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allergic to dust??

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im,, really starting to wonder if im allergic to dust :blink: there have been instances where i just suddenly sneeze while there is about a 69% chance dust is in the vicinity

and in some cases, there was visible dust present 

i was moving all my clothes from one room to another, and the drawer where i was putting my clothes in was really dusty, and coincidentally my nose started to itch :/ (i sneezed soon after)

so.... maybe???

or i could be indulging in my fetish too much and silently hoping im finally allergic to something when its actually just a bunch of coincidences -u-;;

i kinda wanna do an allergy test or something to see if my theory is correct buuuuut im too worried of exposing my fetish soooooo nah

i guess ill never know :shifty:

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If I had to guess, I'd say that your reaction to the dust was perfectly normal, and doesn't sound like allergies at all.  That happens to everyone.  When we're in dusty places, the particles of dust get breathed into our noses, and stick to the mucous lining.  When there's too much dust on the lining, the particles irritate it, and we feel as a big tickle.  Then, we sneeze to relieve the tickle and wash the dust out.  It's just our nose doing what it's supposed to.

Now, if the sneezing is really excessive, or there are other symptoms that go along with it, like itchy eyes or throat, that probably would mean you had allergies.  But sneezing a couple times after breathing in a lot of dust just means your nose is doing it's job. :)

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