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Today there was this guy that sat near me on an airplane.  He was in his early 20's and had brown hair and blue eyes.  Then he gets a napkin and blows his nose with a wet, congested honk.  He blew his nose softly, but it honked a lot.  It's kinda funny because he was talking to the person next to him almost the entire flight, but his voice didn't sound congested at all.  Like, there was no indication that he had that much snot in his nose.  So that definitely was an unexpected surprise, lol.  Especially from a cute guy like him.

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Sounds really nice. Thanks for sharing. I have fear of flying. But if I do, I´m grateful for the diversion, I get because normally many men sneeze or blow their nose due to the aircondition. Airplanes are perfect for sneeze and noseblow fetishists.

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Oh my! That's incredibly sexy. Wish I'd been there to see/hear it! 

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