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    • ukrsneeze
      When you give your phone to your friend and it's full of sneezing requests everywhere
    • Werewolf Sniffles
      This is so adorable!  Can't wait for more!
    • RiversD
      *finger guns* I got your back. You're awesome, not least for pushing me into actually trying to write for this universe. Thanks for being so sweet about my efforts! My finest hour. (not least because I was going to call it a gherkin or something before I remembered she's American) Uh... whoops? I didn't mean to get mushy, but it turns out she's a soft bean when she's not at full bounce. You're very lovely to give me feedback. Thanks!
    • Voodoo huntress
      I was reading this Destiel AU, where Dean was a famous actor and Castiel was a doctor and his long-term boyfriend. The fic didn't have any sick-parts and nothing against the author but this popped into my head ****** Castiel had just hung his doctor jacket up when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He didn't even have to check the caller ID to know who it was. Smiling tiredly, he reached into his scrubs pocket at pulled out his phone to answer it. "Hello, Dean." Cas answered. "What's up, Doc?" Came Dean's teasing voice. Cas's smile grew bigger. "That's going to get old eventually." Cas said as he made his way to the bedroom. Cas put the phone on speaker and set it down on the bed so he could take his dirty scrubs off. "You're always going to laugh at it and you know it." Dean's tiny voice came from the bed. Their cat jumped up and started pawing at the phone until Cas shooed her away. "You're still coming home tomorrow, right?" Castiel said, yawning. Christ, he was exhausted. Today's shift was long and rough. "Sure am, babe. Can't wait to spend the next 2 weeks with you." Dean said, clearing his throat. "What are you doing right now?" "I am currently walking to the bathroom for a shower. Don't get any ideas, you prude." Castiel teased, knowing Dean's usual quick descent into lewd thoughts. "Aw, come on Cas, don't taunt me like that." Dean whined. Cas chuckled, but stopped when he heard a few light coughs over the phone. "Are you okay?" He asked. Dean hummed, confused. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Throat's just a little dry. Now, where were we?" Dean tried to get back on subject, but Cas was in full-on doctor mode. "Dry throat? Are you getting sick? Now that I'm paying attention, you sound a bit hoarse. Do you have any other symptoms? Have you taken any medications?" Cas fired off the questions. "Jesus, Cas, babe, I'm fine! There was more yelling in the script today, that's all." Dean laughed. Cas flushed at his paranoia. "I'm sorry, I'm pretty tired, I guess." Cas said, yawning again. Dean hummed. "Well, take your shower and get something to eat. I'll be home sooner than you think. I love you." Dean said in that charming voice of his, making Cas's insides still turn to goo after 2 years of dating. "Love you, too." Cas said and they hung up. Cas smiled stupidly at his phone before returning to his task of getting in the shower. *******  Sneezing in next part
    • ichixshiro14
      This is magnificent! I am absolutely loving your characterization and plot! Any chances John might return from holiday with some sniffles? 😉 
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