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    • marina<3
      PART 4 Here is the next part. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around to read this :)  It was almost an hours drive to get to Dylan’s sister’s house where the party would be. It was somewhat of a surprise for Dylan’s mom, Diane. She knew we were coming over to celebrate, but she had no idea how many people were going to be there. Dylan and his sister had been planning this for the past month. They had invited lots of her old friends, all of the family, and her co-workers. I couldn’t wait to see how excited she was when she walked through the front door.    As we walked outside to Dylan’s car, I shivered. Even though I had moved to Pittsburg for college, I had never quite adjusted to the cold. My mind flashed back to the first time I ever met Dylan. I was sitting outside of the library typing away on my computer. I had always hated doing homework inside. I felt like I could think so much clearer in the fresh air and sunshine. It was Mid-September and about 60 degrees. I was bundled up in boots, jeans, a sweater and a scarf. I was also especially cold, because I had caught the campus-flu that was going around. As I was doing my homework, one of my papers flew off the table and blew down the sidewalk. I hurried to go get it, but when I finally caught up to it a boy had already picked it up.    “Is this yours?” He asked me. I remembered looking up and losing the ability to speak. His blue eyes locked on mine and this strange comforting feeling filled my body. I felt safe. Somehow, swimming in those eyes I felt so at home even though I was states away. He had a white, crooked smile and tousled brown hair. He towered inches over me and his athletic frame was nothing less than undeniably sexy.    “Y..yes. Thank y-you.” I stumbled on my words. Smooth I thought to myself. Real Smooth.    He smirked and looked me up and down. “So, are you going to Antartica or the Swiss Alps?”    When I only gave him a confused expression back he laughed. “You’re dressed for a blizzard.”    I looked at his attire. He had on vans shoes, tan shorts, and a blue t-shirt. He must have been from here.     “Hey, some of us are used to living in the Sunshine State.”   “Ohhhh, so you’re one of those summer 24/7 kind of girls.”    “Well, I really thought I loved the cold. Until now that I live in it and discovered that cold is not 60s and I’m in for a real shocker this winter.” I laughed.    “I’m Dylan. Dylan Parker.” He extended his hand to me.    I took it and smiled as he gripped my hand firmly, but gently. “Samantha. Samantha Sanders.” I said coping his tone.    “Well, Sanders.” He said, “Looks like you might need some help catching your flying papers this afternoon.”    “Only if you can find a spot. My table is always in high demand.” I joked as we walked over to the table full of empty seats.          “Huchoo!! Huchoo!!” Dylan sneezed, shaking his head as if to clear it.    “Bless you.” I said as I snapped out of my nostalgia. Not only was it cold, but the sky was filled with dark clouds threatening to spill over with rain at any minute. I was now happy with the warm attire that I had chosen. I was wearing slightly ripped skinny jeans, brown boots, and a stylish-oversized maroon sweater. I climbed into the passenger seat and Dylan drove off.    About 35 minutes into the drive those ominous clouds began to spit out rain onto our windshield.    “Damn, I didn’t know the weather was going to be this bad today.” Dylan remarked.    “Me either, I guess we should have watched the weather channel in-between our Black Mirror Netflix Binge Marathon.” I commented.    We continued to drive further out of town down the two-lane back road as the rain pelted down harder. I skimmed through Facebook on my phone, while humming to the song blaring through the speakers. Then, it all happened at once. There was a jolting popping sound and the car jerked violently to the right. I heard Dylan curse under his breath as the car skidded on the wet road. My phone flew out of my hand and into the floorboard. I suppose Dylan managed to get control of the wheel, because the next thing I knew we were stopped. We had skidded into the grass on the side of the road, but we had managed to avoid veering left into the oncoming traffic.  Dylan and I just looked at each other for a moment letting our shaky breaths calm.    “Are you okay??” He asked, squeezing my hand when he had regained his breath.    “Yes, are you?” I said in a weak voice, before throwing my arms around him. He stroked my hair and hugged me tight, but I noticed that his hands were shaking. As I pressed my head into his chest I could hear his frantic heartbeat.     “Yes, I am fine. That scared the shit out of me though.” He let go of me and shook his head.  “Phew”    I unbuckled my seatbelt and found my phone on the floor by my feet. “Here, I’ll let your sister know what happened. Then I’ll call someone and see if they can change it for us-“    “Baby, what do I look like? Some chump? I know how to change a tire. There’s a spare and a jack in the trunk. I got this.” Dylan said with a confident look on his face.    “I know that, but its pouring down rain and freezing outside. You are NOT going to change it.” I crossed my arms and looked at him with a stern look.    “Watch me.” He threw back, before kissing my cheek and ducking out of the car door into the pouring rain.    I rolled my eyes. There were so many things I loved about Dylan, but we all have our faults. Dylan was stubborn as hell and he never wanted to admit weakness. Of course his determination was not only admirable, but sometimes downright sexy. But at a time like this, it was just frustrating.    I scrolled through my texts until I found his sister, Michelle, and hit call.   “Hey Samantha, are you guys almost here?” The excitement in her voice was even evident over the phone.    “Hey, yea, about that. We are on the way, but we blew a tire-“    “Oh my goodness!! Are you guys okay?? Do you need us to come help you?”    “Other than almost shitting ourselves for a second there, we are completely fine! But Dylan is insisting on changing the tire by himself.”    “In the pouring rain??” His sister inquired.    “Yup.”    “Oh god. Why am I even surprised?” She mumbled. “Please be safe and let us know if you need ANYTHING. Mom is running late, per usual, so you should still be able to make it before she does.”    “I’ll keep you posted.”    “Thanks, Sam. See you soon.”    I hung up the phone and turned in my seat to watch Dylan. I had to admit, there was something so sexy about him out there enduring the elements just to change the tire for us. I quelled these thoughts as I remembered how cold he must be out there and I was worried about him being so close to the side of the road.    Finally, he finished and jumped back in the car. He was absolutely soaked to the bone and shivering. I turned the heat on full blast, directing all of the air vents in his direction.    “Good-d as n-nnew!” He announced getting into the car.    “Baby, you are soaked!!!”    “T-t-that’sss k-kind of w-w-hat happens in the r-r-r-rain.” He remarked sarcastically with chattering teeth.    “Smartass,” I mumbled under my breath. “Please let me drive the rest of the way, so you can at least try to focus on getting dry.”    “I know how much you hate driving in the rain. I’m fine, its just a little bit of water. Besides, we are so close.”    “Will you at least take off your wet clothes?”    “You just want to see me shirtless, don’t you?” He smirked.    I smacked his chest, rolling my eyes. I finally conceded just because I didn’t want to waste anymore time arguing. The poor thing shivered the entire rest of the way there even with the heat on. I felt horrible sitting there dry and cozy while he was suffering. One of the things that had made me fall in love with Dylan was the fact that when something went wrong, he didn’t freak out or get angry. He just calmly came up with a game plan and executed it. He could have been absolutely pissed about this and sulked the rest of the ride. That is what my stepfather would’ve done. He would have cursed and yelled the entire time he changed the tire and then been angry the rest of the drive there. Instead, Dylan simply took charge and took care of it and he still was cheerful and playful. I looked over at him and my frustration melted away. I had only been annoyed out of my worry for him.    “HuHSHOO!! HAHSHOO” he sneezed openly towards his lap and gave a liquid sniffle.    “Bless you,” I said cautiously.    “Thanks,” He said, turning and smiling at me with tired eyes. They say that being cold isn’t actually supposed make you get sick, but when I looked at Dylan’s tired eyes I knew it couldn’t do anything to help.    “We made it!” He announced.    As we got ready to make a mad dash from the car to the front door his sister rushed out to us with umbrellas. When her brother opened his car door and she caught sight of him she smacked his arm.    “DYLAN!! You are going to catch the flu! What were you thinking?” She scolded him.    “Here, let me help you. The proper greeting would have been:  Hello my dearest brother! What a gentleman you are for rescuing your girlfriend after a near-death car accident in the pouring rain. I could not imagine a better man to call my brother. Come inside and I will get you some dry clothes.” Dylan dramatically mimicked his sister’s voice. “Then I would have said. Thank you, dearest sister. You are so kind and I am so lucky to have someone as caring as you.”   “Shut up and get under this damn umbrella and come inside.” She said in a mom-voice. He chuckled and took one of the umbrellas. Michelle walked back up to the porch under her own and Dylan came around to my side of the car to get me. We huddled under the umbrella together as we made our way inside the house.    