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Female Media Listing

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Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

Let me tell you a story of a number of great men of this forum, and their quest to make an electronic database of female sneezing in the media available to all, a definitive guide to what was out there...

...somewhere. :twisted:

Many years ago I had the pleasure of receiving photocopies of the handwritten database (version 0) r had created, documenting his many encounters with female sneezing in the media - most commonly in TV shows and movies. From these papers I built an electronic MS Works database and a text file (version 1) which I shared with some others around at the time.

However, computer crashes and the near-redundancy of MS Works led to the loss of my copies of the listing and so it fell into disuse. Having recently managed to make electronic clips from "Small Town Steele" I was spurred into tracking down an old copy to look up more Remington Steele episodes as I recalled there being others. I turned to my good friend Gruft who was very quick to find both text and Works database formats of the old listing and kind enough to share them with me. With no MS Works any longer I turned to the horrendously messy text listing.

My mentioning of the listing in passing to another forum member, High On Lullabies, introduced the third character of my little tale. Through his concerted efforts first in beginning to type out the information, then in tidying the database with me after I bungled my way on to a way to import the file successfully to Excel, a spreadsheet was born, and here it is.

Now comes the time to introduce the many many other characters who will enter our story, including you. This listing as it stands is by no means exhaustive and still has much missing information, including countless entries. If, having downloaded the listing, you happen across or know of anything that's not in it, hit that reply button and let us know, or e-mail me privately (and confidentially) if you would prefer. I'll periodically update and re-upload the files on here too so that we can keep the spreadsheet well and truly alive. Please include any information you can about the media, and do let us know if something appears in the listing that you disagree with or you have extra information about an entry that's already there.

My sincerest thanks to those listed above (and those who I have unforgivably forgotten) for all their help in making the listing a reality, and to all who subsequently contribute or use it to post VCR Alerts or make clips/wavs available. This forum's UK contingent already owes a great deal to James for the amount of VCR Alerts he has found and published for all our benefit

Okay, I've gone on for long enough. The MS Office XP Excel spreadsheet is the recommended format and is optimised to fit a maximised MS Excel window on a monitor operating at a resolution of 1024x768 while zooming the sheet to 75% scale. Please note that the text file may be updated less frequently.

Here is the Female Media Listing, version 2:

Update/Upgrade/Download History:

* 03/01/2005 23:35 Initial Upload (2.0.0) - 14 Downloads

* 04/01/2005 01:40 Content Update (2.0.1) - 57 Downloads

* 04/01/2005 18:40 Content Update (2.0.2) - 21 Downloads

* 05/01/2005 01:45 Feature Upgrade (2.1.0) - 0 Downloads

* 05/01/2005 01:50 Content Update (2.1.1) - 16 Downloads

* 05/01/2005 10:45 Content Update (2.1.2) - 51 Downloads

* 08/01/2005 11:30 Content Update (2.1.3) - 7 Downloads

* 08/01/2005 22:25 Feature Change (2.2.0) - 0 Downloads

* 08/01/2005 22:30 Content Update (2.2.1) - 101 Downloads

* 18/01/2005 17:15 Content Update (2.2.2)

Edited by Hypnos

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Of the ones that I know I made clips of in the past:

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)


Actress: Parminder Nagra

2 sneezes faking a cold.


Medical Investigation

TV Series

Season 1 Episode 4

"In Bloom"

Aired 10th September 2004

Actress: Katija Pevec

3 sneezes from allergies


TV Series

Season 3 Episode 21 (Episode Number 67)

"My Self-Examination"

Aired April 27, 2004

The actress *may* be called Tara Reid but I'm not sure.

1 sneeze, very fake.

The Drew Carey show

TV Series

Series 9 Episode 26 (Episode 233)


Aired 8th September 2004

Other than the one already mentioned I believe. This one is his girlfriend preparing food and she sneezes into his hand once.

Actress: Cynthia Watros

Of others I remember:


TV Series

Season 2 Episode 5 (If I remember correctly..)

Jessica Simpson

1 real sneeze

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That's fantastic Bubbles, and so quick too! Exactly what we need and taking us to 500 entries! Thanks!

Other users take note of the above post and please please follow suit. :twisted:

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Thanks! Ironically, I just spent several hours yesterday making a list of movies with male/female sneezing. I went through all of the posts in the media section to compile the info, so I can't promise it's all correct, but I know that the majority is. I wrote most of the movies that were questioned in a separate post until I can view them and confirm. You just saved me the trouble of having to finish my list, but I will still continue with the male list and share that when I'm done. Here are the movies with female sneezing that I have that aren't on your list...

