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HP: Anything For You (F/F with a healthy amount of M/M)

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Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:53 AM


Anything For You, Chapter One


Author:  themajoritylied


Summary: It's  Hermione's fourth year, and that means a lot of things- studying for exams,  helping Harry prepare for the Triwizard tournament, and not only one, but two  champions after her heart? Throw in Ron and make one of those champions a possessive  Veela girlfriend and this has the potential for some ugly results. And why's  Fleur sneezing so much all of a sudden? Minimal sneezing in the first chapter,  as per usual, but bear with me, it'll get better =)


    Hermione  Granger leaned back on a couch in the Gryffindor common room, for once tired of  Hogwarts' vast library. She'd spent the past week almost living in the quiet,  enclosed space, trying to save Harry's life because he obviously wasn't going to  do it by himself, and she could practically feel her skin losing its color and  the shadows forming beneath her eyes. Where was Harry anyway? She knew he was  still fighting with Ron over the other boy's irrational jealousy, but she hadn't  seen Harry in days, and it was only her concern for her friend that sent her to  the library day after day. Then she sighed, realizing that she was probably  right in her suspicions about Draco and Harry.


    Hermione  grimaced- there was such a thing as being too perceptive for her own good. She  groaned and turned back to her books that, for once, lay closed before her. She  really was too exhausted to be doing homework this late at night.


    A  sudden sweet smell, maybe raspberries and vanilla, assaulted her nostrils and  before Hermione could turn around, another, taller body slipped behind hers,  and a pair of slender arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Glancing around  the common room quickly, she felt the slight pressure of a chin being rested on  her shoulder and a long breath streamed from her nose as she allowed herself to  lean back against her girlfriend. "You know, I keep wondering how you even get  in here," she murmured after a moment. "Doesn't really make me feel too secure  or anything if people can just be walking in and out as they please."


    A light  chuckle sounded right into her ear and a pair of lips connected to her neck. "I  'ave my ways, 'Ermione," Fleur replied with a feline smirk, "'ou are my soul  mate, after all." Then her features hardened and she unwittingly tightened her  arms around Hermione's slender (far too slender for her taste, she was always  forgetting to eat) waist. "And 'ou know I would never let anyzhing 'appen to  you, ma Cherie. I would kill zhem before 'ou even saw zhem coming."


    Fleur's  determined tone made Hermione swoon internally, her face growing steadily  redder. "You're so violent," she muttered instead. Fleur was always saying  things like that, and though they made Hermione feel wanted for once in her  life, she was always quick to put the girl in her place. "You won't do me any  good in Azkaban."


    Fleur  hummed in response, clearly not listening to a word her girlfriend had said as  she brushed back a strand of somewhat tame brown hair. She frowned as it  slipped through her fingers. Hermione glanced back to see what was the matter  and had to smile at the adorably let down expression Fleur was wearing. "What's  wrong."


    "Why  do 'ou try so 'ard to be someone zat 'ou're not?" Fleur asked quietly, sounding  almost as though it was a personal offense. But, in a way, Hermione supposed it  was- Veelas, she had read, were very proud creatures, especially when it came  to their mates. The fact that Hermione was trying to change who she was, even  by a little bit, must have registered as a personal blow to her girlfriend's  admittedly overinflated ego.


    "Because  nobody liked who I was," she answered flatly, too exhausted to pet Fleur's  pride at the moment. "At least I'm getting attention now, whether they like my  personality or not. I used to blend into the castle, I suppose. Wall girl."


    The  arms around her tensed, and Hermione groaned internally, realizing her mistake  only seconds too late. Knowing Fleur, everything past 'getting attention now'  had flown straight over the blonde's head.


    "What  do 'ou mean, 'ou are getting attention now?" The cold tone confirmed Hermione's  suspicions immediately. "Not zhat gastly red-'eaded boy?"


    "Y0u  mean Ronald?" Hermione asked,  slightly annoyed. Fleur was a very sweet mate, and would fetch Hermione any  star in the sky if the younger girl merely expressed the desire to have one,  but she was still quite stuck up, especially around the other Hogwarts  students. And the fact that her Veela-senses or whatever they were had picked  up on Ron's feelings for Hermione (and, more importantly, Hermione's confused  feelings for him) from minute one hadn't really helped poor Ron's cause. "First  of all, no, and secondly, so what if  it was him?"


    Starting  a fight with Fleur was the last thing she needed to do- she knew it. But right  now the second last thing she needed was a possessive Veela girlfriend. Fleur  didn't respond, and Hermione didn't need to turn around to know that she was  pouting. "'ou know exactly why I'm being like zis, Mademoiselle," she said with  a sniff, burying her face further into Hermione's shoulder. Hermione made the  mistake of turning to the side only to be assaulted by a pair of the saddest  blue eyes she'd ever seen, completely contradicting Fleur's haughty attitude.


    Indeed,  Hermione did know why she was 'being like this'. Due to their proud nature,  Veelas were extremely affectionate and liked to show their mates off to the  world. But Hermione wasn't ready to come out to the world just yet- she'd just  gotten past being considered a complete misfit, after all. It was killing  Fleur, and she could see that, but Hermione was more insecure than she'd ever  let on- she doubted even Fleur knew to what extent. Keeping their relationship  a secret, however, just made the Veela in Fleur even more possessive and  protective than it already was, and she'd had to have Harry, the only other  person who knew of their relationship, physically hold Fleur back at times when  Draco decided to have a bit of fun with her. "Fleur…" she began quietly,  feeling the guilt ten-fold.


    Fleur  brushed her off, however, just as she'd expected- she'd always act so upset  about it only to collect herself seconds later. Veelas were completely devoted  to their mates, and would put their mates above themselves to the point where  they would gladly die for them. What was a little secret, anyway. "Non, Cherie,  do not mind me. I 'ave simply been feeling a bit, how you say…off since winter 'as set in. It's simply  horrid, non?"


    Hermione  rolled her eyes, though she was secretly glad for the change of subject. "It's  not that bad, Fleur," she said, turning in the blonde's arms to face her  girlfriend, whose face instantly lit up like the Fourth of July at her  movement. Grinning smugly, Fleur brushed Hermione's bangs and pressed a kiss to  the younger girl's forehead.


    "Not  when 'ou 'ave someone to keep 'ou warm at night." She wiggled her eyebrows  suggestively and Hermione leaned back, groaning at the innuendo. Fleur was  worse than a boy sometimes. "'ey, Cherie," the French girl cooed, turning  Hermione's chin towards her and pressing a quick but deep kiss to her lips, "do  not ignore me. I do not like eet."


    "Really?"  Hermione raised an eyebrow, her eyes flashing with sarcasm. Despite being  dominant by far in their relationship, Fleur would sit sullenly and pout for  hours if Hermione wasn't paying enough attention to her. "I hadn't noticed."


