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Why Today?

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Welcome to my first ever post. I'm Hoping to continue posting if you guys enjoy! Also, I apologize if any spelling mistakes get past my eye! Hopefully you can still understand it if I make any mistakes. I guess we'll find out, won't we! Thanks!

Emma- A short woman with long blond hair. Young at around the age of 22. Cute and adorable in ever single way ( especially her sneeze ). A English teacher at a high school. Married to A wonderful man named Jacob. 

Jacob-Short and really smart man. Wears glasses and has short,swaggy,brown hair. Really cute and is always there for his wife Emma. A singing and a stay at home type of guy. 


Why today?

Today on Friday February 16, 2017 was not a very good day for Emma. As she woke up in the morning she noticed something was not right. Something was pulling her down. Was it a cold? The last thing Emma wanted was to be sick. It was her and Jacobs anniversary tomorrow. Oh how she would hate to miss out on that. She hated how fast she could get sick. Why at the worst times! Of course, it was just the beginning of a something she thought was a normal cold. She thought that maybe it was just some sort of a morning thing.

As Emma walked down stairs she was greeted by her husbands smiling face.

"Good morning babe" Jacob said as he greeted her wife

"Morning" she said

Oh she thought, just saying "Morning" was killing her. None the less, she had work today and she was not going to miss it. 

"I made breakfast!" said her loving husband "It's your favourite!"

Pancakes she thought. She loved them so much! Who cares if she had a little pinch of a sore throat, she was going to gobble the, down like there was no tomorrow! If only she could. Her body at this state was going to push back if she wanted to eat these pancakes.

As Emma tried to shovel down her heap of pancakes while trying not to show to her husband that she was under he weather.

"Yum!" She said but she ended up coughing.

"You feeling ok babe" asked her loving husband worried she was under the weather

"No babe" she said lying to her husband "I feel fine but I should get going to work"

"We'll have a good day" and with that his wife was out the door.

Of course, her husband couldn't help but notice her lying eyes.

He could tell when she was lying and he was worried for his wife. 

"Oh I do hope she takes it easy today" he thought to himself.

But Emma was never going to take it easy. It was her job and she was not going to get fired. Of course, not taking it easy was not good on her body. She felt more gruesome throughout the day. If only she would have stayed home. Emma would be paying for her actions but it was going to be worse then what she would have ever expected. 

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Ooooh I can't wait to see what happens next! Good setup. 

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Hope you guys are enjoying!


Chapter 2:


Emma walked into her home sluggishly. Her cold was now noticeable. She was trying to hide her pain but it was hard. Her nose was very stuffy and even after trying to clear it multiple times had no effect on it. 

As she walked through the door she noticed her husband sitting at his desk. She knew that he had to work and she did not want him to stop working for her. 

"Hey babe" her husband greeted her "How was your day?" 

"Ummmm, fine" she said lying to her husband.

Of course, her pink nose was kinda giving away her pain. Her husband stood up.

"You want some tea?" He asked 

"Sure" she replied

As her loving husband prepared her tea she sat down at the table. Sitting down felt really good since she had been up and moving a lot today. Jacob placed her tea in front of her.

"Are you sure your feeling ok?" He asked concerned

"Yes I'm...." But right at that second the steam from her tea loosened up her nostrils and she sneezed. Emma's sneeze is definitely on the cute side

"A-Chu" she let out "I'm fine" finishing her unfinished answer.

"Are you sure Emi" Jacob said "I think your coming down with something"

"No!" She said "I said I'm fi-A Chu A Chu-ne"

Jacob reached over to grab a tissue to her obviously struggling wife.

"Emma, you usually only sneeze like this when you sick" he said "I think you should get some rest"

"Babe I said I'm fine" Emma said "It's just a little tickle in my nose-cough- I should be fine in a sec- A Chu!-"

Her tiny little baby sneeze was telling Jacob that she was definitely sick. Emma has never sneezed this much in her life. Jacob reached over and touched the fore head of his struggling wife.

"Emi!" He said shocked "You feel really warm. I think you have a fever"

Now here was no use hiding her sickness. As her loving husband ran to go get her a thermometer she sneezed over and over again (A-Chu A-Chu A-Chu!). She knew she should have stayed home but she was hoping this was just a 24 hour bug. Hopefully she would be fine for there anniversary but who knows.

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Very nice story.

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Sorry for the REALLY late update. Enjoy!

Chapter 3:


Emma's felt faint. She thought that she was dreaming but no. Jacob picked her up and placed her on the couch. This only seemed blurry to Emma but she felt the plop of a thermometer placed into her mouth. 


"Emma" Jacob said "Why would you not tell me before. Then maybe it would not have came to this"


But all Emma could get out was a cough. "Beep" went the thermometer. Her temperature, 101. Now Jacob was scared for her wife. She had never been this sick and he was never expecting her to be. 


