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BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ, the alarm on Lexi's smartphone went off, it was 6.30am. She got out of bed and showered. Returning to her bedroom, she opened her wardrobe, choosing an outfit for the day. The 5'5" brunette normally dressed pretty preppy but today she selected some nice faded blue skinny jeans, a tight fitting dark vneck sweater and her black and white chucks.

Heading out to school after breakfast, she grabbed her bag and set off. She always walked because school was only  about a mile and a half away, and the weather was pretty mild for a Winter morning. 

Part 1: Home Room

"Lexi", one of her friends, Cara, was behind her as she went to enter the classroom. 

"How'd you go on the book report for English?"

"Pretty good, I think I nailed at least an A- for that, I was up until about 3am the last couple of nights between doing that and cramming for the biology test we have this afternoon."

"Jesus Lexi, I dunno how you do it hahaha" Cara said. Lexi was pretty much a model student, never missing class, consistently getting A's, and always fitting everything in to her tight schedule.

"I don't even feel tired really", Lexi replied. "I did yesterday but today I feel gr- HAKCHOOO SHUU SSSHUUU -eat".

"Famous last words.." said Cara. Lexi seldom if ever got sick, but that massive triple that had just interrupted her sentence, told her that perhaps for once she soon would be. The trio of sneezes had snuck up on her so quickly that usually well mannered girl, trying to turn away had sneezed uncovered first all over her friend, then at the teacher in front of her, and then at the rest of the class, announcing to just about everyone that something infectious was lurking inside of her. 


The whole class stared silently for 5 seconds following the sudden sneezing fit, then the bell rung and everybody quickly left the classroom.

"See you in third" Cara said as she went off to class. "Take care". 


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Part 2: Spanish

Lexi's first class of the day was Spanish. "Hola" her teacher said as she walked in; "Hola profesora" she replied, taking her seat.

Lexi considered for the first time the three big sneezes she had just done 5 minutes ago. Am I getting sick? That would be wierd she thought. I feel fine but I never sneeze more than once and I always know they're coming quickly enough to cover usually, sneezing uncovered is really gross.

"Today class we will be doing some more reading from the textbook, Lexi can you start us off" la profesora smiled at her. "Just read the first three and a half pages". 

Lexi started reading aloud the section of text she had been assigned but after the first page, all the talking was making her feel quite itchy in the back of her nose. She made it through another page before "voy a la -hitshu". She sneezed daintily into her cupped hand, continuing on for another couple of sentences before "Isshoo, hitshoo" She tried to continue sniffling a bit. Lexi made it through another half a page before she had to put her book down, cupping both hands around her mouth and nose and "hitchiew, ischiew, tsuu, tsuu, hehchieeww!"

"Bless you dear", said la profesora, "Tim can you start from where she left off, I think Lexi needs a break"

Gratefully, Lexi replied "Gracias" sniffling. Hmm, she thought to herself, this is strange. I haven't beed sick for almost 15 months since that terrible flu everyone got just after the start of Freshmad year. Wincing at the disgusting feeling, she cleared her nose with one big sniff, relieved to be able to breathe a bit better again.


Ironically, now that she had stopped reading, she felt fine again. Not sneezing until the final 5 minutes of the period, during which she sneezed quiet hittschieews into the palm of her hand. 


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Can't wait to read more of this story. 

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Love the story

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Part 3: Biology

It was now the second class period and Lexi was sniffing constantly. Her sneezing had quietened down for a bit but her nose was threatening to run like a tap, causing her to sniff more and more audibly every second. She was trying to avoid a big, loud snort to fully clear her nose and so was left with the constant sniffle.

"Are you sick, Lexi?" asked Hannah, the girl sitting next to her. "Thats not like you at all". 

Hannah was in all of Lexi's classes and as they were both smart girls they were pretty good friends, inside the classroom at least. 

"As much as I hate sniiiff it", Lexi replied. "I think I ab. It's just wierd though, I was fide whed I got up but dow its cobe od so fast over the last couple hours." She stopped to sniff again. "And its all I cad do stop by dose frob rudding everywhere". 

"Less talking please, girls" came from the teacher. 

They quietened down for a bit and got back to sketching their detailed cell diagrams when Lexi suddenly looked up desperately and started taking huge hitching breaths, hhaahh hhiihh hhaahh. Hannah looked up, a little shocked, which was almost definitely the wrong thing to do as it put her face to face with the girl who was probably about to release the sneeze of the century, and definitely heavily breathing cold germs into the air in front of her. 

Aaahhh hhaahh, Lexi hitched, she knew this sneeze was going to be huge but was so unused to dealing with colds that she didn't even consider putting her hand in front to stop it, hhaaaaaaaaaaaahh hhaaaah AAhh.. and the sneezy feeling died down leaving her feeling strange and Hannah feeling very relieved. "Oh my goodness, I could've sworn I was going to get sneezed on and I always get sick when there's something going around".

"I'b glad I snfff didn't", said Lexi, now struggling to stop her nose running by sniffling alone, and pressing her sweater sleeve against her nostrils, which came back with a couple of wet spots. That seemed to have done it though and now realising she couldn't contain her massive oncoming sneeze in any way that could be described as pretty, she pulled her shirt up over her nose and mouth and unleashed a giant HEESSCHOO ACCHOOOO double straight onto her chest. 

Pulling her face back out of her shirt, she wiped her nose on her sleeve, now having become almost unsniffable it was so runny.

I really need to blow my nose, she thought, and just at that second the bell rang and she bolted out of class at a speed that made everyone else stare in amazement at the usually very professional acting Lexi. 

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I'm glad this is continuing!

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Yup, it may or may not get a sequel as well as this is just a one day story of Lexi's cold. 

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Part 4: Lunch

Lexi had bolted out of class, sniffling, one hand covering her nose which had started to run down her upper lip. She hurried straight into the girls' bathroom and grabbed a fat wad of toilet paper before unleashing the blow of the century into it. Throwing her makeshift tissue away, she left the bathroom.

In the hall she ran into Hannah, "Oh my god Lexi", Hannah started. "Are you okay? That was so strange for you to run out of the class like that".

"Yeah I'b fine" Lexi said, beginning to sniff again. "I just really had to blow my dose and I dont get sick much as you kdow so I dont keep any tissues with me."

"Oh that makes sense", Hannah replied. "I'd give you some but I dont have any either. Are you okay?"

Lexi had a funny look on her face, she knew another big, messy sneeze was on its way, but she had no idea how many sneezes were on their way. She ran back into the bathroom and stopped at the sink and started sneezing uncontrollably- ECCHHEE HHIICCHHOO EECHHOO CHIEW CHOO HASSCHHOO

She had aimed most at the sink but the first one had sprayed the back of a girl walking past, and one of the others had sprayed the mirror which was now covered in infectious droplets.

Lexi went back to the stall and blew her nose again, which just kept filling up the more she blew.

The bell rang for next class and knowing full well she couldnt cope another class without something to control her runny nose she took a small wad of toilet paper and crammed it into her pocket.


Lexi sat through her next class, luckily not sneezing, but sniffing continually and wiping her drippy nose on the toilet paper.

One of the boys in the class, Adam, kept looking over at her, he bust be thinking I look disgustig, she thought, add hes dot wrog today

The drippiness of her nose was getting too regular that she now risked a blow in her only tissue wad, clearing her up a bit for all of three minutes but rendering her toilet paper close to unusable. 

I wish I was at hobe, thought Lexi. I could be sittig id bed with by box full of dice soft tissues, dot this super rough toilet paper.


to be continued

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