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The Greenhouse Affected

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Name: The Greenhouse Affected

Fandom: Batman

Characters: Poison Ivy

For @Show&tell


Gotham was always a dreary, dark city to be in, maybe it was the stench of crime that wafted down the streets and into the atmosphere, maybe it was the dozens of factories with Wayne, Lex or Sionis written on them manufacturing pollution that created all those horrible clouds in the sky, whatever the reason, she didn’t like it one bit.


“It’s alright baby, you’ll be alright.” She spoke to the plant she was caressing, upset at the lack of sunlight coming into her greenhouse. The people didn’t understand that they were killing her plants, all of the plants in the city and beyond and it was infuriating. She’d have to make an example out of them, out of all of them if she had to!


That was all well and good, right now she had a slightly more pressing matter to attend to, a purple substance had just started entering her greenhouse, garnering her immediate attention.


“What is tha..ahhh…” She felt her breath hitching, her nose was tingling, which was a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. Something about this chemical discharge was adversely affecting her body, and quickly. She could feel her chest tightening as more and more of gas seeped into her greenhouse, her head was starting to swirl and oh her nose. Her nose felt like it was on fire, her hand coming up to rub it but that didn’t help alleviate any of the pressure or pain. Her nostrils were flaring wildly as her eyes started to water, looking around to see what could be the source of this gas.


Pamela heard laughter coming from above and squinted her eyes to try and see who was up there, but her eyes were too blurry to make out the figure. “Who’s...who’s up...AHHHHHHH...Therreeeeeaaaahhhh” She was trying to get the words out but her nose was simply making it too difficult, something she hadn’t dealt with in years. She couldn’t even remember the last time she sneezed, but she knew the next time was coming up soon. She tried her best to fight it off, but she was clearly out of practise. “I’m warning you….I’m….I’m...ahhhhhhh...I’ve got aaaaaahhhhhhhh…” Her nose was running, something she didn’t even know was possible and placing her finger under her nose wasn’t doing anything to fight off the urge to sneeze. “HAAAAAAIIIIIIICCCHHHEEEEWWWW!!!” The sneeze burst forth from her mouth, bending her all the way over at the waist, her red hair flipping forward with the force as her entire body shook just a little bit. She sniffed hard, but the tickle was still there, even worse if that was possible and as she straightened up, she felt her head tilting back slowly as her chest expanded with more air being sucked in,, she couldn’t even try and speak at this point.


“Wha-whaahhhhHHH... What’s haaaHHHHHHHHHH... HHAAATTTTCCHEWWWWW!! AAAHHHTTTCCCHEWWWWWW!!! 'CCHHEWWWWW!!! 'CCCHHEEWWWWWW!! HEEEEHH.... HEEETTTTSSCCCHHHEWWWWWW!!" The sneezes started bursting out of Pamela quicker than she could even react to, her body just taking over completely at this point, forcing her up and down which gave her cleavage a work out as much as her waist, spraying what looked to be sap out in front of her from the sneezes brought on by the gas that was starting to dissipate. Ivy dropped to her knees, physically exhausted as she looked around, seeing that her plants were all wilting, crumbling to the ground as more laughter can be heard. She rubbed at her eyes, seeing a familiar man standing up on the balcony, half of his face scarred for life.


“Let this be a lesson, Pammy, stay the hell out of my business.” With that, he was lifted up through the open roof on a ladder attached to a helicopter, leaving Ivy to look around at the devastation, her nose still itching like crazy. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Dent fly off. “This isn’t over…..HHEEEEEETTTSSSSCCCHHHHEEEWWWWW!!!”

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This is AMAZING!  

The villain versus villain power struggle is awesome.  Can't wait to see if Ivy responds to this attack or not with some revenge!


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