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Quivering Lips (LOTR, Legolas,Gimli, Aragorn, Future)

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Quivering Lips (LOTR Legolas/Gimli, Future) 


After Aragorn’s funeral, Gimli looked everywhere for Legolas. He had run out of tears and just wanted to be near the only person who would feel like he did. They had been his best friends for decades. He walked through the forest of Rivendell, and finally spotted the blonde, sitting under a tree, curled up. As he reached the Elf he noticed the tears in his eyes. He looked up and all the sorrow that he held down came out. Tears ran down Legolas’s face and he began to sob into his knees. Gimli sniffed and sat next to the elf and held him. Gimli pulled him as close as he could and rocked him slowly. Gimli knew that Aragorn would eventually die, and he was more prepared than Legolas. Legolas only had experience with death in battle. The poor elf had no idea what to do with watching Aragorn waste away. 


Legolas felt like his heart had clenched and shrunk in his throat. He couldn’t breathe and he felt like he was drowning. His chest hurt from all the crying. He had manage to be silent during the ceremony, but he could not hold it back any longer. He felt heavy and tired. When he got away from the funeral, he all but fell against the tree. This was their tree. So many times had he found Aragorn hiding out here, to be away from others and be alone. He remembered the times Aragorn would caress him and hold him. Memories flooded him and he felt like the world would swallow him up. 


“why does it hurt so much?” He sobbed into the Dwarf’s shirt.


“because it was real.” Gimli sniffed and sighed. 


Legolas sobbed until his stomach hurt, then continued anyway. He was shaking with each sob. Gimli held the back of his head and ran his hand through his hair. He cried with him and they sat their for hours. The sun was beginning to set when he noticed that Legolas had stopped crying. Gimli petted his head and kissed it. He noticed that the elf was still shaking, and realized he was shaking with silent sobs. Gimli felt his heart plummet. He knew what grief could do to elves and that scared him. They had just lost Aragorn and he couldn’t lose Legolas too. 


“Legolas..” Gimli whispered into his hair, “I think it is high time we head back. Lord Elrond is probably worried.” Legolas did not move, but sniffed, “I won’t leave you. We can sleep in your bed, alright?” 


Legolas looked up with him and Gimli felt his chest tighten, “Don’t leave me.” He voice was weak and shaky. 


Gimli bit his lip and nodded, “Aye.” He didn’t trust himself not to burst into tears again. The elf looked so vulnerable and sad. His normally bright blue eyes looked dull. Like the life was draining out of them. The whites of his eyes were bright with tears and Gimli wiped his eyes. 


Gimli rubbed his arm and Legolas began to stand. Gimli watched as he swayed a bit and held onto the tree. Gimli got up and placed an arm around his waist. He say Legolas wipe his eyes and nose on his sleeve, not caring anymore. His eyes were puffy and he sniffed frequently. They walked towards Legolas’s room when Gimli felt Legolas’s erratic breathing. HE looked over, expecting to see him sob, but instead his hand hovered an inch or so in front of his face. 


“hih..ITKSCH..Ksschh…itschhh.” He sniffed and rubbed his nose. 


“galu.” Gimli rubbed his back, worried. 


Legolas did not respond but simply sniffed and looked at the horizon. Gimli assumed he was looking at Aragorn’s grave. Gimli sighed and led him back to bed. Once they reached the door he saw a water drop to the floor.


 He looked up to see tears streaking down his face again. Gimli let a tear fall from his own, and took his hand, “It is going to be alright.” He kissed his hand and pulled him inside. He watched Legolas shiver, “are you cold?” His voice was soft but steady. 


Legolas shook his head and sniffed into is wrist again, “hi’tsch..” he coughed a bit, Gimli figures from all the crying, “kkschhh.”  He sniffed and went to sit on the bed. Gimli looked over with sympathy and went to put the blanket over him anyway. 


“Do you want to be alone?” Gimli knelt down in front of Legolas, he didn’t trust himself not to run to Elrond and threaten him to fix Legolas. Legolas slowly shook his head and wrapped his arms around himself, crying. He stood back up and laid him back down. “try to get some sleep.” He let the elf pull him down with him and bury his face in Gimli’s chest. He ran his fingers through his hair as he sobbed until he fell asleep. Gimli felt tears well up in his eyes and for the first time today, they were not for Aragorn. 

