It’s too gorgeous to leave alone for too long.” “Too long?” she echoes. “It hasn't been left alone for a single day in two fucking weeks! I’m surprised I haven’t been subjected to a lovely, all-clogged-up, sinus infection yet.” I shake my head. “I’m not into it when it gets too messy.” “That’s what I said earlier today, but you still had to make sure I got…” she makes a disgusted face. It’s actually somewhat cute. “… stuff, all over my face, and my sleeve.” “But you didn’t get caught,” I remind her. Theresa only scoffs, not even deeming it worthy of an answer. “I assume you’re not here to apologise,” she says and reaches for her cigarettes. “So get to the fucking point.” “It’s amazing how a woman as eloquent and witty as you keeps throwing the f-word around like that,” I say. “Where I come from that would be considered low intelligence.” She takes out a cigarette from the metal case, lights it, and inhales deeply. “Get. To. The fucking point.” “Okay. I’ve been checking the poll I made on the forum, about favourite allergens, and apparently cats is the most popular one. That and flowers.” Theresa smokes and says nothing, but she has a wry look in her eyes. “I was thinking about whether or not you’re allergic to cats, but you actually don’t strike me as that. I admit the horse allergy was a bit of a stretch too, just to fit the Western setting, but I’m not sure I can picture you being allergic to animals at all.” Theresa’s lip twitches a bit in something that never fully becomes a smile. Or a smirk. Yeah, smirk is probably more accurate. I continue. “So, cats, then. It could be a bit difficult to get you into a situation with a cat in the first place, but I’m sure I can do it if I’m in a pinch.” She snorts. “Oh I’m convinced you can find some backdoor way, Miss.” “But the problem is that I can’t actually see you as allergic to cats. In fact, I think you have a cat, back at wherever you stay when you’re not on work duty. You probably have neighbours looking after it while you’re on work rotations.” Theresa shrugs a little and exhales a cloud of smoke. “I’m not sure whether I should file a lawsuit for stalking yet, or if I should wait.” “I take it you do, then.” “Have a cat? Yeah I do.” She flicks off some ash into the ashtray and takes another deep breath of smoke. “And I would be pretty fucking pissed if you made me allergic to him.” “Nah, don’t worry. I have two of them myself, I know how important they can be. So, what else can I do with you? I like the flower thing, but while the trope is pretty common, I can’t really see Bernard bringing you flowers and you turning out to be allergic to them. I mean, if I really put a lot of effort into it, I might be able to get it to work, but I’m lazy.” “When it comes to these matters, I think you’re pretty ambitious,” Theresa replies. “I don’t think I’ve sneezed as much in the past thirty years as I have the past two weeks.” “Careful. I can go back and change your past as well,” I remind her. She looks back at me, annoyed, yet somewhat amused, but not particularly intimidated. “You’re such a little brat, you know that, right?” “I know.” I smile at her. She doesn’t return it. I think she would probably throw me head-first out of her office if she could, but since she’s a fictional character and I’m currently writing her, I can come and go as I please. Boy, that pisses her off to no end. “Do you have a point with this visit?” “Obviously.” She nods. “Then would you mind getting to it? I have work to do.” “Not to mention you can’t wait to get home and get a good fuck, huh?” She actually blushes a little at this, and it surprises me. So it’s far more impactful than she wants to let on, this affair. We can work with this. We both know I can put her into any scenario I want, but it works much better if she’s at least somewhat cooperative.  “How about I come up with some idea to shut the park down for a couple of days, scheduled mandatory government safety inspection protocol or some crap like that, leaving you on forced downtime. No guests, no work, yet you’re still forced to stay on location. You and Bernie could go out and eat in one of the restaurants, because by now you’re so well acquainted it wouldn’t seem odd even if you’re two straight…” I can’t help smirking a bit at that. “… oh, that’s another thing I’m curious about, I know you love Bernard, and I don’t question your feelings for each other – not one bit – but 'straight' is a bit of an exaggeration when it comes to your sexual orientation, isn’t it?” She shrugs again. “Does it matter?” “Not really. I’m just curious. You don't have a gender preference, do you?” “If I put it this way; I like sex. But it’s more important to me the person I have sex with, than what said person is equipped with.” “I love that answer. And I love what else it implies.” She puts out the cigarette and blows the final plume of smoke through her nostrils. Such elegant, naturally