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    • this_is_not_me
      We Imperfect Creatures (Steven Universe, F/F)
      This is amazing! Pleasepleaseplease write more of it? Everyone is so in character and your dialog is everything. Hm, ideas. If Pearl gets sick enough to require legit caretaking, I'd be beyond amused to see Peridot having to take a turn as the caretaker. I use that term loosely. (lol, if there is a contagion strong enough to take Garnet down, does she split into Ruby and Sapphire?)
    • ladytiscot
      Preference Regarding Sneezing
      Both have their merits for me. I didn't know a rapid-fire sneeze fit (where they happen in virtually the same breath) was a possibility until the advent of YouTube, so that was a mysterious and magical discovery for me. The intensity of those is nice for me. However, I, like TheBowler, would ideally have bouts of close-together sneezes, separated by some other drama (Build-ups, sniffles, false-starts, etc.). But again, I'm not too picky about the duration between sneezes, unless it takes forever. I agree that pauses give you the opportunity to cherish the individual sneezes and the variation in sound.
    • Chickadee365
      It's Hard Work..
      Oooo, I'm excited to see where this will go! Looking forward to the next part !
    • souhya
      It's Hard Work..
      Hello... I wanted to quickly apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for nearly 5 months. I won't get into details but I am back. It's been a very long time since I have written anything, and this is simply introducing characters, so bear with me. It will pick up quickly after this Hope you enjoy.  *** It was something about summer. You could lay outside in your backyard in the snow, surrounded by silence in the winter just the same, but there was a comfort in the warmth from the sun slowly tanning your skin. The perfectly timed chirping of the birds, and wishing you could understand what they were saying. I'm sure they were happy it was summertime as well. My fingers twitched against the short blades of gross beneath them. As much as I told myself I was one with nature, I couldn't help but peek an eye open to make sure there wasn't a giant spider or bee attacking me every time I felt the wind dancing across my skin.  The calmness fell as quickly as it had come as the familiar sound of stones in my driveway being crushed by the tires of a car came from around the side of the house. I pushed my sunglasses over my head and tossed a towel across my upper body. Both my parents we're in the house, so I wouldn't have to answer the door, but my curiosity always got the best of me.  "McKenlie," My father waved me over to the living room as I failed to sneak in the back door. I turned quickly to catch my reflection in the mirror and was relieved to see a hoodie hanging at the backdoor. I'd rather look insane for being in a sweater during a heatwave than I greeting who knows which one of my fathers clients in a towel. Both sets of eyes looked me over carefully as I entered the living room in shorts and a sweatshirt. I didn't know whether to be relieved, or excited, or nervous, or embarrassed that who I assumed would be a 50 year old bald man, was actually a young, tanned, definitely not bald guy.  He was beautiful. "Ken, this is Lucas Ryder." Damn. "Lucas, my beautiful daughter McKenlie." I rolled my eyes as his arm squeezed my tight against his chest. "Hi." I smiled in a way that I hoped came off as uninterested. His eyes watched me carefully, so I had to refrain from staring at the perfectly muscular arms coming from his t-shirt. "His uncle is a good friend of mine, and Lucas wants to get into the architectural field so I figured what better way to introduce him, than to make him my personal slave for the summer and get some help with the new addition in the back." Great. So, this perfect human was going to be hanging around the backyard all summer. I nodded quickly before slipping out from my fathers arms and making my way towards the spiral staircase. "Nice to meet you." I smiled before running up the stairs and leaving the poor guy with my chatterbox father.  I left my bedroom door open a crack so I was able to eavesdrop on what his schedule would be for the summer. It seemed as though weekends we're going to be the only time that I was able to swim and tan without being accompanied by a guy who looked as though he had been carved from stone by god himself. I wanted to go downstairs just to get another glance at him, I didn't allow myself to look long enough to really take in his facial features. I noted the bright eyes, but I was unable to inspect the shade of green that they were. I stood in debate with myself over staying upstairs and going back down for what seemed like 15 minutes, but after changing into jean shorts and a tank top, I snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen.  