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    • Bananagirl
      Isn't that good?! Whaaaat, this is amazing! You're too hard on yourself! <3 I think it's great!
    • Seniorstatus14
      Probably not. I've never partaken in it and 1 day I definitely want to! But between full time classes and working 35+ hours a week with extracurriculars, I don't see it happening. Plus I never really have any "non-fanfiction" ideas and I can barely even get my fan fiction stories written lol.  I might try it for fun though. No penalties if you don't reach the limits right? Haha
    • flowerllegies
      Love the premise! I can't wait for the next installment.
    • Aliena H.
      I'm a bit nervous about posting it and I know I have another fanfic in progress, but... it just came out. I am being quite obsessionnal with both Star Trek AND sneezing lately (in case you had not noticed ) and I've got plenty of time to write at the moment (which will unfortunately end very soon), so... This is an idea I had the first time I saw Beyond. Remember when Kirk and Chekov are on their way to the Enterprise with Kalara in the Altamid forest? Well, you can see some kind of flying flowers around them. And I thought "this is surprising that Jim is not allergic to them"... And so I wrote this. I don't know why I'm nervous about it, but I am really - and yet I can't help writing and sharing it. Comments are welcome of course!    Back on Altamid    - This is healing up nicely, Spock. You should be “perfectly functional”, as you so poetically put it, in a month – if you don’t succumb to hiccups or to a sneezing fit. Oh, please, don’t look at me like that, it doesn’t work with me. I don’t know for hiccups, but you are able to sneeze, even if you are half-Vulcan. You can’t deny it, your breath starts to hitch as soon as you hear the word. And I repeat, sneezing – you see? Lord, you’re allergic to this word! It’s quite fun, actually… – sneezing would be unwise with the wound you have, so you’re gonna be a good Vulcan and repress it as you are so keen on doing so if it happens to you, okay? - I am very unlikely to snehhh... That is very unlikely to happen, doctor.   In fact, the probability that he should sneeze were less than 0.0002%. But life seemed to enjoy persecuting him lately. Or maybe the planet Altamid was not a good place for him. He had almost died on it once, two weeks ago. Of course, he should not have asked to beam down with the others, he should have stayed in Yorktown, resting as Dr McCoy had told him to do… Yet, he had insisted upon coming with them, even if he was not fully recovered. But most of the surviving members of the crew were going back on Altamid to pay a tribute to the Enterprise and save what could be saved from what remained of the ship. His place was with them. With Jim. He wanted to see the Enterprise one last time. Gazing at the broken ship grounded on the grassland hurt him unexpectedly. Some unknown plants and herbs had already taken possession of the wreck and the first officer could see the sorrow and loss reflected on the eyes of almost all his co-workers. This had once been their home, and now they were refugees in Yorktown, he thought in an awkward emotional human moment. After a minute of silence, they spread all over and around the Enterprise to take whatever could be still useful. Out of the corner of his eyes, the Vulcan caught sight of the chief medical officer who hurried towards sickbay. Spock choose to follow the captain. Silently, they moved away from the ship, vaguely looking at their feet to search tools or supplies, but their minds did not really focus on this task. - Well, Kirk said after a moment, it’s quite stupid to feel miserable, is it not, Spock? - On the contrary, Jim. I would rather say this is logical. The captain laughed, but it sounded quite sad. - Yeah, logical, of course. After all, we’ve been living here for years. - It is also logical to move onwards, added the Vulcan. A new ship is being rebuilt and we will finish our mission. Jim smiled – a genuine smile, this time. - Yeah, I guess you’re right. What’s more important is that we stay together. I could have lost you, or Bones, on this damned planet, and I don’t know how I would have… The Vulcan interrupted him gently but firmly. - It did not happen, Jim, and it will not happen. They remained silent for some seconds, looking at the sunrise. The wind was