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Happy Accidents (m/m)

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Hello forum! This thread is going to be composed of pieces featuring my OC Samuel Winters (who I have also featured over in my drabble thread), as well as occasionally his boyfriend Jonah. To start off, we have their first in-person meeting, in which poor Samuel has a horrible cold...

Thread title from "Happy Accidents" by Saint Motel, which is a really great song for their relationship.


Samuel had never met the guy, just seen pictures on social media, but the second Jonah Cavanaugh walked into the coffee shop, he knew it was him.

It was a drizzly winter morning, and Jonah was dressed for the weather in a pea coat and dark jeans, with a beanie pulled over wiry black curls. He had inherited his complexion from his mother, an immigrant from India, but his eyes were a startling blue. Hadn’t he said his father was Irish? It would explain the last name.

He spotted Samuel and raised his hand in a wave before beginning to make his way over to the corner table.

“Samuel, right?” He asked with a tentative smile, pausing a few steps away.

“Yes! Hey, it’s so nice to finally meet you,” Samuel said, smiling back as Jonah slid into the chair across from him.

“Likewise,” Jonah said, and extended a hand across the table.

Samuel felt like he was blushing, but it could also be the fever that he was undoubtedly running. “I would totally shake your hand, but I have an awful cold and I really don’t want to get you sick.”

“Ah, I’m sorry,” Jonah said, furrowing his brows the tiniest bit in what looked like concern. He withdrew his hand without making a big deal of it, which Samuel appreciated. “It is that time of year.”

“Yeah, for sure.” Samuel angled himself away from Jonah and coughed into the bend of his elbow, feeling the heat of his breath against the fabric of his jacket. It wasn’t nearly warm enough for the weather outside, but he kept flashing hot and cold and it was impossible to dress for it.

Jonah waited until he had finished before giving a tiny smile and asking, “So how’s Mari doing?”

Samuel grinned. Mari was the mutual friend who had connected them to begin with — she was a good friend of Samuel’s in several of his classes, and she was dating Jonah’s cousin.

“He’s really hot, Samuel,” she confided to him in the computer lab one afternoon. “And I don’t even go for men. But damn.” She whistled.

Samuel laughed. “Does Grace know you’re lusting after her cousin?” He teased.

Mari smacked him none too gently.

By the time Samuel had finished catching Jonah up on Mari’s latest exploits, his sore throat was complaining and he found, frustratingly enough, that his voice was fading.

“I’m going to go order a drink,” Jonah said kindly as Samuel coughed hoarsely into his forearm, not having been able to get to his elbow in time. “Do you want me to get you some tea?”

“Please,” Samuel said, his voice raspy, and dropped his gaze to the table while Jonah got up to order. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Mari.


Samuel: Mari I’m sick as a dog and he’s GORGEOUS


Mari responded almost immediately.


Mari: Aw bud, I told you you needed to be sleeping more >:(


Samuel: I’m so mad. I’m pretty sure I look completely disgusting.

Samuel: And now he’s buying me tea



Samuel let out a frustrated huff and pocketed his phone again. Since Jonah was still at the counter ordering, he took the moment of solitude to tend to his nose, which was beginning to run after his last coughing fit.

Blowing his nose, however, somehow seemed to make it itch, and Samuel pitched forward into his handful of tissues with a muffled “mmpnxxgh!that made his ears pop.

“Bless you, I think?” 

Samuel glanced up as Jonah set a steaming mug in front of him. His nose was congested enough now that he couldn’t smell the tea itself, but the opaque vapors spiraling off of its surface were warm and comforting.

“Thagks,” Samuel said stuffily. Where his nose had been running before, now he could hardly draw breath through it. Trying to was strenuous enough that it made him cough again, which sent vibrations up through his soft palate that resulted in a breathless, shivering hhh’ISSHHyuu!” into the sleeve of his jacket. 

“Bless you,” Jonah said again, his brows furrowed again. “You don’t sound well.”

