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Say You're Just A Friend (An Austin Mahone Story)

Male Illness Stifled Nose Blowing Fanfic Coughing Fever Messy Tissues M/F

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 05:09 AM

( Okay, so for anyone who's not familiar with him, here's a picture of him and his mom http://m.weheartit.c...ByDesign&page=4 And here's a picture of Lexi http://m.weheartit.c...tionor14&page=2 . Oh also, I forgot to add this earlier, but since there's no sneezing videos of Austin anywhere I kind of imagined they sound like this http://m.youtube.com...h?v=JVslgkrPv0Q )
17 year old up and coming singer Austin Mahone waved goodbye to his screaming fans before climbing in large SUV parked beside the curb. He closed the door and sunk into the leather seat with a sigh of relief. 

" You did great." His mom, Michele, said from the passenger, reaching back and gently shaking his leg.

He flashed her a smile of gratitude before looking out the window, getting one last look at his adoring followers. He felt the car lurch forward and watched as the mass crowd fade into the distance. 

" Good job." His manager said, making eye contact with him through the rearview mirror.

" Thanks." Austin said as his manager adjusted his hands on the wheel and focused his eyes back on the road.

" You looked amazing up there." Lexi, his manager's daughter and his long time best friend, said from the seat beside him.

He gave her an award winning smile, causing her to smile as well. Even though they were best friends, both had strong feelings for each other, although neither of them had really realized it yet. 

Austin sniffled a little, nonchalantly wiping his hand under his nose. His nose had been running all day, but he figured it was just due to the cold weather of the mid-December day.


He sneezed into his hands and sniffled again, rubbing his nose with his knuckles.

" Bless you." His mom said.


He sneezed again, this time harsher than before, and wiped his nose on his sleeve.

" Bless you." His mom repeated. 

He cleared his throat and sniffled again, trying to control the clear liquid from dripping out of his nose. He looked out the window as the need to sneeze still stayed prevalent in his nose. The itch had been plaguing him all day and he had been successful at suppressing it, but now it was out for vengeance. His mouth hung open slightly and his eyes were half closed as the tickle grew, his hands in front of his face ready to catch the oncoming sneeze. Finally his eyelids snapped shut and he covered his mouth with his hands.

" HuhTSCHieww!

The forceful sneeze snapped him over, causing his head to almost end up in his lap.

" Bless you." Lexi said, laughing a bit in amusement.

He felt his cheeks get hot and he smiled meekly, again running his nose along his sleeve.

His mom looked up in the mirror at him with concerned eyes.

" Are you alright?"

She reached her arm back and placed her hand on his forehead.

" You feel a little warm."

He swatted her hand away and she reluctantly pulled it back. 

" I'b fine." He said, his voice slightly congested.

He put his head against the window, letting the cool glass soothe the dull pounding in his head. He coughed quietly and shivered a little. His eyes slowly started to droop shut and soon he drifted off to sleep, not waking up until they reached their hotel 40 minutes away.

( Should I continue? This chapter  kinda, actually really sucked, but it's only the beginning. I promise the 2nd chapter is way better.)

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 05:12 AM

yes please i love reading your posts your such a talented writer ;)

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 12:51 PM

Pleas continue!!

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 02:26 PM

Why didn't I find this before?. This is so perfect <3

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 02:12 AM

awww this is adorable! love it!

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 03:00 AM

Please continue!! This is so cute!

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 05:05 AM

This is very cute :) love to read more!

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 12:40 AM

Posted ImagePosted Image

Chapter 2

It wasn't until the next morning that Austin felt it; the thick congestion deep in his sinuses and chest, the intense throbbing in his head, the full body aches. It felt like someone had hit him with a truck and not some little 2 door, a fully loaded 18 wheeler. What was a minor inconvenience in his day had turned into a full blown illness in a matter of hours. He felt a shiver run up his spine and wrapped the covers as tightly around his body as he could in order to get warm, but even the thick hotel comforter couldn't eliminate the freezing feeling deep inside his skin.


