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A Man for All Seasons - (5 Parts)

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 10:47 PM

A Man for All Seasons

Standing on her back porch, Nico Rosco stood with her back against the beautiful scenery, choosing to look over another wonder of the man made verity. Standing before her was her newest project. As co-President of The Weave, Nico was required to test all the new products going on sale. A surge in technology had lead to Nico and her father, Palomides, to leave Russia after the Great Terror and move to Old Seattle. Aladonia had been created out of the wreckage of a city called Vancouver and she and her father had been the first to settle the lands, taking over a chain of stores that had been called Apple. The swing of technological advances had turned them into a major corporation in a few short years.

Nico was now worth over a billion dollars and the treasure before her, just a little under that sum. It was a CyberChild, a cyborg of sorts that was created during the Great Terror when birth rates where on the decline and infant mortality rates were climbing at a frightening pace. They were human, mostly. When the child was born, genes were incerted into the child to help keep it alive. Depending on the child the mechanical parts were unnoticeable or made up limbs.

The Weave had taken up the same idea and created children, fetuses that could be programmed to match prenatal aspects or even be a clone of another. At first their had been opposition, as their was with the very first cyborgs. They weren’t human, they couldn’t live with humans, they had advantages, they’d go crazy, all oppositions easily countered by the need for people. Then when cyborgs had become a natural force of nature, CyberChildren where the next step in the evolutionary chain. Nico remembered being a little girl in her father’s first major shop, watching the rich and famous line up to get clones or desperate parents picking out traits for their children.

Now the growth hormone had been discovered, The Weave was ready to move onto their next big project. Older brothers and sisters, playmates, lovers.

Nico sighed at the last part.

This step would seem immoral, if only it was. The truth was, after the Great Terror, few people were left that actually enjoyed each other, and those that did were thwarted in their love affairs by arranged marriages as leaders of clans tried to repopulate and reintegrate the world. Nico herself was a product of just such a marriage. Her father had been saddled with her Old Mexican mother, Carmon, and spent all his time in Russia with Nico just to keep the cold blooded vulture away. Even Nico was in a foul marriage as per laws and matchmakings of the state.

Kyle, her bruding American husband spent all his time in Africa avoiding her, not that she longed for his company at night. No, Kyle could waltz around with dying breeds of exotic animals all he wished. Nico just enjoyed running The Weave from her headquarters in Old Seattle. She wasn’t lonely either. She had Aaron. The very first CyberMan.

Nico smiled as Aaron stood for her inspection. Tall and muscular, he was built with strong hands and fair hair, sandy blonde in color. His face was regal with point and curves were it counted, a light beard that accented them, and warm brown eye to draw attention from the rest.

“Nico, what’s wrong darlin’?” His voice was honey smooth, his accent slightly western, not as heavy as the pictures but warm with southern hospitality, his term of endearment turned to dahlin in the accent.

“Da. Very nice I must say.” She whispered.

“I could say the same.” He smiled back.

“I was talking about the scenery.” She laughed, coyly.

“And I was refurrin to the house.” He smiled looking at her through his bangs. “Rather chilly though isn’t it.” He shifted, showing off what he’d been graced with.

Nico shivered in excitement.

“I have some warmer clothes you can wear.”

“I was thinking we’d loose a few.”

“Well well. Three months and you think you can just ask and receive?” Nico smiled again, fully enjoying herself.

“Nah darlin’ you asked, just not with your voice. I was savin’ yah the embarrassment.” He ran a finger across her cheek moving in real close to steal a kiss and make his point. She smiled as he eased off. His hands felt good against her cheek, cool to her warmth, his brown eyes smoldering with the same fire that danced in her mix matched orbs.

She had been born with a blue eye and a brown eye. Her father and lovingly called her his little husky and Aaron had made a spin off the nickname and turned her into his little hussy. Nico had found his teasing endearing and so familiar a trait from Jay that the name went without fuss.

The two moved into the house and passed the living room, decorated in dark greens and warm browns, to the bedroom done up in dark blues and grays. Aaron swept her up off the floor and kissed her so deeply, Nico felt she was going to fall to the ground, but his strong arms encompassed her and held her close. He lay her down on the white carpet and moved toward the fire place.

