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    • Spoopy Meecoo
      To me,hurt/comfort is lots of coddling and warm and fuzzy fluff and "don't worry,I'll help you get better". Just....fluff. Lots and lots and LOTS of fluff.
    • AnonyMummy
      I would love to read those if you don't mind sharing! I'm craving any Zsasz material, fetish or otherwise. I'm assuming they're otherwise since I don't believe I've seen them posted here. My first experience with Gotham-verse Penguin was actually here in the forum. Someone had posted a photo of him just because of how sickly he looked and how beak-like his nose was. I've been intrigued ever since but it took me a while to sit down and watch the show. I guess I'll have to do some brainstorming!
    • MysteryGirl
      This week has been pretty boring to say the least, but the good thing is that more sneezes should be coming because of the quickly spreading illness throughout our school, which I've caught too *slaps face*. In french yesterday, my week got better though. This guy (lets call him K) sits almost directly in front of me normally, but yesterday he was sitting kind of behind me. He was sniffing and coughing most of the class after lunch break, and I had the feeling a sneeze was coming, but I wanted to see first hand (even though I knew that was already impossible). Sorry if I'm just ranting, I'll get to the good stuff now So he's an upperclassmen and tall, maybe close to 6 foot. He's got freckles and blonde hair, and ok-looking I guess haha. I turn away from him for HALF A SECOND and he sneezes. I'm like oh my gosh I missed it. But I heard it, and kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye, so it's all good. He didn't overdo it, which I love. He just leaned forward, grabbed his T-shirt, and sneezed into it. It was a good sneeze, not too loud, kind of a H'txschhu type sound. I could practically see his eyes squeezed shut trying not to be too distracting. *sigh* If anyone sneezes tomorrow, I'll be sure to post
    • count gracula
      I doubt if anyone has wanted to see me sneeze, especially in intimate things, but reversing roles, I did once induce a lady whjle in mediis rebus, and I enjoyed watching her trying to sneeze [or not to sneeze] so much  that  I tried not to tickle her nose too efficiently so that I could have more time watching her slowly building up, gasping in ecstasy, becoming inevitable and all that lovely stuff.  In fact given the number of YouTube inducing videos, I tend to assume that most of us share these tastes.  It was quite difficult actually to pretend that I was desperately trying to tickle her to sneeze ecstasy when in reality I was just gently trying to find non-sneezy spots at the very edge of her nostrils so it would take longer. I was using a matchstick, and my advice would be to use a not too sharp inducing iron [preferably pearl-handled] and get her to induce YOU, especially as I suspect you have not used solid inducing irons at all....  Then you can just lie back and think of America.
    • AnonyMummy
      Welcome! I tried coming up with a name to call you (since you offered ;)) but I'm not very good with it, so I think I'll stick with CLG. I hope you enjoy being more active!
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