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Andrew and Embry

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So this is Inspired by the amazing hot weather today and crazy amount of pollen and spring fever haha. Also because I watched a video of these two guys one was making himself sneeze and laughing a bunch and his friend was recording him and commenting and laughing. But I thought what if his friend recording secretly had a thing for Hus friend sneezing and his friend was just doing it as a joke and it was actually making his friend feel some type of way hhaha. So I had this on my mind. I will have to make another part but I have to go to work now so... Hope you enjoy ?!:)



Andrew was on his way to his best friends house. He was dabbing at his eyes as the pollen whirled around the neighborhood on this particularly hot spring day. The wind was harsh blowing around the perfume of flowers and the sky was bright but with the promise of later thunderstorms. Andrew wore a thin tee and jeans and and had chestnut brown curls. Sometimes they looked quite dark but in the sun they shone with autumn like redness. 

He Sniffed and rubbing his finger under his septum he thought about his friend. "ah I wonder how Embrys doing, he's usually a snivelling mess in the spring." 

He smiled to himself his eyelashes fluttering and eyes bright in the sun. He and Embry had been friends since childhood and they loved to be silly and play pranks and get into all kinds of mischeif. Embry was the most scoundrel like of the two who loved to laugh and would do anything for kicks. Andrew was incredibly fond of his friend. Sometimes he felt his heart flutter around him though in a way that reminded him of how he felt around previous girlfriends. He wasn't ready to chew on that one yet, however so he pleasantly ignored those thoughts and with his hands in his pockets made his way down the cobblestone sidewalk.

432 lion lane. This was Embrys adress and was like another home to Andrew. The white house was sparkling. He smiled entering. 

Embry was home from university and Andrew wasted no time in coming over to see his friend. 

"Andrew !" Mrs. Lacey called coming down the stairs her arms thrown open for an embrace. Andrew had just walked in the house as if he owned it and that was just the way. 

"Mom!" He called jokingly hugging her back. "its been a while huh?" He smiled affectionately and they pulled away. 

"How are your studies going?"

"excellent, well on my way to a good career in medicine." 

"amazing." She spoke with admiration. " well speaking of which, Embry has not been feeling well since coming home not to mention spring is hitting him hard, so.."

Andrew cut her off. "I haven't seen the guy in ages, I'll risk the germs." He patted her shoulder and practically flew up the stairs.

In front of the door he held back a moment his heart fluttering. "what's wrong with you andrew, get it together." He shook his head and opened the door. 

Embry was sitting on his bed his head resting against the window and looking out it. His messy black hair spiralling along the window. With a cat in his lap he pet slowly and wearing dark jeans and a dark v neck he didn't notice Andrew enter.

Andrew stared a moment lost in a strange feeling the spring air must be making him feel giddy. Embrys eyes bolted over to Andrews and instantly the very calm features spread out into an enlarged grin. He kept up and lunged onto Andrew who laughed and clasped his arms firmly around his friend.

"Andrew, my god it feels like its been so long!" Andrew laughed he couldn't contain his joy at seeing his best friend.

"Embry you look.." 

He was cut off by Embry holding up a finger and his eyes fluttering closed.

"huhhh.....HNN'GuhHSHH!..HUUUHHn'GSH!...ahh sorry" he sniffed. 

Andrew was blushing but merely laughed to hide his concern slash maybe butterflies..What? Andrew shook his head.

"man, you're just as sneezy as ever huh?"

Embry smiled and laughed heartily. "guess so, I can't shake it..Which dude! I thought of an idea for a video to post to our channel. "

Andrews eyebrow peaked. "I want to just put tissues up my nose or something use pollen or cat hair or whatever and just see how much more I sneeze, cause I'm already sick, it would probably be hilarious right!?" 

Andrew laughed. " wow, you're so dumb. Sounds wicked funny. I'm down." 

This was the kind of crap that they did but for some reason Andrew was feeling a little worried about this. He often got aroused by sneezing he was worried with the way he was feeling all hyped on spring air and all out of breath probably from the walk..Maybe he would misconstrue his feelings for his friends?

But this was the kind of stuff they did, it just never had to do specifically with sneezing before..

Oh well it should be fine he thought to himself as embry went to the window and Inhaled the air. 

"ahh get your camera ready man I can already feel the onslaught of sneezes" he smiled In a playful manner. "let's see how many we record!"

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This seems interesting, I can't wait to see where it goes!!! :D Please continue.

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Please do continue this

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Hey I'm glad you guys liked this idea!!

 Well hopefully this next part didnt come out too bad! Let me know what you think!:) did I ruin it ??? Let me know also any thing you may want to see??


"okay go!" Andrew gave him an 'okay' signal with his free hand and recorded with his other hand holding his phone.