Samuel colored, and his gaze dropped to the table, tears pricking in his eyes in spite of himself. Why couldn’t anything ever go right? “I’b so sorry about this, but I did’t want to reschedule and magke you thingk thadt I wasdn’t idterested.” 

He blew his nose, using his last, sodden tissue as an excuse to keep from looking at Jonah. But when he couldn’t avoid it any longer, he found the other man watching him with soft eyes. When was the last time someone had looked at him like that? 

“You’re really cute, you know that?”

Samuel’s breath caught in his throat. What? “Uh…I…”

“And you’re sweet, and Grace speaks the world of you,” Jonah continued on. “So I want you to know that when I say that I want you to go home and rest, it’s not because I don’t want to spend time with you.”

Samuel sighed, deflating a little bit. He really was exhausted, but…

“We can chat while I drink my tea, and then I’ll go home, all right?”

Jonah huffed out a little surprised laugh, but he nodded. “All right.”

Samuel dragged out his tea as long as possible, and by the time he got to the bottom of the mug the liquid was cold. But he learned that Jonah was an IT consultant at an insurance firm in Manhattan, that he had a cat named Lucille, and that he had grown up in Brooklyn but wanted one day to live somewhere new and different.

“I think you’re the first person I’ve ever known who grew up on a farm,” he admitted to Samuel, grinning to himself. “That’s so cool.”

“Well we did’t really grow adythig,” Samuel replied, coughing into his fist. He was congested again, and he felt too hot in this coffeeshop. He hated to admit it, but he was fading fast. “We had horses ad sobetibes cows.”

“Is it too embarrassing to admit that I’ve never seen a horse in person?”

Samuel looked up, aghast, and Jonah looked sheepish. “Not eved moudted patrol?”

“I mean, from a distance? But I’ve never touched one or anything.” Jonah smiled. “They just look so majestic.”

Samuel couldn’t help but chuckle. “They cad also be huge assholes,” he rasped, and raised his elbow to his face for another coughing fit. When he finished, he found Jonah beginning to put on his pea coat.

“You can hardly talk,” Jonah said gently when Samuel looked at him with sad eyes. “I think it’s best we call it a day.”

He wanted to argue, but Samuel was busy folding a napkin over his nose for a hoarse-sounding sneeze. “issshh’uh!” It hurt too much to stifle at this point, but all the same the building pressure in his sinuses made him wince. “You mbay be right.”

They exchanged numbers as they left the coffee shop, and once they were outside Jonah surprised Samuel by stepping in and pressing a kiss to his fever-heated cheek.

“Feel better,” he said kindly, and then he was gone, leaving Samuel touching his cheek and feeling like a teenager again.

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I'm interested! Continue!:razz:

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I loved learning more about the both of them. I was also curious about Jonah's name so I'm glad you touched on that. 


“Yeah, for sure.” Samuel angled himself away from Jonah and coughed into the bend of his elbow, feeling the heat of his breath against the fabric of his jacket. It wasn’t nearly warm enough for the weather outside, but he kept flashing hot and cold and it was impossible to dress for it.

God, I'm such a fever whore so I really appreciated that part. I just realized I'm melting and there hasn't even been any sneezing yet! I love how Jonah knows to offer tea - what a sweetheart. :wub: I also loved the "Bless you, I think?" :razz:


"I’b so sorry about this, but I did’t want to reschedule and magke you thingk thadt I wasdn’t idterested.”

aww shit I thought this sounded familiar - was this inspired by that tumblr post? (ETA the tumblr post you authored) I'm so glad to see it playing out, and with my favorite boys, no less!



“You’re really cute, you know that?”

Samuel’s breath caught in his throat. What? “Uh…I…”

“And you’re sweet, and Grace speaks the world of you,” Jonah continued on. “So I want you to know that when I say that I want you to go home and rest, it’s not because I don’t want to spend time with you.”


