Miles makes a mess... (2 pages, M, cold, messyyyy...)

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Awhile back, I did a comic just PILED with self indulgence.... colds, mess, desperation, stuffy talk, and pathetic-ness without sympathy.... yuss

Miles caught himself a doozie this time... He should've listened to Kingsley and stayed home in bed.  *MESS <3*


and second gross

Thought I'd post this now since I've been putting it off and I'll be away from the internets for a little bit.

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Oh Miles you tortured soul. God Kingsley's "kidding me" expression is GOLD. Fantastic as always :heart:

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Posted (edited)

Kingsley literally puts up with so much crap with Miles its just a daily thing by now :lmfao: That poor boy just can't catch a break, but he can catch everything else apparently.

Amazingly done you spoiling Spoider! :D

Edited by Pyrus_Fangmon

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I like your style xD And I'm a very fan of messy sneezes and colds, so I love this comic! Hope to see more of you! :wub:

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