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Donny wakie wakie!!!!

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On 2/17/2017 at 4:35 PM, Arty said:

Donny wakie wakie!!!!

Haha I agree. :laugh: I love this story so much! Haha can't wait for Donny to wake up. :twisted: 

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On 2/17/2017 at 6:35 PM, Arty said:

Donny wakie wakie!!!!

On 2/19/2017 at 0:12 AM, Zane said:

Haha I agree. :laugh: I love this story so much! Haha can't wait for Donny to wake up. :twisted: 


Sorry I've been gone for a long time!!! Everything's been upside down and crazy!



Christmas Special

Part Twelve


Warning- V-warning



Over the course of an hour there was constant small chatter between the three band mates. Wayne was leaned back and relaxed on the couch with Malia hugging her medium sized present close and nibbling on several freshly made cookies. Tyler was rested back in the lounge chair with his feet kicked up and arms behind his head. And Chris was leaning up half awkwardly against the table with his legs out stretched and crossed over as he watched the Christmas Specials go by, also nibbling on cookies.

Donny gave the faintest of shifts on the couch, getting Wayne's delirious attention.

"Don...? Hey, you up?" He whispered, not wanting to startle the boy or wake him if he were still actually asleep. Tyler glanced over from the conversation to the couch, curious of what Wayne was mumbling to.


"I think Donny's up..." He slurred slightly as he broke into a yawn. Tyler grinned a huff o his answer and rose a brow. 

"Is he now?" He asked dully, rolling his eyes in disbelief. He knew Wayne was still running a fever and thought it was just his imagination until he heard the blankets ruffle. "Don-" Tyler started bu was cut off when Donny nearly lumped off the couch to rush to the bathroom, closing the door a bit too hard, but not entirely slamming it. "-ny..." Tyler turned slowly to look at Wayne, who noticed Malia and Chris looking over as well from he sudden burst from their Lead Singer. Before anyone could utter a word of question, Chris had stumbled to his feet and was racing over down the hall after him.

"Donny?" He called carefully, walking up to the door and leaning against it with his ear on it to listen. The sound of coughing hacks caught his ear and found himself suddenly distraught. "Don? Dude, I'm coming in." Chris waited to give Donny any chance to refuse his entrance and wasn't surprised when he didn't get one. Out of everyone here, Chris was the most close to Donny given their very early friendship. He slowly opened the door and closed it behind him, looking down knowingly to the crippled shape on the ground. He crossed his arms and heaved a sigh, looking over the other's groaning form hugging the porcelain bowl. It was pure knowledge at this point to why he would be in such a state. Well, more then one. "So...which is it?" He asked, knowing he needed to be sure what the cause was before jumping in to try and help him. Donny licked his lips and swallowed, pressing his forehead against the cold lid.

"H...head..." Donny managed to mumble out. Chris' eyes softened with a nod and knelt down beside him, raising a hand to knead two knuckles into the back f Donny's neck. He could feel him tense under the touch but give a grateful moan out. He slurred something incoherent that made Chris snort a laugh.

"Don't apologize...Migraines are bitches. Especially to you." Again, Donny slurred a mumble. "Nah...I'm sure Tyler thinks you caught what Wayne has, and Wayne's probably still trying to remember why you ran in here. I mean, I thought you sleeping in was out of character and first thought it was a headache, but now I see I was right." Again there was a slurred moan. "Yeah...might have been the dumplings too. You don't usually get them. Sometimes you an stomach them over night, but mainly not. It think it's oddly amusing how much I know your body. Not sure if that's a good thing though. I mean, it's your body, not mine. You should know this more than-" Chris stopped his nonstop babbling when he felt his hand being squeezed and eyes glancing up to him. "Oh...right, sorry..." He said sheepishly, consciously aware of his friend's migraine that he had been clearly trying to ignore for Chris' sake to keep talking. He always got more talkative when concerned and that brought a smile to Donny's lips. He had a heart of gold, but sometimes his mind just got in the way. "Yeah uh...lemme get something for that, 'kay?" He offered, earning a small nod from Donny. He then stood and walked back out, closing the door behind him again and made his way into the living room. "Hey, anyone got some Vicodin?" He asked aloud, getting a concerned look from Tyler instantly.

