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Alexandra Marie

One Sweet Occurrence Leads To Another...

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Alexandra Marie   
Alexandra Marie

A good friend of mine has a rock band, (I jokingly call him The Rock God at times & since his initials are R.G. it seems like a rather appropriate alias.) And I have been supporting their musical endeavors for years. I go to every one of their concerts that I can & I just went to one on Friday. Another friend of mine from high school likes to tag along sometimes & when she does…We usually end of up taking the band to IHOP for a Midnight meal.  

Because I am a singer myself, (Some of you may remember that when I first started posting on the forum, I performed with a musical theatre troupe.) Mr. Rock God actually asked me to provide backing vocals for his upcoming EP. So, when we all arrived at IHOP.  The one & only, Rock God chose the seat at the very end of the table (I was in my wheelchair so it was more practical for me to be seated at the head of the table.) so that he & could be close enough to me to discuss details of how he would like me to double up his vocals on the EP while not disturbing the other band members & friends who were present at the table.

I actually need to slow my roll here & describe this Rock & Roll God to you all because he is a STUD! He’s in his late 20’s. He has flawless olive skin & fantastic dark, wavy hair which he’s beginning to grow out again; so it was slicked back with gel. He’s a little on the chubby side but trust me, that does not all distract from his appearance. He kinda looks like if you took Jake Johnson & mashed him up with David Coburn…Except he has facial hair. 

So, he & I are getting down to business, then I notice that his brows are knit together slightly as he’s looking at me & my immediate thought is, “Oh Great! I must have bright red lipstick on my teeth!” I know that I must have made some kind involuntary facial flinch when I noticed the way he was staring but then his lifts up one tattoo sleeved arm from the table, raises his thumb to his mouth & licks it. His expression softens almost immediately; he takes that wet, callused thumb & starts cleaning a spot on the dead center of my forehead. :blinksmiley: His rough feels finger like sand paper to my fair skin but I was so tingly over the fact that he was actually being so intimate as to clean my face with saliva. (And also very confused over what the heck could have been on the middle of my forehead at one AM.) He was actually being extremely gentle, so I was already trying not to melt.

But wait! There’s more!

“You‘re warm, Alexa.” He notes with something was probably mild concern. I just sort of blinked at him because My brain just kept screaming, “HE RUBBED HIS SPIT ON YOUR FOREHEAD! NEVER WASH IT! NOT EVER AGAIN!”

“Your forehead is warm.” He repeats again, thinking that my silence & deer-in-headlights stare is due to a lack of understanding. “You feel okay? You don‘t feel overheated or anything?”

I know that if I don’t respond to him within a few seconds, it just gonna increase his concern  over my wellbeing because what kind of freaking Goober just sits & stares at someone blankly the minute their forehead is touched, when they had just been having a completely coherent conversation about vocal octaves less than a minute before? God, I was so mad at myself… 

“Don‘t worry, it’s not fever.” I finally managed to explain. “It was the excitement & all the dancing around that heated me up. It‘ll just go away on it‘s own.” 

Mr. Rock God looks clearly relived, nodding & content with my expatiation, vocalizing a casual, “Oh, I gotcha.” We continue our conversation about my new found place as a member of the band & night goes on from their. Even now, as I’m sitting the comfort of my own home, I can not wrap my head around the sheer adorableness of that occurrence. :wub:

P.S: The mark on my forehead was ink. When I paid admission to get into the music lounge, the guitarists’ girlfriend drew a smiley face on the back of my hand with sharpie to show that I was free in exit & enter the concert venue of my own freewill. I must have at some point, smeared the ink on my face by mistake. She pointed that out to the table after I jokingly accused another friend of putting ash on my forehead.

A while back I made a thread about the preferred method of fever checking. I’d like to change my top answer to Saliva Covered Thumb To The Forehead While Trying To Wipe Away Permanent Marker Ink. :laugh:

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