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    • lalaland~
      An allergy chapter? An allergy chapter. Chapter 23 Matthew’s fingers clacked quietly on the keyboard as he typed a search into Google, “How to date a blind person”. “Hey Matt!” a cheery French-accented voice came from right behind him.  He reflexively slammed his laptop shut before remembering that Jake couldn’t actually see what was on his screen. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” “It’s fine, it’s fine,” Matthew repeated himself, opening his laptop.  Even though he knew Jake couldn’t see, it still felt incredibly awkward and vulnerable. “I just wanted to let you know I’m walking to the store and I’ll be back in an hour or so.”  He walked around toward the door, holding onto his guide dog’s harness.  The dog’s tags made a small jingle as he walked and his claws clicked quietly on hard surfaces. “Are you sure you’re okay going by yourself?  Don’t you need someone to read the labels?”  He questioned, as Jake was sliding on his shoes by the door. “I’ll be fine.  I only need one thing; I can just ask a stranger to help.” “I’m not really busy I can come.  It would be nice to get some fresh air,” Matt offered, already shutting his laptop and placing it on the table in front of him. Jake stood up, “Okay.  I’ll wait.  Um, is it okay if I use my guide dog, though?  He’s already suited up and would be really disappointed if I left him.” “Why are you asking me?  You’re the one that needs a guide dog; that seems silly to ask me.” Jake seemed mildly confused, “Oh, I guess I misremembered then- I thought you had some kind of issue with dogs.  That’s why I keep him in my room.  And why I never walked with him and you together.”  He gave the dog a command in French and he sat, patiently waiting, while Jake stood next to him. “Oh, he’s right.  I did mention I’m allergic.  I wasn’t even aware he was accommodating me like that.  Well.  We’ll be mostly outside so maybe it’ll be okay.  It’s not like I’m going to tell a blind guy ‘no don’t bring your guide dog’ honestly how awful would that be?”  Matt lied, “No, it’s all fine.”  He quickly put on shoes and joined the other man by the door, leering nervously at Noir*. (*the dog)  Noir yawned at him.  “The dog is mocking me, I can tell.” As they walked, Matt noticed just how large Noir was- Jake was a tall but otherwise average-sized person but that dog was probably at least half his size.  “So much fur…my eyes itch already.” Jake stopped in front of a flower shop, “Okay, I think this is it.  It smells like it.” “Why are you going to a flower shop?” Matt questioned. “Oh good it is the right place,” Jake explained, “My professor’s husband died and her first day back is tomorrow so we were all going to bring her flowers.” “Oh, well that’s very kind,” Matt commented as he followed him inside, “I’m not allergic to flowers that I know of, but maybe I can blame them if I start sneezing.  Ugh, that dog.  More like ‘when’ I start sneezing.” “Let’s try to get out of here quickly it’s giving me a headache,” Jake said, with discomfort evident on his face.  A salesperson came up to them and asked if they needed assistance.  “I just need something pretty, I’m not even sure what she likes-“ “Oh, for a girlfriend?” The salesperson interjected.  Jake didn’t know what to say to that.  He definitely didn’t think of his professor that way, but it would probably be less awkward to just say yes rather than explain.  Before he could even give an answer though, she interrupted again, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell!”  She briskly walked over to a display and Jake tried his best to follow the sound of her apron swishing against her legs, but the store was a bit of a maze.  Matthew followed, sniffling.  His eyes were too watery to properly see where he was walking, much less help someone else.  The peppy salesperson brought back a small set of cute pink flowers, “What do you think of these?” “HEK’SHHww!”  The group reflexively turned toward the sound.  “hhKISHH!” “Matt are you alright?” Jake asked with concern. “I’m- hhhKISSH! Fine- KISSSHH-ah! sniffle, excuse me.”  He caught his sneezes in his hands.  His eyes kept fluttering shut and his pink nose twitched like he was going to sneeze again. “À tes souhaits,” Jake said, frowning. “I’ll berightback,” the British man rushed off toward the exit, sneezing once more before making it outside, “heh-KIISH!”  Even the salesperson looked concerned about him. Once outside, he leant against the building and sneezed seven times in a row, pitching forward. Back inside, the salesperson continued where they left off, “So, what do you think of these?” “I can’t see them, but if you think they’re pretty then that’s fine with me,” Jake answered honestly. She noticed the dog for the first time and put the pieces together in her head, “Oh!  Are you blind?  I’m so sorry!” “It’s okay.” “I love these flowers, so I’d recommend them for anyone.” “Okay, I’ll get those then.  Thanks for the help,” he said, really wanting to get out of there. Outside, Matthew had stopped sneezing quite so much, but he knew he was sure to be a sniffly, itchy mess for hours.  