"That bad?" He asked. Chris merely nodded, following Tyler into the kitchen. 

"Whad happened?" Wayne asked, leaning forward to try and see them around the corner.

"Migraine. He woke with a rough one. He hasn't thrown up or anything yet, but it's at that level." Chris explained over his shoulder, closing his hand blindly around two pills dropped into his palm.

"Well I hope these work, I don't have anything else with me right now and his medication is at home." Tyler said, closing his bag up on the table. Chris nodded.

"These should be fine. They'll calm it down if anything." Tyler nodded, watching as Chris made his way out and back to the bathroom.

"He's godda be okay, righd?" Wayne asked, wishing his legs would work with him so he could see for himself. Tyler simply waved a hand and sat back down, loking to Malia who was eating another cookie and watching Frosty the Snowman.

"He will be in a few minutes. Chris has him down." He said, looking to the TV, his brows pinched just slightly. Wayne looked at the hall a few more seconds before humming lowly and reluctantly turning back to the TV.


Yes, I know it's a little short for my absence, but I hope this will do for the time being until I have a little more time on my side! Also, i haven't re read over this one (I'll do later) so i apologize for any misspells or mistakes you may find.

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Final Part!


Christmas Special

Part Thirteen


Warning- None



Wayne was slowly starting to nod off when he heard both Chris and Donny walking down the hall. Malia was snuggled up between his legs against the bottom of the couch, her large teddy bear in her arms. Chris walked him to the couch with a hand on his shoulder, patting gently in comfort before turning to Tyler. He shook his head slightly and nodded to Donny before taking his place back next to the table. Tyler felt a shiver run up his spine to his feared confirmation and pulled his knees up to his chest. Donny rested back on the couch with a bit back groan, feeling his head still pounding vigorously.

"Hey..." Wayne's strangled voice spoke. Donny glanced over slightly, not wanting to move his head any. "You okay do oped gifds?" Donny's eyes widened slightly to the question, then moved over to the tree that had more presents underneath it than he remembered. He forced a grin the best he could and waved a hand to it.

" guys go first." He answered. Malia squealed and leaped forward to the box on the table, making Donny let out an involuntary gasp of pain as he covered his ears. Chris and Tyler noticed it, but Wayne was too dosed off to realize the pain Donny was clearly in. He was only watching Malia as she nearly tore through the wrapping paper. Donny watched as well, adjusting his ears to the sound of ripping paper. The box was decent enough size, making him question how much Wayne had to save in order to buy it. The bright pink and white colors finally came into view and everyone instantly knew what it was. Malia had always eyed it lustfully each visit to the Mall. They'd all be damned if Wayne hadn't won the greatest big brother award.

"I's the Dolly House!!!" She squealed loudly, jumping up and down frantically with the biggest of smiles on her lips. Donny grit a smile out with his hands pressed firmly over his ears, the throbbing in his head preventing him from congratulating her as he so wanted to.

"Dude! You actually got it?" Chris exclaimed brightly, scooting over to look at the box almost as excited as Malia was.

"Of course...dothing is doo much for my Malia." He smiled, turning to cough into his elbow. Malia turned around, cheeks flushed in happiness and tears in her eyes. She jumped from the floor and into her brother's strong arms, squeezing him as hard as she could before bouncing off again. He didn't even have a chance to react other than laughing through a coughing fit. "Merry Chrisdmas, Princess. Id's all yours." He smiled, pulling his knees up to his chest, followed by the quilt still on the couch. Both Tyler and Chris watched as Malia ran for her other gifts under the tree. Donny was lost in a dull trance, his head was spinning and he could feel the slightest of itches in the back of his throat. He didn't think anything of it though.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The next thing he knew, he was blinking his eyes open to the soft sound of Christmas music playing. But the TV was off. And as he looked around the room, he was alone. And now he was somehow on his back with a pillow under his head and a wet cloth over his forehead. The pain in his head was dull and throbbing but nowhere near as bad as it was. He pushed himself up on an elbow and rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his other hand. He was still half way up when the familiar buzz hit his sinuses suddenly, barely having a second to swing his arm around in time. 