"A-Chu A-Chu A-Chu!" Emma sneezed as her nose ran. Emma felt worse and worse and she went on. Then Jacob picked her up and brought her upstairs to bed. 


"Babe, you should get some rest" he said "I want you to feel better"


The one thing Emma really wanted was rest but this would be harder then she expected. Her nose kept on running and her cough was harsh to her little body. By the time her husband hoped into bed with her she was still awake. She didn't want to show her husband that she was awake but she felt a tickle in her nose. Emma was really good at holding coughs but sneezes were something else. 


Her husband hoped in and noticed that she was not breathing her soft little babyish breaths. Her breaths always soothed him to sleep. This was not the same. It didn't help Emma when Jacob fluffed his pillow and the dust spread over to her. On her already sensitive nose the dust was invading it. 


She tried as hard as she could to not sneeze but then it came

"A-Chu!" Went Emma in a really cute sneeze.


"I knew you were still awake" said Jacob


"How gould you tell" said Emma stuffed up even though that little sneeze had brought out a lot. 


"Hubby's always know. You should really try to get some rest though Emi"


"I know but these sneezes are keeping me up"


If you were wondering why Emma had not taken medication yet is because medicine makes her throw up. For some reason, ever since he was a child she could never take medication. The medicine for some reason does not corporate with her body. Any way, back to Emma who was struggling to fall asleep.


Emma's nose was running really hard. She or her husband had never seen her this sick. 


"A-Chu A-Chu A-Chu Chu Chu" she couldn't stop herself. It just kept on coming.


By now her sneezes had taken over her and her husband had to hold onto her until she stopped. 


To her luck, the sneezes had passed her out. She slept peacefully throughout he night. Of course, what about their anniversary. They both had totally forgot. Emma wasn't doing very well. What would happen?

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I think hubby should get sick too

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This is so awesome! Thank you for updating this yummy read! 

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M214186 - I'm going to use your idea. Love it

CharliesGirl - Thanks so much!


Chapter 4:

What a lovely day I WOULD have been for an anniversary. As Jacob woke up for his morning cup of coffee he noticed his wife still sleeping peacefully. He desided that it would be good idea to make her a cup as well. Jacob knew that today would be a relaxing day. No way was it possible for Emma to go out with him. Even if he know she would fake it. 

All of a sudden he herd a sneeze from upstairs 

"Aa-Chu" Went Emma from upstairs

She had just awoken to a pain full sore throat. She wished it would have been just a 24 hour thing but she knew it was never going to work out. 

"Hey Babe" said Jacob bringing up her sup of coffee "Poored you a cup of coffee"

"Thanks so much" she said with a croak and then sneezed "Aa-Chu"

" Sounds painful, are you feeling better?"

"I wish I could say yes"

"I thought so"

Jacob didn't want to bring up anneversary since he knew he she would feel really bad. Instead, he hoped into the bed and snuggled beside Emma.

Emma was not going to talk. She didn't want to and Jacob realized that. They watched Tv together for a while. Then somehow Emma broke out into a sneezing fit. 

"Aa-Chu, Aa-Chu A-Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu" Emma couldn't control herself. 

Those sneezes didn't feel good to Emma. That hert her and even tough her husband hugged her tight she was still being pushed from he sneeze. Jacob had never ever seen her sneeze that much. He didn't even know that it was possible for her to sneeze that much. 

The last sneeze sprayed all over Jacob. Jacob didn't want to say anything, it would just make him feel worse. All of a sudden he sneezed. A very manly sneeze at that but very cute.

"Aaaa-hhchu" he went which kinda scared his wife.

He grabbed a tissue for him and his wife who had just finished her sneezing fit. 

"Are you catching my cold?" She asked a bit conserned.

"No, no babe" he replied "It's just the dust went up my nose"

It was true that Jacob was allergic to dust but his was obviously not an allergic sneeze. Emma fell for it though. Thank God, Jacob did not want Emma to think he was sick while she was obviously in a worse state. 


I was was now around Noon yet it was still pretty dark outside. It was raining pretty hard. Emma got up (Which Jacob totally disagreed with) and tried to open the window. She had not clue if was raining out side. She got drenched in rain as she tried to close the opened window. Jacob rushed over to her.

"Why the heck would you open the window"

All Emma could reply with was a couple wet sneezes. 

"Emi, get changed and hope back into bed" he said "You are in no stats to get out of bed yet"

"Whab aboug our anniversary" she said stuffy from that wet sneeze.

"Don't worry about that" he said "You need rest and your health is more important"

He left the bedroom to go get some food for him and Emma but he knew she was never going to give up the fact that she was sick to miss this special day. He wished she would just give into her cold a little bit. He wanted her to be better quick!


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