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Came down with a cold: F self obs and recordings

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My job and life in general has been running me ragged, enough to make me wonder when I would get sick from it, and it has finally happened. I came down with a mild(?) version of the chest cold that's been going around. Looking back from about the middle of this past week reads like a classic sickfic plot unfolding: at first I was freezing cold all the time, I couldn't wear enough pajamas or put enough blankets on the bed. Then I woke up drenched in sweat; I actually had to change my shirt because it was so soaking wet.

On Thursday I was chatting with a coworker at the end of the day when a sudden spell of dry, fitful coughing shook me seemingly out of nowhere. We were both laughing about how I was suddenly choking, it was a very persistent tickle in my throat. But it still didn't occur to me that I was getting sick because I had none of the classic (for me) symptoms. I usually start out with a stuffy, congested nose, which didn't happen, or a painfully sore throat if I'm coming down with a bad cold that will make me cough.

By Saturday I had abruptly developed a wet cough, which I still have. Unlike the last time this happened I feel energetic and not very sick. I brought some cough drops to work on Friday, but other than that I haven't been using any kind of cold medicine when I'm normally the first person to start mainlining the stuff. My nose has become more congested and now and then I'll have a sick, throaty sneeze full of catarrh, but my natural cold sneezes are almost impossible to record since they're so few and far between.

As terrible as this sounds... I am honestly kind of happy about having a wet cough right now. :sweatdrop:  Especially since it seems to be almost free of negative consequences. No aches and pains, no panic attacks and anxiety from a blocked nose or swollen throat, and I don't feel like I've been hit by a ton of bricks. Just me and my number one kink that can't be faked or induced: free to make new fetish recordings. Yeah I guess this could be worrisome if it becomes a recurring thing or a cough I can't shake, but right now I'm, well, incredibly turned on?!

Here's the first fruits of my labor, a video made up of about eight separate coughing clips from Saturday:

It's almost entirely wet coughing, but there is a single sneeze (induced, although it sounds natural for me), and I say "I can barely talk" at one point because if I'm coughing productively my voice is the first thing to go.

I also filled a request from a few months ago that I was finally able to do for "congested coughing with breathing" (short clip here if anyone wants to hear rattling phlegm/wheezing followed by a wet cough.) It's only Sunday night and I feel like this cold has almost run its course-- so hooray for my immune system, too bad for any new requests. I seriously don't think I can do the barking coughing or closed mouth coughing requests I have received. Uggggghhh.

As always I am intensely thirsty to have coughing fetish discussions with literally anyone. PLEASE message me/chat with me about this sort of thing-- especially if you are another person who also feels that uneasy desire to be sick.

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Great, great stuff.  Thanks for sharing this! 

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