    Fleur  sniffed, tossing her hair back haughtily. The twinkle in her eye ruined her façade,  however, as she said, "Well of course 'ou didn't. 'ou engleesh wouldn't notice  a Hippogriff until eet sent you to zee 'ospital wing." Then she dropped the act  entirely and leaned forward, pressing her nose to Hermione's and causing the  younger girl's breath to catch in anticipation. "Not zhat I would let zhat 'appen  to 'ou, of course- zhat…zhat Ronald boy,  however…"


    Hermione  rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Fleur's neck, pulling the girl in  for a kiss. Fleur smiled into the kiss and Hermione loved the feeling of it as  the slender hands slipped lower and pulled her in closer. Fleur easily stole the  control and soon had both Hermione's arms clenched tightly around her neck, the  brunette's legs looped around her slender hips as she held the girl tightly to  keep them both from falling over.


    Instead  of the usual heated snog-fest, in which Hermione would have to physically tear  herself from the grip of a hyper-sensitive Veela before someone walked in,  Fleur's hold weakened after only a few moments, and she pulled away from  Hermione's lips, her forehead resting against Hermione's slender shoulder. For  a moment, she thought Fleur was going to start attacking her neck as she'd done  on more than one occasion, but Fleur's right hand slipped away from her waist.


    She  felt her girlfriend raise the hand to her nose just in time to completely stifle  what seemed like a violent sneeze, judging by the way her body jerked beneath  Hermione's.  "Bless you," the brunette  said, rather shocked. She'd never heard Fleur sneeze before, and couldn't help  the concern that had built up within her. Fleur nodded slightly in  acknowledgement a split second before blocking a second sneeze, and a third. With  a sniff, she finally straightened, meeting Hermione's eyes with a suddenly  tired blue gaze.


    "I  am sorry, Cherie," she said, her smooth French lilt just a little bit rougher  than usual. "Zat took me by surprise."


    "Are  you alright?" Hermione asked, feeling at Fleur's forehead instinctively. Fleur  laughed- a chiming sound that Hermione had fallen in love with since the first  time she'd heard it.


    "I  believe I now know what Ginevra was complaining about," she teased, and Hermione  flushed, remembering how the red-head had accused her of acting like her mother  when she'd gotten a little cold. "I am fine, mon angie," she said with a winning  smile, tilting her head up and accepting a brief kiss on the lips. "I am just  sorry zat 'ad to end so quickly. I told you- eet ees your horrid engleesh  winters zat do zis to me."


    Hermione  rolled her eyes. "I suppose I should feel sympathetic now that you've gone and insulted  England for the thousandth time?" she asked dryly, unable to bite back an  affectionate smile as Fleur grinned up with her with a thousand watts. She  climbed off of the girl with a minimal amount of resistance (it still took her  a good minute or so) and yawned, rubbing her eyes to clear them. "I suppose my  Divination essay can wait 'til tomorrow," she muttered. She hated to postpone  homework of any sort, but she was too exhausted to snog her own girlfriend, let  alone complete the pointless rubbish Trelawney had assigned. "Night, Fleur."


    Fleur  frowned and stood up with Hermione, folding her arms over her chest and drawing  herself to her full height, a good six inches taller than the Gryffindor. "I am  not going to leave you," she said stubbornly. Hermione sighed- now wasn't an  ideal time to deal with one of Fleur's fits.




    "Please,  'Ermione," she said, her accent thicker than before as she looked into Hermione's  eyes. "I know you may not understand, but 'ou are my mate. Eet ees 'ard enough  to stay away from you every night, but 'ou are exhausted and on zhe verge of collapsing.  I juzt want to make sure 'ou are alright."


    Hermione  sighed as those baby blue eyes burned into her own and finally nodded. "If you  really want to…Lavender and Parvati have been fighting recently, and both of  them seem to think the other is still staying in our room. I think Parvati's  with Padma in Ravenclaw, and Lavender's with some boy in some house."


    Fleur  frowned as she trailed along beside her mate. "I wonder eef zhat ees zee  reason?" she asked quietly, but Hermione heard nonetheless, and turned to face  her with an inquisitive stare at the top of the steps. "Eet ees just zhat I 'ave  noticed zhat Lavender ees very…flirtatious," she began slowly, "and while zhat ees  nozhing new for a Beauxbatons, eet seems as zhough 'er friend does not approve."


    "Parvati's  always been more sensible," Hermione said with a frown, not knowing where Fleur  was going. Imploring blue eyes met mocha, and suddenly it hit her. "You don't  think…"


    Fleur  shrugged, leaning against one of the pillars. "Eet seems to me zhat…Parvati,  was it? Zhat she always acts coldly towards 'er friend after zhose occasions. I  'ave also caught her staring- eet ees not envy, not lust."


    "Then  what is it, Fleur?" Hermione asked tiredly. She should be getting to bed, she  knew, but what Fleur was implying was beginning to make sense, and Parvati had  always been nice enough to Hermione, even back in her first year. She didn't  want her to be unhappy.


    "Loyalty,"  Fleur said mildly. "Devotion, desire. Love. Eet ees rare zhat I see anozer  person hold zhe same emotions towards anozer zat a Veela does for its mate, but  I 'ave seen eet in 'er eyes." Her eyes clouded over after a moment and Hermione  watched her chest rise and fall desperately. "Excusez moi, Cherie," she managed  in breathy French before turning from her mate and raising her silky blue  sleeve just in time to catch the sneeze. "KSHHiew!  *sniff* Heh' CHIEW!"


    Fleur  blinked several times before straightening and running a hand through her  platinum hair, smiling sheepishly at a concerned looking Hermione. "Bless you,"  the younger girl said as she stepped forward and examined Fleur with obviously  tired eyes. Fleur took the hand that was reaching for her forehead and brought  it to her lips, pressing a gentle kiss to each finger.


    "You  need to sleep, Cherie," she said softly, bending down and lifting Hermione  bridal style with hardly any effort. Veela's bodies were built to accommodate their  mate, after all.


    Hermione  only muttered a half-hearted protest in reply as Fleur lay her down on the  large four-poster bed, gently removing her robes and skillfully ignoring her  own desire. After Hermione was comfortable and warm, Fleur quickly disrobed and  slipped into bed beside her mate, pressing a kiss to Hermione's neck and  smiling slightly when she felt Hermione wrap her arms around her stomach,  resting her bushy head against her chest. The bookworm was surprisingly cuddly,  a trait Fleur was thankful for, given her own possessive nature.  


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Posted 28 June 2011 - 12:20 PM

love !