"HekkCHHxt!" It was throat scraping and cough sounding, but most certainly a sneeze. Donny pushed himself almost fully up in success until a hand held his shoulder and effortlessly pushing him back down with no trouble. Donny groaned and kept his eyes shut, not wanting to know who it was or exactly how bad he actually looked right now. He didn't recognize the hands massaging his temples or the soft movement pulling something up over him that suddenly warmed his body. He hadn't even registered himself to be cold until the warmth enveloped him. He did register the next sneeze coming though and ripped away from the hands on his head to double over into his arm again. "EkCHHxt! KkCHHxtt!" The double hit him violently and made him cough as an after effect, but even through the fit he could feel those same two hands pulling him back down gently. 

"Hesshhhhiue! Hih! Isshhhiue!" Another sneeze caught his ears from across the room. Those he knew were Wayne's from how wet sounding they were. And as if on cue, there was a wet sounding nose blow that made him shiver. The warmth was then pulled up to his shoulders as if assuming he was still cold. Then, there was a hand on his face. Right below his eye. A small and cold hand on his cheek. The feeling was heavenly, but as quick as it was there, it was pulled away. He let a whimper out that he quickly regret because there was instantly a new cool touch on his forehead.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Donny's ears seemed to pull in on the voice.

"Yeah, yeah. I got it. You two just have some fun and I'll have lunch ready when you get back." Another voice answered, this one close to him. 

"Call me if something happens, we're just at the park."

"I got it, Ty." Ty? Tyler?

"Chris...?" His managed out, getting a firm squeeze from the hands on his shoulders as the sound of a door closed.

"'s alright." He assured. Donny tried to open his eyes but the feeling of those hands moving to his temples once more kept them closed. It wasn't long after that when he was out again with soft snores.

"You think he'll be mad...?" Wayne asked as he stepped closer, looking Donny's sleeping frame over. He rubbed his arm up and down guiltily, trying to avert his stare.

"Nah. We all saw it coming from how he was babying you. Tyler tried to warn him that he could get sick with this, but he just didn't care. You were his only priority." Chris answered, looking over to Wayne with a cheeky grin while still massaging Donny's temples gently.

"I didn't mean to..." Wayne mumbled, sniffling wetly and wiping his nose on his sleeve. Chris rolled his eyes and pointed a finger at his arm.

"That right there, is what did it, dude. I understand you felt like shit, but now you're just being lazy." He chuckled, seeing Wayne's face turn a bright red and quickly fumbled for the tissue box. "I mean to be honest, it was bound to happen anyway even if you bubbled yourself. Don would have still smothered you."

"At least it wouldn't have been so bad then." Wayne coughed into his hand, bending slightly to the force of it. "But...he should sleep it off, right?" Chris gave a small nod before slowly moving his hands away, feeling Donny was too far out now.

"He should. And with some rest he should kick back in a day or two. Wish we could say the same for you, snotty." Chris teased, gesturing to the drip of nasal fluid on his upper lip. Wayne fumbled for more tissues and quickly walked into the kitchen to blow his nose several times. "You know that was funny!" He hollered at him. Wayne stepped back and flipped him the bird from around the wall, sending Chris into a fit of laughter.

It was needles to say that this Christmas day, though with a few coughs and throwing tissue balls, was the best day the group had ever had. In the long run it was only Donny who caught the nasty bug, and Wayne repeatedly apologized throughout the week of their recovery. But by the end of it, all four bands mates were back in town and singing their favorite songs with all their might, bringing joy and cheers back into many young lives that awaited their return. And the very special Doll House stood in the corner of the living room, a standing symbol of how much a big brother's love would go to fill the heart of their baby sister. It was truly a holiday to remember...




Hope you guys enjoyed!!! I'm sorry it wore on for so much longer than it should have, but it's finally complete! :D 

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