He let out a congested sneeze into the blanket, sending another shiver like shockwaves through his body. His body shook violently for a moment until he could absorb enough heat from the blankets to become decently warm. He coughed a little and closed his eyes, trying to get some desperately needed sleep. He had maybe slept for two hours the previous night, if even that.
  He heard the door to his room slowly open and he didn't even bother to open his eyes to see who it was, hoping that if they saw him sleeping that they would leave him alone. He felt the weight of the bed shift, alerting him that someone was sitting on it. He still kept his eyes closed in hopes that whoever was coming to disturb him would just disappear.

"Austin honey," His mom cooed, gently shaking his arm. "Time to get up."

He groaned and turned his head the other way.

“Sweetie, you need to get up." She said in a sweet, yet firmer tone.

He mumbled something incoherent and buried his face in his pillow.

"Austin, you really need to get up."

He continued to ignore her, hoping she would just go away and let him sleep.

"Austin, seriously. You need to get up and get ready." She said, starting to get annoyed by her son's defiance.

He didn't want to, but a tickle in his nose forced him to turn to the side and cup his hands over his mouth.


He sneezed two more sickly sounding, congested sneezes into his hands. His mom saw her Austin's face and immediately reached over and flipped on the bedside table lamp, illuminating the nearly dark room. Austin groaned and squeezed his eyelids together in order to shut out the bright light. Michele examined her son, instantly noticing how pale he was. His cheeks were flushed from an obvious fever and his nose was bright red and raw. He was visibly shaking and she could see small beads of sweat forming at the base of his hairline. She brushed his messy brown bangs out of his face and placed her cool, soothing hand on his sizzling forehead, shocked at the heat radiating under her palm. She quickly headed into her room and grabbed her medicine bag before heading back into Austin's room. She searched through the bag and pulled the thermometer out of the bag as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Austin, open."

His mom's voice finally forced his eyes open, exposing his red watery pupils. He blinked slowly, dazed and confused. He waited a couple seconds as his eyes adjusted and looked at his mom, spotting the plastic medical instrument in her hand. He did as he was told and his mom placed the thermometer in his mouth. She waited until it emitted a high pitched whine, signifying that it had come to a conclusion on Austin's temperature.

"101.8," She said aloud, more to herself then to him." Yeah, you're not going anywhere."

That sentence was music to his eyes because honestly, he didn't even think he could get himself out of bed. He began to snuggle under the covers and closed his eyes, already half asleep. His mom grabbed the bottle of Nyquil and popped the top off, pouring some of it into the cap.

"Here," She said, pressing the cap to Austin's open hand. "Take this."

He opened his eyes and looked at his hand.

"Ew whad is dat? Id sbells awbul." He said, pushing it away.

"It's medicine. It'll make you feel better." She explained.

"Ugh, dad sduff is gross."

"Just take it." She said, exasperated.

He sighed congestedly and took the cap, looking at the grotesque liquid swishing around inside. He swallowed it and let out a set of thick, chesty, bone shaking coughs that caused his mom to cringe. After the fit died down, he pulled the covers up to his chin, trying to retain as much heat as he possibly could. His heavy eyelids were already closed, but his mom continued to stay by his side. She grabbed the medicine bag and started to go through the various items, taking inventor and what she had and what she needed. She made a mental list of the things she needed to buy and then placed the bag on the nightstand next to the box of tissues.  She looked over at her sick son and kissed his cheek before whispering,

“Feel better.”

A small smile crept across his face as his mom switched off the light and exited the room.

( Okay, so this was mom caretaking fluff, but I PROMISE there will be Lexi and Austin cuteness in the next chapter! Posted Image )

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 02:45 AM

0.o OMG!! That. Was. So. Cute!!! I just went to one of his concerts a couple days ago, and I'm so in love with this! Thank you for asking time to write it! Continue when you can :)

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 04:48 AM

:) so good!

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 10:41 AM

Amazing!!! well written c: perf.
Just continue

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 03:06 AM

( I'm sooo sorry it's been so long! I've been super busy lately and I've had MAJOR writer's block, but about 2 works ago a light bulb went off and I wrote like 5 chapters so if you want more then comment and tell me! )

" Austin." Lexi said.