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Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:41 PM

Interesting pairing but I'm already loving it! Thanks for posting. Great job on Fleur's dialouge, by the way, especially with her accent. You truly are a fantastic writer. Anyways I'm looking forward to the next update!  :D

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Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:46 PM

cyou jst like made all my dreams come true!!! :D

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View PostWhysprr, on Jun 28 2011, 09:41 AM, said:

Interesting pairing but I'm already loving it! Thanks for posting. Great job on Fleur's dialouge, by the way, especially with her accent. You truly are a fantastic writer. Anyways I'm looking forward to the next update!  :blushing:
Thank you! I wanted to respond to your post particularly because I was hoping I got her accent right because it was SUCH a pain xD I'm glad you liked it :lol:

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Posted 28 June 2011 - 10:38 PM

Fabulous! I don't know why Fleur is such a rare sneezefic subject [especially since she is known as Phlegm].  I can just imagine sneeziness spreading through the Beauxbatons crew.  And I hope that her sneezes will get more enormous and inevitable in the next bit...

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Posted 29 June 2011 - 01:56 AM

View Postcount de tisza, on Jun 28 2011, 04:38 PM, said:

Fabulous! I don't know why Fleur is such a rare sneezefic subject [especially since she is known as Phlegm].  I can just imagine sneeziness spreading through the Beauxbatons crew.  And I hope that her sneezes will get more enormous and inevitable in the next bit...
I don't understand why she's so rare either. You'd think since she's supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the books that shed have a bit more love. But it might be her accent. Its a pain to write, but I can't imagine her without it. Somepeople like to take the easy way out and say she grew out of it, but I like it better this way. Anyway, I hope to have the next part up by Friday- im currently writing this on my Druid since I have no internet access at my grandparents house xP However I will try and write a second part to be ready for postage by then :D

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Anything ForYou, Chapter Two


Summary: It'sHermione's fourth year, and that means a lot of things- studying for exams,helping Harry prepare for the Triwizard tournament, and not only one, but twochampions after her heart? Throw in Ron and make one of those champions apossessive Veela girlfriend and this has the potential for some ugly results.And why's Fleur sneezing so much all of a sudden?

I want to thankeveryone for the great reviews- it shocked me because I've been posting onFanfiction recently and all my fandoms are dying, so I hardly get ANY reviews='(. But you all have been great! So here's another chapter- sorry it took solong, I was stuck in the middle of cowboy-land nowhere xP Hopefully I'mstarting to get a real plotline going, and I will warn you all- Fleur's aVeela, so there might be a bit of ugly love triangles and psycho-lesbianness(just kidding, I'll leave that to the indomitable ShizNat xD). But she mightget possessive, just warning you. And Krum will appear, as will Drarry! I havealso come to the conclusion that I will write this like a regular fanfic, otherthan the sneezing, of course, because of my adoration for side couples. Pansyis a definite, just because it's fun to imagine how she'd sneeze, as is myfavoritest Gryffindor, Ginny Weasely, just cause she's that awesome. Others mayappear- if you have a request, let me know!

Hermioneawoke the next morning to a disturbance on the bed beside her. Rolling overgroggily, she faced Fleur, who was, at the moment, sitting up straight, hermouth open slightly and her eyes glassy. One hand was raised to her mouth whilethe other kept her propped up on the bed.

"'chssh!" The blonde's head bobbedforward with the brief sneeze, and she straightened, but from the hazyexpression, Hermione could tell that her girlfriend wasn't quite finished yet.Fleur sat stock-still for another minute, blinking slowly as if checking to seeif the tickle was gone. Finally, her chest heaved dramatically and her bodybent in on itself as she buried the sneeze into cupped hands. "EkkCHIEW!" She instantly sat up with asleepy smile on her face that never ceased to amaze Hermione, and leaned overfor a good morning kiss, which Hermione denied.

"Morningbreath?" she asked sheepishly in way of an apology when Fleur proceeded to poutsullenly. Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh fine, be like that," she mumbled,getting to her feet and heading to the loo to get dressed and have a quickshower. "And don't follow me," sheadded as an afterthought, not needing to turn around to know that her drowsylover would use any and every excuse to be closer to her and was probablyalready on her feet. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard a notablyannoyed sigh from behind her, along with the sound of someone plopping downonto her bed.


Oncein the Great Hall, Hermione made a beeline for her shaggy-haired best friend,who glanced up at her and shot her a winning smile despite his obvious fatigue."Hey, 'Mione," Harry said, watching as she took the seat beside him. "What'sgoing on with Fleur?"

"Whatdo you mean?" she asked, pausing halfway to her pumpkin juice. "She seemed finethis morning…" Harry's eyebrows shot up beneath his dark bangs and Hermionegroaned, flushing crimson. "Not like that, for heaven's sake, Harry."

Harryshrugged innocently. "Anyway," he began, "it's just that she doesn't look toohappy." He nodded towards the Ravenclaw table, where Fleur had joined herBeauxbatons classmates, uncharacteristically slouching on the bench.

"Idon't think she's feeling well," Hermione stated after a moment, recallingFleur's sudden sneezing that morning and the night before. "And also, Iwithheld her good morning kiss."

"That'srough, 'Mione."

Hermionerolled her eyes. "Morning breath, Harry," she said, exasperated. "It was forher own bloody good." Harry snorted. "And where were you last night, Mr. Potter?" Hermione asked, slightly peeved."Skeeter's bound to notice if the Golden Boy goes missing every night. At leastyou're not in Gryffindor tower, so she can bloody stop with those rumors aboutus."

Harrywinced, recalling the incident Hermione was referring to, or, morespecifically, a pair of flashing blue eyes and an inhuman growl when Fleur hadread the article. "Wouldn't want more of that," he agreed, but said nothingelse. Glancing towards the Slytherin table discreetly, green eyes met gray fora half-second before they darted away. He watched the figure stand out of thecorner of his eye, his eyes tracing the figures movements until they were outof the Great Hall.

"Oh,for Merlin's sake, Harry, just go after him already," Hermione said with asmall smile, and Harry shot her a grateful one in return as he booked it out ofthe room, his bag swinging behind him.



Draco'shead bobbed with the sudden sneeze, his breath releasing in a sigh not a secondafter the sneeze had passed. His mouth hung open, his eyes blinking glassily ashis nose wrinkled deeply in an extremely pained expression. "'eeeGNtchaa! HUPPtchoo! Fuck!" The two rapid-fire sneezes werepunctualized by a sharp-tongued curse and a sharp shake of his blond head.

"Areyou alright?"

TheSlytherin turned to see a very concerned, very handsome Gryffindor just a fewpaces behind him and a smirk slipped onto his face by default. "Worried,Potter?" he drawled, taking a step towards the Boy Who Lived. His facecontorted a second time as a fourth sneeze caught him off guard. "EEEkschh!"

"Bless,"Harry said gruffly, his hands shoved into his pockets. "Listen, Malfoy, aboutwhat happened last night-"

"Nothinghappened last night," Draco stated coldly, his attitude changing almostinstantly.

