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    • SneezyHolmes
      What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing!
    • Losseneth
      Interesting. I wouldn't purposefully touch it (especially in a public place!) because I don't like raising the risk of getting sick. I'm not a germaphobe, but the last few times that I have gotten sick have been absolutely horrible and lasted over two weeks. I want to die every time. I like people watching, though, so I'd probably keep an eye on the spot just out of curiosity to see how many people touch it.
    • v a n i l l a
      I wrote another ob about this guy recently. We'll call him R. We're technically not official but we pretty much act like we are. Also, he does not know about my fetish. OKAY, now onto the ob. This happened a few weeks ago. I usually don't have that bad of allergies, but I woke up that day sneezing a ton. Not all at once, but like, doubles and triples every 30 minutes to an hour, which is substantial for me if I'm not super sick or if there isn't some specific allergen bothering me. R also wasn't feeling well, but he was mostly coughing. I was at school, and we go to different schools, so we had the following conversation through Facebook messenger: Me: fk i keep sneezing i'm gonna dieeeee Me: ded Me: i am ded R: NO R: AHHH R: i am coughing a lot R: im still alive Me: That is bad Me: Coughing = bad Me: Alive = good R: sneezing is cute R: you can't die of sneezes (At this point my brain pretty much stopped working because I was fairly certain I was misreading his message or dreaming or simply hallucinating because like no what no this made no sense to me. so i strategically carried out the convo to see where it would lead.) Me: LOL R: it's true Me: Whaddya mean (See wow look at those great investigation skills right there.) R: like R: when ya sneeze R: it's cute R: and i am reminded of how cute you are  R: but you cannot die from an abundance of sneezes Me: wtf you're so adorable LOL (BECAUSE HOW ELSE DO I RESPOND TO THAT^^^^ I WAS DYING sfjsldfjsldfj.)   I tried to awkwardly continue the convo and I said his sneezes were cute too (which nearly made me implode) but that was where the conversation ended because he then just sent messages that asked for confirmation that I was alive and had not died (referring back to my previous statement about how I was dead). BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END OF THIS CONVO. NOPEEEEE. well okay maybe the end of the specific convo. but the idea was brought up again later the next time we hung out a few days later. I was in the passenger seat of his car and R was driving. It was night and we were out of town (and both happened to be in the same city for completely different reasons and it worked out veryyy well and there's actually more to this story which I might post another time if I get the chance). I felt the need to sneeze and I got kinda flustered. I brought my hand to my nose and gently pressed it underneath my nostrils, but that made the tickle go away and I was left with a really awkward and disappointing false start, which I haaaate. I guess I made some sort of buildup sound before the tickle left me, b/c R turned and looked at me in confusion and asked what had happened. I explained that I thought I was gonna sneeze but then it went away. He responded with, "Awww! Oh my gosh that's so adorable," then proceeded to turn his attention back to the road. I freakin melted and died in a puddle of feels and confusion and emotions. I know he doesn't have the fetish because there's noooo waaaaay he would be able to bring it up so casually. But like. He thinks sneezes are cute. Okay. Alright. Totally not freaking out over here. Nopeee. Not at all. sdfas;dfja;sdfjs;adlkjf. Okay I felt that was something that neeeeeeded to be shared, so I hope y'all enjoyed that LOL. I'll update if we have another convo about this, but I doubt it.
    • v a n i l l a
    • v a n i l l a
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