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    • Subsiss
      Oooh, this is super promising so far! I'm always into novel settings that somehow directly incorporate sneezing, so you definitely have my interest. Keep up the fantastic work!
    • matilda3948
      Thank you all for the comments. I wasn't sure if I was going to write a second part to this or not, but I had some thoughts. Hope you like!   “I have to say, this is starting to become a bit tiresome,” Aziraphale says after tumbling through another fit of sneezes. He muffles a series of wet little sniffles into a handkerchief. “Well, maybe this will teach you not to go on a miracle bender next time you get an assignment from upstairs,” Crowley says, topping off both of their wine glasses once again. “Yes, yes. I’m a fool getting my comeuppance. You’ve made your point.” The angel frowns when he hears how airy and low his voice sounds. “Oh dear, I’ve gone all raspy.” “Maybe we should switch over to tea—or you should switch over tea,” Crowley says. He glances over at Aziraphale and frowns when he sees the angel looking flushed and drowsy. While he’s accustomed to seeing that look from Aziraphale, he knows it doesn’t have as much to do with the wine as it does with the ridiculous overexertion he’d put himself through that day. In short, it wasn’t a contented drunken stupor. The demon gets up and goes to put the kettle on, not entirely sure Aziraphale has even heard him earlier; a theory confirmed when the angel startles slightly when the cup and saucer are placed on the arm of his chair a moment later. “Oh, thank you, Crowley. Very thoughtful.” He waves off the gratitude and then adds a couple logs to the fire before settling back in with his wine. “Can you remember the last time you were ill?” Aziraphale asks. Crowley blows a huff of hair through his lips and thinks back. “Oooooh boy, let’s see…it’s been a while. Oh, I know! The winter of 1713. I think it was freezing and damp the whole world over. Seemed like it followed me everywhere I went. Rio—it was cold and rainy in Rio, for Satan’s sake! Cough, aches, chills that made my bones rattle. Ended up changing into a snake just to curl up and sleep it off.” “Poor dear,” Aziraphale says. “Sounds ahh awful.” His nose prickles sharply around the edges and he picks up his handkerchief before tilting his head back as his breath hitches several times. uhh huhahh…huhMNTSHH! huhMPTSHHH! huh ehh EhhNKTSHHoo! uhMFSHHoo! “My goodness. Excuse be,” he mumbles. “Gesundheit, Angel.” When Aziraphale didn’t respond with a “thank you, dear” or something similarly saccharine and shivered violently instead, Crowley frowns deeply. “Trade places with me,” he says. “You should be closer to the fire.” “You’ll get chilled,” the angel says. “This sort of weather is difficult for you.” “I’m not the one who’s shivering.” Aziraphale looks puzzled, then raises a hand to eye level and sees that he is, in fact, shaking. But, chill or not, he won’t displace Crowley from his favorite spot closest to the fire. As though he’s read the angel’s mind, Crowley shifts and places a pillow on his lap. “C’mere, Angel,” he says. “And bring your blanket.” He curls up on the sofa, resting his head on the demon’s lap with a congested sigh. Aziraphale’s eyes drift shut as Crowley’s hand comes to rest on his forehead. “Mm. I’m sorry you were alone the last time you were ill,” Aziraphale says. “It’s much better having company.” His voice cracks on the last word and he turns his head, coughing harshly into his fist. Despite the scratchy heat in his throat, he is more comfortable closer to the fire, tucked under his blanket, and with Crowley absentmindedly running a hand through his hair. “Angel? Do you remember the last time you were sick?” “No. That’s why I asked you earlier. It’s been quite some time for me I think.” “Not as long as you think.” The angel opens his eyes and is met with his own reflection in Crowley’s mirrored sunglasses. “You remember?” he asks. “Yep. 1985. Care to venture a guess how it happened?” The playful tone and the way he continued to card his fingers through the angel’s hair was doing more to sooth Aziraphale than the wine and tea combined. “No idea, dear,” he whispers. “Well, you were given an allotment of healing miracles and, you being you, went ahead and did five times for than you were supposed to and ended up—”   huhMFSHHoo! huhIHHMFSHoo! “Yes, exactly like this,” Crowley adds, flicking a hand and drying Aziraphales handkerchief. “You’re kidding?” “Hand to…whomever. Would’ve thought you’d leaned your lesson after that, but—”  hehhTSHHoo! MPTSHHH! NKTSHH! “—apparently not. Gesundheit.” Aziraphale blows his nose and struggles to clear his throat. When Crowley’s hand comes to rest on his forehead they both note that Aziraphale is feverish. “I’d forgotten that.” “Obviously.” It’s quiet for a minute or two before Crowley says, “You can be too reckless, Angel.” “Me reckless?” Aziraphale sputters. “What about you?” “I’m built for it—it’s my nature. But you…” “I know the rest of them think that about me, but I never thought you did, Crowley!” Aziraphale sits up, fighting his way through a wave of dizziness. The demon is thoroughly confused by the sudden turn of events and tries to wrap his head around it. “What are you talking about? The rest of who?” Although Aziraphale is determined to keep up his side of the argument, his nose has other ideas. The first sneeze is sudden and he angles his head towards the floor. Three more rush out one on top of the other and he’s left lightheaded and embarrassed. He feels hands guiding him back down to the sofa and Aziraphale is appalled to find there are tears running down his face. “Aziraphale? Look at me,” Crowley says. He’s crouched on the floor so he’s at eye level. When Aziraphale shakes his head, the demon sighs and puts a hand on his shoulder. “Please, Angel.” When he finally looks up, he’s met with Crowley’s yellow eyes and eyebrows raised in obvious confusion over the little outburst. “I’m sorry,” the angel mutters. “It’s just that I know the other angels think I’m…soft and not up to the same tasks as the rest of them.” “That’s not what I meant,” Crowley says. “All I meant was…you’re too good sometimes. Too good for your own I mean.” “That makes absolutely no sense,” he says, but gets up so Crowley can sit back in his place and then he places the pillow in his lap again. “You’re only feeling ill because you helped too many people today. That’s all I meant.” “I suppose I was being a bit defensive.” “Save your voice, Angel.” Crowley goes back to playing with the head of pale blonde hair resting on his lap. He knew the cold wouldn’t last long—that Aziraphale would heal with characteristic divine speed, but the next day or two he’d burn through whatever he’d picked up from the three odd dozen people he’d healed. “You’re being awfully nice to me,” Aziraphale says. “Hey! I’m always nice to you.” Their eyes connect for a moment before Crowley relents. “Alright, the truth is I feel a little guilty.” “Whatever for, dear?” “You know that thing your nose is doing right now where one side is running while the other feels full of cement?” “Mm, it’s awful.” “Well, I invented that.” “Of course you did.”
    • Matt alacran
    • ZakuConvoy
      Well, obviously we want to see the After Party.  I vote 1.
    • Raistlin
      How many people out there would be interested in a forum section for discussion in languages other than English?  It seems that, since this forum serves as the hub for our interest more or less world wide, it would be good to open up some section for people from our non-English-speaking demographics (namely Swedish, Russian, German, Japanese, but really any language).  I understand the rules against posting threads predominantly in other languages on the main boards, but a place for it would be nice and I think popular.  If we don't have it here, eventually those boards will pop up elsewhere and draw people away.  Also, once a board like that existed, it would draw in multicultural members who never find us now, by hitting search terms in their own languages.  Just an idea.  And I understand the difficulties of moderating a multi-lingual board, but if there are enough members to populate one I'm sure people will volunteer to keep things to standards.  I would certainly volunteer to moderate German threads.
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