Jake came through the doors with his purchased flowers. “Matt? Where’d you go?” “Right here,” he replied, tiredly, standing right next to him. “Oh good, you’re still alive,” he teased, “I’ve seriously never heard you sneeze that many times ever, I was worried.” Matthew sniffled, “I guess the flowers were just too buch,” meanwhile, the true culprit stood next to Jake looking adorably innocent.  He glared at the dog with itchy eyes.  Noir seemed indifferent and still adorable.  Luckily, the walk back would not be long and he knew that soon he could get far, far away from the fluffy devil. “hhKIISHH-ah-KISHhhhu! ‘scuse be,” he sneezed wetly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you miserable by bringing you there,” the blind man felt guilty. “No-no it’s dot your fault-“ he turned away to sneeze again, “heeeh hehKSSSH’ww! ugh, sorry, I was sayi’g, I chose to go, rebember?”  That didn’t make Jake feel any better about it.  “sniffle, hey, Jake, do you even dnow what your dog looks like?” “As much as I know what anything looks like, I suppose.  I know he’s large and black and looks like a dog.” “KIIISSHHH’ww!  Sorry, wait, how do you dnow he’s black?” “You just told me,” he smiled slyly, “So have other people, and, also, that’s his name so I really hope he’s black.  He could be red and everyone’s just lying to me.” Matthew laughed, but was plagued by the tickle in his nose, “ohhh boy and I have to sdeeze againd,” his jaw went slack and his teary green eyes fluttered shut right before he sneezed twice and sniffled into his hands. “À tes souhaits.  It’s my dog, isn’t it?” “How did you- yheh-KESH’www!” Jake’s tone was very factual, “I remembered our conversation from the day I moved here, when you started asking about Noir,” he turned to face the older man, “Don’t lie to me again, okay?” “Scary…Y-Yes sir.” “…What’s with that address, anyway?” he sighed softly, “I just don’t want you to be miserable because of me, that’s all.” They approached the door of the flat they shared and went inside.  Matthew quickly dashed off to find some allergy medicine, and he could hear Jake talking to the dog in French, still by the front door.  “I heard my name.  What’s he saying about me to that fluffy demon? Oh bloody hell,” he sneezed again, four times, and quickly chased it with the pills. ------Author’s Notes: ahhh ok writing this chapter made me really nervous I hope it was satisfying for all the people who love allergies!  If people like it, I can probably make more like it.  The dog’s not going anywhere. He probably got lots of search results for “blind dates” haha (/rimshot sound effect) I added some visual description of Matt to this chapter.  Normally I don’t have a lot of that because I sort of write them from either their own perspective or the other character’s (even though I technically write in 3rd person), and, obviously, there’s not going to be a lot of visual descriptions from Jake’s end.  But that doesn’t have to be a rule; I’ll go back in and add more if that makes people happy! Thank you all for the feedback <3 I'll reply to it later when I'm not at risk of being caught on this website lol
    • Bondi
      Without knowing who said that, it's impossible to say for sure, but it sounds like it's either they're trolling or they're an extremist ageist person. I mean, yeah, there have been bad over-40 people on here, but there have been bad people of every age on here. We also have plenty of good over 40 people here, such as Enkidom, tma, Joal, Professor S (who created the first ever sneeze fetish site back in 1997), and Vetinari. So does that mean that the person wants those people banned, too? I also have a couple of other friends who don't post on here but who I met through this community and I like them both a lot. One of those people was the first friend I made through this community back when she was 35 and i was 20. And I'll be 40 in 4 years, which doesn't seem that far off. Obviously we don't want people over 40 (or any adults, for that matter) to have inappropriate relationships with minors, but they have every right to be here, to explore their fetish like the rest of us, make friends, and receive all the other benefits of the forum. I think the majority of people here would agree with that. Yes, there will be people who genuinely feel otherwise, but hopefully they'll stay in the minority.
    • hedgehog
      I just found this statement on tumblr: I don't say who posted this but it frightens me. Is it only the opinion of one angry member or are there more who think the same? Must I be afraid to get harassed as soon as I get older? What about 'age is just a number'? Nobody can help that we get older. This happens to everyone. So - what does this mean? I haven't posted this in the 'snake pit' because I don't want a fight. But I want to discuss this because I'm honestly worried... ~hedgie (age 37, not so much time anymore...)
    • Cashew
    • bben9
      I love it Im not complaining but I think so should add exclamation points at the end of a sneeze they sound lifeless like shes saying then instead of actually sneezing but other than that great!
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