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An almost too good to be true (sort of) observation

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Ok, so this is something I've never experienced before, but am completely blown away by.  It's technically an obs of someone giving a self obs...but this person wasn't part of the community and the way in which it happened was almost magical.  If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one.

Anyhow, here's the scenario.  One of the perks of my job is, I work with people for quite a while (sometimes a month or more) at a time making sure their equipment is functioning properly after they transition home.  A few of my favorite users still keep in touch with me even months after we finish our formal work relationship, and this obs is about one of those people.

First, it was 3:58 and I left at 4.  One of my former users messaged me (more in a "Hi, how was Valentine's day?" capacity), and by her Skype thumbnail I already knew she was a very cute lady.  I knew by context she was a bit older than me, but that hardly matters.

Anyhow, we got to talking and she said she was thinking about returning to the office voluntarily because she didn't like working from home.  Completely innocently and honestly, I said that I wouldn't like working from home because I liked hanging out with people from the office too much, and also that my cat wouldn't leave me alone long enough for me to accomplish anything.  She then says something like,

"Oh, I've never met a cat guy, plenty of cat ladies though.  But oh am I allergic to them!"

Immediately my mind started racing...this conversation COULDN'T be happening!  What followed just added fuel to the fire.

"I'm also allergic to (at least 7 more things, one of which was FLEAS!  I had no idea this was a thing).  Pretty much life in general!"

At this point my jaw is about on my keyboard.  Some part of my brain totally disconnected and dispassionate somehow came up with a (I think) suave thing to say:

"Haha, well when you visit me in NC just be sure to pop a benadryl" (obviously it was a joke, we don't actually ever meet in real life but it's joked about a lot by a large % of my users actually)

I kid you not, this followed:

"Omg, I know right!  I pop at least two of those a day at work.  I should own stock!"

...Like, seriously.  At this point that special part of my brain stopped functioning and I literally couldn't think of anything to say.  Maybe this happens to other people a lot, but I'm like...I'm basically getting a fantastic self-obs from a completely not-interested-in-the-fetish person, and that in itself magnified the hotness!

So since it was past my scheduled time to go, she interpreted my silence as probably "grr I want to leave, stop bothering me" so she was like "Oh I know you're busy, I will talk with you later!"

In my darkest hour of desperation, that magical cluster of neurons kicked in to overdrive once more, trying to see just how far I could smoothly push the envelope without being totally obvious.  I honestly had never even heard that flea allergies were a thing (have any of you???), so I managed to come up with:

"Aw, I'm not in a rush!  And wait...I just have to hear the story of how you're allergic to fleas before you go!"

Oh.  My.  God.

So she goes on to tell the story about how she moved in to this apartment and felt constantly allergic to it even though she had made sure with the building owner that no animals had lived there before, the carpets had been cleaned, etc.  At this point, I was starting to think "I mean, do fleas bite?  Maybe it's just a rash or something."  So I figured I'd make sure...

"So how does one know that they are allergic to fleas??"

"Oh, you know...constant sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, typical allergy symptoms"

...I'm seriously in disbelief even now in hindsight.  Like...guh.  BUT WAIT.  Completely unprovoked by me, she goes on:

"I have this $100 germ killer in my room, whenever I turn it off I start sneezing like crazy."

WHAT. IS. THIS. REALITY?  Seriously.  The rest of the conversation (I guess my brain was just too flooded with whatever endorphins (sorry people who actually know about neuroscience) were coursing through it) is a blur, but in the next five minutes seriously unprovoked at least 2 or 3 more times she brought it up.  She even mentioned in college that she always carried a pack of Kleenex in her purse for tests.  At the end, I didn't even know how to feel.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I've got to assume it never will again!

Thanks for reading, sorry it was like 10 pages long! 


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What a great scenario for you! Thanks for sharing!

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This is the kind of scenario that you just cant see coming, making it really great experience. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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Wowza! What a nice surprise to have a chat about that, huh? :P I think she's probably allergic to dust mites and got them confused with fleas! But still, definitely an interesting conversation :D

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