Prince Valiant (Katherine Heigl)

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Meryl Streep)

Silkwood (Meryl Streep)

Ocean's 12 (Julia Roberts)

Erin Brockavich (Julia Roberts)

A Dangerous Woman (Debra Winger)

Surviving Christmas (Christina Applegate?)

Sweetie (don't know actress, but movie is from 1989)

I Dream

Rebel Without a Cause

Repli-Kate (Ali Landry)

Beach Babes 2 (1 sneeze)

Operation Condor

Vanity Fair (Reese Witherspoon)

Serial Mom (Kathleen Turner)

Big and Hairy

I'm With Lucy (Monica Potter)

A Cinderella Story (Hillary Duff)

In the Name of the Father (Emma Thompson)

Celebrity (Charlize Theron - 2 sneezes)

Quebec-Montreal (French with English subtitles)

Best Defense (Kate Capshaw)

The Serpent’s Lair

Exit to Eden (Iman)

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (1 sneeze)

Phone Booth (lady near beginning)

Stopover Tokyo (heard only, not seen)

A Lady Takes a Chance (Jean Arthur)

A Man Without a Face (Fay Masters – 2 early in movie)

How to Deal

The Bride Walks Out (Barbara Stanwick)

Kissing Jessica Stein (Heather Juergensen)

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It would appear our timing is well and truly impeccable, or is it more than just coincidence? Spooky!

Anyway, thanks very much, justmehere, I'll get those added as soon as I can!

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Having thought further, there is/was a list on tarotgal's Tarot of Sneezing site, which may well be worth cross-checking against the listing here at some point. Whether or not I'll have time is another matter entirely, but it would certainly be worth integrating that data too.

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It would appear our timing is well and truly impeccable, or is it more than just coincidence?  Spooky!

Anyway, thanks very much, justmehere, I'll get those added as soon as I can!

I often have that spooky "coincidental" timing with my friends. I joke with one of them all of the time because we are often thinking the same thing at the same time. :bleh:

You're welcome...and thank YOU! Sorry it's not alphabetical. I hadn't gotten that far yet! I might have a few more to add after I check out my list a little better. I'll have to do that a little later, but I will add any more I come up with. I'll also let you know how the male list is coming along in a few days. It is a LOT shorter than the female list for some reason.

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I was just thinking when I was typing out my post that we should start up a male listing too!! Sounds like a good idea justmehere and I'm sure we could do the same thing as is being done with the female listing and people could add the bits that they know of to it. I think it would be great to have two full lists, and thank you to everyone that is taking the time to put these together!

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There are one or two matches in the female list, I think it says in the "notes column" by one or two at least. I'd be happy to pin a second thread when there's something ready to go.

If anyone has any more information (except dates, I looked those up on IMDB) for the above films from justmehere, please do reply with details. I'll one day gradually look up dates for other movies in the listing, but if anyone has a spare few minutes and is happy to refer to:

and do a couple of searches please do provide the release years of movies in the listing as well as details of sneezes, and post them on here! Thanks!

*edited to make URL clickable

Edited by Hypnos

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I know there was more info in some of the old posts about some of those movies I listed. I just didn't write down everything they said. I'd be happy to go through the posts again and gather more info and look up the years from the movies on your list on (I LOVE that site!), but it'll have to wait until at least later tonight or tomorrow. I've been ignoring a few personal things I should have done hours ago and I need to attend to them. Anyone else who has any info or wants to look anything up in the meantime is more than welcome to!

Bubbles - I'm sure we can come up with a pretty good male list!

Hypnos - Thanks for pointing out the matches from the female list. I'm adding the ones I don't have to my list. Do you mind if I steal your Excel template to make the male list? I had also been thinking about cross-checking with the list on tarotgal's Tarot of Sneezing site. I can also work on that later.

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Help yourself to the template, the scientist in me would like to see the consistency anyway! :laugh:

If we use this thread to compile information for the female list I can open and pin another to compile information for the male list until such time as you're ready to make a release.

I think the easiest approach would be to copy/paste any information gleaned from anywhere into this thread so everyone can see what's been done already and we minimise any wasted effort. :bleh:

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Help yourself to the template, the scientist in me would like to see the consistency anyway! :bleh:

:laugh: Once again, I was thinking the same thing! I like consistency and was even thinking that, when the lists are up-to-date, we could (if you want) also (in addition to the separate lists) make one Workbook (Excel talk) with both male and female, one sheet for each. Just a thought.