AHHHHHHjzidirk!!! I didn't think it could get any sweeter after his first comment and then it did. Oh my god I love them.

"He hated to admit it, but he was fading fast." oh heavens.

The kiss at the end... again with that lovely little feverish detail. This was so incredibly wonderful. I'm glad they were able to spend some time together!

Edited by AnonyMouse

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Gahhh! This is ADORABLE! I'm totally looking forward to reading more about these two :wub: 

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Quing Nerd   
Quing Nerd

? ? ? ? ?

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Mmm... yes, please.

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@Geni101@Dusty15 @AnonyMouse @Quing Nerd @ellwren Thank you all so much for your comments!! I haven't been doing much writing outside of roleplay recently so I appreciate the positive feedback :D

And Anony, you're such a champion for all my OCs and I really love and appreciate you for that :wub:

Anywho, here's another little (hah, I can't keep things short) piece starring these two boys. This takes place several weeks after their first coffee shop meeting; they've had several dates since that have gone very well and are officially boyfriends. Samuel's over at Jonah's for the first time and they're ordering takeout.


Samuel runs his fingers through Lucille’s thick fur, delighting in the purr rumbling up from his lap, and leans into Jonah’s side. “So work was okay?”

He feels Jonah’s shoulders rise and then fall in a shrug. “Not bad,” Jonah responds, his hand also joining Samuel’s in petting the pudgy tabby. Lucille’s purring gets even louder. “I’m just ready for this merger to be over.”

Samuel nods in a way that he hopes is sympathetic. He knows nothing about business or being a cog in the corporation machine, but he knows that Jonah’s company’s upcoming merger is running him ragged. He rubs absently at his eyes. “Did they ever find that work order that was supposed to be in your office last week?”

“No,” Jonah huffs, sinking down further into the couch cushions. “It’s probably ended up in Custodial or Accounting or something. The mail room can’t keep up with all the requests coming in and they keep losing stuff.”

“That sounds like such a pain, I’m sorry.” Jonah leans his head against Samuel’s shoulder, and Samuel cards his fingers absently through his boyfriend’s inky curls. Even in the privacy of Jonah’s small apartment, he still feels a thrill of anxiety and exhilaration touching another man like this.

There’s a knock on the door just then, and Samuel jumps away from Jonah like he’s been scalded.

“It’s just the delivery guy,” Jonah says, shooting him an amused glance as he gets up and rifles through his wallet for cash. Samuel colors and rubs his eyes again. Within the last few minutes they’ve begun to feel dry and itchy, and messing with them just seems to be making things worse.

The itching of his eyes has made his nose run, and as Jonah is paying for their takeout Samuel tents his hands and stifles a “mpxxCHh” that seems to make everything behind his nose and eyes tingle.

“Bless you,” Jonah says automatically as he carries the food to the kitchen and begins unpacking it. “Which did you get again?”

“The, uh, thing with the chicken.”

“They both have chicken.”

“Oh.” Samuel sniffles once, then again when the first isn’t satisfying.

“I think you got the tikka masala,” Jonah decides. He begins to get bowls from the cupboard and shoots Samuel a cheeky grin over his shoulder. “We’ll teach you yet.”

“I still think you should have cooked,” Samuel said, flicking a smile back in return. Jonah just laughs.

“I didn’t want your first experience with Indian food to be my cooking, okay? In case I screwed everything up and you hated it forever.”

“I don’t think that would have happened.” Samuel rubs at his nose fiercely, scrubbing at the delicate membranes with the side of his index finger until his eyes are watering. He still has to sneeze, and he catches another irritated-sounding set of stifles in his cupped hands. “mmmpffCHHh - mmmpfhhXXCH - ISSSH’mmpf!” The last one is only half-stifled, too powerful and itchy to be completely squelched into his palms, and he sniffles liquidly before cupping a hand beneath his nose and fleeing to the bathroom.

