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Youtube Active Clip Archive (F)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you at last, an easy, accessible way to find all your favorite youtube/myspace/etc clips still active on the internet. We've compiled a list by condensing all the links that appeared in the forum's Youtube Thread into only a few pages, and sorted them by cause of sneezing.

Now this was obviously a massive project; and as such I can't promise that every link appearing below is still currently active, so if you happen to come across a dead link in the below feel free to copy and paste the description in a post below or PM me the info and I'll do my best to keep the list pruned. Also, I'll periodically try and refresh the list with updates from the Youtube thread, but to date it contains everything active before page 218 or so.

Aside from that, a huge thank you to everyone who's worked to contribute these clips to the Youtube thread over the years, here's hoping you all enjoy!


Female Youtube Archive:

Unspecified Allergies

- "2000 SUBBIES + ALLERGIES = MESS" by rissrose2 - 3 at 2:30 by girl with makeup mask.

- "Brittani Vacation" by rhondaanthonytanner - 2 at the beginning after returning from vacation.

- "el estornudo" by dany0303456 - Fit of 5 loud ones from an Argentinian woman.

- "Sneezing apparently makes me crack up" by bdoodle14 - 1 wet one at 1:17

- "Stroodle Sneezing" by kailynsue - Huge fit while trying to dance

- "the life of me" by CaitilinSophia - 1 very cute stifle and sigh at 3:25.

Pollen Allergies

- "hay" by courtahneyyy - 4 from a girl filming her friend jumping on hay bails

- "How to be SEXY [GIRLS]: Kate's lessons Ep2" by Katers17 - 2 loud uncovered ones at the beginning

- "I Hate Allergies" by Strawburry17 - Fit of 7 at the beginning from spring allergies

- "Kat Leonard - Allergies" - An amazing fit of very loud sneezes due to ragweed allergies. Part of the "Dr. Michael Samuels" series.

- "Suffering" by Katers17 - 1 huge one at 0:18

- "Tetris Yo" by Strawburry17 - 2 at the beginning to prove that they are her real sneezes

Sensitive Nose

- "Allergie Weed" - Fit of 11 quick ones, presumably from an allergy to weed.

- "Amanda's Sneeze Attack" - A fit of several mostly silent stifles from having her nose touched

- "Facial Nerves" - 9 at 0:40 from a woman attempting to pluck her eyebrows

- "making myself sneeze" by HannahMai - 2 half-stifled ones in a video of a woman proving that she can make herself sneeze just by pinching the bridge of her nose.

- "sneeze girl" - Fit of 7 rapid fire ones from rubbing her nose

- "sneeze girl part 2" - Fit of 6 rapid fire ones induced with nose spray

- "Sneezing" - Fit of 12 rapid fire ones from rubbing her nose while she has a cold

- "te cuesta estornudar jajajaj" - Many from a girl having a prolonged fit from having the tip of her nose touched


- "08-16-08 Sunmi being sick - Keroro Fighter Live Battle E7" - 2 on a Japanese TV show

- "Amy in the Morning 5/6/09 Bristol Palin on GMA" by SelfishMom - 4 before 1:20

- "Drunken Sneezing in Australia" by kdbelle333 - Huge, prolonged fit of wet ones from a girl talking to the camera about her cold she caught during her trip to Australia

- "Loudest Sneeze Ever" by SecretsWhisper - 1 screamed one from a girl talking on the phone

- "MAC Smoking Eyes Quad Makeup Tutorial" by stephielaclac - 1 fast-motion stifle at 3:07 from a makeup tutorial

- "Male Enhancement Potion - 11/06/08" - 4-5 throughout by girl in the white shirt after being "cursed" with a cold by a witch

- "No. 3 : The Shark" by annalisamtuttle - 3 loud at the beginning.

- "randomness: i'm sick.. again! -__-" by oliviathai - 1 loud at 3:20 with good buildup

- "Sick Rant" by Emmalene - 2 at 0:40, 6:00 from a girl ranting about how she hates being sick

- "Sneezing" by megamayd - 5 messy ones in an artistic piece about the cold virus

- "Sneezy Day" by cjam12 - Several (soundless) ones from a woman showing off her itchy sinuses, in black and white

- "the sickness as it happens when it happens" - 2 at 0:10 and 0:38

- "Wed. "Achoo"" by MoistHighFive - 2 at 0:17 and 3:15


- "ailen estonuda" by xarcticbluex - 7 wet ones

- "AJM ladies" - 1 replayed several times to gross out a germophobe friend

- "Anik estornuda" - 1 at 0:58 (sound) and 1:13 (video), very out of sync

- "Anuk estornuda" - 1 at 0:29 (audio) and 0:37 (video), very out of sync

- "Available in Blonde and Brunette: Sneeze Expertise" - 8 (1 audio only) from a girl auditioning for an allergy commercial, part of the "Dr. Michael Samuels" series.