In the meantime, it sounds like a good idea to have a separate thread for the male info. If you haven't opened one before I have a beginning list ready, I can PM/e-mail what I have to you and you can start the thread with that.

Feel free to PM/e-mail me in the future if you don't want to take up all of the thread space here!

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Pah - my board, my thread space. :laugh:

Consume away! :bleh: (But I will PM you on another matter)

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i can't check it out now, but it's great to see :bleh:

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Forgot this one..


TV Series

Season 2 Episode 2 (Episode 15) "Christian Troy"

Aired June 29th 2004

1 sneeze as a result of allergy to the dander in a cushion, causing the sneezer to break the nose of the man she is sleeping with.

I'm pretty sure the actress's name was mentioned on here at one point, but I don't get anything back in the search.. maybe someone remembers?

I used to have a clip of this up at Celluloid Sneezing, but during housekeeping, I deleted it and then realised I didn't have a backup copy.. if anyone still has it, maybe they could upload it back to there? Thanks! :bleh:

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Pah - my board, my thread space.  :icecream:

Consume away! :laugh: 

:bleh: Alright, then I will!

I put The Bride Walks Out on my list above. Turns out that it's actually already on your list, but it's there as The Birde Walks Out, so I didn't see it the first time I looked. And we both have her name spelled wrong. According to, it's actually spelled Stanwyck. That movie is from 1936.

Also according to, The Light of Old Santa Fe is actually called The Lights of Old Santa Fe and that's from 1944.

Another female sneeze (2, I think) was from the episode of Smallville entitled Nicodemus, which first aired on 3/19/2002. It was from Kristin Kreuk, the actress who plays Lana Lang. My personal opinion is that it was pretty lousy fake sneezing, but that's just my opinion. There's also 1 male sneeze from John Schneider in that episode.

I've started the male list and should have enough to post a rudimentary list within the next day or two.

I would also like to thank everyone who ever posted media alerts because your posts helped to compile these lists. Thank you all! :icecream:

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Hypnos-what a wonderful effort. I really appreciate it. TG got some of the same ones I sent you but but other people also added tot it. So it is worth checkoing. Plus I stopped accumulating the list once I sent it off to you and TG. So yes there are many more newer movies plus soem old onjes i certainlt missed.

Again--this is so wonderful of you to so this!!



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Okay I've added those Bubbles and justmehere, thanks again. I've not re-uploaded the list though as I have a major cross checking exercise to do thanks to another list I have been sent by Superman. Kudos to him for his efforts and offering it to help our list here grow!

As soon as you have a male listing ready in Excel I'll textify it (what a lovely word, "textify," and I can think of another possible definition for it too!), zip and create a thread/pin for it. :bleh:

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After some searching I have come up with this one (very sorry if its already been mentioned)

Nash Bridges (TV Show)

Epidode 69 'Resurrection'

Yasmine Bleeth sneezes a couple of times from a cold.

First aired Febuary 1999.

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Thanks Lefty!

Right, time to begin the integration of the Superman list!

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Integration complete. Version 2.0.2 released. :bleh:

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(one more and we'll have caught up with the board software itself! :bleh: )

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How could I have forgotten the Eureka TV episode???

Now added but not uploaded yet.

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Am I blind or did you not submit and Lizzie McGuire?

and in the movie "Our lips are sealed" Ashley Olsen sneezes near the beginning

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As soon as you have a male listing ready in Excel I'll textify it (what a lovely word, "textify," and I can think of another possible definition for it too!), zip and create a thread/pin for it.  :)

OK, great. ;) I have close to 90 added to the male list so far, but I have more to add. It will probably be another 2 or 3 days before the first draft is ready because I still have lists to cross-check, and I'm looking up dates and trying to find out names of the actors and episode names, etc. I also want to go back through the posts again and that will take some time, but I promise I'll have something ready before the week is over.

Here are a few dates (and other info) to add to the female list...

A Stolen Face - 1952

A Tale of Jealousy - 1970 (see link for many alternate names)

Adam's Woman - 1970

Affectionately Yours - 1941 (and Meryl should be spelled Merle)

Allergic to Love - 1944

An Almost Perfect Affair - 1979

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante - 1940

The Annihilators - 1985 - I think the actress must have been someone other than Susan Blackley because there is no actress by that name listed in this movie. In fact, there is no Susan Blackley listed on at all. Does anyone have any info?

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