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From a ROAR to a mew | (Yurio YOI)

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From a ROAR to a mew - (Yurio, Yuri on Ice)

*cross-posting from my tumblr

This is my first fic -like ever- so sorry if it’s not very good, or layed out weird ~
I recently watched YOI (I basically had to so I could enjoy all the fics people were writing! I’m glad I did though, it was pretty cute) and I had an idea for a little fic for Yuri because he’s such a little b*tch and I think he’d definitely be the stubborn type…

I guess timewise this takes place when Yuri is in Japan with Viktor and Yuuri, learning the Agape routine.

- - - - - - - - -


The young russian rubbed his dry eyes followed by a few swipes at his nose as he sat up in bed. Being forced to stand under a waterfall was not the ideal type of training he had expected when learning his first routine under one Viktor Nikiforov, though he had hoped the chill he felt last night was bought on only by the freezing curtain of water, but his scratchy throat and stopped up sinuses said otherwise.

“ugh..” he growled hoarsely, clearing his throat. He couldn’t let this get in the way of showing Viktor who was really the worthy student.

He wondered why the room was so cold while he pulled on a hoodie over his usual black clothing and slammed the door behind him as he found Viktor and Yuuri having breakfast in the other room. “Good morning, Yurio!” Yuuri chirped,

The blonde narrowed his eyes at him as he plopped down at the table, immediately reaching for the tea and pouring a small cup. All the movement managed to dislodge the blockage in his nose, and the cool air irritated his sinuses. He turned his head away, using his hand to shield his face as discreetly as possible.

hihh..-hk’shht!..k’tsch’ he sniffled as he cradled the warm cup in his hands. n-no one noticed, right?

Viktor and Yuuri shot each other a glance. Viktor not being one to shy away from curiosity, decided to prod. 

“Yurio, are you alright?”

This illicited a familiar reaction from the teen as he snapped back “of course I am! Why would you even ask such a stupid question?!”

Viktor responded after an awkward beat of silence “well..” a sympathetic smile displayed on his face “..because you look awful”

Yuuri looked horrified that Viktor would say something like that to the feisty young blonde, but he had to agree. He couldn’t help but notice the dark circles under his eyes and the pink flush across his nose and cheeks.

Yuri couldn’t even respond to the well-meaning insult as he struggled to stave of another flurry of kitten-like sneezes. He pressed a knuckle to his nose as his eyes squinted with each relentless tickle. “hihh.. heh..” he buried his face in the crook of his arm, “hiihh..

heh-k’shht hkssht K’tschxt hih’kshht..*gasp* k’shxt!” 

Viktor looked on amused as he waited for the episode to wind down. Yuri sniffled a few times, squinting one eye as the tickle prodded one last time deep in his sinuses. He gasped through gritted teeth as he quickly cupped his hands over his face “ihk’shhu!” *snf*

“Done?” Viktor asked, his head propped up on the back of his hands.

Yuri glared at the silver-haired man, as Yuuri dug through his pockets and handed a small pack of tissues toward the pathetically sniffling blonde.

Yuri smacked the offering away with the back of his hand, feeling embarrassed, Yuuri fumbling as he caught the packet. Was he really that pitiable right now? Regardless, he couldn’t be seen fraternising with the Katsudon.
Victor leaned forward feeling Yuri’s forehead with his palm, then flipping to the back of his hand. “Are you sick Yurio? You feel warm”

The young russian bristled at the unwarranted touch and pulled away, his face maybe a little more flushed this time..

I-Idiot! If I am, it’s YOUR fault!” He pointed a finger accusingly at Viktor.

Viktor rubbed his chin as he recalled last night’s events “oh I see! You caught a cold from the waterfall training” he beamed as he put the pieces together. Yuuri displayed a look of guilt mixed with concern “But, I did that too, how come I didn’t get sick?”

Yuri took the opportunity to reclaim some dignity, “Because you have like three layers of blubber protecting you!” hah, now who’s pathetic?.. He sniffled into his sleeve.

Viktor stood up from the table, “Well if you’re sick, it will just be Yuuri and I for practise today. You should rest”

“Haaa?!” Yuri shot up to standing, gaining his footing as he swayed slightly “I’m not staying here while Yuuri gets all the one on one time! We should get an equal amount of attention for our routines!”

Viktor scratched the side of his face with a finger “Well, if that’s how you feel, I can’t really stop you. But on one condition!..”

Yuri furrowed his brow.

“If it affects your performance, you have to sit out. If you don’t, I’ll refuse to coach you at all” Viktor reached out his arm, finger pointed, and booped Yuri lightly on the nose.


- - - - - - - - -

The trio entered the ice skating rink. Yuri shivering slightly as the icy air permeated his hoodie.

Viktor, wanting to give some time for Yuri to reconsider, called upon Yuuri to practise first, “Yuuri, step onto th-” “No way! I’m going first!” Yuri interrupted.
Victor laughed under his breath. Obviously that wasn’t going to work. “On the ice then, Yurio”.