He blows his nose, tickling out another sneeze, and then blows again until he feels like his nose is no longer in danger of running. When Samuel looks up and meets his own gaze in the mirror, he winces. His eyes are watering and already beginning to turn pink, and they feel like they’ve been thoroughly rubbed with sand.

It’s still winter, so he shouldn’t be allergic to anything blooming, and the reaction has been so immediate and violent that it has to be something in Jonah’s apartment that’s causing it. He’s not as concerned with that though as he is by the fact that it’s only his fourth time hanging out with Jonah, which would make it exactly ½ of their dates that Jonah had seen Samuel a sneezy, miserable wreck.

Samuel tries to splash water into his eyes, which helps with the itching and redness a little bit, but there’s nothing to be done about the redness around his nostrils or the fact that he seems to be constantly on the edge of a sneeze. He stifles another quick sneeze into his shoulder - he’s going to have to start letting them out soon if he wants the fit to subside - and sniffles before squaring his shoulders and venturing back out into the living room.

“Are you all right?” Jonah asks immediately. He’s setting their food along the bar, but he stops and comes over, making as if to touch his palm to Samuel’s forehead. Samuel ducks around him, shrugging in vague embarrassment.

“I feel fine,” he says, lying a bit through his teeth. “Just got something up my nose, I guess.”

Jonah doesn’t seem to believe him, but he steps away and the two of them take their seats on the stools pushed up against the bar.

“So what am I eating?” Samuel asks, looking down at the delicious-smelling red chicken-and-sauce in front of him.

“Chicken tikka masala,” Jonah says from his left. “Basically just chicken in a tomato-based sauce with some spices. And rice, of course.”

It sounds wonderful, and Samuel manages several bites before the prickling in his nose turns into something more urgent, and he angles his body away from Jonah to sneeze into his napkin. “huhrIIISHHH’uh!”

“Ugh, I’m sorry,” he says just as Jonah blesses him.

“You don’t need to apologize every time you sneeze,” Jonah says, placing his palm comfortingly between Samuel’s shoulder blades. “Are you sure you’re not getting sick?”

Samuel takes a break from scrubbing at his eyes to nod, and Jonah lets out a low hum.

“Your eyes are super red, babe,” he says, the endearment slipping off his tongue like they say it to each other all the time. Samuel feels a flicker of warmth in his chest before he has to lean away from Jonah again to sneeze, then sneeze again.

“I’m --” he starts to apologize, then stops as he meets Jonah’s eyes. “It’s just allergies, I’ll be okay.” But he’s started to sound congested between his sneezes, and he really wishes he could just gouge his own eyes out to end this torture already.

“To what? It’s January.”

At that moment, Lucille the cat paws at the base of Jonah’s chair, meowing plaintively for some scraps. Jonah looks down at his cat, then over at his boyfriend, and sighs. “You should have said you were allergic to cats, Sam.”

“I forgot!” Samuel insists, his voice muffled through the napkin as he scrubs at his twitching nostrils. “And I don’t normally react like this, I usually just sneeze, like, a tiny bit.” He rubs at his eyes again - they’re starting to swell, and they’re watering so badly he can hardly see - and Jonah catches his wrist.

“You were petting Lucille earlier,” he says frankly. “And now you’re touching your face.”

Samuel groans. That’s the difference. “I usually don’t get to pet cats, my brothers are allergic too and we never had them growing up.”

Jonah grabs Samuel’s bowl and takes it back into the kitchen, and when Samuel protests, he rolls his eyes. “I’m putting this in a plastic container so you can eat it later. At your place,” he adds pointedly.

Samuel is so frustrated at this point that there are tears in his eyes (although there were tears in his eyes anyways) -- couldn’t he have one date with Jonah where he doesn’t have to leave early because he’s falling to pieces? But Jonah seems to see him tearing up, and he frowns.