" Hmmm?" Austin mumbled sleepily, his words mumbled by his pillow.

" Look at this."

Lexi had been in his room for the past hour, sitting next to him and messing around on her laptop. It's not like she had woken him up though; his killer headache and blocked sinuses had kept him from sleeping anyway. He groaned and slowly turned over, squinting at the blinding light that burned his tired eyes. The bright emanation caused a tickle to form in his sensitive nose and all he could do was quickly bring his hands to his face.

" Hahtschiewww!"

He sneezed congestedly into his hands, bringing Lexi's attention away from her computer and onto her sick friend.

" Huhtschiewww!"

He sniffled thickly, but kept his hands over his face due to the messiness of the last sneeze. Lexi raised her eyebrow and chuckled slightly.

" Need a tissue?"

He nodded and, seeing as Lexi was closer to the nightstand then he was, Lexi plucked a tissue out of the box and handed it to him. He felt himself blush as he took the tissue from her, still holding a hand over his face. He carefully cleaned up his mess, making sure Lexi didn't see anything. Even though they were best friends, Austin didn't want her to have to witness the grossness that the sneezing fit produced. Austin shivered and quickly snuggled under the blankets, seeking the warmth they emanated.

" Hey do you wanna watch a movie?" Lexi offered.

Honestly, all Austin wanted to do was sleep. Not talk, not watch viral videos on the Internet; just sleep. He felt the tickle in his nose flare up again and remembered why he wasn't dead asleep at that moment. He rubbed his nose with his knuckles and subsided the itch temporarily. Austin sniffled slightly and shrugged his shoulders.

" Sure."

Lexi reached over and grabbed the remote, switching on the large flat screen tv mounted on the wall. Austin squinted a little at the scintillating light that sent a pounding sensation through his stuffed up head. Lexi scrolled through the paperview list in search of a good movie.

" What movie do you wanna watch?"

He shrugged again, not wanting to irritate his throat by talking. Lexi continued to go through the various movies before settling with Step Brothers in hopes of cheering Austin up.

" I'm gonna get something to eat," Lexi said." Do you want anything?"

He shook his head no and Lexi sighed.

" When's the last time you at something?"

" I dunno." He said, his head facing away from her.

The last time he had eaten anything was lunch the day before. He skipped out on dinner so he could sleep and he wasn't even awake for breakfast that morning.

" I'm gonna make you some soup."

" I'm not hungry." He said blankly.

" Austin, you need to eat something." Lexi said, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

He sighed, feeling the pounding in his head increase. He actually had been feeling nauseous all day, but he knee that Lexi wouldn't leave him alone about it so he decided to just give in.

" Fide." He said, congestion clearly audible in his voice.

He coughed a little and Lexi got up off of the bed.

" Be right back."

She walked out of the room and into the kitchen that was inside the hotel suite. She opened the cabinet and grabbed a white, ceramic bowl and placed it on the counter next to the can of soup that had been left there by Austin's mom before she left. Since she didn't have a can opener, she grabbed a knife and carefully cut open the can. She poured the soup into the bowl and popped it into the microwave. She set the time for a minute thirty and went to the fridge in search if something for herself. She looked around and pulled out the other half of the Subway sandwich left over from the previous night. She unwrapped it and took a bite, leaning against the stone counter. 

" How's he doing?" Michele asked as she entered the hotel room.

Her and Lexi's dad had gone out to get some lunch and knowing that they deserved a much needed break, Lexi volunteered to watch him while they went out.

" He's okay," Lexi said. " He agreed to eat something."

" That's good." His manager said, knowing that Austin hadn't eaten anything since yesterday.

As Lexi waited for the soup to heat up, she, along with everyone else in the room, heard Austin coughing from his room. They all stopped and listened as the chesty, bone shaking coughs racked his weak, defenseless body. His mom looked frantically at them before Lexi spoke up.

" I'll check on him."

As she finished her sentence, the microwave chimed in, letting her know the soup was done. She took it out and grabbed a spoon before heading into his room. When she entered, coughs were still wrenching Austin's poor figure. Lexi set the soup down on the nightstand and grabbed the half empty bottle of water on the floor and kneeled down next to the bed. She looked into his chocolate brown eyes that were dull and brimmed with tears.

