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    • CeruleanBlue
      Yoongi became me lol. Yeah, late-night kpop inspiration is the best! As soon as I’m done with finals I’m gonna write like crazy. How Yoongi... gets... involved? Spoilers~ Glad you enjoyed it so far!
    • MyOwnPrivateSFC
      I enjoy sneezing (in private!), even/especially from a cold...until I start feeling lousy enough that sneezing just hurts (because it scrapes my sore throat, or because my nose is chapped/sore from blowing it, or because the forward movement makes me ache more, or whatever).
    • glue
      omg i love it i think youre becoming one of my favorite forum writers
    • peach_princess
      @prisma I wonder how you took courage to ask her to draw that comic, cause I imagine it as being mainly about sneezes. Is this artist a random person or your friend? Does she know about your sneezing fetish? 
    • gingerdean
      Wow. This was really, really good. I absolutely adore your entire verse (whatever you decide to name it  )  But to me, this coda is really a standout. This is so beautifully written.   Awww. Isn't that the truth?  I love how in Dean's short encounter with Riley, you give brief flashes of the various painful memories in Dean's life...Bobby, Kevin, Dean's fallout with Sam, his failed attempt at his 'normal' life with Lisa....and so much more. But each of these are touched on with such subtlety,  and your descriptions of how he reacts to every painful memory that is drudged up are just done so well.   and... ^^ Just a couple of many  hurt/comfort-y moments that I loved in this. Poor Dean ^  Uggh, my heart Wow, this was...yeah. I liked this part a lot, for um, reasons  but it's not even a gratuitous line (or if it is, it doesn't come off that way). It just fits in so beautifully with Riley's whole experience,  like she is just soaking up every bit of Dean that she can before he leaves again, possibly  for the last time.  Thank you so much for sharing, as always. This was such a fantastic read
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