Sitting up Nico watched him, supporting herself on the black leather sofa behind her. Her head lulled backward and she got an upside down view of the king-sized bed behind her. A dark blue comforter with white squares laid out in patterns that overlapped and collided several times, lay onto of the bed with white and blue pillows practically over flowing the head. Some how, being on the floor seemed much more comfortable.


Nico’s head snapped up so fast she felt like she had just experienced whiplash. Her mouth hung open in suspense and surprise as her mismatched eyes focused on Aaron who was crouched before a now crackling fire, the light casting him in shadow while keeping his features brightly illuminated.

One had haled his weight off the floor, a bundle of branches still clutched in them, holding tight like they were the only thing keeping him on the ground. His other hand was raised to his face in a fist as his chin rose slowly over it. His mouth was open and his eyes closed, his nose twitching helplessly until he came jerking back down sneezing into his free arm.

“Hit-Choo. Hxt-Choo!”

She blinked rapidly sniffling a bit looking over to Nico almost expectantly while rubbing a finger under his nose boyishly.

Afraid for her secret, Nico discreetly mumbled “Bless you”, before standing and moving toward her dresser draws to find a handkerchief. After a few minutes of feverishly rummaging while listening to Aaron sniff helplessly on top of the crackling fire, Nico sighed in frustration.

“I have a few in my trunk.” Aaron smiled when she turned to him with a look of dismay on her face. CyberChildren did not get sick. They did not get colds or even the sniffles or have allergies. Occasionally they would sneeze as such a function was human and they were still in fact half human, but programs had been developed to prevent disease from interfering with their circuitry. So why her CyberMan would carry handkerchiefs regularly was a mystery to Nico, one she fully intended to explore.

Moving to Aaron’s trunk, which had been placed at the foot of her bed, Nico flipped open the lid and found a small pile of the cloths stacked up in a corner. In the corner of each was a small black ‘J’ insignia. Lifting one out, Nico saw a letter lying on top of the next.

‘Dearest Nico,
I noticed while programming Aaron that a bug in his system made the catching of diseases possible. It could rewrite the genetic code of said disease into computer code. I can’t explain in full detail or this note will not fit where I intend to hide it. While exploring this code, and considering the options for our clientele, I discovered not only could it be used to make CyberMen more life like, I made Aaron a bit more like me then maybe you had intended or imagined I could. Then I went a little overboard at the idea of pleasing y ou so. That’s right my love, Aaron is, to this day, the only CyberMan who has allergies. I will only tell you one, the one he shares with me. That jasmine perfume your so found of. I did give him several others, some that will torment you in public and some that you can only enjoy in secret. These you will have to find out for yourself. Take care of him, take care of your self.
-All the love in the world

Nico felt her heart stutter and race, trying to break free from her chest as she held the letter between her thumb and forefinger. Flipping the note over, she felt it stop completely.

P.S HE KNOWS!!!!! <3

So....First chapter of a new story. Love it, hate it, let me know.   :)

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 12:18 AM

Very original!

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 05:06 PM

View Postallergyboy2001, on Jan 20 2009, 12:18 AM, said:

Very original!
Yes, nice start. Hoping for more!

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 07:04 PM

What a clever idea for a story. I like it, LoneStar!!
Have you thought out what comes next?

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 09:46 PM

That is so freaking hot!!

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 10:16 PM

oooh!  very interesting so far~
I can't wait to see what comes next!

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 11:06 PM

A very, very interesting approach!
I'm looking forward to read more :drool:

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 12:07 AM

Just one word - WOW.

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 03:03 AM

Thanks to all of you. I have plans for the next chapter and i hope to have them up tomorrow. or later tonight if i can't sleep again. Promise there will be many more sneezes to come. Thanks again to all of you. You've been very supportive.  :P

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 03:11 AM

Stellar work! Keep it up!

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 02:34 AM

Part 2:

“You coming back darlin’ or did you get lost in that big ol’ trunk of mine?” Aaron chuckled sniffing softly before running a finger under his nose boyishly.