Harrypaused, his jaw tensing at Draco's dismissal, but he got over it fairlyquickly. He wasn't Ron, after all. "Right, well," he stated, "'nothing' can'thappen again, got it? I've got enough on my plate as it is, thanks." He turned,leaving a stunned Draco staring after him. "Oh, and here," he added as anafterthought, tossing a flashing button over his shoulder. "Thought you mightneed it."

Dracoglanced down at the button in his hand: SupportCedric Diggory: the REAL Hogwarts Champion! He bit his lip, rememberingback in first year, when all he'd wanted was to be friends with the skinny boywith the broken glasses.



"I'mjust so worried about him- he wasn't himself when he came back into the GreatHall after meeting Draco."

Fleurinspected her nails, every so often glancing up to see if Hermione was nearlyfinished with her homework. "Well zhen, why don't 'ou ask 'im about eet?" sheasked in a dry tone, not pleased with how Hermione kept going on about this'Harry Potter'. And to add insult to injury, she still hadn't gotten her good morning kiss. "'Ermione…," she moaned,splaying herself across the couch that was right in front of where Hermioneherself was seated in the library. "Zis 'omework can be done later, non?"

"'Non',Fleur, it can't," Hermione replied bitingly. She was already stressed outenough with studying for the second task and trying to keep up with classworkAND keep her two best friends from killing each other; the last thing sheneeded was to deal with an attention-starved Veela. Fleur proceeded to look asif Hermione had kicked her puppy to death, and the younger girl sighed andstood, pushing Fleur back down by her head- the blonde had instantly leapt toher feet as well. "I'm just going to go fetch a book," she said.

Runningher fingers along the rows of books, Hermione found what she was looking for-on the top shelf of the bookcase. Magic was prohibited outside of classes, andthough Hermione was known for breaking the rules along with Harry and Ron, shecertainly wasn't going to use it in the library of all places.

"Please,allow me to help, Herm-own-ninny," came a gruff voice from behind right asHermione was about to call Fleur over. She shot Viktor a grateful smile as theBulgarian heartthrob easily reached the book and handed it down to her. Fleurwould have been more than willing to help, of course- but for a price thatHermione didn't have time to pay at the moment. Not that the Veela would have demanded anything much- probablyjust a kiss. But with Fleur, a kiss easily turned into a snog, which thenturned into a make out session, which generally led to Fleur trying to reachsecond base while Hermione blushed and attempted to push her away.

"Thankyou, Viktor," she said, surprised to see the Quidditch star…blush? "Are youalright?" she asked, clutching the book to her chest.

Uponhearing her girlfriend's concerned inquiry, Fleur Delacour raised her head fromher pathetic position across the library.

"Um,ves," Viktor said slowly. "I vas vondering if I could ask you a question,Herm-own-ninny."

"Ofcourse," Hermione said, her smile back in full. "Unless it's to do with thisnext task- then I'll be of no help whatsoever, because that's what I needed thebook for, actually."

Krumshook his head and lifted his gaze to Hermione's, a determined gleam in hisdark eyes. "Herm-own-ninny, vill you allow me to escort you to the Yule Ball?"

Hermioneblinked. And again. Oh. Oh. She'd completelyforgotten about the ball with her dedication to helping Harry with the secondtask. And now she wasn't actually sure what to say- she and Fleur had agreed tokeep their relationship a secret, but she was fairly sure that the blondewouldn't be happy with the situation. "Well, I-"

"Already'ave a girlfriend, Monsieur Krum," an icy voice sounded from behind her, andHermione cringed slightly. Fleur's hand found its way to the small of her backas she stared the poor, nervous Bulgarian down.

Shakingoff the initial shock, Krum bowed slightly- Bulgarians were known for theirstrength and overall manliness, and that included respecting the claim thatanother held over a woman they were interested in. "Ov course," he said with aslight smile. "I am very sorry, Miss Delacour- I vas not avare of thesituation. You two make a lovely couple."

Fleur'schest swelled in pride and she nodded slightly to Krum, acknowledging hisapology. Hermione shot her a glare for being so unapologetic when Viktor hadbeen such a gentleman about the whole situation, though her heart secretlyraced at the obvious claim Fleur had staked, and turned back to the Quidditchstar. "I'm sorry," she said, and he gave her a very real smile.

"Donot vorry, Herm-own-ninny," he said. "I am a vorld-class Quidditch player,after all- there must be another girl out there for me, don't you think?"

Hermionegiggled while Fleur's chest rumbled in a low growl. "Eet's 'Ermione," she spat, and Hermione gave Viktor one last smile beforepractically dragging her hissing girlfriend back to their table.

"Fleur..."she began warningly once they reached the table. Fleur simply stood there, notabashed at all, her arms folded over her chest. "The least you could've done wasbe somewhat polite to him- he backed off, didn't he?"

"'eshouldn't 'ave approached 'ou in zhe first place," Fleur said stubbornly. "Zhefact zhat I did not eengage 'im in a duel for 'our 'onor showed a great deal ofrespect on my part."

Hermionesighed, realizing that she was being completely unfair. Of course Veela customswould be different from their own. "Sorry," she mumbled, stepping forward intoFleur's arms and positively melting when the blonde's arms tightenedprotectively around her. "I'm always terrible when I'm under stress."

Fleurhummed and led Hermione over to a dark corner of the library- as much as shewanted to show off her mate and their relationship, she wanted Hermione to behappy so much more. Once there, she sat down on a sofa and pulled Hermione downwith her, pressing her lips to the younger girl's neck. "Eet ees alright," shecooed into her girlfriend's ear, her heart swelling when Hermione leaned backand nuzzled further into her body.

Hermionecouldn't contain a small giggle when she felt the body beneath her begin tovibrate with a low hum- the first time Fleur had purred, it had scared the hellout of her. The blonde was like a giant kitten- affectionate and playful andcontent just to be around the one she loved.

Thepurring halted after several minutes, and the body behind hers tensed as Fleurturned to the left, away from Hermione, nose buried in her elbow. "Heh' tsshIEW! 'CHSSiew!" She took a deepshuddering breath, pausing for a moment as her blue eyes flickered up to thedim lights that decorated the library before her eyes snapped shut once againand she let loose a violent, uncontrollable sneeze, as if trying to get everylast tickle out of her system. "HahISSHIEW!"

Finally,her body relaxed once again, and she moaned, pressing her forehead against aworried Hermione's shoulder. From the front desk, Madam Pince shot her a dirtylook, which Hermione returned in full force, shocking the librarian. "Are youalright?" the younger girl asked softly, brushing back Fleur's stylish bangs tokiss her forehead.

