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The Downside to Dying (Torchwood, Jack)

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@MyOwnPrivateSFC Melty is good!

@Jelloicious Tosh is sweet and gentle. Supplies coming up...

@ReidSeeker Cuddles are the best! And the hair. Always the hair. It's kind of an obsession of mine.

@Selene Jack is Totally the invincible knight! LOL! And don't worry, that part of his character doesn't lie low for long!


He returned a short time later and stashed a take-out container of soup in the kitchenette and carried the rest of the bags with him to check on Jack. He set a box of lotion-infused tissues on the dresser and a stack of soft handkerchiefs on the bedside table. He slipped back into the bed next to Jack who was tossing fitfully. He reached out to stroke his hair and he settled back down. They lay like this for a while, Ianto running his fingers through Jack’s hair soothingly as he snored. Suddenly he jerked awake with a pair of wet sneezes. “Haaachshhh! Haaachshhhooo!” This was followed by harsh cough which didn’t seem to want to stop until Ianto helped him to sit up and patted his back. Finally Ianto was able to hand him a glass of water from which he took a careful sip. “Ugh,” he said miserably as he handed it back.


Ianto passed him a new handkerchief. “Alright?”


Jack groaned. “I thidk I’b dying.”


Ianto chuckled. “Don’t worry. That doesn’t seem to take with you.”


Jack’s eyes lit up. “There’s an idea! Maybe if I die again, I’ll come back healthy!”


“I’ll put that down to the fever talking. Let’s not try that,” Ianto answered, grimacing. “Are you hungry? I picked up some soup. Then you can have another pill and get some more sleep.” Jack shrugged and slumped back on the bed. “I’ll be right back,” he said heading up to the kitchenette. After a few minutes he returned, expertly navigating the ladder while holding a tray containing 2 steaming bowls of soup and 2 mugs of fresh tea. Settling back on the bed next to Jack, he started to hand him one of the bowls, but Jack waved him off.


“Hadg ond. I have to sdeeze….Haaachssshhhh! Haachhsshhhooo!” He looked up to see Ianto holding out a clean handkerchief. After clearing his nose, he took the proffered soup. He ate about half before setting it back on the tray. Ianto raised an eyebrow. “I’m sure it’s good, but I can’t actually taste it and I’m not very hungry.” He coughed lightly and picked up the mug of tea. “However, I’ll never turn down a Ianto special.” Ianto laughed, getting up and setting the tray aside. He handed Jack one of the pills Owen had left. Jack dutifully took it before looking appraisingly at him. “Why don’t you take off that suit and come to bed?”


Ianto gave him a long look. “Alright. But I’m putting on pajamas, so don’t be getting any ideas.” He carefully hung his suit and changed into a pair of Jack’s pajamas. All the while Jack stared at him appreciatively. He climbed under the covers and Jack snuck an arm around him, pulling him close, planting a kiss on his lips while his other hand made its way under his shirt. Ianto tried to pull free, protesting, “Jack, Owen said you need to be resting.”


Not giving up his hold, Jack laughed. “Nonsense. Doesn’t he know a little exercise is good for stimulating the immune system?” He grinned, “Among other things.”


Whatever other protests Ianto was about to make fled his mind as Jack’s hand moved lower. The man did know a thing or two about stimulating. A while later they lay spent, Jack’s head on Ianto’s chest. “Feeling better?”


“Not really. But that was fun!” Jack laughed. Ianto felt his breath hitch and handed him a handkerchief from the stack on the bedside table just in time. “Haaachsh! Haaachshhh! Haaachssshhhh! Haachhsshhhooo!”


“Perhaps you’d better get some sleep now?” Ianto suggested. The only answer was a soft murmur. He carded his fingers through soft hair and was soon rewarded with soft snores. He pressed a kiss to the top of Jack’s head and was soon asleep himself.


Ianto awoke the next morning as he heard the cog-wheel door to the Hub grind open. He quickly but carefully slid out of bed and dressed in his suit. He made sure to tame down his hair and quietly mounted the ladder. Owen greeted him as he made his way down the stairs. “How’s our patient?”


“Still asleep,”Ianto answered, smoothing down his lapels.


“Good. Any troubles?” Owen asked with a piercing look.


Thinking back to the previous night’s activities, Ianto hoped he wasn’t blushing. “No, uh, he mostly just slept. We did have some soup for dinner.”


“Well done. I can’t imagine it’s easy to get Jack Harkness to sleep.”


Ianto was sure he was blushing now. “Right,” he said, ducking his head, “Would you like some coffee?”


“Fantastic!” Owen smiled broadly and headed down to the medical bay.


Ianto turned, closed his eyes, and let out a deep breath. “Bugger.” He exclaimed under his breath before setting off to make coffee. He had just delivered it to Owen when they heard footsteps on the stairs. There was a pause, two harsh sneezes, a couple more footfalls, another pause, another sneeze, more footfalls, another pause, more sneezes. A moment later Jack came into view. Eyes bleary, nose reddened, carrying a handkerchief, tousled hair sticking up. “Bless you,” Ianto called, his heart going out to the obviously miserable man.


Jack sniffed. “Whed will this be over?” He asked dejectedly.


“Come down here and let me take a look at you,” Owen answered sympathetically. Jack trudged down to the medical bay and sank into a chair. He blew his nose as Owen handed him a thermometer. “37.5°. Your fever is going down. That’s a good sign, you’re on the mend.”


Jack groaned. “Well, I don’t feel it.”


“When was the last time you had a pill?” Owen looked at Ianto.


Ianto answered for Jack, “About 10pm.”


“Take one now. It should start to ease the symptoms in about half an hour.” Opening a drawer, Owen handed a pill to Jack, followed by a glass of water.


“I’m holding you to that,” Jack told him severely. “I’ll be in my office.” He got up and slowly climbed the stairs.

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1 hour ago, AngelEyes said:

Jack snuck an arm around him, pulling him close, planting a kiss on his lips

Well, well, perhaps our shy boy should be a bit more cautious...or not. Not please :lol:

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