- "Espiirro de Maal" - 2 at 0:07 and 1:50

- "ESTORNUDAR CON OJOS ABIERTOS" by shushaholsch - Many from two women make themselves sneeze non-stop

- "Estornudos" - Many from 3 women inducing, very out of sync

- "fat-i sneezing orgasmus in erasmus lisboa 2007" - 1 from a woman on the beach

- "Fit But You Know It" by brottishluv - Many induced with a hairpin while listening to music

- "hatschiiii" by dekleinemukk - 3 at 0:13, 0:35, and 2:40 from a German girl on a train

- "Kerri Sneezing" - 8 induced from a girl sitting on a couch

- "Ladies of AJM" - Many from several different girls making themselves sneeze to gross out their germophobe friend (audio only)

- "Lollipop Stick" - Many by a girl inducing with a lollipop stick

- "marty ricci ecciuisce" - 4 from a girl trying to induce as fast as she can.

- "me sneezing haha!" by shanzcheckley - Fit of 6 cute loud ones

- "Nys sa det basker (:" by CarolineBach - Many from two cute Norwegian girls

- "Ridiculous Sneezing" by jamby712 - Fit of 6, with buildups

- "ronni sneezing" - 1 from a girl inducing with her own hair, trying to sneeze with her eyes open

- "Sneeze" - 6 stifles

- "sneezing" by chantalashley - 1 and a false start

- "Sneezing" by fmhsqt45 - 2 sneezes induced with a back vibrator while trying to sneeze with her tongue out

- "SNEEZING" by taylormay - Many throughout from two drunk girls inducing while singing a Lion King song

- "Sneezing" by woodward333 - Many throughout, another installment in the "Dr. Michael Samuels" series

- "Snuffathon" by ham2232 - 3 (1 offscreen) from 2 girls having a contest to see who can sneeze first.

- "Sunday, November 23" by cheesybre - Many induced after 2:50.


- "Atchoum" - Two French girls each having amazing prolonged fits due to sniffing sneezing powder.

- "Brainiac - Sneezing" - 1 at 1:50 from sneezing powder, following failed attempts at inducing with inducing with a lilly, feather, pepper, and snuff. Great play by play commentary from the host as well. All this to measure the speed of a sneeze

- "COLD CUT TRIO" by KateReadsBooks - 2-3 (with replays) after sniffing pepper at a restaurant.

- "Eternuite (Forever Sneeze)" - Very good fit from sniffling pepper at 28:20

- "EM- Vorabend // Brause 2" - Fit of 4 at 0:52 from a drunk German girl from sniffing Ahojbrause.

- "How to Make a Gingerbread Man: Christmas Cookies : Mixing Flour for Gingerbread Man C" by expertvillage - 1 uncovered one at 0:30 from having flour up her nose, while mixing gingerbread batter

- "How To... Take Snuff" by gemimaobrien - 1 at 0:34 from a snuff-taking demo.

- "Sherbert or Coke ? Me Sniffing It" - by xPompeyBitchx - 1 girly one from a girl sniffing sherbet

- "Sneezing into Shurbut" by 1lonelyangel - 2 stifles from having sherbet go up her nose

- "snorting pixie stix" by claps4kelsey - Fit of 4 after snorting a pixie stick (last one offscreen)

- "snorting pixie sticks" by hottforgarrett - 4 at 0:25 from a girl after snorting pixie sticks at 4am

- "Snorting Salt" by FluffyKadaj - 3 at 0:43 from snorting salt

- "snorting salt...and the like" - 1 loud at 0:40 from snorting salt

- "The Sneeze" by mhasnumba21 - Many in all different forms


- "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan - SabatoSneeze" - 1 sneeze

- "CR Rose Tale Ultimate F (Shiori Mode Act. 70)" - 1 soft one from a girl in a bikini on a lounge chair

- "Fatal Fury Movie 2 3/7" - 1 at 4:05 from a girl in a bath, English version

- "Galaxy High 8-1" - Many at 7:45 - 8:10 from a sand allergy

- "Galaxy High 8-2" - Many at 5:20, 7:00, 7:40, 7:55, 8:27 from a sand allergy

- "Kidd Video - Master Blaster Brat - 1 of 2 (Ep. 22)" - 1 at 6:55 from Glitter the fairy from sniffing pepper to make herself sneeze and gain super powers

- "Mahou sensei Negima Gts. scene" - 1 at 0:35 from a giantess

- "Sneeze from Onegai My Melody Kurukuru Shuffle episode 39" - 2 from two girls caught outside in the snow