“Da.” Nico squeaked.

“Is that yes you’re comin’, or yes you got lost?” Aaron chuckled again obviously enjoying himself.

“I’m coming.” Nico huffed in friendly annoyance.


Nico’s façade disappeared, dissolving instantly into sappy love and arousal.

“Bless.” She handed over the handkerchief.  Aaron smiled and leaned forward burying his nose in the cloth which she still held, dumbstruck, in her hand. He looked up at her, half his face hidden by the cloth and whispered “Thank you.”

He nuzzled her hand through the cloth but refrained from sending Nico over the edge too soon with a full out nose blow. It would have been unnecessary at that point anyway.

Aaron pulled away letting Nico’s arm hang uselessly before her for a second before taking it and leading her around to the bed. Nico dropped down beside him and relaxed into his arms. Aaron let her mold to his curves, playing with her straight blonde hair. He kissed her neck tenderly then relaxed against her.

They had settled into a near sleep haze when Aaron shifted. She took no notice at first but her heart sky rocketed when he rubbed his nose against her collarbone.

“Sorry.” He muttered sleepily. “To comfy to grab a handkerchief.”

“I don’t mind.” Nico breathed.

“I know.” Aaron smiled laying back down, his eye’s falling shut.


Nico woke quietly, unsure of what had compelled her to do so, but was infinitely glad it had.

“Hichoo! Hishoo!”

Peering up through her long hair, she saw Aaron doubled over above her. Watching in happy torment, Nico noticed a breakfast tray with toast, orange juice, fried ham and an amazing looking omelet.


Nico twitched and Aaron glanced down at her in between sneezes. Snapping her eyes shut, Nico stretched a bit pretending to return to sleep.


Nico returned her gaze to Aaron’s angelic face. He was smothering his sneezes even more so then before. He had one hand wrapped around his waist and the other, covering his nose and pinching it shut.

“Hix-xsh! Hst-xchoo!”

He looked down on Nico again, who twitched instinctively.


Nico was close to shaking, her knuckles turning white on the comforter she clutched.

She felt Aaron shifting on the bed, lying back beside her, his breathing heavy and spermatic.

“Ihh…Niccc…Nico…heh….Waaak…wake up.”

Nico stirred restlessly but did not rise, not wanting to give herself up and secretly enjoying teasing Aaron.

“Nihhco! Come oh…come on little girhhhl. Pleeease. Wahhhhke up! Ihishoo!”

Nico blinked up in blurry surprise as Aaron flipped her onto her back, pushing the sheet down to his face deep into her chest.

He was painting but it was smothered into silence by her exposed flesh. He rose a bit with every pant at which point Nico eased the opening in her night clothes open further.

“Aaron, love? What’s wronge?” Nico whispered, playing dumb.

“I’ve been sneezing all morhhhin…morning and now this one’s stuhhh...stuck.” Aaron raised watering eyes to look into Nico’s mismatched pair. He sniffled wetly a couple times, moving to take his hands from behind her back where they were pinned to the bed by her weight. He seemed to think better of it before he got to far and lowered himself back on top of her and lowered his nose to her chest, nuzzling her breasts instead.

The fine mist that had landed there from his first sneeze lit up like hot spots making her shudder beneath him. Aaron smiled a half smile, his lips twitching with his nose. His smile was forced away, a moment latter, by the return of the sneeze.

“Ihh…Nico…he…help me.” Aaron gasped.

“Hold on sweetheart.” Nico smiled reaching up over her head to the pillows behind her head.

“Hurry!” Aaron gasped.

Locating a tare in one of the pillows, Nico’s long fingers pulled out a feather. Looking back at Aaron in triumph, she caught a good look of his face as his head came snapping down with the force of a strong “HupCHOO!”

Nico gasped as Aaron forced himself down onto her again, dislodging the feather from between her fingers. Eyes closing shut she gasped, panting a bit herself.

When she opened her eyes she found that Aaron had removed one of his hands and was rubbing furiously at his nose. She tried to glare at him but he was too cute for her anger to stick around.