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This is so sweet! I haven't read a Gimli/Legolas fic in years, and I am so glad that you wrote this.

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7 minutes ago, frenchposie said:

This is so sweet! I haven't read a Gimli/Legolas fic in years, and I am so glad that you wrote this.

Thank you soo much! I was actually on the fence about posting it cause it's sad. So thank you for the confidence! I'm working on more parts :)

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Part 2: 


Legolas woke up feeling hallow inside. He felt heavy and had trouble opening his eyes. The first thing he noticed was a face full of orange. He had fallen asleep with Gimli. Even after sleeping all night, and the fact that Elves do not need sleep, he did not feel rested. In fact he felt even more tired. It took great strength to push away from Gimli and sit up. The realization as to were he was and why he was there felt like a bile of bricks on his chest. He rubbed at his chest and coughed. He coughed towards his legs and pressed down on his chest. HE was having trouble breathing and he was shaking from the sudden cold. 


Gimli woke up with a start and quickly noticed the elf coughing. He got up and rubbed his back, “Feelin’ that bad?”


Legolas shook at the sudden touch and let a stray tear fall down his cheek, “I believe we have missed breakfast.” Legolas did not turn to look at him, but swung his legs over to get up. He took a breathe and noticed that there was food siting on the desk. He immediately felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom. He threw up in a basin. 


Gimli heard his throw up and ran after him. once he reached the bathroom, Legolas had leaned back and waved him off, “go eat.. I’m fine.” he spit back into the bucket and pulled his hair back. He noticed Gimli was still there, “EGO!” (be gone)  he thrusted his hand out and knocked over several empty bowls and towel to the floor, towards Gimli. Gimli flinched slightly, but only took a step back. He did not leave. Legolas closed his eyes, realizing what he did, “Forgive me…” 


“Nothing to forgive.” Gimli whispered. 


Legolas let out a strangled sob before falling to his knees. he put a hand to his mouth and tried to stop the flow of tears and emotion. He felt Gimli tie his hair back just in time for Legolas to throw up again. He sobbed over it and held himself. Gimli put a blanket over his shoulders and rubbed his arms. He continued to sob, “amman?” (why?) 


Gimli lost it and took the elf in his arms and held him close, whispering soothing phrases into his hair. It took a while for Legolas to calm down. Legolas sat in his arms, clutching his stomach. He sniffed wetly and rubbed his nose. Gimli kissed the top of his head and rocked him. 


Unfortunately, Gimli’s stomach rumbled and Legolas moved to get up, “Don’t you dare.” He pulled him back down. 


“you are hungry.. go eat.. I am fine.” He rested, exhausted against his chest. 


“you are far from fine, Legolas.” He ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed his side, “Do you want to go back to bed? It will be much warmer.” 


“I do not feel well.”


Gimli melted and held him tighter, “I know, my love.” He felt the elf’s forehead and noticed it was slightly wet and warm. He moved his finger to behind the elf’s ear and winced. It was far too hot, “you have a fever.” 


Legolas coughed and nodded, “I do not wish to trouble you..” he sniffed and rubbed his eyes. 


“You could never trouble me.” Gimli kissed his temple, “But I want you in bed.” 


Legolas really didn’t want to move. He didn’t have the energy, but he didn’t want to upset Gimli. He shakily got to his feet and held onto the wall. He slowly made his way over to the bed and flopped down onto it. Gimli followed him and tucked him in bed. Gimli hated the look in Legolas’s face. It was sad and looked like he gave up. He watched as he pulled the blankets tighter around himself. Gimli went to grab some more blankets. Parts of Gimli screamed at him to get Elrond, but knew he deserved time to mourn his children. 


“Maybe I should call some healers.” Legolas shrugged and snuggled further into the blankets. Gimli furrowed his brows; this was bad. He put a hand on his cheek and stroked it, “awe, please tell me what I can do.” He voice broke a bit and he bit his lip. 


“I am cold.” Gimli had put all the blankets he had on Legolas already. 


“Ill fetch you some more blankets and maybe some tea?” Legolas shrugged again, “Ill be right back.” Gimli placed a kiss on his forehead. He watched as Legolas closed his eyes and fell asleep. He quickly ran out of the room in search for blankets and tea.