- "Spicy City - Raven's Revenge Part 1" - 1 at 0:35 from a pollen allergy

- "Teacher from Arale sneezes" - 1 from people being inside her nose

- "The Mask 3rd Part" - 1 at 6:20 from an award presenter from having her nose tickled by The Mask's feather

- "Tutenstein: Near Dead Experience Part 1" - Cleo at 1:05 from a cold (offscreen)

- "Tutenstein: Near Dead Experience Part 2" - Cleo at 0:18, 1:25, 1:35, 1:54, 3:13 from a cold

- "Tutenstein: Near Dead Experience Part 3" - Cleo at 0:38 (offscreen), 0:43 (offscreen), 1:02, 1:45, 1:52, 2:25, 3:29, 3:38 from a cold


- "1x01 pilot 6/8" - 3 acted at 7:25 from Rebecca Gayheart

- "Big Brother Germany" - 1 quiet one at the beginning from Doreen on Big Brother Germany

- "Big Brother Germany" - 1 sneeze at 0:37 from Doreen on Big Brother Germany, while in her bikini top

- "Chalti ka Naam Gaadi part 3" - Fit of 6 (2 offscreen) from an Indian actress from having been out in the rain

- "Dark Angel Season 2 Bloopers" - 1 from Jessica Alba after opening a door.

- "Easy Virtue Clip 3" - 1 at 0:10 from Jessica Biel, from an allergy to flowers

- "edie sedgwick sneezes" - Several throughout by two versions of Edie Sedgwick side by side

- "El Kaos de Alberto Casado (Incluye estornudo de Patri) 17/12" - 1 at 1:48 after a warning and very long build up from Patricia Conde, the co-host of a Spanish television show

- "Funniest sneeze ever" - 3 drawn out unique-sounding ones at 0:08 from Kisha on The Amazing Race

- "GMTV - Penny stifles a sneeze (15.12.08)" - 1 stifle at 0:15 from British newscaster Penny Smith

- "Helen Mirren - The sexiest Parkinson's interview [2/2]" - 1 at 6:35 presumably from hayfever, during an interview

- "How Clean Is Your House - Marylyn's Mess 1" - 1 at 3:35 from dust from one of the housecleaners on this show about particularly dirty houses

- "Jessica packing" - 1 at 2:15 from Jessica from BB8

- "LaKisha is allergic to Cat Deeley" - 9 from American Idol contestant LaKisha Jones, from her allergies, though they make it look like she's allergic to Cat Deeley

- "Leah Remini Sneezing" - 2 from Leah Remini

- "Maria McKee TV Interview" - 1 from singer Maria McKee at 3:35.

- "Natalie Portman interview for The Other Boleyn Girl" - 1 soft one at 0:12 from Natalie Portman during an interview

- "REMIX HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3" - 1 (audio only) at 4:00 from Ashley Tisdale from a cologne allergy.

- "Renny, Keesha- after mtg in hoh 9p" - 2 loud ones at 0:45 from April while playing pool outside in "Big Brother 10" from her allergies.

- "Roswell Gag Reel Season 1" - 2 at 4:12 and 1 at 5:25 from Shiri Appleby from Roswell

- "Scrubs - Other ways to get mono" - JD getting sneezed on during a flashback about ways to get mono

- "SPICE GIRLS IN CHICAGO: HOLLER" - 1 at 0:27 from Melanie

- "Stephanie Seymour Sneezing" - 1 from supermodel Stephanie Seymour

Unexplained (3 or more)

- "12 sneezes" by chocobaby - Many from a Slovak girl as she records her sneezes throughout the day (slightly out of sync).

- "31 sneezes" by chocobaby - Many from a Slovak girl as she records her sneezes throughout the day.

- "4/16 Kayley is sneezy" by fiveawesomegirls - 11 throughout: at the beginning, 0:25, 0:50, 1:01, 1:25, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 2:55, 3:27, 3:35

- "a mum sneezing" - Quick fit of 4 from an older woman just as she walks into a room

- "ABC 7 News at 11" - News anchor has a fit of 4 @ 0:30

- "Aprem avec le BIP sur la place Rep!!!" by candoret - 3 off camera while filming people riding a bike.

- "ATAQUE DE ESPIRROS DA CRIS" by mcriis - Great prolonged fit of catlike sneezes by a girl sitting at a table.

- "Atchoum" - Fit of 4 harsh ones with amazing buildups by a French girl

- "Big Brother Germany" - 4 (3 offscreen) at 0:40 from a contestant on "Big Brother Germany"

- "charlotte cider" - 3 at 0:15 and 1 at 1:20 from a drunk British girl drinking cider

- "charlotte pissed and sneezing" - 10 at 0:10 and 0:30 from a drunk British girl.