arched nostrils. Oh my God, what a nose this woman has. “Enlighten me. What do you think it implies?” “That despite her harsh attitude, at heart, Theresa Cullen is a true romantic.” She gives me a warning glare and takes yet another cigarette out. “You’d better not shout that around.” I take the lighter from her desk. I know Bernard gave it to her, and that she truly treasures it for that reason alone. I know about the note she left him after he gave it to her. “A flame from my flame.” If that’s not the words of a true romantic, I don’t know what is. “Isn’t it sad how you live some 35 plus years in the future from me, and yet a woman still can’t be in charge and have emotions at the same time?” “That supposed point you keep trying to get to, is it in here somewhere?” she says impatiently. “Sorry.” I lean forward and light her cigarette for her. God, I’ve always wanted to do that. It’s not that I like smoking, but it’s one hell of a visually aesthetic thing, that’s for sure. Especially when the smoker in question is an accomplished middle-aged woman who looks like she is perfectly on top of everything. “Say we get the park to shut down without having it being an emergency but rather a scheduled thing, skeleton staff maybe even, but of course you would both be required to remain here, being the bosses of your respective departments…” She moves the cigarette from one hand to the other and leans back in her chair, crossing her legs. She looks a bit more comfortable. That’s good. Despite my sadistic tendencies, I honestly like this woman and I don’t wish anything truly bad on her. “… you could have a nice, long dinner in one of the restaurants, take a walk together, and then go home to either of your apartments and…” I give her a twisted smile. “… spend the next 48 hours in bed together.” My smile softens into one of genuine compassion. “I know those moments you can steal aren’t enough for either of you. I can give you that.” “What do you expect in return, then?” she asks tiredly, putting the end of the cigarette to her lips. “I was just wondering… that cigarette… that smoke, rising from it… does it ever bother your nose?” She raises an eyebrow. “This little sneeze fetish thing really isn’t as charming as you think.” “Oh, I don’t think it’s charming at all. Does it?” She knows what I want to hear, and she knows that if I don’t like what she says, I’ll edit it to fit my liking anyway. She looks somewhat resigned for a moment, but the reward is greater than the labour involved, so it’s not even up for discussion. “From time to time. If the smoke gets into my nose a specific way, I can’t really describe it, it gets right to that spot, you know? That spot where it feels like an itch is blooming, like a flower unfolding its petals?” I nod. “And it just keeps spreading, it itches so much… and my breath begins to hitch… my eyes water…” These things are playing out in real time as she speaks. The smoke is teasing and tickling her nose, driving her nearly insane. “And I need to sneeze… hahh… I need to sneeze so bad… huhhh…” Her chest is rising and falling with each hitching breath, her eyes are closed and her makeup is slightly smudged from the tears welling up. Her nostrils have that crinkled-up, arched look that truly makes it look like this beautiful nose is being tortured by the desperate need to sneeze. “HuhhESSSHHHoo!” She snaps forward with the force of the sneeze, not making the slightest attempt at covering or holding it back. I guess I only have myself to blame for giving her that inclination, but I get some of the spray right on me. Theresa opens her eyes and gives me a cynical smile. “Sorry about that.” “No, you’re not,” I say, laughing a little. How can I not? I had that one coming. And it’s not like I can catch anything from her. She’s just make-believe. “Bless you. I think we both got what we wanted today. I’ll leave you alone now.” I stand up and head for the door, but then I turn around and add; “I’ll be back tomorrow. We’re not quite done with the next chapter of 'To Remain Standing' yet.” Theresa sighs and makes a dismissive gesture with the hand holding the cigarette. “I know. But for now, can I go back to work?” I smile. “Yes, you can. Thank you.” She ignores me, but that’s okay. I’ll be back.  
    • Nval95
      Thank you for sharing the upbeat song. It is not my cup of tea, but i quite like the beat. I'm sorry to say that from me, i can only give the the song 4/10. Truly its not becuase the song is bad, its just really not my taste that i cant enjoy the song. I'm sure others will give much higher point than me ><  This is the song that i really really like, i hope others can enjoy it too  
    • MeForever
      I have friends that do that too! When someone says something they don't understand. It can be funny, sometimes. But most of the time it's just annoying. I feel you
    • Puzzle
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