" Drink this."

She handed him the bottle and he didn't even bother to sit up before drinking the remaining liquid in the plastic container. The coughs slowly fizzled out and Austin groaned.

" Did that help?" Lexi asked with a smile.

Austin nodded and Lexi stood up, taking her earlier spot back on the bed.

" You hungry?" She asked.

Austin looked up at her with glossy eyes, not really making any gestures. She grabbed the soup and Austin struggled to sit up before Lexi handed him the steaming soup. He let the warmth transfer from the bowl to his icy hands, flattening the goosebumps on his arms. He moved the spoon around and Lexi eyed him carefully. He placed a spoonful in his mouth and felt the hot liquid travel down his throat, soothing it slightly. He ate a few more small spoonfuls before his stomach began to turn. He placed it on the nightstand and laid down, trying to get the nausea to subside.

" What's wrong." Lexi asked.

" Oh dothing," He said, his voice low and husky." I'b just letting id cool off."

Lexi looked at him skeptically before turning her attention back to the TV. She leaned over and turned off the light before laying down next to Austin. He placed his head on her shoulder as the movie began, causing Lexi's heart to skip a beat. 

Not even 5 minutes into the movie, Austin could feel his eyelids start to become heavy. He tried to keep them open, but his lack of sleep was making it a losing battle. Lexi wrapped her arm around Austin's cold body and held him close to try and comfort him. He melted into Lexi's embrace and felt his eyelids slowly close. He nuzzled against Lexi's chest and sighed in content. She smiled and yawned, feeling her own eyes become tired. She closed her eyes and tightened her grip around her sick best friend before both of them fell asleep.

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 03:53 AM

Ahhhh!!! Continue right now!!! 0.0 so goooood

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 04:08 AM

Awe continue pls .

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 06:49 AM

*Wow, long time no update huh? I totally forgot about this story, but @LiveToBeMe here you go! Oh and I found another video to go with this story -----> 
http://m.youtube.com...h?v=5M_IMTtx3DE along with this  http://m.weheartit.com/entry/93402457/via/KaylaByDesign and  http://m.weheartit.com/entry/88599333/search?context_type=search&context_user=jackieleune&query=Austin+mahone+sleeping . You're welcome :)*

Chapter 4

" Are you sure you're feeling up to this?" Austin's mom asked. " Because you don't have to-"" I'b fide." He said blankly.

That was a lie. He felt worse than he did yesterday, but he had a radio interview that he had already rescheduled from the day before and he couldn't be a no show again.

" Just try not to talk too much." His manager said, referring to the voice he barely had.

That was good though, because Austin didn't really feel like talking.

" Ready?" Lexi's dad said as she walked out of the bathroom.

She nodded and looked over at Austin, causing him to smile an bite his lip. They all headed out of the room and into the hallway towards the elevators. His manager pressed the elevator button and waited a few moments until the brass doors slid open. They piled in and his manager hit the lobby button, causing the elevator to slowly descend until it reached the ground floor. The doors opened back up to reveal the lavish lobby of the 5 star hotel they were currently staying at. They quickly made their way through the clusters of people and hurriedly walked outside. As soon as Austin hit the outside, the icy winter air blew against his nose and created a strong tickle in the back of his sinuses. He frantically buried his face in the crook of his arm an an attempt to catch the oncoming sneezes.

" HUH-tschieww! HAHTSCHIEWW!"

The powerful, cold-induced sneezes had him bent over at the waist, causing him to stumble and almost knocking him over. His manager placed a steady hand on his arm and led him to the black SUV parked about 100 feet away. They all crawled in the car, his mom and his manager occupying the middle row while Austin and Lexi sat in the very back row. The driver shut the door and hopped into the drivers seat before pulling away an taking off down the road. Austin shivered as his body tried to fight off the freezing cold he had just endured. Lexi grabbed Austin's frozen hand and engulfed them in hers, letting the warmth from soft hands transfer into his. He looked up and her she gave him a sweet smile. He felt his cheeks get hot and he looked out the window in order to try and hide it from Lexi, but she didn't really notice due to the fact that his cheeks were already flushed from a climbing 102 degree fever. He brought one arm up to his face and coughed into it, sounding worse than he did before. The harsh, sickly sounding coughs sent spikes of pain shooting down his throat, causing him to cringe.