- "Chez Julien - Atchoum" - 3 from an older woman in a restaurant

- "CS gas to the facepart 1.... silly matt" - Fit of 11 (offscreen) from pepper spray

- "Eww!" - 3 girly ones (1 audio only), out of sync

- "Festa Mallorkina" - 4 from a girl at a party, dark video

- "funny sneezing!!" - Prolonged continuous fit of at least 13

- "Hailey Sneezing on Thanksgiving" - 3 from a girl talking with her family at a table on Thanksgiving

- "Japanese TV show" - Quick fit of 9, mostly off camera among a bunch of girls eating on a Japanese TV show.

- "JULIE MDR" - Fit of 6 from a French girl as her friend keeps count

- "Lacey" by stephieee00 - Fit of 4 very cute sneezes (offscreen) as her friend teases her dog with her cellphone

- "lenga extrem" - Fit of 6 (offscreen) quick ones at 3:49 from a girl laying on the beach

- "luchi estornudando.." by ichaboxler - Quick fit of 3 by a blonde

- "Merly estornudando" - 3 quick catlike ones

- "My Backstabbing Sex-Skank Friend" by AskEJean - Older woman has fit of 3 harsh ones at 0:15

- "my laling sneezing" by millarosanna - 3 (1 offscreen) wet ones at 0:23 from a woman sitting at a table

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- "On a serious note" by JustAnotherFlake - 4 loud ones at 0:30 from a woman reading nonsense

- "Pcik" - Fit of 4 loud ones from a Czech girl typing on a computer

- "Peterborough sneezing girls" - 5 loud ones throughout from a girl dancing with her friends

- "pikachu ali" - 3 girly ones with a good buildup

- "pole dance - blooper & outtakes" by symonesal - 3 loud sneezes at 3:40 from a beautiful girl practicing her poledancing skills

- "Rapid Sneeze" - Fit of 5 quick, harsh ones

- "Sneazy Helzy" - Huge stifled fit from a British girl on a Valentine's date

- "Sneeze Cast" by Kristy Buckley - Many throughout by a girl auditioning for an allergy commercial, part of the "Dr. Michael Samuels" series

- "sneezing mrs robinson" - Older woman has a prolonged fit of 4 with many buildups and flase starts while her daughter laughs at her.

- "Tamagen Sleepover - Part 1...the short one" by crazytreehugger - 3 (offscreen) loud ones while her friend blesses her

- "time of your life! by manuel & bo" - 3 (offscreen) girly ones from a girl filming two guys singing

- "weib niest viel" - A prolonged fit of half stifled ones from a blonde woman holding a cigarette

- "weirdness" by JustAnotherFlake - 5 (soundless) at 4:50

- "yahh sneeze" - 3 (offscreen) girly ones at 0:20

Unexplained (1-2)

- "???" - 1 (audio only) at the beginning

- "???" by daketan - 2 cute ones

- "???" by yorubato - 1 at 5:20 from hearing the other girl talk about sneezing

- "#4 English Mini Lesson - Sneezing" by JenniferESL - 1 generic sound effect sneeze at the beginning, with "sneezing etiquette" talking after.

- "~ 1st VLOG ~" by TRINICANDY223 - 1 stifle at 2:35

- "6 Weeks Post-Op" by massagegoddess - 1 at 0:55.

- "A minute a day from my week off" by Paperlillies - 2 loud at 11:30 by a British girl

- "A Sneeze and a View" - Girl interrupts a man throwing his water bottle and talking about boats with her waist-bending sneeze at 0:15

- "Achis jesus" by pitxilo - 1 raspberry sneeze with good buildup

- "achiss" by camiymili - 1 from a girl in a white tanktop

- "achoo" by thearcadefire - 1 quick one

- "Achoooooo" - 1 from an older woman opening a present looped several times

- "ahh-CHOO" by prettysorryeyes - 1 loud one

- "Ahhh... Piano" by SprucyFlower - 1 loud one at the beginning from a girl playing piano.

- "All is quite...then...ACHOO! Wakeup sneeze!" by nekomimi_lisa - 1 loud at 1:22 just as she wakes up in bed

- "Alohaaa" by wildelectricity - 1 soft one

- "Amanda Didn't Start the Fire" by HeyHeyItsAmanda - 1 (soundless) at 3:18 from a girl during a video of her dancing

- "amber nd courtney" by courtneyfergy94 - 1 while another girl yells

- "annak espirrando" - 2 girly ones at 0:25 from a girl on her laptop

- "arabic makeup 017" by kaylasvids010 - 1 high-pitched one with some nose twitching before the sneeze

