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    • BringDylanTheHorizon
      Yes please!!! Pm me if u can !!! I have a couple links already saved ready for the next one but also i need to know more nct stans :')
    • HakunaMatata
      Awwwwww! That's all I have to say for that. It's so cute! I just love these two so damn much..  Any chance there's gonna be a sequel to this? Maybe some Tina caretaking fluff? Pleeaase?❤
    • angora48
      Hey, thanks for the comments!  Reader, I can never resist a good sci-fi or fantasy twist on a sickfic.  😉  I always like to include pics of the major characters in my fanfics - some of the fandoms I like aren't super well-known, so I want to make sure people who aren't familiar with the source material can still visualize all the fetishy goodness.  And helyzelle, I've really been loving Brainy on the current season of Supergirl, especially his relationship with Alex.  They have a fun "big sister-annoying little brother who's also a super-genius alien AI from the future" thing going on. Part 2.  Sorry it's so short today - we're still in the preliminary stage of the story, but I promise there'll be more goodness soon!   It was late in the afternoon when Alex made it back around to Brainy.  She felt a little bad about it; she figured he had no desire to have anyone hovering, but she suspected that he was going to have a harder time with this than he imagined, and if he wasn’t going to look out for himself, she’d better do it for him. Sure enough, as Alex approached Brainy’s station, she found the Coluan rubbing his nose.  “How’re you doing?” she asked. “I’ve set up ad algorithm to extract betabolic idformation frob the alien database and calculate the approxibate dose of tranquilizer deeded to subdue lifeforbs of said metabolism,” Brainy told her.  “I now deed to devise a bethod of conveying that data directly to the tranquilizer guds.” Of course.  “How’re you feeling, Brainy?” Alex clarified. “Oh.”  Brainy sniffled lightly.  “You ought to have been bore specific.  I feel tired, the pain id by temple has begun spreading across by brow, add I seeb to be developing a proliferation of water bucus.” “Your nose is running,” Alex supplied. “To quote the absurd Earth verdacular,” Brainy said.  He sniffled again.  “I’ve also sdeezed an additional three tibes, bringing the present total to four.” Leave it to Brainy to count his sneezes.  “How ‘bout your throat?” Alex asked. “Udchanged,” Brainy told her, “but this dew data is sufficient to confirb your original hypothesis.  The probability of by havi…” He paused, drawing in a breath, and sneezed an almost perfunctory “haaahhhhh-ihhhhhhh-shuuhhhhhh!” into the back of his hand.  He kept it there for an extra beat, sniffled, and then lowered it, smoothly continuing, “…having codtracted a cobbon cold is dow dinety-two point six percedt.  That’s five sneezes dow.”  He wriggled his nose. Alex winced a little.  “Welcome to the 21st century, I guess,” she remarked.  “Sorry.” “The apology is udnecessary,” Brainy informed her.  “It wasn’t your doing.” He was sick, so Alex resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him.  “It’s called sympathy, Brainy,” she pointed out.  “Don’t worry if you need a few days off; that’s fine.  We’ll be good here.” “Also uddessary,” Brainy replied.  “The commod cold is a binor Earth illdess, typically doh cause for concern except id cases of extrebe ibbunodeficiency.”  He rubbed his nose, sniffling.  “On the whole, it’s dot knowd to prevent hubans from conducting their usual busidess.” “Hey, you wanna work, that’s fine,” Alex told him.  “Just go easy, okay?  This is your first cold, so it might be kind of rough on you.” “You udderestimate me, Director Dadvers,” Brainy said.  “Dow, I deed to procure a tradquilizer gud from the armory to deterbine how best to adapt it for by purposes.”  He picked up the tablet on his desk and set off down the hall, bending at the waist as a strong sneeze hit him.  “huhhhhhh-chiaahhhhhhhh!” he sneezed toward the floor.  “Six sdeezes,” he called to Alex as he straightened, continuing on his way. “Don’t work too hard!” Alex called back, suppressing a sigh.  She was not looking forward to this.  
    • WolfPack
      Yeah, I can help too!
    • helyzelle
      I'm really looking forward to the rest of this fic. I have very much enjoyed your previous stories and I'm sure I'll love this I've too I watched season 1 of Supergirl a while back but never got around to continuing once the other seasons came out. I'm currently watching Arrow and I understand there will be some overlap later so I guess I have an incentive to pick it up again. I'm quite curious to get to know this Brainy now   
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