I kept my gaze towards the counter, and my back turned as I listened closely to my father ramble on about the importance of a solid foundation, not only in buildings, but in life itself. He liked that metaphor, I heard it a lot. Poor Lucas. When I got the chance to turn towards the fridge and grab a pitcher of water out, he looked bored to death. It was not often that there was hot guys around my age in my home, so the special occasion drew my attention to the wide selection of baby photographs of me spread across the walls. It was very clear I was an only child, although that wouldn't be the case for long. In a few short months my parents would have another baby all over again. It wasn't a freak accident, or a re-marriage baby either. My mother was young when she had me, and now my father was successful. For as long as I could remember, they'd talk about how they were so happy they had me and they'd never change a thing, but they wished my childhood was as privileged as my teenage years. So, 18 years later, here we are, my mom at 35 with about to have a legal adult and a newborn.  My father was 18, and worked at a local restaurant as a cook when I was born. He was lucky enough to get a scholarship to school upon graduating and got an internship with a world famous architect when he was 22. I always have been, and always will be a daddy's girl, but his work took him away for days at a time some weeks so I spent a lot of time with my mom and my grandparents growing up. Day by day I could feel her slowly becoming closer to this baby, and farther from me, so I found myself becoming more starved for my parents attention as I was when I was a little girl. I always looked up to my parents for approval, but as I stood in the kitchen, now allowing myself to look the boy in the eyes, all I cared for was his attention.  My father cleared his throat and broke out eye contact. I took this as my chance to slip away before I found myself falling in love with my dads newest employee. I grabbed my drink and skipped up the staircase, keeping my ears open to hear when he left. It wasn't long. I ran to my window and watched as he climbed into the old truck parked in my driveway and backed down it. Something in my stomach felt weird, it wasn't a pain, it was like a tightening feeling, and it was new to me. I wasn't sure what it meant, but I knew that he had something to do with it.  I knew he was going to make this summer unforgettable. 
    • ladytiscot
      Video explaining the fetish through a non-fetishist's eyes
      I generally liked her Sneeze Fetish video. I agree with those of you who thought it was fairly insightful for someone without the fetish. I like the way she talks, "The sneezer is temporarily weakened; dominated by a biological imperative."  "Someone can be intimidatingly powerful or attractive, but when they sneeze you're reminded that they're human--that they can be weakened." I do find this scenario to be hot, tbh.  She also says, "I think the turn on comes from seeing someone dominated by something and weakened by something, and controlled by something." What do you guys think about her theory that a sneeze fetish is centered on power/domination/submission? Do you agree?  She claimed that most sexual fetishes are dominated by men and that the sneeze fetish was unusual because of the large female population. She attributed this significant female presence due to the care-giving desire which sneezing may elicit in woman. I'm a female sneeze-fetishist, and care-giving is not and has never been a huge part of the fetish for me. I take pleasure in the idea of comforting the person if they are uncomfortable with sneezing in front of people or something, but--as a germophobe-- caretaking has never been the primary aspect of my fetish.   Can other people weigh in on this? Are you a female sneeze-fetishist who doesn't necessarily want to take care of someone (though you wouldn't be opposed to it)? Are a male sneeze fetishist who do loves the care-taking aspect? Not to mention, another weakness in this particular theory of hers is that it fails to include nonbinary folks.  I also enjoyed the video tma posted. She brought up an interesting point about fetishes and connecting emotionally/sexually. Her anecdote is that her relationship with said fetishist didn't work out because he didn't like her as an individual so much as someone who would satisfy him sexually because she was open-minded and would participate in his fetish fantasies. Personally, I crave an emotional connection in a sexual relationship. For me the fetish would ideally enhance the sexual part of the relationship, but it doesn't remove my need for emotional connection. 
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