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    • Chanel_no5
      Saline solution and Neti pot (or at least the same principle, if you don't own one). I'm not sure of the measurements for the saline, but I'm sure you can look it up online. Make sure you don't use too cold water though, keep it lukewarm, or it's going to feel really unpleasant.  Either that, or accidentally get a mouthful of Listerine up your nose. Definitely not recommended as it hurts so much you think you just died, but man, it clears out everything!    
    • ilikesneezes2000
      So I just had a cold this past week, and while I’m definitely over it, I still have some congestion / sinus pressure.  What’s a good way to help with this? I’ve been taking Mucinex but it’s not really doing anything. I don’t know if I didn’t get the correct variety or what lol. Are there any other good over-the-counter methods that you guys could recommend? I’d like to avoid a trip to the doctor if possible. 
    • Pixieflower
      Omg I saw this when I first saw the vlive and it’s so cute! Jimin has one of the cutest sneezes I’ve ever seen... and that’s not even an exaggeration...
    • Wig_Powder
      Tarotgal can take awhile to update that site, especially since I'm the only one who's really writing for it nowadays. Other than the "Happy" mood (which I also wrote something for, but it was screened on LJ and Tarotgal has yet to unscreen it), the other moods are up for grabs, although I do have designs on a few of them, but can find a way to work them into other moods if you want a crack at them. Good luck with your project, and hope you find some good prompts!
    • JWL
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