- "Ashiu" by camilaxrj - 1 quick one

- "Atchin" by vivianeterra - 1 high pitched from a girl in a bikini

- "atchoum" by ja59baby - 2 (offscreen) high pitched while filming a river

- "atchoum!" - 1 soft (offscreen) while filming people at a campfire

- "atchoum pour elle !!^^" by prescikoulou - 1 cute (offscreen) just before starting to sing by a French girl

- "aticho!" by swannel - 1 with a false start while driving

- "Black Dog Ale Review" by Imasofat - 1 at 6:10 from the smell of ale during a tasting test

- "Bless You" - 1 wet one from a woman who is then blessed by her young daughter

- "bless you ashley :D" by youknowkatiee - 1 wet one and a blessing from the other girl

- "blowin my nose" by sylviasugden221 - 1 at 0:30 from a girl blowing her nose

- "Boredom" - 2 (1 offscreen) at the beginning from a girl who sneezes and gets snot on her boyfriend's shirt

- "Caitlin's sneeze spot" - 1 from a girl brushing her teeth, which covers her mirror with toothpaste

- "Chal Sneezingg" by xxchal911xx - 1 very loud

- "Chicas em Recife - Acustico - Baiao de Rua" by milanandez - 2 half-stifled at 1:41 (offscreen) and 2:31 while performing on stage

- "chris angel..." by jenesque - 1 cute (offscreen) while working on a house

- "Claudia" - 1 at 1:07 into a paper towel from a contestant on Big Brother Germany 9

- "Day 1 / 100 Day Challenge - INTENTIONS Season 5" by liloumace - 1 completely silent stifled one at 4:28

- "desentona!" - 1 loud one at 3:00 from a video where a little boy films his sister dancing and singing in her room

- "devil's coffin" - 1 full one from a girl outside the entrance to a cave

- "does my belly look like its grown?" by umbumgo - 2 wet ones at the beginning from a British woman talking about her pregnancy

- "Drunk Girl Sneezes" - 1 big one at 0:10 caught in a paper towel from a drunk girl

- "East coast swing with a grand entrance of a sneeze" - 1 (offscreen) at the beginning from a girl filming her friends dancing

- "el estornudo" by tongo91 - 2 wet ones from a girl in the kitchen

- "el estornudo mas chistoso del mundo" by santafecis1964 - 2 half stifled ones

- "Episode 194 - Wi-Fire Network Adapter, Skooba Designs Bags" by NeoBen - 1 stifle at 11:00 by girl doing a product review of a bag.

- "espirro!" by sk10girl - 1 quick one.

- "espirro Duda" - 1 fake and 1 real one, with a great buildup

- "Espirro - Snizzle" - 1 (offscreen) half stifle at 0:10

- "estornudo!" - 1 in a video of a girl's behind only

- "ESTORNUDO" by anytagugu - 1 very loud echoing one, bad video quality

- "Estornudo" by rojavideos - 1 closeup at 0:15, in black and white

- "Estornudo" by sooofreeesh - 1 from a girl whose face is obscured by her camera as she films herself

- "ESTORNUDO" by vivelecinemania - 2 followed by laughing

- "estornudo de la anton" by bixanton - 1 soft one

- "estornuudoooooooooooo!" 1 from a girl in a doorway

- "eternuement" by rockndrums - 1 harsh one while doing her makeup

- "Eternuement a Amsterdam" - 1 half stifled one with a false start at 0:15 from a woman sitting at a table

- "Faith Sneezes" by citylightlove - 1 loud and wet

- "Fall Colors" by Amanda White - 1 (@ 1:35) while talking about Autumn.

- "fernanda espirro" - 2 waist bending ones

- "fue estornudo?" - 1 (offscreen) loud one at the beginning

- "Geraldine" - 1 wet one into a paper towel at 0:40, from a contestant on Big Brother Germany 9

- "Gesundheit" - 1 loud one from a girl filming herself in black and white

- "god bless" - 1 girly one from the girl on the right with a warning and hand-waving

- "Hatschi" by schwingsau - 2 quiet stifles by a German woman

- "HelloGoodbye - Here in Your Arms (Date Video)" - 1 (soundless) at 2:08 while driving in a car, as part of this couple's wedding video

- "How about a Digital Gathering?" by kopkitty - 1 at 0:55.

- "kabukicho no jyoou" by heaventomorrow - 1 wet one at 3:05 from a girl singing and playing the guitar

- "Kelli Crouch's Shot Taking Sneeze" - 1 soft one after a girl downs a shot

- "KITTIES" by koriina - 1 (offscreen) loud one at 1:38 while filming her cats

- "la ale estornudando" by gonnet10 - 2 very loud ones

- "Lexie Talking" by JenLR2007 - 1 wet one at 0:10 from a girl filming her dog

- "Lidiane espirrou na panela, eco!!" - 2 at 0:10 from a girl in the kitchen holding a pot

- "Lifeguard the end she sneezes" - 2 quiet ones at 0:10

- "lisa sneeze" - 1 drawn out.