Itwas in Fleur's blood to perk back up with a winning smile and snog Hermione'sworries away just for the sake of making her mate happy and keeping up a strongfaçade, but the poor girl was already so attention-starved that she simply kepther head down and blinked up at Hermione through tired blue eyes. As apart-Veela, Fleur craved love and attention from only one person, and wouldonly ever stoop to beg for it from that one person. And when that one personwasn't paying sufficient attention to her needs, it hurt more than she'd liketo admit. "I am fine, Cherie," she finally murmured in reply. "Juzt zhizEengleesh winter catching to me, I am sure." She blinked several times and onlymanaged to tilt her head away from her mate before another, smaller sneezeracked her body. "'tshiew!"

"Blessyou, love," Hermione said softly, her face etched with worry. "Maybe you shouldget back to the carriages and get some sleep. I'll walk you there." She bit herlip, praying Fleur would take the bait just this once. She knew her girlfriendhated Hermione walking back to the castle alone in the dark.

Fleurfrowned slightly at the suggestion. "Only eef 'ou go straight back to 'our roomafterwards," she finally said. "I 'ate zhe looks of zhis place at night." Shepaused for a moment, as if a thought had suddenly occurred to her. "Per'aps Ishall juzt walk 'ou to 'our room eenstead," she corrected. "Please, 'Ermione- Iadmit I am not feeling my best but I 'ave 'eard some of zhe 'orror stories ofzhis place at night. And what eef someone else asks you to zhe ball and I amnot around?"

"Thatwould be the first thing you were concerned with," Hermione muttered. Louder,she said, "Alright, but promise you'll go right back to your carriage?"


"Andyou won't get up early to see me at breakfast?"



"Butwhy?" the blonde whined, tightening her hold on Hermione. "I want to see 'ou inzhe mornings, and eef I am not zhere early, 'ou are always talking to zhat…zhatRonald boy!"

Hermionerolled her eyes and stood up, pulling her girlfriend with her. Fleurimmediately wrapped her arms around the younger girl again. "I can't believeyou're jealous of Ron," she stated, saying the boy's name with a disgustedinflection.

"'ouliked 'im."

"Iwas confused."

"Zherewas chemistry zhere, before I arrived."

"Youcan't possibly think so little of me, Fleur."

"'oushould 'ave seen 'our face when 'ou zhought 'e liked me."


"'elooks at you, 'Ermione!"

Hermionegroaned in frustration. "For Merlin's sake, Fleur, it's a bloody free country!You're going to have to get used to people looking at me!" Then she sighed,realizing it was probably her own fault Fleur was so jealous all the time."He's too thick to act on whatever feelings he has Fleur, you know that."

Fleurshrugged but allowed Hermione to lead them up to the Gryffindor dormitory,where she paused outside the door, holding both of Hermione's hands in her own."I juzt don't want to lose 'ou," she finally admitted quietly, accepting thekiss Hermione offered.

"Youwon't, love," she replied softly, and watched as Fleur glided towards thegrounds. Suddenly, a shiver ran down her spine and she turned slowly, preparingto face the end of her somewhat-accepted days at Hogwarts.

-Please don't ask what happpened to the spaces- I had to copy and paste, and it just kind of turned out like this =P

Tags fixed ~ obsessed

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SO good!! Another great part and, by the way, a possessive Fleur is so HOT  :wub: Can't wait for the next update, thanks again for posting!  :laugh:

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Anything ForYou, Chapter Two


Summary: It’sHermione’s fourth year, and that means a lot of things- studying for exams,helping Harry prepare for the Triwizard tournament, and not only one, but twochampions after her heart? Throw in Ron and make one of those champions apossessive Veela girlfriend and this has the potential for some ugly results.And why’s Fleur sneezing so much all of a sudden?

I KNOW you guyshave been wondering who caught Hermione…just kidding xD That’s the closest to acliffhanger I ever got. Anyway, on to the story! Remember: this is a fanfic, soit won’t be ALL sneezes, but there will be more than generous amounts, soplease bear with me. Also, remember to review if you want more!



Thename came out more like a sigh of relief, though Hermione didn’t quite knowwhy. She supposed it was better to be caught by her than her more talkativecounterpart, but Parvati was still one half of the largest rumor mill inHogwarts, and not someone Hermione wanted to reckon with.


“Iwon’t tell, if that’s what you’re thinking,” the Indian girl said dismissively,looking over Hermione’s shoulder. “She’s lovely, though, isn’t she?”


Hermionenodded slowly, wondering why Parvati was so calm about the situation. Then ithit her- the conversation from the night before. “Parvati,” she beganuncertainly. “You don’t seem too horrified. And I don’t mean to makeassumptions, so please don’t be too upset if I’m mistaken, but last night,Fleur though she noticed something about-”


“Meand Lav-Lav, right?” Parvati asked, spitting out the nickname that Ron hadgiven her when the two began dating. She’d forgotten about that, but it was afairly recent development, and she had beenbusy. “You shouldn’t doubt her opinion, then- no doubt a Veela knows what she’stalking about when it comes to love.” Realizing how that must have come out,Parvati sighed and took a step closer to Hermione, lessening the distance betweenthem and removing the majority of tension from the atmosphere. “It’s true- atleast, only on my part. I don’t think Lav would realize it if it slapped her inthe face, so please don’t judge her based on my feelings.”


“Iwon’t,” Hermione said, almost offended by the accusation. But for having spentfour years in the same room, they hardly knew anything about each other.Parvati was just being careful, and not even for herself. “You should considertelling her, you know,” she finally said, staring past Parvati and at asnoozing picture on the wall. “I won’t tell you what to do- I won’t evenrecommend anything, because I know if I was in your situation, I’d be a rightcoward about it. But think about this- if she does return your feelings, she’ll never tell you. That’s just howshe is.”


Parvatinodded. “I know,” she said. “But I don’t see the point of ruining a perfectlygood friendship. Oh, don’t look at me like that- she’s not that bad.Sometimes.” She sighed, adjusting her grip on her book bag. “I just…she’s asstraight as they come, isn’t she? As a bloody ruler and all that.”


Decidingit was best to drop the tense subject, Hermione accepted that she’d said herpiece. “What are you doing out here so late, anyway?”


Parvatiadopted a tentative half-smile. “I could ask you the same thing, Ms. Granger.It’s not every day that the bookworm lands the head cheerleader, is it?”


Hermionelaughed, half out of surprise and appreciation for Parvati’s understanding ofthe muggle terms. “I suppose not,” she said, “but it was more like she landedme. She wouldn’t very well leave me alone until I agreed to go on a date withher, and after that it was pretty much set in stone, you know?”


Nodding,Parvati adopted a wistful expression. “Must be nice, I suppose,” she said,“even if it’s a bit obnoxious. At least you know she loves you.”


