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    • alyssa
      This is great! There really aren't enough Hamilton fics on here, can't wait for more
    • Gengar
      Nice these are very good love reading good job.
    • Yamiterasu
      (I’m sorry this took so long, but here’s the conclusion)  Hannah clasped her hands together and looked confidently at Jasmine. “Yes, of course I am” she said. “I like your attitude, sweetie. Now get ready. This won't make you sneeze on its own, so I'll get out any irritant you want” Jasmine said. Hannah sniffed up a huge amount of the powder, and her nose twitched rapidly. There was no tickle, but it felt odd. Jasmine then came out with a dish that looked to be filled with curry, pinching her incredibly sensitive nose. “I need you to hold this under your nose. Don't sniff, and especially don't sneeze until I tell you it's safe to. Got it?” Jasmine said. “Wait, until it's sa…” Hannah began, feeling a twinge of uneasiness. “Aaaaand go” Jasmine interrupted Hannah as she held the dish under Hannah’s nose.  The sharp smell wafted up to Hannah’s long, upturned nostrils. Her nose reddened and began to run, but she kept her resolve. However, after a small while, her fortitude began to fade, her nose twitched, it wriggled and scrunched, but she didn't sniffle. “Umm...liiihhhh little help guys” she hitched.  Sienna dashed over and placed her finger under Hannah’s nose, but one finger couldn't cover her long nostrils, and the smell kept pouring in. Her eyes started to water, mucus streaming down from her nose. Sienna rubbed Hannah’s nose delicately and asked “how long does she need to hold it back for?” 
      Jasmine replied “as long as she likes, the moment she sneezes, the sensitivity will lock itself to her nose based on how long she holds back, though, after a minute, the sneeze will force itself out and her nose will get set off by a poke. Either way, have fun.” She explained with the most delightful yet devious smile. “You okay Hannah?” Sienna asked before looking back in shock at her friend. Hannah’s face had gone completely red from so many different things, but the things that told Sienna that she was okay was that Hannah had a huge smile, was giggling through the hitched breaths, and even bit her lip on occasion.  “The moment she sniffs or sneezes, it's over, keep that in mind” Jasmine said, before walking over to Liz. “Now, for you, I've got something very, very special”, she said to the large nosed girl. However, as Jasmine was reaching for a special container, she caught a whiff of the dish, her nose was incredibly sensitive when it came to sharp smells, and the curry was one of her biggest weaknesses. She started fanning her nose, the tickle from before still present. “Ooohh...ooh no...I think I'm goddahhh...goddaaaahh...haaaahhhh...aaaaahhh...GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” she desperately jammed a finger under her nose.  Jasmine rubbed ferociously, but her sensitive nose wasn’t going to be tamed, and she let out a mighty “WWAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” and as she did, her hand knocked over a couple of containers of powder, each one breaking on the floor near Liz’s feet, the residual clouds of smoke rising up to her face, intent on reaching her enormous nostrils. The labels on the smashed jars read “hurricane sneezes” and “sneeze magnet” and as Jasmine regained composure and stared in horror, it was already too late. The clouds flooded Liz’s giant nose. Her eyelids drooped, her nose wiggling back and forth, as her nostrils scrunched and she sniffled repeatedly. “Huuuhh...huuuuhh” her breath began to hitch, her nostrils continuing to flex tremendously.  Jasmine rushed over to liz quickly putting her hand under Liz’s huge nose, which seemed to react in some...unforeseen ways. Her nose glowed and sparkled, suddenly growing against Jasmine’s hand. “HUUUHHHH HAAAAAAAHHHH” her hitching became more and more violent by the second.  “We have to go. Now!” She said in a panicked fashion, quickly taking Liz out of the house and into the backyard, her hitched breaths getting stronger and stronger by the second.  Meanwhile, Hannah, nose couldn’t take it any longer, “EEEEHHH HAAAAAAAAHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHCHYOOOOOOOOOOHHHH HHHEEEEEEHCHOOOHHH HAAAAHCHOOOOHHHH GHEEEHHH HEEEEHTCHOOOOOHHH” she kept sneezing and sneezing on Sienna’s finger, the cloud of smoke slowly drifting to her girlfriend’s nose, tickling it immensely. “Heeehhh HEEEEHHH HEEEEEESHOOOOOHHHH HEEEEEHSHEEEEEEEWWWWWW HAAAAAHSHOOOOOOHHH” the two sneezes uncontrollably, with Hannah in pure, unadulterated bliss. As Jasmine took Liz outside, the busty blonde looked more and more concerned as her sneeziness increased. “Whuuuuhhh whut’s goddaaahhhh haaaaaaaaaahhh*sniiff sniff* happen tuuuhhh huuhhh heehehh *sniifff sniff sniiiiiiff* tuh me” she asked. “Just wait til that sneeze of yours comes out and you’ll see,” Jasmine said. The two eventually got to the backyard, where Jasmine released Liz as well as releasing her nose. “GHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she sneezed so enormously, that trees were being knocked down over hundreds of yards away. Liz’s nose returned to its normal, giant, squishy self as mucous poured forth from it.  “So, I may have messed up a bit, because not only can your sneezes do damage like that now, but allergens are attracted to your nose. I’m so sorry, Liz” Jasmine apologized.  Liz just giggled “oh, it’s fine. Now I just have to hold backup sneezes, and I’m sure both Hannah and I are going to loooooove it. Thank you Jasmine” Liz said contently.   The group joined back together and thanked Jasmine for her services. “And remember girls, come back whenever you like, and I’ll help you with anything your nose desires, toodles”. She said, before returning to her potion making, while the girls went into the forest, each intent to see what changes were made in the others
    • Yuurei
      I've gotten back into Naruto. I feel like I'm in middle school again lol
    • Yuurei
      Someone on here mentioned Clint catching a cold after being caught in the rain so I finally got around to making a little sketch 
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