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Welcome to the Snake Pit, which, as you know, is different from the other boards on the Sneeze Fetish Forum, in that you are allowed to flame and insult anyone you want, and you will not receive any warnings or be banned for doing so. If you are easily offended, rigidly politically correct, bothered by conflict, controversy, or negativity in general, or in any way overly sensitive, we ask that you refrain from posting and viewing the Snake Pit and simply stick to the other sections of the Sneeze Fetish Forum. In order to post in this forum, an admin must first validate your account, which will be done after a certain period of time, in order to ensure that you are a positively contributing member and that you are not a message board troll who is here simply to bash our fetish or trash this message board, as we on the moderator team believe that such trolls should not be allowed to tarnish this message board, period, and should instead be banned ASAP. In any case, while the Snake Pit grants you more freedom in how you wish to express yourself, there are still a few restrictions you need to know about.

The Following will be deleted even in the Snake Pit:

1) Posting Other People's Personally Identifiable Information:

Whether it be someone's real name, street address, IP, phone number, or whatever, you can't post it about it for any reason, even if it can be located somewhere else on the Internet or in a WHOIS database. Posting such information will get you permanently banned from the forum, regardless of warning level, status, or past contributions to the forum. The Sneeze Fetish Forum takes issues regarding privacy very seriously, and this rule will be strictly enforced. Exceptions, of course, would be if a member uses their real name as their username on this board, or if they have already revealed their name.

2 Posting about specific details about another user's personal life or embarrassing secrets that the user does not want the rest of the forum to know about.

Obviously, this would not apply to situations in which the user has previously revealed said information elsewhere on the board, in their blog, or in the Snake Pit themselves, but rather, stuff that they might have previously confided in you, or that you found out through other means. An example of this might be if someone named Sneeze King is having issues with his significant other, says nothing about the situation publicly on the forum, and then someone else all of a sudden comes along and posts the sordid details about his relationship problems. Or if TinglyNose is a 20-year-old bed wetter, never makes any references whatsoever on the board about his problem, yet someone for whatever reason comes along and posts that TinglyNose is a bed wetter, this would also fall into this kind of category. In these kinds of cases, if the user requests that these posts be deleted, I will delete them, since the Snake Pit shouldn't be used to invade someone else's privacy or to embarrass them in such a manner. If the post is deleted for this reason, then the person who posted it in the first place will be notified through PM that it was deleted for this reason. If the person posts the message again after it had been deleted, they will be suspended from the from the forum regardless of warning level, current forum status, or past contributions to the community.

This term applies only to posts with which a user was mentioned or hinted at somehow. For example, a post that is simply someone ranting about why a 20-year-old who still wets the bed is a lower would not be grounds for deletion, even if it offends you because you happen to be a 20-year-old bet wetter; it would only be deleted if he mentions or hints that you wet the bed, and you have not previously mentioned this embarrassing secret.

Please Note: If you're going to request that a post be removed for this reason, please request that it be deleted ASAP, and do not reply to the post. If you engage in a flame war with the person who posts the message, and the two of you argue back and forth for several days or weeks, and then you finally get around to requesting that it be removed, we're not going to take too kindly to that.

3. Posts demanding that a specific member contacts you.

Hey look, if Sneeze Woman isn't answering your PMs or emails and isn't replying to your instant messages, chances are, they don't want to talk to you and you should respect that. We don't want you posting about it on the forum, calling them out for this reason, demanding that they contact you; if you post these kinds of messages about someone, and they request that said messages be taken down, they'll be deleted, you will be notified through PM, and if you post them again, you'll be suspended for a certain period of time.

If you want to post, rant, and whine about how people in general don't want to talk to you, and how they're mean and nasty and bitchy because of that, then that's fine, and then if some people want to post replies explaining why they personally don't like talking to you, and then you want to reply to that, then that works as well.