Hermionewas about to reply when the portrait hole burst open, revealing a scantily claddirty blonde. Before either of the other two girls could say a word, Lavenderflounced into the hallway and took Parvati’s arm, sending Hermione a cattysmile, the one that girls give other girls when they’re about to stake a claim.Parvati seemed to recognize the look as well, because her brow furrowed into aconfused frown. Flipping her hair back, Lavender turned to face Hermione.“Well, I’m glad you’ve finally decided to join the world of the living,Hermione,” she said in a sincere tone that quickly went sour at her next words,“but Vati’s only just returned, and I think you’ll understand if I want to keepher all to myself for a mo.” She flashed Hermione a catty, almost-not-totally-insinceresmile that could have launched a thousand Degrassi episodes.


Itwas so familiar- she’d seen it a million times over summer and winter breaksamong the popular muggle girls that she never fit in with. Two girls- onedevoted, calmer and obviously in love, and the other outspoken,less-intelligent and a valley-girl type who didn’t appear to return thefeelings until there was a chance she could lose the other.


Forher part, Parvati just held onto her dumbfounded expression as Lavender draggedher up into their dorm room, and Hermione, not wanting to intrude on theirreunion (and also hoping for a moment’s peace), headed to Ginny’s room for thenight, vaguely wondering where Harry had gone off to, then regretting it andforcing the image to the back of her mind. She still had nightmares about thattooth-enlarging hex.



Harrylay on his stomach, his head buried in a pillow as he tried to erase what he’djust done from his mind. The fact that Draco was sitting only a few feet awayclothed only in a pair of tight, green and silver briefs wasn’t helping, ergothe pillow in Harry’s face. Finally, Harry gave up- without Hermione and hertime-turner, erasing the night was impossible. He rolled over just in time tosee the Slytherin flinch, Draco’s upturned, aristocratic nose wrinklingheavily.


EEEkshoo! Huh…huh’ nngxtCHOO!” Theblond boy sniffed, a hand pressed firmly to the underside of his nose, stillfor only a moment before his head bobbed with a multitude of smaller sneezes. “Ktchssh! Hah’ nNGGnchoo! Heh’ nggnxt!Heheshoo!”


“Blessyou,” Harry said, unable to refrain from commenting on the explosion of sneezesthat Draco had let loose. “Are you gettin’ sick or something?”


Dracoscoffed. “I am not,” he declared. “What, afraid you’ll catch it and botch thetask?” A small part of the Slytherin actually hoped this would be the case.He’d die before admitting it, but half of the motive behind the Potter Stinks badges was to try and turnHarry off to the idea of competing. It wasn’t as if he was scared for hissafety or anything, though. “Malfoys don’t get sick.” Right on cue, his nosetwitched and he sneezed wetly onto his bare chest. “Hah’ NGGNXGtchaa!


“Right,”Harry said, rolling his eyes slightly. Bloody hell, he had to stop spending somuch time around Hermione. Draco huffed and rolled onto his side, away from theGryffindor. Sighing, Harry closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep on thelarge, silver and green bed, knowing he’d never make it back to the Gryffindorcommon room this late.


Thenext morning, he woke to a pair of arms wrapped tightly around his waist and aslightly damp feeling on his chest. Glancing down, he realized that Draco hadsnuggled up to him in the middle of the night, and his nose was running quitehorribly. Not quite as annoyed as he should have been, Harry laid back againstthe pillows, reveling in the smug realization that Draco Malfoy was actuallyquite the cuddle monster.



Onthe other side of the castle, Hermione woke in a surprisingly similar situation,only the positions were reversed. Having grown up with six brothers, GinnyWeasley was as protective, if not more so, as her mother, and evensubconsciously she seemed to demonstrate those traits. There hadn’t been aspare bed, but everybody knew about Katie and Alicia, so it wasn’t as if they’dcatch the two girls together and let the whole school know- they might tease abit, but it was all in good fun.


Ginny’shair was strewn across Hermione’s body like strands of cool fire, and a pair offreckled arms tightened ever so slightly from behind her when she attempted tomove. Sighing, Hermione leaned back, and the sleeping Ginny took advantage ofthe situation to nuzzle her face deeper into the brunette’s locks. It figuredHermione would be the little spoon. As much as she hated to admit it, she didlike the feeling of waking up in the arms of the young, plucky Quidditchplayer- Ginny’s arms were slender like Fleur’s, but stronger, and her wholebody was built upon lean muscle and not an ounce of spare body fat. If she washonest, Hermione had harbored (and was still harboring) a slight crush on theyounger girl. The whole relationship with Fleur had been sprung on her quitesuddenly at the Beauxbaton’s arrival, and she still wasn’t entirely sure thatshe was ready to be someone’s mate. But the truth would kill Fleur, so Hermionewondered in silence.




Shewas startled out of her thoughts by a muffled sneeze, and turned to face asheepish looking Ginny. “Sorry, ‘Mione,” the younger girl said with anapologetic smile. “I tried to be a bit quiet so I didn’t scare you.”


Hermionefixed her with a look. “Honestly, Ginny,” she stated, her voice heavy withsarcasm. “I’m not as delicate as you seem to think.”


Ginnyshrugged, grinning crookedly. “Well, I tend to have a pretty loud sneeze,” shesaid in means of explanation, “what with my brothers and all that. And you are rather small, ‘Mione.”


“Obviouslynot that small,” Hermione replied dryly, “your brother has only just realizedthat I am, in fact, female. Remember to congratulate him, will you.”


Ginny’sdemeanor changed instantly, and she crawled up between Hermione’s legs, one lipcaught underneath her teeth. “I’m sorry, ‘Mione,” she said lowly, brushinglight brown hair from Hermione’s eyes. “He’s just a prat, and everyone knowsit. Please don’t cry, alright?”


Hermionecouldn’t help but laugh when she saw the absolutely panic-stricken look on theyoungest Weasley’s face. Maybe she’d spent toomuch time around her brothers. But that was what made her so loveable inHermione’s eyes. “I’m not going to cry, Ginevra,” she said, rolling her eyes.


“Onlyyou and my mum can get away with calling me that,” Ginny muttered. “Doesn’tmean you should, though.”


“Fleurcalls you that,” Hermione said without a second thought. “But she always callsyour brother Ronald, too. Maybe it’s just her.”


Ginny’slips formed an uncharacteristic pout, and her words were much harsher thanHermione was used to. “Phlegm’s got no right to call me that,” she practicallygrowled.


“Ginny!”Hermione wasn’t sure what shocked her more- Ginny’s nickname of Fleur or thetone in which she growled it. She knew that Ginny wasn’t Fleur’s biggest fan,though she really didn’t know why.She just assumed for the same reasons that none of the other Hogwarts girlswere too keen on the French part-Veela.


Ginnysighed. “Sorry,” she muttered, falling back against the pillows. “You shouldgo- don’t want her worrying too much and coming up to me for answers. Youcouldn’t pay me enough to put up with that girl and her jealousy. Merlin knowswhy Harry does it.”


