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    • Owlinatree
      DOMESTICITY IS THE BEST i swear i don't even usually like illness but you are converting me
    • zakandsara
      Ask and you shall receive. 🤓 30 Fandom: The Fall   Characters: Dani Farrington, Stella Gibson      I sat comfortably but somewhat self-consciously in the back of the car next to her, alternating between peeking out my window and stealing glances at her as she stared out hers. She hadn’t spoken since she’d asked me to accompany her to the prison where Spector was being held, and I didn’t have anything in particular I needed to hear from her. But that didn’t stop me from willing her to strike up a conversation, even if it were to be just about the unremarkable Belfast weather.     I thought about her singular and undeniable control over every room, particularly if the room was full of men. I thought about her sharpness, how nothing even came close to getting by her. I thought about her intensity, how she spoke softly but every word mattered, how she looked at you with steely eyes but meant only to be as clear as possible. I thought about the way she dressed, how she knew exactly what she was doing when she pulled on either a tight pencil skirt or a pair of slacks, and I glanced to my left to check for today’s costume. Black pants and a deep purple blouse. She looked strong, fierce, dangerous.    She shifted a bit in her seat and my stomach jumped as I quickly trained my eyes forward. I desperately wanted to turn to her, to ask her about today’s goals, to ask her what she was thinking. But I stayed still, always waiting for Stella to make the first move.    I watched her in my periphery; she sat up a bit more, crossed her leg over her knee, rested her hand under her chin. To not turn all the way to face her was torture.    But suddenly, she let out a noise I’d never heard from her, and my head involuntarily jerked to look at its source.    “Hn’ehnngktch!!”    “Bless you, ma’am,” I said automatically. I spoke first, after all.    She cleared her throat. She looked up at our driver, who was all but oblivious to the women in the backseat, and leaned in over the middle seat, closer to me.  “Dani,” she half-whispered, motioning with her eyes for me to lean closer. I did.    “I’m fairly certain I know the answer to this question, but are you wearing perfume?” Her voice wavered a bit as she finished, still in a mild whisper, and turned her head away from our rendezvous. “He’nKgtschh-oo!!”   My skin tingled as she leaned back in. I could smell her shampoo. “No, I’m not, ma’am.”    She nodded and returned back to her side, sitting upright once again. “Sir?” she called to the front of the car, demanding our driver’s attention but barely raising her voice. “Will you roll up the divider?”    He tipped his hat at her as the partition slowly rose. It had already been just she and I, but now it was truly just she and I.    She shifted again in her seat, pausing with her elbow hovering under her face for just a moment before succumbing. “H’nGkeschhiOO!! Jesus,” she exhaled.   “Bless you,” I said again, not sure if it was right, or if it was okay, or if it was necessary. “Are you all right?” I turned to face her, this time, purposefully.    She nodded. “I am. Cologne,” she clarified, vaguely gesturing toward the front seat. “I wouldn’t normally mind, it’s just...” she paused, seemingly wondering how to phrase what she was about to say. “It’s best not to show any weakness in front of Spector.”    “Weakness?” I asked, almost without meaning to.    She smiled, nearly warmly. “Vulnerabilities, maybe.”    “Oh,” I cleverly replied.    Stella let out a small laugh, which faded quickly into a deep, shaky breath. “Heh’nKgxSHHt!!” She shook her head, frustrated. “Excuse me for this.”    I nodded, looking at the floor. “Is there anything I can do, ma’am?”    “No,” she said, politely, definitively. “Thank you, though. Thank you for coming.”   “Of course,” I answered, perhaps too eagerly. “It doesn’t read as weakness,” I suddenly blurted. “I mean, nothing about you reads as weakness,” I clarified.    She cocked her head, smirking curiously. “Noted. Though you wouldn’t think so; you’re on my side.”   I looked down, shyly, secretively, mischievously. “Yes. That I am.” 
    • Pixieflower
      Thanks for the advice. I feel much more at ease now lol. When I first posted the topic, it was right after the moment happened, so I was all shaken up and wasn’t thinking straight at all - I was pretty much convinced that they now knew my biggest secret and that my life was over. But now that it’s been a few hours, I realize that you guys are right, they probably wouldn’t assume that it was a fetish just from those 15 seconds that the sneezing video was open. They haven’t said anything, so hopefully they just thought it was an allergy commercial or something, like Junia said. But, if they do ask about it, I’ll probably either use that or the glitch excuse that Evabloom suggested. In fact, it’s really embarrassing to look at my original post because I really should’ve given myself a minute to calm down instead of freaking out on the open forum. I just know I need to be more careful about making sure my earbuds are always plugged in now lol. But, thanks again for the added consolation!
    • rockbell
      frack I think you killed mecan't wait for the next update!!!
    • prisma
      I a wrote a fan fic on here about awhile ago and now I have hired an artist to draw it out in a comic form. I told her im into h/c which is true of my fetish . I didnt really go into more details but I wanted to tell her something because  I dont like lying or not being upfront.   Well today she sent me a mock draft of the page where the character is having his first sneezing fit.   The caption itself states.: and as if with this realization itself ( that he is sick ) his body seemed to relinquish control     She drew him sneezing so intensely that he is bracing himself on the wall with his hand!!!   I wish I could tell her how hot this is but I dont want her to be freaked out. I had to share this with you guys because you are the only people that would understand!        
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