“I just don’t have enough antihistamines here to help,” he says, as if continuing his thought. “You need to go home and shower and take some medicine. But then I can...come over?” His pitch rises a little bit, tentative, “and we can finish our dinner date away from cat dander.”

Samuel wants to argue and say he can tough it out, but his throat and palate are starting to itch as well, and he knows that if he doesn’t head this off now he’ll be a wreck for hours. So he sighs, quite stuffily by this point, and begins to gather his things.

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Quing Nerd   
Quing Nerd


?????????? good shit go౦ԁ sHit? thats ✔ some good??shit right??there??? right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self ? i say so ? thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ? ?? ?НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Good shit

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This is very sweet, I love the tender feelings and embarrassments that come with two characters figuring out a new relationship <3 The pace and writing both feel very natural, please continue!

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Me, when I read about him rubbing his eyes after petting the cat (love her name, btw!)



There’s a knock on the door just then, and Samuel jumps away from Jonah like he’s been scalded

This part was amusing but also kind of sad. Poor Sam, so afraid to just be himself.

Fetishy and lovey dovey parts that made me melt:


Samuel tents his hands and stifles a “mpxxCHh” that seems to make everything behind his nose and eyes tingle.


He blows his nose, tickling out another sneeze


“Your eyes are super red, babe,” he says, the endearment slipping off his tongue like they say it to each other all the time. Samuel feels a flicker of warmth in his chest before he has to lean away from Jonah again to sneeze, then sneeze again.


He rubs at his eyes again - they’re starting to swell, and they’re watering so badly he can hardly see - and Jonah catches his wrist.

Someone taking someone's arm or wrist to stop them from rubbing their eyes/nose/face is such a precious thing. Poor babe, so self conscious about his sneezing. You are just... such an amazing writer and do such a good job developing characters and dialogue. Your writing is like candy. I can't help but wonder if Samuel is sensitive to some of the spices in the Indian food as well? :o)

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Nice, very nice.

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Bumping my own thread because some twitter RP with Anony got me back into writing my boys again. Thank you so much to all of you who've commented so far! I put a lot of myself into Sam especially, so it really means a lot when I get positive feedback.

Setting: Samuel and Jonah have been dating for roughly three years and now live together in Brooklyn. Samuel's second oldest brother Caleb's wife has just passed away, and he has traveled back to his family farm in Nebraska to be with his family. His parents in particular are very homophobic and have never been okay with him being gay, so after some discussion he and Jonah decided that it would be best that only Sam go.



Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.15.17 PM.png

Sam squinted his eyes against the light from his phone, pressure pulsing in his forehead like a thick, slow heartbeat. He could hear his mother downstairs, her voice raised at someone - probably Jacob or his father - and when a pan smashed against the floor, he threw his phone to the bed and shut his eyes completely. It was still too bright, and everything downstairs was too loud, and all he could do was press the heels of his hands into his eyes to try and fight the building sinus pressure.

He was debating turning off all the lights in his room and trying to nap for the third time today when his phone chirped on the covers beside him. It was Jonah’s ringtone, which was the only reason he felt for it and opened the new text. Jonah was still typing.

Jonah: okay, so
Jonah: I know you told me that it was a bad idea

A nauseating combination of anxiety and relief spiked through his chest, and Sam felt his hands beginning to shake as Jonah continued to type.

Jonah: But I’m at the Comfort Inn like ten minutes from your house if you need to get away from them for a bit. No pressure if you don’t.

Sam’s throat tightened with emotion, then with congestion, and he ended up coughing until his eyes were watering, or he was crying, or somewhere in between.

Jonah’s three gray dots were still in motion, and Sam could just picture him, huddled on the generic bedcovers and typing, deleting, retyping, deleting…

Sam’s hands were shaking too badly by now to type out a proper reply, so he pressed “call” instead.

Jonah answered halfway through the first ring.

