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      Here we are! WARNING: there is a SLIGHT mention of ALMOST v-ing in this one. Nothing actually happens, but I wanted to prepare y'all just in case. Oh, and don't worry, Harry will get worse     As time went on, Draco and his new family settled further into their lives together…and began to accept that maybe the curse was not going to lift. Even when he didn’t have a bug of some sort, Draco was constantly sickly. The fact that he appeared used to feeling so poorly was perhaps the saddest part of all. Harry watched his boyfriend play wizards’ chess with Ron—he was getting better—and smiled when he saw the slight, almost imperceptible twitch of his nose and eyebrows. Then came the concentrated look, then a small sniff and distracted nose rub, both of which Harry knew would be ineffective. When his pink lips parted and his breath hitched every so slightly, Harry bit back a laugh at his obliviousness and produced one of his handkerchiefs from his pocket, placing it conspicuously on the table. “H-how did you kn-know?” Draco stuttered, picking up the cloth as his expression betrayed him.  “I can read you like a book,” Harry replied with satisfaction as Draco lost the fight, turning away from him. “BBZZSHH!! BBZSSH’uh!!!” Turning back with a thick sniffle, Draco held on to the cloth. “Bless you. See?” Draco rolled his eyes and turned back to the game.   The snow crunched under Harry’s soles as he walked towards the Apothecary, shivering against the cold wind and wrapping his coat tighter around his body. Diagon Alley was suspiciously empty, and it didn’t take long for Harry to figure out why. A poster tacked to a shop window caught his eye, and he walked closer to inspect it, eyes widening as he read of the severe, highly contagious, potion-resistant virus spreading throughout the wizarding community. He swore, but turned and continued his trek to the Apothecary. Draco was doing well by his standards, but that didn’t mean that they could afford to not keep potions on hand. Harry grimaced, looking at the door handle to the shop as if it would bite him. He pulled his sleeve over his hand and carefully opened the door without touching it. “Ah, Mr. Potter! Nice to see you, as always. I do hope you lot are being careful, what with this flu going around. How is Draco?” Harry smiled at the shop owner. “He’s doing about as well as can be expected. The usual, please,” Harry requested, and the older man nodded and set to work. “So, about this flu…this is the first I’m hearing of it,” Harry said as the shop owner gathered the necessary potions. “Oh, dear, I’ve heard it’s awful. I do hope you lot can escape it, especially Draco.” “Me, too,” Harry murmured, cringing.    It was exactly three days before Harry woke up in the morning to snow falling outside, Draco peacefully slumbering in his arms, and a decidedly sore throat. Eyes flying open, Harry felt panic bubble up deep in his gut and tried to squash it down. Harry swallowed hard, ignoring the soreness, and carefully disentangled himself from the sleeping blond. He snuck out of the room, making his way down to where he knew Mrs. Weasley would be awake. Sure enough, he found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talked in hushed, urgent whispers. The whispers stopped as Harry entered the room. “Harry, dear, what are you doing up this early?” Mrs. Weasley asked. “Um, I just…woke up, is all,” Harry lied, and Mrs. Weasley frowned slightly, but nodded. “Harry, I’m going to need you to extra observant of Draco. Percy and Ginny both came down with that flu this morning,” Mrs. Weasley informed him, and Harry felt his stomach clench. He cringed, wanting both to hide his own impending illness and keep Draco safe. In the end, keeping Draco safe came first, he decided. “Yeah, erm…that’s actually why I came down,” he said quietly, staring intently at the floor.  “Oh, dear, not you, too!” “I-I’m not sure, it’s just a bit of a sore throat, maybe it’s nothing,” Harry insisted, cheeks flaming. Mrs. Weasley tutted. “I hope it is, for your sake. Ginny’s miserable, the poor dear.” Harry grimaced again. This should be fun.   