- "Lo starnuto" - 1 with a great buildup

- "lo starnuto col salto" - 1 soft one at 0:10

- "loud sneezing" - 1 very loud echoing one with a warning

- "major fail?" by Crash2Pass - 1 at 3:47

- "Malay Prawns with Pounded Chilis by cookingtipstv - 1 half stifled one at 3:58 with a warning, while cooking.

- "mary y el fenomeno del estornudo" - 1 soft one at the beginning

- "maye vero y yop!!!" - 1 wet one at the beginning and 1 (soundless) at 0:50 from her friend in the back

- "Melissa Sneezing on Kaylee" - 1 wet one from a woman holding a baby

- "me sneezing" by enanitaverd - 1 closeup

- "Me Sneeing ![=" by kissesnkills13 - 1 unique girly one and then discussion of it after

- "Mixing Lotion (ASMR)" by ASMRTriggerHappy - 1 offscreen at 24:44

- "mom sneezing" - 1 harsh one from an older woman

- "Mommy Sneezes" by ThemDarnCats - 1 loud from a woman filming her cat

- "My newest video... bahahahahah" by Aldosfuturewife1 - 1 waist-bending sneeze from a girl in a black and white video

- "NANI ESPIRRANDO XD" by NANICHAN29 - 2 girly ones at the beginning and 0:25

- "natalie sneeze" by thegirlnextdoor1223 - 2 loud, closeup

- "Never Coming Back" by sheisfoxymoron - 1 at beginning from girl playing guitar.

- "O tenebroso espirro da morte!!" - 1 loud harsh one looped many times

- "Popsicle Sneeze" - 1 wet one from a girl eating a popsicle

- "practicing daft punk" by koley27 - 1 at 0:30

- "Reactie violentala stranut inocent." - 1 on a man which causes him to get angry at the sneezer

- "Regan" - 1 half stifled one at 0:18

- "RoxiandKiro - Shannon sneezing lmao really funny" - 1 with very visible spray, replayed several times

- "ruthen ist sexy" - 1 loud one from a dancing girl

- "Sarah Sneezing" - 1 at 0:17.

- "smoking smoking: rainbow shirt" by fusswhip - 1 full one at 0:09 while smoking

- "sneeeze" by noelanidls - 1 by an Asian girl.

- "Sneeze" - 1 stifled one

- "sneeze." by abrielmeghan - 1 wet one

- "sneeze" by a monster - 1 girly one with nose twitching before.

- "Sneeze" by gracielovesvegas - 2 loud ones at the beginning from a pregnant woman

- "Sneeze" by janemcwhir - 1 loud one at 1:40 from a girl in a black and white video

- "Sneeze" by sarifromtheblock - 1 drawn-out half-stifled one followed by all her friends cheering that it was caught on camera

"Sneeze" by sulci - 1 stifled.

- "sneeze" by valschulz - 1 stifled girly one

- "Sneeze haha" by Norell - 1 echoing sneeze

- "SNEEZE IN WAL-MART" - 1 loud one while two girls put things in other people's carts at Wal-Mart

- "Sneeze of Death" by WeAreBullets - 1 loud echoing one from a girl that hurts her back

"sneeze sneeze" by logantessa - 1 uncovered one replayed in slow and fast motion

- "SNEEZING" by highheelzzkill - 2 (offscreen) high pitched ones, while burning a suitcase in a barrel

- "sneezy" by xxffiasco - 1 while dancing

- "STARNUTO AUTOMATICO.wmv" by skellyforever - 1 sneeze looped several times.

- "Super Estornudo" - 1 very loud sneeze with a great buildup

- "Surgery Blog Update! 14 days after surgery - PART A" by thebandinme - 1 wet at the beginning

- "Ta fazenda o que ai?" - 1 loud one from a woman using a microwave

- "The coolest thing by Jiiikky" by jiiikky - 1 wet one at the beginning from a girl playing guitar

- "~The Smoking Pot~: Part 1" by newbiltl - 2 soft ones at 3:55

- "The Sneeze" - 1 soft one with a long buildup

- "The Sneeze" - 1 (offscreen) loud one on a train

- "This is me sneezing(:" by yaymarissa - 1 from a girl who blesses herself and giggles.