 Gimli stumbled upon a messenger and an idea popped into his head, “You!.” Gimli pointed and the elf looked affronted, “Yes, you. can you get a message to Lord Thranduil?” 

The elf thought for a moment, “The lord of Mirkwood is on his way as we speak, he should be here by daybreak.” 


Gimli sighed with relief, “Come get me when he arrives, It is urgent.” The elf nodded and continued on his way. “oi!” The elf turned around, “Do you know were I can find tea and blankets?” the elf smiled slightly and he pointed to the hallway, “aye, thank you.” The elf bowed his head with a smile. Gimli ran down the hall and found the kitchen. He took the tray of tea the cook had prepared after hearing the conversation with the messenger. Gimli said his thanks and quickly went back to Legolas.


Legolas was now at the window looking out. He had a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and he had his legs up against his chest. His hair was unbraided and it fell in his face. Gimli could hear his quiet sniffles behind the wind. He heard Legolas’s intake of breathe and watched him bring up his wrists. He quietly set down the tea tray and waited.


“hih..” Legolas Face was hidden by the blanket still in his hand, “KSSCH!…hiiih…IKTSCHH…KSSCHH..” He came back up and rubbed his nose. Gimli looked away, to keep him from embarrassment, but Legolas didn’t care. He looked over at Gimli and leaned against the wall, “You brought tea?” He looked over at it and sighed. 


“yes.” Gimli quickly went to pour a cup, “I have more blankets if you are too cold.” 

Legolas shivered, “You are very kind.” 


Gimli looked up and smiled at him, “Feeling any better?” 


Legolas took the cup of tea, “I am not sure.” He looked down into the cup and put a shaky hand to his heart, “My heart is broken and i feel so heavy.” Gimli felt his own heart sink as he went over to him. He put a hand on his arm and rubbed. Legolas took a sip of tea and looked back to Gimli. Gimli watched as a drop of sweat rolled down his forehead. 


“Legolas, You need to lay down.” Gimli held out his hands, worried he would fall. 


“You are probably right.” Legolas had yet to make a quip or even smile. Gimli thought he was loosing him. 


“You know I’m not going anywhere.” Legolas looked up quickly, and for the first time since the funeral, Gimli thought he saw a little light in his eyes. A tear went down his pale face, and Gimli realized, the he didn’t know… “come on. Come to bed with me.” 


Legolas looked relieved, “Gimli… would you mind calling for assistance. I feel faint and I do not believe I can stand.” Gimli almost sprinted out and yelled at some poor elf. Haldir ran in and came to Legolas. Legolas almost cried out. He felt his emotions come back and he put his face in his hands. Haldir held him close as Gimli climbed up and put his head on Legolas’s knees. Haldir kissed his head and whispered things to him in Sindarian. Legolas took his hands off his face and put a hand in Gimli’s hair. 


Legolas had a death grip on Haldir’s shirt and Gimli smiled, “Feel better.” 




Haldir pushed Legolas’s hair back and begun to braid it, “You are fevered.” he put some hair in front of his ear. “You should be in bed.” Haldir did not wait for a response but picked Legolas up and walked over. He laid him in bed and put the covers around him. “Your father will be here soon. II must go get things prepared.”


Legolas nodded. He put a hand up to touch Haldir’s cheek. Legolas seemed in better spirits and as Haldir left, he crawled in bed with him.


Legolas wrapped his arms around him, “Forgive me. I have been so occupied with loosing a friend, I have forgotten what was still here for me.” He wiped his brow, “I did not mean…” 


“hush..” Gimli kissed him, “you still need your rest. You are allowed to be sad, I am too.” He sighed and rubbed his back, “I am not going anywhere. I love you, Legolas.” 


“And I love you.” He kissed him and snuggled further into him. 

Gimli knew what Legolas needed if he were to get better. He needed the people who loved him. 

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Awwww. Sad but sweet.

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Haldir is my favorite. I love the interactions between the two

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@AngelEyes Thank you :) I hope I pulled at your heartstrings :heart:

@frenchposie  I love Haldir too! I'm glad I did him justice for ya :)    


Part 3:


The following sunrise, Legolas woke up feeling in better spirits, but not so much in body. He ignored the aches and congestion and got out of bed. Gimli woke up due to the change in temperature. Legolas felt like a furnace and Gimli missed the warmth. Gimli rubbed the sleep from his eyes and watched Legolas. Legolas moved to open the window and sat on the sill. 