4. Posts containing links to web pages, scripts, etc. that might be harm people's computers.

Any posts that contain links to sites that bombard the user with pop-ups, or contain harmful scripts, spyware, viruses, or anything else that could in any way fuck up someone's computer will be deleted ASAP.

5. Posting child porn, wares, or anything illegal.

I don't think I really need to elaborate further on this. Basically, if its illegal in the United States or in the United Kingdom, and you post it, its going to be deleted. You post child porn here, you get reported to the proper authorities and permanently banned from the site.

6. Spam.

We don't like it, we don't want it, and if it gets posted anywhere on the forum, it will be deleted.

7. Hotlinked Images.

As with the rest of this forum, if you're going to post images here, please load them from your own server or post them as an attachment, rather than link directly to them from someone. If you don't have your web space, then PhotoBucket is a good place to load images from.

8. Anything else that the staff deems would put the forum in danger.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to delete any post that we feel would be detrimental to the message board as a whole, to the staff, or the community in general. If we do so, we will PM you with our reasons.

This term isn't going to be used as an excuse to delete something simply because we don't like it or because too many people have complained about it, but rather, something for which will genuinely put the community at risk or cause us problems, that we simply never thought of before or were not mentioned here in this post (though it might be added to this post).

I'll also edit any posts that for whatever reason break the tables, causing people to have to scroll sideways, simply because I fucking hate side-scrollbars. And anything else of that nature that might cause unnecessary hassle. :shy:

The Following will NOT be deleted if posted in the Snake Pit:

1. Opinions, rants, ravings, regardless of how offensive, bigoted, ignorant, or reprehensible they might be.

You can express whatever fucked up opinions you might have on whatever you want; however, please keep in mind that others have the right to respond any way they please, and if they want to completely rip you to shit because they don't like what you have to say, then they're perfectly free to do so. If you're not prepared to deal with the potential backlash of what you have to say, then maybe you shouldn't say it; it's completely up to you. But also keep in mind that if you debate logically and rationally, and the other person screams at you and attacks you personally rather than responding to what you have to say, then it generally reflects poorly on their part.

2. Bashing other forum members and flame wars.

If you want to bash other forum members, whether it be for stuff they do on the forum, their posting habits, something they posted elsewhere on the forum, or simply because you just really hate them, then that's perfectly legal in the Snake Pit. Please note, however, that doing so will likely cause a huge backlash and make a lot of other forum members hate your guts, so if you care about being popular, then coming out and bashing someone else on the forum would be strongly discouraged. Also, mentioning people by name even in the Snake Pit is very taboo, so if you choose to do so, keep in mind that that will get a lot of people pissed off with you as well.

Also, insulting members of the Staff is strongly discouraged, as this will not only piss off members of the community, but also get you on our bad side as well, and while its not against the rules, it's still a surefire way to get yourself on our shitlist. If you have a genuine issue with the way things are run here, there are much better ways of bringing it to our attention.

* * *

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, at the sole discretion of the Staff, and of Hypnos, the forum owner.

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Amendment as of October 27, 2006

It has been decided by Staff that the Snake Pit is a privaledge and not a right. Therefore, if it is determined that someone is posting in the Snake Pit solely to stir up shit with other members and is otherwise not in any way a positive force within the community, then the admin team at their sole discretion may revoke Snake Pit privaledges from the member. If after having Snake Pit privaledges revoked, the member continues to stir up shit and flame outside of the Snake Pit, they are subject to an immediate and permanent ban.

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Amendment as of December 18, 2006

Any controversies, forum drama, etc., that arise within the Snake Pit need to stay in the Snake Pit need to stay inside the Snake Pit and can be discussed only inside the Snake Pit. Any references, whether direct or implied, to forum drama, conflicts, controversies, or disputes within the Snake Pit made in boars other than the Snake Pit will be deleted and a warning will be issued to the person(s) guilty of making the reference. What goes on in the Snake Pit stays in the Snake Pit, end of story!

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