- Travis Willingham Part 2 panel Sacanime High Quality" - 2 soft (offscreen) at 5:00 and 6:00

- "trying to sneeze" by victoria01982 - 1 coughlike one after a very long buildup

- "Ugggh I got snot everywhere" - 1 half-stifle that's apparently messy

- "Up and Up Bloopers- DAY 3" - 2 at 0:30 and 0:55 from a girl sitting in a chair, with a warning at 0:15

- "Update! Finally!" by licious04 - 1 stifle at 2:12

- "Videoblogg1" - 1 soft one

- "Video ger big sneeze" by deirdradancer - 2 into cupped hands (no audio)

- "vous etes des annimaux ..... vous etes... ATCHOUM" - 1 girlish one at 0:15 from a French girl dancing

- "Wednesday 24 - The Return of Whoremione" by ShinyHappyVloggyPPL - 1 loud at 3:35

- "weird sneezing" - 1 with a long buildup

- "woman" by sophieg09 - 1 (offscreen) soft one at 0:15 from a girl riding in a bus

- "Yummy mcdick's food" by kelcysmelcy - 1 girly one while eating at a McDonald's


- "???" - 1 fake at 0:24

- "???" - 2 faked false starts at 0:50 and 1:50 from a Japanese game show where the guy is apparently supposed to kiss her to stop her from sneezing

- "Achoo I love you Trailer - An independent film" - Several fakes throughout this trailer

- "All My Children - Babe Jumps on Board _1 OF 3" - Fit of 7 acted at 7:10 from Carmen due to an allergy to aftershave

- "Allergy" - A music video about allergies

- "Armadillo Advertising Allergy Institute" - 3 fakes at the beginning of an allergy clinic commercial

- "AtchOum" - 1 (soundless) fake into a tissue

- "Bad Cold" by craymegforgiven - Several fakes while reading a poem about a cold

- "Bless You" by shibbiestfox - 3 fakes at 1:48, 3:40, and 5:25 from a girl in a short film

- "BSG SSN3 Gag Reel" - 1 (offscreen) at 5:10 from someone on the set of Battle Star Galactica 

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- "cold song" by tuskaiae - A song about wanting to catch a cold

- "dear body.." - 1 (soundless) fake at 1:11 from a British girl apologising to her nose, and verious other parts of her body for having mistreated them

- "Delta Gamma Skit at Chapman University" - 1 acted at 0:48 seconds from a play in which the genie is allergic to fish

- "Dimetapp" - 2 faked ones in a commercial for a cold medicine

- "duder- episode 3 (part 1)" - 3 acted at 6:50

- "duder- episode 3 (part 2)" - 1 at 5:45 and 3 fakes at 3:50

- "EP 208 - Sneezing Fetish" by NfBGirl - The famous "News For Blondes" ode to the fetish. Several faked throughout by the attractive news anchor

- "Es El Smooog" - A long buildup that never actually produces a sneeze

- "Espirraaoo!" by cicinha00 - 3 fakes from a girl pretending to sneeze out a giant green booger at a party

- "Fashion Victim" - Several acted stifles at 1:00 in a comedic video illustrating why you shouldn't hold in your sneezes (don't watch past 2:10 if you're squeamish)

- "FERVEX drug to cure colds and fevers by TVLowCost" - 2 from a race starter in a cold medicine commercial

- "FIVE ident - flower sneeze" - Channel Five in the UK station logo with one soft sneeze.

- "Girl Sneezing into a Tissue" - 2 acted from the show "Medical Investigation"

- "Hi-5 I'm ok" - 2 faked ones at the beginning and 2:51, from a cold, on a children's program

- "Lorrie I Sneezes" by lorrieontv - Many acted in a video of a woman talking to another version of herself about her allergies

- "ila resfriada!!!" - 1 fake where a girl pretends to sneeze out green goo

- "INVINCIBLE SNEEZE" - 1 faked where a girl pretends to blow away two others with her sneeze

- "Ionising Air Purifier - Online Ad" - 1 fake from an ad for an air purifier, with good nose twitching as well

- "LINDA A ARCOFELICE" by Rionero87 - 1 fake into a napkin

- "Mandy Cat Attack" - Several faked cat allergy sneezes by a model

- "Mandy Sneeze" - A faked cat allergy sneeze by a model

- "Maria sneezing!!" - Many fakes by a girl waiting at the American Idol auditions

- "peeps and sqeeks sneeze thing" by brandeelamb - 5 fakes from a girl showing how her cats meow everytime she sneezes

- "Pinky Debbie Snoopy" - 1 fake one

- "Pinky Debbie Snoopy" - 1 fake at the beginning

- "Reality in Car Oroscopo" - 1 faked at 2:35 from two people promoting something in a car

- "Salute!" - Fakes from 4 women all at the same time as a parody of a movie trailer.

- "Sneeze" - 1 from a video art project that compares hovering on the verge of a sneeze to riding a roller coaster

- "Sneeze" - 1 acted from a girl driving a car in a public service ad promoting seatbelt use.