By lunchtime, it was becoming clear to Harry that this was anything but “nothing.” Harry closed his eyes and tried to catalogue his symptoms: aching head, stuffed nose, sore throat, and general malaise, but he seemed to be doing alright otherwise. If anything, the worst part of the whole situation was having to keep his distance from Draco. Draco, at this point, had good days and bad days, and today was a decidedly bad day. However, Harry had been there, right by his side, for every other bad day. So while Draco coughed until his eyes watered, Harry could only sit on the other side of the room and chew his lower lip.  “Bless you,” Harry offered after a particularly rough, shuddering sneeze. Draco sniffled, shooting Harry a small, sympathetic smile.  “You don’t have to talk, I know your throat hurts,” he said, and Harry looked intently at his lap. Draco had a point; if anyone would know how Harry felt, it was him. To make matters worse, Harry seemed to retreat into himself when he was ill, intent on hiding any sign of suffering. Everyone knew this was a product of his childhood, but that didn’t make watching him suffer in silence any easier.    “No. Absolutely not,” Harry said firmly, intentionally not meeting Draco’s pleading gaze. Draco looked to Mrs. Weasley for backup, finding none. “I’m sorry, dear, I have to agree. It’s not a good idea.” Draco fought back the childish urge to stamp his foot. He knew Harry was feeling poorly and didn’t want to cause trouble, but the blond had been feeling poorly, too, and all he wanted was to snuggle up to his boyfriend like every other night. Harry and Mrs. Weasley, however, insisted that the two not sleep in the same bed. “We’ve been sleeping in the same bed for days now, surely that ship has sailed already,” Draco insisted, and Harry squirmed; he had a point. Draco wanted to stop, to give in, to save his two favorite people the trouble, but the thought of sleeping alone insisted that he continue to argue. Draco bit his lip, knowing his fever must’ve gone up when he felt desperate tears prick at his eyes.  “Dray,” Harry said tiredly, rubbing absently at his forehead. Draco’s shoulders slumped and he’d just resigned himself to a night alone, for Harry’s sake, when his breath caught deep in his lungs. He sputtered, interrupting Mrs. Weasley, taking a stumbling step back as he aimed the deep, congested coughs into his elbow. Both his boyfriend and surrogate mum stopped, eyeing him with concern as his feeble body tried hard to eject his lungs. He grabbed onto a chair with his free hand, knuckles turning white as he gripped hard, his lungs clamping down.  “Okay, okay,” Harry spoke, unable to keep himself from Draco any longer. He closed the distance between them and rubbed the blond’s back soothingly, just like always. Draco shook his head, squirming away, sure that his stomach would be next to rebel, panic filling him like ice. His lungs, thankfully, seemed to get the message and loosened enough to allow him a sip of air and a hard swallow. Draco stood rigid, teeth clenched, every muscle taut as he fought his body, gasping and struggling to keep his lungs under control. “You’re alright, relax,” Harry said softly, and Draco shook his head firmly. The next minute was agonizing for all three of them, but finally Draco relaxed, panting. “Thought…I thought I was gonna be sick,” he admitted. He felt weak and shaky, sure that was the worst fit he’d ever had.  “Alright, I’ll sleep up there,” Harry resigned. Draco looked guiltily at the floor. “But only because I don’t want to leave you alone with that cough,” he said and Draco nodded. Harry paused for a second, then continued. “And don’t think you can do that every time to get your way,” he said gingerly in a teasing tone. Draco wheezed out a laugh. “Trust me, I’d rather not repeat that.”     More to commmmeeeeee  
    • snzmn2016
      My comment was more about site in general than actual post, I just know many will miss out by never having a live experience and I wish we encouraged people more.
    • facet
      Thank you all so much. I'm so grateful to you, my readers- whether you've been here from the start, binge-read it all at once, or just peruse at your own leisure. Having a story that focuses on an interracial gay couple, and where one of them is trans... And you all not only just go along with it, but you love my boys like I do, it's.. it's a lot. I get all verklempt over it. Thank you all, my beautiful forum!
    • lsbn
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