“I’m so sorry -- ” he started, cutting off Sam before he had any chance to speak. “I know you told me not to come, and I know I’m probably violating like five different kinds of boundaries, but you’re so goddamn miserable, babe, and -- ”

It took Sam a few times to clear his throat enough to speak up. “Jonah,” he said finally.

“I -- sorry. Hi, Sam.”

“Hi, Jonah.” In spite of all that had gone on in the last few days, Samuel found himself beginning to smile.


Silence. Samuel pulled the phone away from his face to cough into his elbow, and when he returned, Jonah made a soft sound of sympathy.

“Comfort Inn?” Samuel said instead. “What room?”

Jonah sighed on the other end of the line, and Sam could all but see his shoulders dropping away from his ears. “204.”

“I’ll be there in ten.”


He didn’t tell his mother where he was going. He did text Jacob, but only because he needed to borrow his car.

The Dayquil he’d taken this morning had definitely worn off by the time he pulled his brother’s truck into the parking lot of the Comfort Inn. His headache was throbbing with a vengeance, and the congestion piled high in his sinuses had one nostril stuffy and the other running. If Jonah hadn’t seen him through three years of this kind of shit, Sam would have balked and run the other direction.

It was a gray, dreary day, but there was enough light peeking through the clouds to trigger a deep, shaky inhale and ensuing “huhrIIISHHH’uh!” that comes too quickly for him to stifle. His nose was running now, and he poked his head back in the truck to rummage through the console. No tissues, but there was an old fast food napkin that looked more or less clean, so Samuel blew his nose and tried not to wince at the grating of the rough paper on his already chapped nose.

Jonah’s room was outside on the second floor, and Sam rubbed his wrist beneath his nose once more to be safe before climbing the dingy hotel stairs. It wasn’t one of the nicer hotels in town, but it was roughly equidistant between the airport and the Winters farm.

His nose was itching again as he stopped in front of room 204, and he took another moment to sniffle and compose himself before knocking on the door.

Jonah opened it mere seconds after hearing Sam’s knock, and he took a step back, dark brows drawn tightly together. “If you want me to go -- ” He started, but Sam had already closed the distance between them and buried his face in Jonah’s shoulder, a sob he was only half aware of rising in his chest.

“So goddamn stubborn,” he murmured into Jonah’s shirt, already feeling tears leaking onto the thin cloth. Jonah too was sniffling as he pressed his nose into Samuel’s hair, cupping the back of his head with a free hand and holding him tightly.

“I’ve missed you,” he thought he heard Jonah say, but it was hard to tell between both of them sniffling and Sam trying very hard not to cough. After a few moment the urge became too much, and he tucked his head away from his partner for a chesty coughing fit that ended in a half-stifled set of sneezes. “mpxxCHh! Ishhhh’hh!”

“Bless.” Jonah took half a step back and gave Samuel what felt like a very clinical once-over. When Sam moved to wipe his nose on his sleeve, Jonah nudged his hand away and began rummaging in the duffel bag set on the nearest bed.

“I wanted to bring more medicine but, you know, three ounce rule. And I haven’t had time to get to a pharmacy here yet.” He pulled out a full, unopened box of Kleenex and tossed it to Samuel, who opened it gratefully.

“I’b doig okay,” Sam said through the tissues clamped around his nose, sniffling fitfully. “Still just this cold.”

“It sounds like it’s turned into a sinus infection, with a cough like that.” Jonah pressed the back of his hand to Samuel’s forehead. He smelled like Samuel’s favorite cologne, which unfortunately was just enough on his inflamed nostrils to make Samuel whip away with an irritated “hhrISHHHyuh!”

Sam mumbled an apology, blushing scarlet, and buried his face in the tissues again while Jonah fussed over him, feeling for his temperature and tapping on his sinuses with practiced movements. It had taken the bulk of their relationship to get past the weird, internalized guilt he felt every time he fell ill or had an allergy flare-up, and when he was feeling exhausted and strung out like this, it was easy to fall back into old patterns. He always felt like he was too disgusting to be out in the world and around people when he was sick, and his normal routine was to hide in his apartment until he could drug himself up enough to come across as healthy.