Michelle had gone above and beyond with the decorating. There were banners and posters and signs. There must have been 100 balloons blown up and laying around the entrance way and living room. The stairs were also decorated with colored streamers and there were pictures of Diane throughout her life. I could see people chatting in the kitchen and nibbling on food that I wished I could smell. A fire crackled in the fireplace and music played softly through the speakers.    Evan, Michelle’s husband, came over to say hello to us.    “Welcome!! It’s so good to see you guys!”    He leaned in to give me a hug, but I took a step back. “I’ve been sick all weekend, you probably don’t want to hug me.” I warned.    “Yea, give her about 10 more seconds and she will probably sneeze on you.” Dylan joked, always the comedian. I smacked him on the arm.    “Dude,” Evan remarked looking at Dylan in his soaked attire. “You can borrow some of my clothes.”    “That would be great.” Dylan kissed my cheek before following Evan to their bedroom.    And of course Dylan had jinxed it. My nose began to tickle.    “Hitchuu! Hitchuu!!” I muffled my sneezes into my sweater-covered elbow. I sniffled back some of the congestion, really wishing that I had stuffed a couple tissues into my pocket.    “Bless you!!” Michelle said. “Dylan mentioned you were coming down with something. Are you feeling any better?”   “Yes, definitely better. I just don’t want to give my cold to anyone else.” I laughed, awkwardly. I never had really been that fond of discussing being sick with people other than Dylan. I just felt like it was gross and people didn’t want to be around you then.    “Don’t even worry about that!! I’m just glad you are here!” Michelle said, excitedly, ignoring my advice and pulling me in for a big hug.    We made our way into the kitchen and started catching up with each other. Dylan and Evan joined us shortly after with Dylan sporting a pair of Evan’s jeans and a dark grey sweater. His hair was extra messy and tousled from what looked like his attempt to towel dry it. He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the top of the head. I leaned up on my tip-toes and ran my hands through his hair to smooth it out.    We all chatted and talked, munching on the food Michelle had set out. I nibbled on some crackers, but I still hadn’t quite gotten my appetite back. I was pretty sure I was sniffling more than I was eating. Suddenly, Michelle interrupted us.    “She is here!!!!” She squealed. “Everyone get in place!!!”    Everyone gathered around the front door. Michelle opened the door wide.    “SURPRISE!!!!” We yelled in unison.    His mother’s face was priceless. “What??” She gasped. Looking from Michelle to her husband back to Michelle then at everyone. “You guys!!”    She made her way around hugging her friends and family.    “Samantha!” She smiled. “I am so glad you guys are here!!” She reached out to embrace me in a huge hug. Once again, I pulled away.    “Happy Birthday!!!” I said. “You probably shouldn’t get to close, though. I have a cold.”    “Nonsense! Come here!” She insisted and enveloped me in a warm hug.    “HUHSOO!!!” Dylan sneezed loudly beside of us.    “Bless you,” I said.    “Did you get her sick?” His mother asked accusingly.    “No, Mother! She is actually trying to infect ME. But thank you for the concern.” He teased her. “Happy Birthday, Mom.” He said hugging her. She beamed and kissed him on the cheek.    “Thank you, sweetie. I can’t believe you guys did all of this!” She exclaimed, before someone else pulled her away.    Dylan cleared his throat and sniffled and I looked up at him. I was not convinced that he was completely healthy. I just wished that whatever it was, his immune system could fight it off.    “I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick.” He said, breathily. He squeezed my hand before he walked away.    I made my way over to some familiar faces of Dylan’s family to say hello. When Dylan returned, I noticed that his nose looked slightly pink.    “You okay?” I asked.    “Absolutely,” he smiled at me, but I noticed it didn’t reach his eyes.    Later on, the party was coming to a close. Most people had left and it was only close family that remained. Dylan, Michelle, Evan and I all sat on the couch and chairs in the living room talking and catching up.    “Huhchoo!!! Huh-HACHOO!!! Huhshoo!” Dylan sneezed and chorus of Bless you’s came from all of us.     “Sweetheart, you do sound like you’re coming down with a cold.” His mother looked at him with worry, coming over and placing her hands on his cheeks to feel if he was warm.    “I’m fine. I don’t get sick. Everyone knows this.” He swatted her hands away in an annoyed fashion.    His mother turned and looked at me. “Is he like this with you, too?” She inquired.    “You mean never admitting he’s sick? Yup. He would rather die from illness than admit it.”    “He’s been like that ever since a kid. Most kids will pretend to be sick just to stay at home and miss school. This one,” she playfully poked him in the chest, “would do anything and everything to hide that he was sick so he didn’t have to miss school. In high school, he had the flu and managed to avoid seeing me for two days so that I wouldn’t realize he was sick and he could play in his soccer match.”    His sister laughed, recalling how he had paid her to lie so that she wouldn’t tell their mom. I laughed, and looked over at Dylan.     “Oh yea?? What about that time in high school that you made me send not one, but THREE Valentine candy grams to you and sign them “Your Secret Admirer” so that your crush would see it and get jealous??”    Michelle launched a pillow across the room towards Dylan’s face. “DYLAN!”    The mischievous glimmer sparkled in Dylan’s eyes and I wondered if he was feeling okay after all. He burst out laughing, which turned into a cough.    “Don’t play this game with me sis. I got way more ammunition.” He smirked.    “Whatever,” She said, playfully rolling her eyes.    We talked and exchanged stories another hour before saying our goodbyes. On the car ride home, Dylan and I talked about the party and his family.    “HUHSHCHOOO!! HUH…huh… HACHOO” He sneezed, and gave a liquid sniffle.    “Bless you, baby. Are you really sure you feel okay?”    “Huchoo! Huh…huh… huh…” He stopped the last sneeze by pressing his wrist under his nose. “Yes. Why does everyone keep asking that?” He snapped back. I let it go.    I looked out the window and my mind zoned out. My eyelids felt heavy and I let my head lean back as I drifted off into sleep.    My eyes fluttered open when I felt someone picking me up. Dylan scooped me out of the car and shut the door with his foot.   “Are we home,” I asked.    “No, I’m dropping you off at the firestation so someone else can come claim you.”    I looked up at him annoyed and groggily. “Yes babe, we are home.” He chuckled, kissing my forehead.    With all of the festivities today, I didn’t realize just how drained I felt. I was definitely feeling much better, and I wasn’t sneezing my head off every 5 seconds, but my body still had that tired feeling like it was fighting something off. As Dylan brought me upstairs, he suddenly paused on the step. I looked up at him and his eyelids were fluttering.    “Huh..huhh…I…h..have t-t-…huh…huh… see..huh huh Huchoo!! HuhSHOO! Huh..huh.. HURCHOO! He aimed the sneezes as far away from me as he could, but they left him sniffling.   “Bless you!”    “Ugh, sorry baby. I didn’t want to sneeze on you.” His cheeks flushed.    I just kissed his chest and nuzzled closer to him. I noticed that I could feel his warmth even through his shirt. We both got ready for bed and curled up together. I was out before my head hit the pillow.  ***************************************************************************   I woke up to a dark room and an empty bed. I glanced over at the time to see that it was 2:33 am.    “Dylan?” I called out into the dark room. I thought maybe he had just went to the bathroom. When no answer came, I got up to investigate. I walked out of our room, down the hall, and to his study. Sure enough, there he was, staring at his computer.    “Baby, what are you doing?”    Dylan jumped a little.    “Shit, Sab! You scared me. I’b just looking eberything over once bore.” He said, his eyes flicking back down to his computer screen. I couldn’t help but notice that his voice was congested and he had a box of tissues next to him on the desk.   I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms lovingly around his shoulders. I kissed his cheek, but when I didn’t feel a temperature I moved my lips down to his neck. I heard a small groan escape his lips.    “Come to bed,” I whispered in his ear. He nodded, shutting his laptop as I led him out of the room.    ************************************************************************** The next part is already halfway written so I should have it up by the end of the weekend :) hope you all are still enjoying and if you have any suggestions let me know! 
    • ThePokeFan599
      Great ob from our favorite music teacher. I'm sure she had more sneezes during the day, and was able to sneeze more freely. Can't wait for the next one. 
    • serpentspass
      Haha it's okay! I quite like the idea of Simon being a germaphobe, though. I might incorporate that into the story😊
    • •.*°•☆. Q .☆•°*.•
      I'm so proud of everyone in this thread!! We are rlly kicking butt!!  Last night I put on some nice smelling hand lotion before bed & I noticed I woke up in a better mood today bc of it. I think I am going to try putting on nice smelling hand lotion before bed on days when I anticipate a rough morning. 
    • HakunaMatata
      Unfortunately not, sorry. I don't have a YouTube channel.
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