“Ithink it’s adorable,” Hermione admitted, “but don’t tell her that- actually,she might cut it out if she knew.”


Ginnyraised an eyebrow, then shook her head. “Whatever, then,” she said, sitting upand stretching her long limbs like a panther. She wasn’t nearly as tall as herbrothers- maybe five six or seven- but her athletic toning made her body seemto go on for miles. “I should go take a shower before breakfast.”


“Andchange, maybe,” Hermione noted. Ginny was dressed only in a pair of red andgold boy briefs and a skimpy red tank top.


Ginnyturned to her with a sly grin and a wink. “I don’t know, ‘Mione,” she said, “Iwas thinking of going down like this. Keep them on their toes and what not.”She looked like she was enjoying the red hot blush on Hermione’s face beforethe smirk suddenly slipped off of her features and she blinked several times,slowly raising her elbow with a hazy expression as if she were waiting for theperfect moment. Several painstaking moments later, her features contorted witha desperately ticklish expression, and she ducked into her elbow, just barelycatching the violent sneeze that came next. “ISHHHOO!”


Anaudible thud came from a few meters away.


“Bloodyhell, Weasley, wait ‘til I’m up next time, yeah?” Alicia’s brash remark wasfollowed by a loud smacking noise that must’ve been Katie’s hand colliding withthe back of her blonde head, and Ginny stuck her tongue out in the direction oftheir bed, sniffing a bit before leaning over and pressing the swiftest ofkisses to Hermione’s cheek. She then bounded off to the shower as if nothinghad happened, leaving Hermione to wonder just what the hell was going on.


-So…Fleurmione  or Hermione/Ginny? What do you guys want tosee? I love both pairings- Fleur’s so protective and sexy, but I absolutely<3 Ginny Weasley and her tomboyish attitude. Obviously both have some kindof strong feelings for Hermione already. Please tell me your opinion!

Tried to fix tags:) ~ obsessed

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Fleurmione definitley just because I am such a big fan of Fleur :(  but it is your story so whichever way you choose to go with it will be great as usual. Thanks for the update it was another great part! I look forward to more  :drool:

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I agree with Whysprr, I prefer Fleurmione, but I'll keep reading whichever you choose to write. Great story, please update soon!

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I prefer Fleurmione as well but I'll read anything. Your writing is so adorable.  B)

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Terrific episode; I love the house colour pants!

Given the choice, well, I'd rather have both.  But we see Fleur so rarely...  Since the whole school seems in the grip of a Sapphic orgy, perhaps at least an occasional sneeze from several of our heroines would be possible...

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Anything ForYou, Chapter Three


Summary: It'sHermione's fourth year, and that means a lot of things- studying for exams,helping Harry prepare for the Triwizard tournament, and not only one, but twochampions after her heart? Throw in Ron and make one of those champions apossessive Veela girlfriend and this has the potential for some ugly results.And why's Fleur sneezing so much all of a sudden?

Your wish is mycommand!

JUST kidding.Partway through this chapter I was like, ZOMGWTFLOLLIPOP Ginny/Pansy is sexy xDSo Fleurmione is still going to be together. Yay. Anyway, to address onecomment on my previous chapter, sorry, I tend to focus on plot more in the beginning, so mostly it's just the main sneezer at first. There will be moresneezing as the story progresses, however, from most characters, including my fav at the moment- Pansy =D. Yeah, call me crazy xD

Thanks for the awesome reviews- seriously, it's what keeps writers going!

Hermionecould feel the ice blue eyes boring into the back of her head the second shesat down at the Gryffindor table. As she was apparently Fleur's mate, thepartial Veela could easily sense mood changes within her, and at the moment,she was still confused about what had happened earlier with Ginny. Said redheadshot her a winning smile from across the table over her porridge, and Hermionecouldn't help but smile back. Across the Great Hall, Fleur's eyes flasheddangerously.


Onher way to her first class, Potions, which Ginny had insisted on walking herto, the two girls were bombarded with a thousand different sweet, exoticperfumes as the Beauxbatons girls gathered around, Fleur dead center. Hermionegroaned inwardly- the way they were poised made her absolutely certain that theyknew about herself and Fleur, and that Fleur wasn't too happy with how closeshe was to Ginny.


Lookinginto Fleur's baby blue eyes, however, Hermione's heart hurt to see the redtinge and slight shadows beneath them. It was obvious that she was coming downwith a cold that her immune system wasn't prepared for. As if readingHermione's thoughts, the blonde suddenly tilted her head away from Hermione andmuffled a sneeze into the collar of her silky blue cloak. "'tchsssh!" She was back up in an instanthowever, her eyes flickering from Hermione to Ginny almost accusingly. "'Ello,'Ermione," she said with a soft smile, her eyes pleading with the Gryffindorwordlessly. "Ginevra." The tone in her voice had gone dead.


"Phlegm,"Ginny growled back, taking a step closer to Hermione whether she realized it ornot. Fleur certainly did, and took a step forward herself, coming dangerouslyclose to revealing their relationship. It wasn't as if Ginny didn't know aboutit already, but anyone could walk out of the Great Hall at any given moment.



Incidentally,the first person to come upon the sight was a rather disinterested Draco, PansyParkinson sauntering along beside him. His sensitive nose wrinkled at theamount of perfume in the air and his eyes narrowed in that tell-tale way justbefore he sneezed openly towards the floor. "'tCHOO! Fuck, that's worse than the godawful shite you wear, Pans."


Pansystuck her nose in the air haughtily, her dark bangs falling into her eyes."Fuck you too, Dray-bear," she said tartly.



Backin the center of the group of girls, Hermione glanced around, not seeing thetwo bickering Slytherins. She stepped forward, allowing Fleur to wrap her intoa hug- she knew Fleur never would have taken one on her own. The French girlwould have hinted and pouted for hours but she didn't want to do anything tohurt Hermione. But Fleur needed the contact- Hermione could tell by the weary,fearful look in her icy eyes. Fleur, beautiful, lovely Fleur, was terrified oflosing her to someone else, someone who was her opposite in every single way.


"What'swrong?" she asked anyway as they reached the deserted prefect's bathroom. Fleursniffed and pressed a finger to the underside of her pink-tinged nose, her eyesgoing hazy for a moment before she blinked back at her mate.


"Nozhing,"she said, sitting down on a closed toilet seat and pulling Hermione down to siton her lap. "I was juzt being…'ow 'ou say…jealous. I zhink I am coming down wizsomezhing, and my own maman can 'ardly tolerate my 'eightened mood during zuchtimes." She wrinkled her nose and squeezed her eyes shut as if holding backanother sneeze. It didn't work for long, though, and she bent over, nosepressed to Hermione's shoulder, planning on completely stifling the sneeze.Only her body was weaker than it had been several days ago, and it ended upsounding more like, "Heh' chxxt!" Shegroaned. "I am zo zorry, ma Cherie," she murmured as Hermione petted her hairsympathetically. Feeling another sneeze coming on, she took a sharp breath,this time cupping her hands to her face and nearly knocking Hermione off of herlap with the force of the echoing sneeze.