Jonah had never let him do that. It had been a fight at first, and Sam had even been pushed into panic attacks several times in the early days when Jonah had refused to let him back out of plans just because he felt repulsive. But he had slowly come to be comfortable around Jonah when he was sick, and nursing his partner through colds of his own had made the relationship feel more reciprocal and relaxed.


He blinked, swaying a little. “Sorry. Kinda got a migraine too.”

Jonah’s hand was solid on his lower back. “What else do you all have going on today?”

Sam closed his eyes for a moment, trying to force his cold-fogged brain to process faster. “Um, nothing, I don’t think. The funeral isn’t until the day after tomorrow.”

In that moment, his phone buzzed in his pocket. Samuel pulled it out slowly, squinting at the incoming message.

Jacob: I can’t really cover for you any longer, mom’s asking questions
Jacob: we’re going on a family bike ride or something

He must have made some noise or a weird expression, because Jonah’s hand on his back began rubbing gentle circles. When Sam relayed the message, his partner’s eyes darkened.

“You’re going to crash into a tree if you try to ride a bike like this,” he said, indicating Sam’s increasing loss of equilibrium. Another wave of dizziness dragged over Samuel like an ebbing tide, and he swayed again, forgetting for a moment which way was up.

“Can you drive me home?” He heard himself whisper.


“Stay with me?”

He couldn’t see Jonah’s face, but when he coughed, he felt the other man’s arm wrapping firmly around his waist.



Sam must have dozed on the drive back to his parents’ farm, because Jonah had to nudge him to open his eyes when the car had come to a stop.

“Who’s at the house right now?” Jonah asked.

Sam blinked, fumbling for the handle of his car door for a moment before letting himself out. “Uh, mom, dad, Jacob, maybe Caleb?”

His balance was still a little fucked up, and he had to stop halfway to the door to cough into his fist, but Samuel made it up the front porch and into the foyer without any help from Jonah, who was trailing a step behind. His mother appeared at the sound of the door opening, a dishtowel in her hands.

“Sam, go get changed, we’re -- ” She started, then stopped immediately as a tall, dark stranger entered her house behind her youngest son. Sam’s eyes flicked from her to Jonah, and he about to try to explain the situation when Jacob appeared behind their mother.

“This must be Jonah! Really nice to finally meet you, man,” he said, surprisingly everyone, and stepped forward to shake Jonah’s hand with enthusiasm.

“Likewise.” Jonah put his free hand on Samuel’s lower back again as he shook hands with his brother, and Sam forced himself to look anywhere other than at his mother. “I’m so sorry for your loss. Samuel has wonderful things to say about Laurie.”

“She will be missed,” his mother spoke for the first time, her eyes unsure, but a forced impression of a smile was on her lips.

Sam’s traitorous nasal passages chose this moment to prickle with irritation, and he jammed his wrist against his nose to stifle a painful “mpcxxh” that made his ears ring.

They all blessed him, making his cheeks warm, and he felt Jonah touch his back once more before returning Jacob’s keys to him and stepping towards the stairs. “Sam is feeling really poorly, so I offered to keep him company while you all went on your bike ride.”

The expression that his mother was making right now. If he didn’t feel so physically awful, Sam might have enjoyed it. Instead, he wiped at his nose with a tissue he’d pocketed from the hotel room and tailed up the stairs after Jonah after they’d said their goodbyes.

“I texted Jacob from your phone,” Jonah explained once they were out of earshot. “I wanted to make sure we had at least one person expecting us.”

“I love you.” Sam pushed the heels of his hands into his eyes.

Jonah chuckled. “And I finally get to see your childhood bedroom, so it’s a win-win for all of us.”

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Glad you're back!

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These guys are pure sweetness. :heart: They are so good for each other.

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Love that you're continuing!

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