Embry was sitting Cross legged on his bed clutching his pillow against his chest. He was smiling wide as he closed his eyes and inhaled out the window.

"oh mahhngh.." His nostrils were trembling and he quickly lifted his hand to wipe at his nose as it filled with congestion and throbbed with sneeze filled apprehension. 

Andrew perked up at his friends sniffs and noted the lower tone to his register. However he merely laughed as he looked at his friend through the phone screen. 

"you've got it bad kid" he laughed a rising chuckle. 

Embry fluttered his eyelashes as he smiled and his eyes squeezed shut. He held a finger in front of his smile in waiting tilting his head back ever so slightly. 

Andrew was holding his breath. Come to think of it, before today It really had been a long time since he had heard Embry sneeze, but he hadn't forgotten the sound. He remembered long nights just sleeping next to him when they were younger when he would spend the night. He couldn't sleep because Embry would be sniffling and sneezing and waking himself up to blow his nose. Andrew would pretend to be asleep but really he was tormented by inexplicable feelings inside him. A heat and a longing perhaps. Now he was brought back to the present as his friends smile became a gasping for air and his nose opened and shuddered with fragile release.

Hnn..GHH'EHHschh ..Hn'GEhhSHOO..HUH'UPKXSH..AAAahh..Ah....

Embry laughed in between his bout. Breathy laughs with tears streaming from his eyes. His finger was up again in anticipation. Andrew had laughed during the bout but now as he watched embry in sneezy limbo he was feeling like a deer in a trap staring at his friend with the utmost intensity. 

Embry had not been covering just spraying freely in front of him.

"gross man!" Andrew laughed noticing wet spots on the bed sheet but his blush may have betrayed him were his friend able to look at him through bleary eyes.

"You gonna sneeze or wh-"


He was laughing In hysterics and Andrew couldn't help but laugh with him. Embrys nose was dripping and he was sniffing incessantly. 

"ohh thad feld amazigh.." 

"you might have given yourself an orgasm." Andrew joked, astounded that the words came out. He might have choked on them.

Embry laughed wiping his eyes. "I need a tissue." He winked and slid off the bed his arm brushing Andrew.

Andrew watched his friends back noticing his walk and his hair softly bouncing. He swallowed a lump in his throat.

He knew Embry would go downstairs for an antihistamine or some type of cold medicine. He really wanted to do this all night though...

"ughhh.." He through his hand over his forehead and fell onto his back. He clicked play on the video replaying embrys bright smile and exasperated, loud sneezes. His face was hot.

He could see the spray from embry and he knew they were doing this cause it was gross and funny. But somehow..He was feeling something else too.

When embry came back up the stairs Andrew hurriedly shut off the video. Embry was coughing and clutched at his chest grimacing.

Andrew quirked his eyebrow. "you alright man?"

Embry sniffled. "ah yeah its nothing. I..HuHHHgshh!" He bended at the waste and sprayed the carpet. 

"ohhh..Excuse me." 

"you um..Got a little.." Andrew pointed to his nose.

"oh.." Embry began to laugh his contagious laugh but it sounded strained as well as weaker than before.

"let me just get a tih...A tihh..Ahh..."

Andrew saw him losing his balance on his feet and reached out for his friend instinctively. Sometimes embrys sneezes were so much he would accidentally fall or smack his head on the wall. He had gone to the nurses office back in the day quite a few times because of something like that. 


He fell into Andrews arms. His nose fell onto Andrews shoulder and he could feel the dampness there. He felt himself shiver. Then his friends breath was against his neck.

"woah.." Andrew gasped. "I'm not a tissue you know.."

"s-s-sorrehhh..HHuhPGSHnxt" He sneezed over his friends shoulder. He crumpled into Andrews arms exhausted.

"ah I'm sorry.." He trailed off. 

"Its okay.."

Neither of Them moved. Both staring out past each other straight ahead. Andrew felt Embry shuddering with stifled sneezes in his arms. 

why isn't he breaking this position?? Andrew thought feeling alarmed and excited. Then he brought the back of his hand to embrys forehead.

"oh my God Embry..You're burning.."

He pulled away to look at his friends face. Embrys eyes were swimming and fluttering. His cheeks were flushed scarlet and beads of sweat adorned his temples. His nose was wet underneath. Lips pouted and chapped. 

"you must be feeling really unwell.."

Embry nodded weakly. 

something must have come over him quick. We shouldn't have been indulging his sneezyness either.. Andrew thought biting his lip.

"here, you need to lay down.."

He helped Embry curl onto the Bed who sneezed immediately into the pillow groaning. 

Andrew rubbed his back hesitantly. He was anxious. 

"you're okay man.."




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You didn't ruin it. I like it! :notworthy:

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I like this story and these guys! Any chance it'll be continued? Also, this was inspired by a video? Is it a public one? Where can I find it? :D

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