"EKKKtchoo!" It was more desperatesounding than any of her other sneezes had been, and Hermione slipped from herlap as she felt Fleur brace herself for more. "Huh…tschiew! 'ishIEW! Huh-! HuhISHiew!"


Thelast sneeze seemed to shake Fleur to her core, and Hermione felt her heartbreaking for her admittedly over-protective girlfriend. She moved to embraceher, but quickly stepped back when a haughty looking Draco Malfoy steppedthrough the door. She was almost surprised when he didn't make a verbalcomment, only to spot a thoroughly embarrassed Harry trailing behind him.Taking her shaky girlfriend's hand, she led Fleur out of the bathroom andtowards the Room of Requirement so that they could relax in the peace thatFleur needed desperately.



Apair of bored silver eyes trailed after the two girls before flickering back tothe nervous green ones. "So, Delacour and Granger," Draco drawled, pulling hisshirt over his head to reveal a sculpted frame and green and silver boxersbunching up over the top of his black trousers. "Whoda thunk it, right?"


Harryjust shook his head, wondering why he kept letting Draco get him into these things-it wasn't as if the Slytherin actually cared.He'd even told that dreadful Parkinson girl about their relationship- 'enemieswith benefits,' Draco'd called it. Pansy'd raised a thin eyebrow and called itfucking for fucking's sake.


Bythe time Harry was ready to climb into the bath, Draco was already soaking inthe hot water that came up to his chest. Fixing Harry with a cold stare, hemoved forward and pressed the Gryffindor against the wall of the bath, hismuscles taught against the porcelain sides. Suddenly, his nose wrinkled and hisface crumpled into an utterly helpless expression, and he sneezed down at thewater, his blond hair spraying Harry with cold droplets of water. "Hep' TCHOO!" He raised his head but hismouth hung open helplessly as his face contorted in a hopelessly sneezyexpression and he prepared for another sneezing attack. "AhEEESH! 'tCHAA! Hup' ngxtCHOO! HurASHoo!"


Gulpingin a quick breath, Draco swam backwards, his usually snide features crumplingwith more sneezes on the way. He turned from Harry and pinched his nose betweentwo fingers, attempting to stop the highly allergic sneezing. "NGXTT! Huh-! Huh' chngxTT! NGTT!" Harrywatched long eyelashes flutter as Draco gave up on stifling the sneezes andslowly brought cupped hands to his mouth for a loud, relieved sneeze. "EKKSHAA! Bloody fucking Veelas and theirfancy perfume," he mumbled.


"Bless,"Harry said, beginning to get worried. Not that he'd ever admit it, of course.


Dracoscoffed. "You're worse than my mum," he declared before swimming closer andpressing his lips against Harry's.


Onthe other end of the castle, Hermione was dealing with a stubborn lover aswell- Fleur had buried herself in the silky, silvery blue sheets, her hairsplayed out over the pillows, and was refusing to talk to her. Hermione guessedit was because she was sick, and her Veela pride wouldn't let her admit it,especially to her mate. But really. When she was muffling a sneeze every otherminute into the covers, it was hardly a secret.


"'chhngn!" Fleur had turned herself sothat her face was buried in the pillow, her hands gripping so tightly to theedges that her knuckles were turning white. "Huh' ekksh!"


"Fleur…,"Hermione murmured, running a hand through the silky blonde hair. The actionthat usually would have warranted a contented purr only succeeded in makingFleur curl into an even smaller ball. Hermione gazed down sadly at themiserable blonde and lay down next to her, resting her chin on Fleur's slenderback. This seemed to work, because Fleur rolled over- still looking positivelymiserable- but leaned forward and pressed a slow kiss to the Gryffindor's lips,and then one to her exposed neck.


Hermionesighed- it was in her nature to take care of those she cared for when they weresick, but it was becoming more and more apparent that Fleur responded better tobeing depended on, no matter what. The French girl's eyes fluttered shut andher head bobbed down in a loud, uncontrollable sneeze. "Heh' EESHIEW!" She hadn't bothered coveringthe sneeze; the sneezes themselves seemed to be taking too much out of herwithout the addition of having to raise her hands every time. She'd still makesure to turn away from Hermione if only for her instincts, but for the mostpart she just allowed the sneezes to be released.


Lookingdown at her girlfriend, it was obvious that Fleur wasn't used to being sick-the blonde was now splayed flat out on her stomach, one arm thrust haphazardlyover Hermione. She couldn't help but smile at the fact that Fleur still triedto be a good, protective mate even when she was so obviously not up for it, andbefore she knew it, she'd leaned forward and kissed Fleur's cheek, wrapping herarms around the tired girl's waist. Fleur glanced over at her, surprised for a moment,but quickly rolled onto her back, allowing Hermione to rest her head on herchest. She wasn't stupid enough to pass up an opportunity for cuddling,especially after having been so deprived recently.


"Fleur…,"Hermione began, her thumb rubbing the girl's side gently. Fleur hummed inacknowledgement. "What was with that whole thing with Ginny earlier? You lookedlike you were about to take off her head or something."


Fleursniffed and rubbed her nose in a surprisingly crass manner, glaring down at nothing."Somezhing 'appened wiz 'ou and 'er," she said, "I can sense eet. As I cansense 'er attraction to 'ou."


"She'swhat?" Hermione sat back, wide-eyed at Fleur's statement. Her thoughts driftedfor a moment before she caught Fleur glaring at her. "What?"


Fleurhuffed and turned away from her. "I know zhis relationship was zprung on 'ouquickly, 'Ermione, zo I cannot expect 'ou to love me as I love 'ou, but do notzhink for one second zhat I will juzt give up and allow 'er to zteal you away."She pouted, and sneezed down into her robes not a second later, her face givingno warning. "'essh!"


Hermionecouldn't help but smile at Fleur's sweetness and leaned over to kiss her cheek,brushing the French girl's blonde bangs out of her eyes. "She won't steal meaway, Fleur," she said softly. "It is newto me, but  I care about you deeply,Fleur. You're my mate too, even if I can't feel it as deeply as you can,alright?"


Shewas rewarded by a flash of a hazy smile before the sleepy expressionreappeared, and Fleur jerked away from her. "ISHiew! 'tchiEW!"Sniffling, she rolled back onto her side and wrapped her arms around Hermione'swaist, pulling the younger girl into her chest.


"Blessyou," Hermione murmured before she allowed herself to fall asleep in Fleur'sarms.


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