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Ben Drowned

everybody was kungfu sneezin

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Ben Drowned   
Ben Drowned

okay this was perhaps one of the best days of my life

I was at martial arts practice, and we had to do partner work. My partner I'll just call him Link(from loz) Well Link when we saw each other on the mat, I waved to him and we bowed to each other saying 'hi' Our instructor, told us to get a shield for side kicking combos. We all yelled yes sir and the older belt in the partner work went to go grab a shield.

The other person had to give five side kicks each leg, I held the shield against my body. "ready Link?" I asked, he nodded and got in his fighting stance. His kicks had a lot of strength to them, we'd soon switched so now he was holding the shield and I had to kick.  I yelled as loud as I could giving him the kicking of a life time when we stopped to relax a bit. I noticed Link's nose was starting to twitch, he'd look into the distance, and then sigh, sniffling each time. so during our break time he went to find a tissue, and when he came back he'd look dissapointed he couldn't find any so I went through my gear bag, and  got out a pack of tissues. "you keep these in your bag?" Link asked "yeah my nose get's tickly when there's dust, or my sinuses are just screw around." I explained\

"thanks" He gave a wet snotty blow, I stood there ready to die. then "he-hut..Chu! Ekshu!" Two nice loud sneezes, now I just died on the mat,  "Gesundheit Link" he'd sneezed all practice, and during grappling which is heavy contact, protection when your on the ground under your aponet. I was on bottom (don't be weird), and he sneezed on me the first time by accident and the others where also by acciedent after falling on top of me 


I couldn't think straight after that....#fetishproblems



















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Great obs, love the description and it all sounds so cute 😊 (even if I have no understanding whatsoever of martial arts 😂

And I don’t blame you for not being able to think straight after all that. 


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