He listened to the tree’s gossip today and smiled, “It seems the trees are excited for my father’s arrival.” Legolas put a hand over his mouth and coughed. 


Gimli got out of bed and walked to stand behind him, “You don’t sound good.” 


Legolas rubbed his chest and straightened up, “I am afraid my health has not risen with my spirit.”


 Gimli smiled at hearing that Legolas felt emotionally better, but quickly dropped it when the meaning hit him. “You feel worse?” 


“Not quite…” he coughed a bit more, “I no longer feel heavy and dizzy, but my nose itches along with my throat.” 


Gimli went to pour some water, while Legolas began to cough again. It wasn’t a wet cough, but more like an unnecessary dry cough. All the coughing was making his stomach hurt. Legolas took the water from Gimli, giving him a grateful look, before slowly taking sips. Quickly his coughs subsided. 


Legolas’s stomach grumbled and Gimli chuckled, “you have no eaten since midday of yesterday. We should go down to breakfast.” 


Legolas looked green, “I am not hungry.” he furrowed his brow, “I will not be able to keep it down.” His eyes looked guiltily over at Gimli, “Go eat, I will be alright here.” 


“I’m not leaving you.” Gimli stepped closer.


“I know, but you are famished.” He reached a hand out to stroke up cheek, “Go on, I will be here when you return.” He gave a soft smile. 


Gimli reluctantly went down to get breakfast. He practically ran down, not wanting to be gone for long. Legolas did have a point, he was FAMISHED. He took large helpings of practically everything and dug in. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Haldir talking to someone. He turned to look and saw Thranduil. Gimli was glad neither of them could see him. He was at a table blocked by several barrels and other random things. He could only see them through a small crack between boxes. Thranduil appeared worried and was looking around. Gimli figured Haldir was telling him about Legolas. Gimli stopped eating and was about to go over, when Elrond burst in. Elrond made his way quickly to Thranduil with another man, who Gimli barely recognized. He had heard of this man through his father, but it couldn’t be. He should be dead?!


Bard the Bowman, king of Dale, followed Elrond and stood next to Thranduil. Gimli couldn’t help but notice Thranduil inch closer to the man. All four of them began to walk towards him and he ducked further beneath the barricade. Thankfully, they walked past him and did not notice, or at least acknowledge, him. He picked up a bit of their conversation though.


“Do we know what it is?” Bard questioned.

Elrond nodded, “It was brought on by Grief, but has lessoned now.” Gimli furrowed his brow, ‘when did Elrond see Legolas?’


“I want to see him.” Thranduil quickened his pace, followed closely by Bard, then Elrond, then Haldir. Gimli sighed and went to walk around. He figured Legolas would not need a fifth person hovering around. 


As Thranduil paraded around, wanting to get to Legolas’ as quickly as possible, Elrond was trying to explain to him the Legolas was in no danger. Bard finally had enough and grabbed his hand and stopped. Thranduil jerked a bit but turned around, looking surprised.


“Enough, listen to him.” Bard had a death grip, which was probably nothing to Thranduil, but he made no move to get out of it. 


Elrond nodded to Bard and turned to hand something to Thranduil, “this will pass like any other illness. Give him this to take, if he feels up to it.” Thranduil did not know what he meant and went to ask but Elrond cut him off, “You will see.” Elrond turned around and took Haldir’s arm, “I will check on him at sunset.” They both walked down the hall.


Bard let go of Thranduil and continued on, “Forgive me, but…” 


“no, you were right to.” Thranduil sighed, “I feared this might happen.” He took Bard’s hand and stopped, “You know elves can die of grief.” Bard nodded, furrowing his brow. “Legolas and Aragorn were like brothers. Pulling them apart for any means of time was painful.” Thranduil looked at Bard and moved so that Bard was up against the wall and Thranduil was in front, “He lost his mother, now he feels like he lost a brother. I know he might feel as if he has lost me as well with the way I am…” 


“Then show him that he still has you.” Bard reached up and touched his face, “show him he has more family now. He has me, Tilda, Bain, and Sigrid.” Bard smiled, “He is not alone.” 


