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Chhinkni for colds?

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I’m wondering if anyone has used chhinkni with a cold and if it does anything to relieve nasal/sinus congestion. Both my boyfriend and I have colds at the moment (unrelated to each other as we live far apart) but are going to be together this weekend. I happen to have just purchased some chhinkni (because he is the sweetest man on earth and when I told him about my interest in sneezing he immediately became intent on doing whatever he could to indulge me) but I don’t know if it’s worth trying in this situation. Neither of us has used it yet, and I don’t want to use it at all because I have a strong negative reaction to menthol, and it wouldn’t do anything for him anyway. But if it would help with the congestion, I might be willing to try it, as I can barely breathe and hate that feeling. I actually induced some sneezes last night using a different method and found that I ended up feeling way more congested afterwards, so if that’s the case with the chhinkni, I definitely don’t want to try it. So, anyone care to share their experiences, good or bad? I’m also a little nervous about having my boyfriend try it since I know it kind of burns and the last thing I want to do is hurt him in any way. 

Thanks in advance!

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