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My Best-friends Boyfriend

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My best-friend A her boyfriend R and I were going on a walk today. A and I are the type of people who stop and pet every cat we see and had already stopped to pet quite a few cats. We stopped when we saw a grey and white rag doll cat with bright blue eyes that had immediately intrigued us. R was just standing on the sidewalk watching us as we discussed our love for the cat.

"When you move out you have to get a cat like this. Please, R!" A had said considering R was moving out soon.

"I can't, I'm so allergic to those type of cats" He sighed as A continued to plead him convincing him to come pet the cat. He was hesitant at first but began to pet the cat and I could already realize after a few second his eyes were starting to water and he was sniffling a lot.

"CHOO! Heh' etch!" He sneezed into his elbow scaring the cat away and sniffling a bit. A and I both laughed, and got up to continue walking. We were only walking for a few seconds before he began to vigorously rub his nose and complain about how itch it was. His breath was already hitching a little and I could tell he was going to sneeze soon. His breath hitched faster as he turned away sneezing a cute partly stifled double. At this point he was sniffling constantly using A to giggle making fun of him a little.

"Awe, baby are you sniffly?" She asked jokingly kissing his nose. Apparently his nose is really sensitive cause he turned away quickly after catching the first sneeze in his hand and the other two in his elbow.

"Bless you babe! I didn't even know you were allergic to cats till today." 

"I'm not hih al...hih allergic to cats. *sniff* just those type of Heh'choo! *sniff* EHCHOO! Huh' mmph! Ugh I can't even talk stupid fucking allergies." He then wiped his nose with his hand a few more times asking A if she had any tissues. A looked around her purse a bit before saying she didn't have any and apologizing. R didn't sneeze the rest of the walk but was sniffling the whole time due to the lack of tissues, along with a few false starts.

We got back to A's house and R immediately went to the bathroom to blow his nose and try to wash some of the cat hair off his hands and clothes. A and I went into her room and began to play and sing songs. When R walked back into the room his nose was super red from blowing it and he was still super sniffly. He laid down onto the bed snuggling himself into A's chest. A just continued to sing and joke around with me s R began to drift off a little on her chest. We were still messing around and thought R was asleep till he stifled two sneezes directly onto A's stomach.

"Gross, babe don't sneeze on me!"

"Sorry Heh'choo! Eh'choo! Ah'chiew! CHOO! CHOO! ugh my nose is just so tickly. Heh'choo! Huh'ishoo! Babe can you please get me some tissues." He whined after his multiple sneezes. A grabbing a tissue box from her desk and passing it to R. He blew his nose letting out a few more sneezes before going back to laying on A.

"HESHOO! ASHOO! Huh'ishoo!" He sneezed again almost instantly after laying back onto A. This time he managed to cover them in cupped hands though.

"Bless you! How are you still sneezing?" He replied by simply replied by sneezing a few more times before screaming "HOLY SHIT I'M SO ALLERGIC TO CATS." He sneezed a fit of 8 or maybe 9 before sitting up to blow his nose.

"Holy shit babe! There is cat hair all over your top no wonder I'm sneezing so much." He followed with a wet double proving his point. A apologized to him and left to change. I guess that was why he was sneezing so much cause after that though he was sniffly for a while he didn't sneeze for the rest of the day.

Hope you enjoyed this ob! I definitely enjoyed being there ahahaha! Poor R was so miserable though.

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I feel guilty for enjoying this :P How adorable!!

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Aawwwee what a lovely situation to witness, lucky you...
Poor R though

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I feel bad for him, but boy do I wish I could have seen that!! Very nice obs.

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