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Hey y’all! Since all the other movie/media topics in this section were big hits, I decided to create one too.


The idea started in journalism today when we had to make a podcast, so we decided to do ours on everything wrong with the titanic (in ten minutes or less), which reminded me of the CinemaSins YouTube channel! I thought it would be a fun game to come up with everything *wrong* with a movie.

Again, don’t just go to CinemaSins and look up the movie you want to do... make it fun and be original.  ;) feel free to be as petty as you want with your reviews! 

I’ll just briefly start with the Titanic (which I may add more to later):

- Jack wouldn’t have been able to get on the boat in the first place, considering there were many safety procedures he was supposed to go through before he could enter. He wouldn’t have been able to shove his way through and get in that easily with time to spare.

- Rose closed her eyes when chopping Jack free with the axe. She literally could’ve killed him right then and there, considering the water was already nearly up to her shoulders and she was shaking real bad. She also wasted time looking for the keys when she could’ve used the axe in the first place.

- Jack shouldn’t have been able to get into the first class dinner, even though Rose invited him. Third class passengers weren’t allowed in first class, no exceptions. 

- When Rose nearly jumps off the boat, why would she listen to a stranger to come back in the rails? Why should she care what he thinks? There’s no “love at first sight” when you’re contemplating things like jumping into the freezing cold water at one in the morning. She’s not even anywhere near the right mindset. Plus Jack was kind of a jerk in this scene too.

- And a last one, in general about the movie, the budget to film the titanic was more costly than the price to build the actual boat itself.

have fun, lol! I look forward to the responses.

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