Yuri paused for a moment, bracing himself as he tore off his hoodie. “Блять!” he cursed under his breath, his tiny frame shuddering.
He took to the ice, his warm body temperature clashing with the cool air caused his nose to run. It itched horrendously, he reflexively began rubbing his face with the back of his wrist, sniffling back the viscous substance. 

“Ready, Yurio.” Viktor called as he played the music.

He was a little out of time with the track. His ears were blocked and made the music sound off. The tickle in his sinuses was so persistent, it made his eyes water and blurred the ice as he skated. “hiiih…hehh… dihh-dammit..” he growled to himself. He reached his first jump, landing the triple axel, sniffling as he righted himself. It ignited the furious itch once more “hehh-hiih..”, annoyed, he scrubbed at his nose with the heel of his palm.

Viktor watched, arms folded, wondering whether he should call the young russian back already.

As it came to the quadruple salchow he went in unbalanced with his hands out of place, he attempted to pull them into his chest, but with nothing to continue scrubbing at the stubborn itch - “hih’kshht!” - he landed as he crunched forward, his skate skidding from beneath him, he fell on his side spinning slightly on the ice. He propped himself up on his hands.

Viktor had seen enough. He paused the music, his voice echoing off the ice “Stop! Yurio, It’s Yuuri’s turn. Come back, please.”

But Yuri didn’t move. As he pathetically sat on the ice, his hands templed over his nose “k’shuh k’shht t’schh hiih.. hheh…hihh.. Блять!” he slammed a fist onto the ice, looking up as if searching for the rest of the fit. He poked one side of his nose lightly. Yep that did it. He quickly ducked into his hands hiht’tschu kt’tsch ik’shxt…. t’shu!”

Viktor sighed “Yuuri, would you go get him?”

Yuuri skated out, offering his hand as some stability to the tiny sneezy puddle. “Yurio, you shouldn’t overdo it if you’re not feeling well” Yuuri implored. Still covering his face, Yuri swallowed his pride for a brief moment, allowing Yuuri to pull him up by the arm with ease. He skated back with Yuuri, sniffling as he pinched his nose bridge. He sheepishly made his way off the ice next to their coach. 

Viktor tossed the hoodie at Yuri. The blonde pulled it over his head, breathing into his hands as he warmed up. Satisfied, Viktor played the music for ‘Eros’ as the two watched Yuuri practise his own routine.

ehh.. hihh…

“hm?” the older man looked out of the corner of his eye toward the source of the little gasps to see Yuri with his hand perched under his nose. Viktor picked up the makkachin tissue box they always had with them for practise, and reached it toward him. 

“Yurio…” he pleaded, trying to get his attention.

The blonde ignored the gesture, turning slightly away. Ugh, was it really that obvious?

“eh..hihhh.. hih..”, 
he sniffled and rubbed his eye, smearing itchy tears onto his cheek.

Viktor looked annoyed, but sighed, adopting a wry smile “How can you still be going? You really are stubborn”

Yuri bristled at his words “hehh whatever, Geezer..I d-dohhn.. don’t n-neehd.. hihh” he squinted his eyes as his lip lifted revealing a pointed canine 

Hihk’SHiuu!!” He froze, covering his nose and mouth with a hand. He knew he’d finally have to..

Yuuurioo…” Viktor repeated more sternly this time, holding the tissue box out once more. 

Yuri reluctantly raised his hand and snatched a tissue from the fluffy box, quickly clamping it over his nose. Viktor smiled triumphantly. He removed a glove, feeling Yuri’s forehead while his hands were preoccupied and couldn’t bat at him. Yuri looked annoyed as he blew his nose, but was too tired to pull away.

“I think you might be warmer than you were this morning. Maybe we should call practise short and just go back to the inn for today”

“Fide..” There was no point arguing. He knew Viktor’s mind was made up, and at this point he just wanted to go to sleep.

“Yuuuriiiiii!!” Viktor called over the ice “Let’s have the day off today and go back to the inn! We can all go in the onsen!” 


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Oooh this is the first Yurio sneeze fic I've found on here! (There might be more but I haven't seen any) All the others are Viktor and Yuuri K but omg you have slain me! This is excellent for your first fic! Keep it up!

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4 hours ago, Jaxx said:

Oooh this is the first Yurio sneeze fic I've found on here! (There might be more but I haven't seen any) All the others are Viktor and Yuuri K but omg you have slain me! This is excellent for your first fic! Keep it up!

oh I've only seen a couple, myself. Yuuri & Viktor get all the fun! haha

I like to annoy Yuri though, because he's so grumpy and adorable.

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So good! I've been thinking about writing something myself. I love this anime. Thanks! :)

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Kushami Suki Da!   
Kushami Suki Da!

This is so cute and in character! I now officially headcanon Yuri with fittish sneezes! 

On January 11, 2017 at 3:44 AM, coffeecream said:

heh-k’shht hkssht K’tschxt hih’kshht..*gasp* k’shxt!” 

I like the gasp. Really does well describing how he sneezes more than he can breathe!

Thanks for posting this!

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