" Ow." He said quietly

Lexi frowned and handed him a bottle of water she had brought for herself, seeing that Austin needed it more than her.

" Here."

He took the bottle and drank it without hesitation, trying to soothe his sore, swollen throat. It helped for about 5 seconds before another round of coughs over took him. he was able to stifle them long enough to take another drink, which this time succeeded in subsiding the fit. He finished the bottle and placed it in the empty seat between them. Austin leaned his head back and closed his eyes, wanting to be back in his nice, warm bed.

   By the time they got to the venue, Austin had fallen asleep against the window. As bad as she felt about it, Lexi gently shook him awake. He looked dazed for a moment until he realized where they were. He slowly made his way out of the car, shivering as the frigid wind whipped against his skin. He tucked his hands into his jacket pockets, but the cold had already set deep into his bones. He followed everyone into the building, glad to be put of the bitter cold.

" HehtschIEwww!"

He let out a loud, wet sneeze into his hands, barely catching it in time. He sniffled thickly and looked up to see the radio hosts standing in front of him.

" Hi Austin," The female host said kindly. She looked like she was in her mid twenties, maybe 26 or 27." I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you."

She stuck out her hand for Austin to shake, but he was reluctant due to the fact that he had been sneezing into them all day. His manager shook her hand, making up for his social ineptancy.

" We're so glad you could finally make it. Are you feeling better?" Kelly asked.

To be honest, he felt terrible, but he wasn't one to complain so he just shrugged.

" Well we're happy to have you," The other host said. He looked a bit older, 30 at the most." I'm Mark, by the way."

Austin nodded and followed as they led him into the broadcasting room. Anyone could take one look at him and tell he wasn't acting like himself. The normally bubbly, outgoing teen was quiet and withdrawn with no facial expression to math his sullen mood. Honestly, all he wanted to do was curl up with Lexi and sleep forever in her embrace, but he wasn't about to tell anyone that. He sat down in a black swivel chair next to Mark, sinking down into the comfortable cushions that hugged his aching muscles. Lexi, his mom, and his manager sat in chairs behind Austin that were close enough to hear, but not enough to be picked up by the microphones. Austin looked over at them and Lexi gave him a thumbs up, creating a sweet smile that crept over his dry lips.

" Ready?" Mark asked.

Austin nodded and took a deep breath, wheezing a bit as he did.

" Alright, we have Austin Mahone in the studio with us," Mark said as the sound of faint clapping could be heard in the background." Now Austin, you had to cancel yesterday because you weren't feeling well. How are you today?"

" I'b okay." Austin said, the congestion and raspiness evident even over the air.

" Well glad to know you're feeling better," Kelly said." Okay so we have a list of questions submitted by our listeners, who have been dying to hear your answers. Let's see, @Alex2634 asked 'How does it feel to be the new Justin Bieber?'" 

Austin coughed a little to loosen the congestion deep in his chest as he attempted to answer the question.

" Id feels good, bud I like do thindk thad I'b differendt frob hib. Like I wand do be Austid, dot Justid."

" Yeah we wouldn't wanna be compared to him either." Mark joked.

Austin laughed, but it turned into a nasty cough. His mom looked worriedly at him, knowing that he shouldn't have even gotten out of bed that morning. She bit her lip and sat back in her chair, trying to keep from saying anything.

" You alright?" Mark asked.

" Yeah, I'b fide," He responded, his voice strained." Whad's the nexdt questiod?"

" Uh, Ashley from our Facebook page asked 'What's your favorite type of music?'" Kelly said, reading from the long list on her computer.

" Ub, probably pop or rap." He answered.

" Yeah mine too." Mark said.

" @MaryLeeBeth89 asked 'How are you handling your newfound fame?'" Kelly said.

" Well, I try do sday grounded. I don't thindk of byself as Austid Bahode, teed sensatiod. I thindk of byself as Austid, the regular kid who likes foodball and girls." He said genuinely.