- "Sneeze Song" by lizskitch - Funny song about sneezes with fakes throughout

- "Sneezing for Allergy Adition" by deannashm - Several acted in an allergy audition, part of the Doctor Michael Samuels series

- "Sniffing out the Sneezers" - Several fakes by a reporter doing a piece on different types of sneezers

- "Starnuto molto particolare" - 3 fakes in the famous short comedy that parallels sneezing and an orgasm

- "Talk Time With Edna [Ep1]" by Rainderrr - 2 fakes from a girl pretending to be nerd hosting an advice show

- "The Sneeze" - 1 (soundless) fake, making it look like the leftovers of a McDonald's burger are snot

- "Wash Your Hands!" - 1 from a Los Angeles public service announcement

- "Why Girls Don't Fart" - 2 fake false starts and some nearly inhuman-sounding sneezes in this comedic video explaining why girls don't sneeze and other female mysteries...

- "Woman Sneezing" - 1 (soundless) fake in an ad for Nextcare



Youtube Sneezer Channels:

- AmyzAngelz:;view=videos

- bbwsnzr (audio only):

- bernie301 (audio only):;view=videos

- coolcats22:;view=videos

- fairygal09 (audio only):;view=videos

- ginalooch:;view=videos

- GlassHeart5 (some audio, some video):;view=videos

- ilovelamp2222 (audio only):;view=videos

- kimfox24 (mostly audio):

- krazykatsneezes (audio only):;view=videos

- LalSnz (audio only):

- laurasneezer:;view=videos

- MercesMercedis (audio only):;view=videos

- sneeze4you:;view=videos

- sneezit513:;view=videos

- sneezelover44 (audio only):

- SneezeSensation (audio only):;view=videos

- sneezynaomi:;view=videos

- straightedgeryder (audio only):

- TheSneezer1008 (audio only):;view=videos

- willowxo11 (audio only):;view=videos

Other Links:

- Anime Girls Sneeze medley series:;view=videos

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This might be the best post ever! :blushing:

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Unbelievable :blushing:

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Holy crap this is awesome. Thanks a ton for all the time that must have gone into making this for the forum!

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Nice job!

Unfortunately... Vampire... whatever got rid of the Sneeze a palooza vids. :dribble:

Hopefully... someone copied them, and they will resurface.

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Nice job!

Unfortunately... Vampire... whatever got rid of the Sneeze a palooza vids. :dribble:

Hopefully... someone copied them, and they will resurface.

yaaaaa sorry bout the vids youtube was on my ass about them and to make matters worse my comp got whiped soooooooo their dead :)

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Nice job!

Unfortunately... Vampire... whatever got rid of the Sneeze a palooza vids. :dribble:

Hopefully... someone copied them, and they will resurface.

yaaaaa sorry bout the vids youtube was on my ass about them and to make matters worse my comp got whiped soooooooo their dead :)

seems like youtube is on alot of people right now removing there videos and terminating accounts

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does anyone know if there's a way to bring these sneezes back up to normal speed?

- "Sneezey" - 2 slightly slowed down at 2:30 after a girl sings with her friend.

thank you so much.

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Adding another voice to point out that you rock and totally, Poet. :shy:B)


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i am speechless

amazing just amazing!!

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Serious thanks for a proper job

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I can only agree; fantastic work, and so much of it! This is what we have been needing for years! Well, the next few weeks will be busy....

Odd how, like the prodigal son, things that have been lost and then found have an added charm. Thank you so much!

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This has made my day...heck, my entire week!

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what a great idea, this must have taken a lot of time and effort. Thank you

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I really have to agree here- thanks for all the work you put into compiling this archive! :yes:

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add my vote! seriously, thank you for all your work - i even found a few i had thought lost forever! lol

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This is just glorious!

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Since we now have such a huge central compilation, I have uploaded 5 more clips previously posted on this forum but on different Savefile extensions onto the Savefile collection that Mute-Poet published in his list. So if you downloaded the clips from my collection when it first appeared there are 5 more.

Edited by resolution

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This list is really awesome! Thanks for all the work you put into the creation of it! :hug:

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AMAZING list, but the Desperate Housewives (offscreen) one in that Leeza Gibbons interview is Marcia Cross. Eva blesses her. :wacko:

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God damn.

Thank you so much for all your effort! =D

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Hero and a legend

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Glad you guys are enjoying it, I figure it's one of the few positive results of my countless hours off between university classes :blink:.

I've made the changes to reflect Stern and ilovesneezing's observations (thanks for those). It goes without saying that keeping on top of a list this huge goes much more smoothly when people pitch in and point out any offhand errors/broken links they come across, so I really appreciate it :wacko:.

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