soft and warm, and pushed strange flying flowers through the ship, towards them. The mountains and forests around were a magnificent grave for the Enterprise. - We have work to do. - Yeah, but I don’t think we’ll find much here. Yet they started looking for any interesting material, tools, supplies, devices, which were still functional. Spock found two damaged PADDs, Jim picked up some engineering tools. The flowers were now dancing in the light around them. It was some kind of little furry balls, transparent, looking like little flying jellyfishes. Suddenly, the Vulcan froze. Something had forced its way through his nostrils and was now trying to coax a response from his sinuses. He remembered McCoy’s advice about sneezing and raised a hand under his nose to block the unexpected reflex. His eyes started to water and his breath became unsteady. He considered fleeing away from the irritating agent, but there was no escape: he could see every particle of pollen dust drifting lazily around him, wind-blown against his cheeks, his swollen eyes, his now irritated throat, his twitching nose… The little flower’s tiny, microscopic claws were scratching everything inside him – sinuses, trachea, even auditory canal – teasing him, playing with him, trying to elicit a physical response from his whole body. And almost succeeding. Control it was not going to be that easy. Jim turned towards him and whatever he wanted to say was swept aside when he saw the desperate look in his first officer’s face. In fact, it was him who pulled the last trigger. Until then, Spock had managed to hold the sneeze back. With some difficulties, but he had managed. - Oh, do you need to sneeze? Lord, you’re allergic to this word! Your breath starts to hitch as soon as you hear it. It’s quite fun, actually. Doctor McCoy was right, but he had strange ideas about fun. This was Spock’s last coherent thought before he closed his eyes and gave in to the urge. - Hhh’IDGZSCHHhh! - Bless you, said Jim with a tense smile (vulcan sneezes always made him nervous). - Thank… you… Ehhh… Hhhh… The captain turned away from his sneezy first officer, his attention drawn by something shining on the floor. - I may have found something interesting! - What… Ahhh… hahh’ITSCHHHish! What is it? Jim kneeled down to look at what seemed to be a tricorder… - Bless you again, he said absent-mindedly. Maybe they could find some useful stuff, against all expectations? - Yes, it works! Bones will be delighted. His communicator beeped exactly in the same moment Spock sneezed for the third time, one of those wet and explosive sneezes he absolutely couldn’t control. - HH’AAASSCCHH’UH! Jim winced (he couldn’t get used to the sound of it) and opened his communicator. - Yes, Bones, what is it? - Jim, where are you? Are you all right? Kirk blinked. The chief medical officer's voice was almost worried. What on Earth was he talking about? He had seen him not ten minutes ago! - Of course I’m all right. Why shouldn’t I? - You mean it doesn’t… HESHHOOO! It doesn’t affect you? This is so un… hehh…. unfair… Hehh’ISSHH! - Bless you. Could you explain? The unexpected answer came in the form of two harsh sneezes. - HaaAHHSSH! AAAhsSHHhuh! Don’t tell me you… ehhh… you are not a mess, like allhhh… EhhCKCHh! like all of us here? Jim didn’t have time to answer, because Spock released another thunderous sneeze just behind him. - AAHH’ARSHHOO! The chief medical officer commented on the sound immediately: - What was that? - It was Spock sneezing, Jim said with a grin. (He looked at the little flowers, understanding and thinking that what was happening was absolutely not unfair: on the contrary, it was his revenge for all these moments when he had sneezed his brain out while no one around him seemed to be bothered by the pollens who tortured his nose.) Is there any allergen here I am not aware of…? he started with a mocking tone. - It was Spock sneezing? yelled McCoy. Jim, bringhhh… HETCHOO! Bring him back on the ship this instant! - Usually, I panic when people are sick, and being a doctor, you don’t, remember? Kirk sneered. - JIM! For God’s sake, he’s… hahh… he’s wounded, remember?… Hhhehhh-Hh'IESHHh! Remember where his wound is? Remember where his diaphragm is? Oh! Oh.
    • Tronald Dump
      Considering it takes me a year AT LEAST to just get a shitty rough draft, not going to happen.
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