That was one of the many things about Austin that people were so attracted to; he was always 100% honest with people. He was a heartfelt, relatable person, which related well with the public.

" Speaking of girls," Mark smirked." @HeyItsKay asked ' Are you and Lexi a thing?'"
Lexi's eyes immediately shot up from her phone and she looked around with wide eyes. Austin looked over at her, his cheeks as red as tomatoes.

" Ub..." He stammered. He didn't want to reveal his true feelings for her live across the air because he didn't know how she would take it and it could potentially embarrass them both." Do, we're jusd friends."

It hurt him to say that because be wanted them to be so much more than that, but he just didn't know how to make that happen.

" Oh we, I think you two would
Be cute together." Kelly said.

She looked over at Lexi, who at this point was blushing too.

" Brittany from our Facebook page asked 'Are you excited for your first headlining tour?'" Mark said, picking one out of the many Facebook comments left on their fan page.

Austin opened his mouth to respond, but the need to sneeze overtook him and had him bringing his hands to his face.

" Huhtschiewww!"

" Bless you." Kelly said.

" HuhTSCHiewww!" 

" Bless you." Mark said.

" HehtschIEwww! HahTSCHiewww!" 

Mark and Kelly looked around, not really sure what to do. Austin's manager mouthed the words 'cut to commercial' and Mark followed his lead.

" Alright, we'll be right back with Austin Mahone."

He played Austin's latest hit 'Banga! Banga!' while Austin sat there with his hands still cupped over his mouth, waiting for the next sneeze to come.


His eyes filled with tears, partly from pain and partly from embarrassment.

" Need a tissue?" Mark offered.

Austin nodded and Mark handed him one, a sense of déjà vu evident in the situation. He blew his nose loudly and threw the used tissue in the trash, a sudden wave of dizziness washing over him. He buried his face in his hands and leaned forward, placing his head in his lap.

" Austin honey, are you okay?" His mom asked, concern lacing her words.

He nodded his head once, causing pain to shoot through it.

" If you're not feeling well, we can end the interview now." She offered.

"Mh-mh." He said, his words muffled by his hands.

His mom looked at his manager and telepathically made a mutual agreement.

" Yeah, I think we need do." His manager said.

" No!" Austin yelled.

His head shot up, another spike of pain traveling throughout his temples.

" Austin, don't be stubborn." His mom said.

" But by fands." He whined, his voice rough and jagged.

" Sometimes you just have to put your health and well being first." His manager coaxed.

He sank bak in his chair without a word. He looked crushed, as he always did when he he to let anyone, let alone his fans, down. He looked away from everyone in spite of himself. They waited until the song was over so they could sign off.

" Okay Austin, thank you so much for stopping by. It was a pleasure having you." Mark said.

" You too." Austin said shortly in fear of crying.

They cut to another commercial and his mom walked over to him and put her hands on his tense shoulders.

" C'mon, let's get you back to bed."

" Thank you so much for having us on your show." His manger said.

" No problem. We enjoyed having you." Mark said.

" Feel better." Kelly said.

Austin gave her a nonverbal thank you and got up, struggling to stand straight. He followed everyone out of the room silently as he hung his head in shame.

" It's okay, it's not your fault." Lexi reassured him. 

She pulled him in for a side hug as they walked through the building and out the door. He pressed himself against her, absorbing the warmth she gave off. They all piled into the car, this time Lexi sitting in the back with her dad and Austin sitting next to his mom. He put his head on her shoulder and she wrapped her arm around her sick teenager in an attempt to comfort him.

" I promise you baby, your short appearance means the world to your fans," She said." They'll understand why you had to go."

He didn't say anything, and his mom gently ran her hand through her son's brown hair, sneaking a forehead feel to confirm her suspicions that he was still burning up. He sniffled thickly in her ear and under her other hand, should could feel his body trembling slightly. She just wanted to get him home, or at least back to the hotel, which seemed like forever away for them both.

*Okay so it's like 2am and I'm too tired to spell check right now I'm sorry for the mistakes. I'll edit them later*

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