“he never is.” Thranduil leaned into the touch. He kissed Bard’s palm and moved to continue on. Bard did not, “what is the matter?” 


“You need to be alone. I shall be in our chambers and will come later.” Bard saw Thranduil was going to argue, “He needs to hear from his father first, that you love him. Only you can do that for him.” 


“why is everyone interrupting me, today?” Thranduil raised an eyebrow.


“Because you are becoming predictable.” he winked and chuckled, turning to walk back. 


Thranduil smiled slightly and eyed Bard. He was so glad Bard and his children were allowed to sail with him to the Undying lands. He would have died of grief if he lost Bard. He knew exactly how Legolas felt. 


Thranduil walked in and stopped in the doorway. He noticed Legolas siting on the window sill clutching his stomach and his head, “Legolas…” Legolas looked up quickly and straightened up. Thranduil heard him stifling a moan. He quickly crossed the room and knelt next to his son, “Manen le?” (how are you?) 


“Im maer” (im fine) Legolas looked away and tried to swallow the nausea.


“You are sick, my leafling.” Thranduil put a hand cupping his chin and checking for fever, “What ails you?” 


Legolas looked ashamed and Thranduil furrowed his brow, “You must think me weak.” 


Thranduil’s eyes widened, “Never.” He moved to sit next to his son, “Even the strongest catch cold.” He put his arm around his son and pulled him to lean into him. 


“You never fall ill.” Legolas leaned into the warmth.


Thranduil chuckled, “That is far from the truth.” Legolas looked up quickly, confused. “you are gone on your adventures often and when you are here, you are far to busy to notice.” Legolas looked guilty, “I tend to keep them from you.” He sighed, “My scar weakens me greatly.” He took off the glamor and winced, “I have mastered the art of hiding.” 


Legolas looked at Thranduil’s burned hand, “You must keep appearances as king, I understand.” He nuzzled further into him, “How could I have never noticed, You are my father, whether or not you hide; I should just know.” 


“I did everything in my power to keep you form knowing. I wanted you to look to me for strength, not weakness.” 


Legolas sat up quickly and winced as his stomach lurched, “I would never see you as weak.” 


Thranduil cupped his cheek, “I know that now. I was far to stubborn to see how lucky I was.” He rubbed his thumb against the soft skin, “I am sorry for how we have grown a part. There was a time you would run to my chambers when you felt so ill.” 


“I refused everyone.” 


“except Gimli.” Thranduil smirked.


“not so much refused, as he was more stubborn.” 


Thranduil chuckled, “That I have no doubt.” 


Legolas smiled before he turned away to cough. Thranduil rubbed is back and put his hand to massage the nap of his neck. 


“Your stomach?” Thranduil asked as he watched Legolas bent over. “Come.” he snaked a hand around his waist and helped him get to bed. “There is a basin on the side, for when you feel sick.” 


Legolas nodded and coughed. Thranduil pushed his hair back and frowned. He looked into Legolas’s eyes and melted. It was the same look he used to give him as a child. He used this look when he wanted something but was too afraid to ask for it. 

“what do you need, iôn nîn?” (my son). Legolas looked away and nuzzled into his hand. Thranduil smiled as his heart doubled in size. Legolas wanted him to braid his hair. “Of course.” He bent down and kissed his forehead. 


He sat behind Legolas and begun the braid work. He heard Legolas sigh as his fingers went through his hair. Thranduil continued to braid until all of his hair was behind him and together. Once he was finished he pressed lightly on Legolas’s shoulders so that he would lay against him. Thranduil put a hand on Legolas’s stomach and rubbed the cramps away. Legolas sighed and snuggled further. 


“ada..” Legolas looked up, “Remember the song you use to sing, when I was younger?” 


Thranduil smiled and hugged him closer and kissed his head. He begun to sing softly and rock Legolas to sleep. Even after Legolas was passed out, Thranduil continued the rocking and begun to hum it. Partly because he wanted to make sure Legolas stayed asleep, and partly because he missed this. He missed being close to his son and missed being a father. 


This is how Bard found them, several hours after leaving Thranduil. He leaned against the doorway and smiled. They were a family again. 

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Awww!!! So sweet!!! And I love that you have Bard and Thranduil together!

Edited by AngelEyes

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