He sniffled and smiled.

“You snooze you lose little girl.” He flashed her a broad smile, laughing when she heaved him off.

“Ah don’t be like that Nico!” Aaron teased, as Nico turned away to keep up her façade of anger.

“And after I woke up yearly and endured all those sneezes to make you breakfast.”


“The spices I put in your omelet. They put me in such a sat.” Aaron pouted playfully, now lounged over the bed with the tray of food before him. “And now you won’t even enjoy it with me.”

“I’m a great cook. Promise.” Aaron laughed seemingly reading her dubious look. As great a man as Jay was, his cooking could kill a cockroach.

Nico sat down and after seeing Aaron slip a peace into his mouth, dug into the eggs heartily. She and Aaron where wrestling for the last peace when he suddenly gave in. Nico snatched up the last peace and popped it in her mouth only to have it nearly fall out again as she admired another strong double.

“Huh-Chu! Huh-Choo!”

“Bless. You okay baby?”

“No worries darlin’.”

“Nico frowned, Aaron was looking a little flush and she was unsure if it was their early morning ropping or something else. He had Jay’s catch phrase, a line he spoke whenever something really was wrong.

“Don’t gimme that look little girl. Finish up we’re going for a walk this mornin’.” Nico obeyed hesitantly, watching him every step of the away, all the way into the great outdoors.  

So? What do you think? Im planning on doing two or three post for every season. This would be Autumn. Let me know what you think.

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 03:53 PM

This is really sweet and I like the idea of having different parts for each season! :) Would be great if you could continue! :wub:

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 11:22 PM

It's great! I can't wait to read the next section  :)

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Posted 12 February 2009 - 01:26 AM

So some of this next part is pg-13 and beyond. Not too graphic but leaves little to the imagination.

Part 3:


Nico snickered and ducked around to the other side of the thick tree trunk, watching her companion sneak up on a pile of leaves and sticks.

She giggled a little louder then she meant, quickly slapping a hand to her mouth to muffle the sound, but it was too late.

Aaron spun around on his hiking boats and froze, listening for her.

“Come out, come out where ever you are!” He sang, turning to the left, giving Nico enough time to escape.

Darting through the woods nimbly, Nico launched herself down the path away from her cabin and out of Aaron’s sight.

A faint call of Nico came ringing back to her ears as she parked herself in a tree, waiting in the branches for Aaron to pass beneath her.

His calls were drifting closer before stopping entirely. Nico listened hard, knowing that no one other then Aaron would be crawling around her privet woods. Still she heard nothing. Climbing out of her tree, Nico retraced her path, standing out in the open when she still could not find Aaron.


Nico spun around. So the tables had turned. Aaron was hiding now and he wanted her to know it.

Sneaking in the direction from which the sneeze had originated, Nico found herself stalking a series of thick rose bushes. She carefully searched inside, watching for thorns but purposefully shaking loose pollen that stuck to her and drifted on the winds.


Nico’s head spun around, turning her to the west. Nico smiled and bounded after Aaron. She found herself in a field of tall grass, through which she waded, hacking at the tall grains with frenzied excitement. Still no Aaron. Leaving the field, Nico spotted a series of hills and rocky caves to the east of the field. Smiling, Nico pushed forward, cutting through the long grass rather then taking the pollen free route.

She wasn’t about to let Aaron get away with all this teasing.

She glanced around the hills before spotting a patch of brown in a sea of green. Moving forward to investigate, Nico approached the cave from above. Aaron sat crunched into the back of the cave, his nose buried under his shirt and jacket, quick sneezes muffled into the cloth.

“Hish! Ish! Hepsh!”

Nico smiled and backed up a few steps. She wanted to play with her pray.

Crunching up the mountain side, Nico called out “Aaron! You can’t hide forever.” She smiled as she heard a finally stifled sneeze.

Climbing up to the mouth of his hiding place, Nico sat down flinging her legs over the mouth of the cave and stripped off her pollen laced jacket. Swinging both in a mindless matter, she stated quiet, listening for the effect on her overly sensitive companion.

Sighing happily, Nico listened to the uneven breaths, stifled through cloth and flesh as Nico assumed Aaron had clamped his hands over his nose and mouth. Nico chanced a glance to she his gorgeous face caught in a pre-sneeze look. She repositioned herself just looking up just in time for Aaron to open his eyes again, the sneezes kept at bay for the time being.

Nico returned to swinging her jacket and heard three sneezes stifled into silence. Nico let go of her jacket after a particularly had swing and heard it hit Aaron in the face.

“Oh damn.” She smiled trying to sound annoyed. Jumping down she turned into the cave to see Aaron, helplessly clutching her jacket in his hands before him, his nose buried in his elbow, eye lids fluttering, nose twitching.

“Ixxch! Hixxch! Hxxtchu!” He paused, his watering eye opening to see Nico standing with her hands on her hips, light shinning into the cave behind her. He tried to chuckle but it go caught up into his wavering breath.

“That’s what you get for hiding love.” Nico smiled walking into the cave.

“Niii………Nico. Have merciiihh….ihhh….heh….mercy.” Aaron pleaded sniffing helplessly.

“Hummm.” Nico pretended to consider.

“Hehehh!....Heh….eheh!” Aaron turned pleading watering eyes to Nico and she gave in with a smile.

“Come her love.” She walked in close to him and buried his face into her long-sleeve t-shirt. Aaron took a deep breath and almost instantly broke into a sneezing fit.

“Ih… IhhhkkXXXT! Heh… ihh… HEHXXXmph! Hecxxt! Heh-IXXGGTT!!” Aaron sneezed hard into her chest, Nico clutching him to herself steady as much as him. Aaron pulled up to take a deep breath before “Hhk—NggSSHh…huh!”

Nico gasped and was forced back.

“Bless yeh baby!” She smiled.

“Thanks darlin’ but im not fin….fiiiii….finIshoo! eh-ITTSSH! IHH-SSSHH! Ahhh…ihh-HIIshh! Eh-IIshh! HehCCHhhh.”

Nico flopped against the cave wall and Aaron eyed her suddenly hungry. Moving across the cave quickly, Aaron forced her fleece vest off, holding her shoulders as he kissed her furiously.

He ripped away with a pair of violet ““ihh-HIIshh! Eh-IIshh!”

Nico snatched his lips back wither her own, forcing her hand under his flannel shirt. Aaron responded by slipping his hands down the front of her shirt to her jeans, fingering the edge of the material.

Nico was unbuttoning his shirt buttons before she could think. Aaron made him pause long enough to get her shirt over her head though it caught on her arm.  Nico threw her arms around his neck, pushing her lower body up against his returning force.  Aaron took his jacket and placed it behind her, still kissing her. He backed her up against the wall and she threw a leg up over his hip.

Nico broke away and offered her neck to him, slipping her hands down to his stomach and into his pants. Aaron took the time to move to her neck, her blue shirt slipping back down her arm. Nico smiled and panted pushing her chest back up to Aaron’s bare chest. Suddenly Aaron stopped kissing, his breath raising hairs on the side of her neck.


Nico came to her senses long enough to realize what came next. Forcing herself up and Aarons head down, Nico caught the next fit of sneezes on her chest.

“Ixxch! Hixxch! Hxxtchu!” he moved from sneeze to kiss so easily, Nico realized just what an effect she’d had on him. She shivered from pure excitement but Aaron pulled away.


He smiled and looked at her, standing back a bit, leaving her colder so she shivered again.


“WHAT?!?!” Same word, totally different meaning.

“Come on.” He slipped her shirt back over her head and left her, mouth agape, shirt half way pulled down. He turned around and laughed slightly as she angrily pulled her shirt the rest of the way down and slipped her jacket back on.

Aaron was halfway back to the cabin when Nico regained total control of herself, dashing after him and chasing him the rest of the way. She jumped him at the front door and the two tossed a bit before Aaron carried her to the bedroom to finish what he’d started.

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Posted 12 February 2009 - 05:43 AM

LOVE IT! it was so hot and aaron making them leave because she was cold, love it. great job!