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    • TsundereKushami
      It's glorious and I love you and Hachibuns stuff so yay~
    • cprlaw08
      Be greatful for content provided by others but don't pressure people into providing answers or material for your own needs - that's not right!  We are privileged to have had so much great material from Matilda but what she does with it and whether she uploads it is her choice no one else's- I feel like I shouldn't even have to be typing this ? 
    • Stu380
      OK, I'm pretty worried right now.  I haven't had a natural sneeze since last month, though there have been a couple of times in the past where I was unable to sneeze naturally for 3 months.  Anyway, I think I've become less sneezy as I've got older, and what's worrying me is the fact that tickling my nostrils with a pointy tissue would make me sneeze without fail... but this morning, I tried doing it again... and the sneeze failed to complete (not once, but TWICE).  I reached the "ahh", but the "choo" wouldn't come.  Now I'm worried there could be something wrong with my sneeze reflex.  Luckily, I do have an appointment with a neurologist next month, but I'm really hoping that what I'm experiencing is nothing to worry about, especially since I've read that an inability to sneeze could be the sign of a brain tumour...
    • Akahana
      Did an art trade with a friend, his oc's are so cute!! ❤️ https://sfanimeakahana.tumblr.com/post/182817218694/hey-look-i-did-an-art-thats-rare-lol-this-is
    • Likesn
      Part 8: "Ho Eshoo, Hu Ashoo, Ha Ha Eshoo, Ashoo, U Shoo!" Lilly came back to her dorm room and found Alyson, in her bed, sneezing up a storm. "Hey Alysod- I brought sobe supplies" said Lilly and sniffled. "Oh good" said Alyson. "Cad you hadd be a dew box of tissues please"? Lilly did, and Alyson tore the box open, grabbed a handful of tissues and blew her red nose wetly into them. "Ugh, by dose hurts frob blowig it so buch" Alyson complained. "He Tshoo, Tshoo, E Tshoo!" sneezed Lilly. "Bless you" said Alyson. "Do you deed sobe tissues as well"? "Yes please" replied Lilly with a thick stuffy sniffle. "Here you g..... go.... He Ashoo, Ushoo, E Shoo, Aaa Shoo!" Alyson showered Lilly with sneezes as she handed her the tissue box. Not that Lilly could complain, after all- she was the one who got Alyson sick. "I've dever sdeezed so buch before" said Alyson as Lilly blew her nose. "This cold really is terrible. "*cough cough* I thidk it's gettig idto by chest as well as by dose" said Lilly. "Thed you should probably go back to bed" said Alyson. "E Tshoo, Hu Tshooeh! Yeah *sniff* I bight as well" said Lilly. The rest of the afternoon and evening passed with Lilly and Alyson sneezing their noses off in their beds, and Lilly occasionally coughing as well. They went to sleep early, but it didn't seem to do them much good, for the next morning Alyson's cold only seemed to be getting worse. As for Lilly, she felt only slightly better, but was still really sick. However, just as Lilly was blowing her nose for what seemed like the four millionth time with this cold, she got a text message that got her very excited. The text was from Violet, who told her that she thinks she has everything ready for the scrying spell, if Lilly's in the mood for checking it out. Dragging herself out of bed, not without difficulty, Lilly told Alyson that she was craving some fresh air, and went to meet Violet. Soft morning light only just managed to get through the closed shades in Violet's dorm room, making the atmosphere in it mysterious and slightly dark. Violet greeted Lilly with a wide smile. "I'm glad you could come so fast" said Violet. "Here" she handed Lilly a box of tissues "you might wanna use these". "Is that a part of the spell?" asked Lilly with a mischievous smile. "No" replied Violet "but I was thinking you're probably gonna" "He He Tshoo, E Tshoo, Ha Etshoo"! "Need them" Violet completed her sentence after Lilly was done sneezing. "So, how is this goddda work, exactly?" asked Lilly after blowing her nose. "See this circle over there?" said Violet, pointing at chalk circle drawn on the floor, in front of a bare wall "I'm gonna need you to sit in the middle of it. Once you do- I'll start working on the spell, and if I get a reading I will be able to project it on the wall in front of you". "Kidda like goig to the bovies" said Lilly. "Right, except there's no guarantee I'll get any reading at all" said Violet. "What deeds to happed id order for you to get a readig?" asked Lilly. "Basically, since you're trying to use your cold as leverage for your mischief- I'll get a reading if a cold you've given to someone affects their life in a way you'll find..... ummmm...... let's say- amusing" said Violet. Now it was Lilly's turn to smile widely. "Well" she said "id that case- I dod't thik you're godda have ady probleb gettig readigs". "Then- shall we start?" Violet suggested. "By all beads" said Lilly. Violet sat on the floor, an ancient looking spell book in her hands, while Lilly sat in the middle of the chalk circle. "Adythig?" asked Lilly after a while. Violet raised a finger, signaling Lilly to stay quiet. Her eyes were closed, and she was mumbling a spell. For a while, they both sat quietly, except for Violet's mumbling. Lilly started to grow impatient. She turned to look at Violet, just as the blue haired girl opened her eyes and said- "Look, I think it's starting to work". Lilly turned to look at the wall so fast it made her head spin a little. When she managed to focus again, she could see an image starting to appear on the wall. it was, as Lilly imagined, just like watching a movie screened on the wall. Violet and Lilly watched as the image on the wall became clearer, showing what appeared to be the inside of a small apartment. A delicate girl with glasses and a very pink nose was standing in a small kitchen, and looked like she was about to enter a small living room. "Do you know that girl?" asked Violet. "Yes" Lilly replied. "Her dabe is Katie, but I already kdow I gave her by cold. I bust adbit I had quite a fud tibe observig the way it troubled her a couple of days ago" she said with a dreamy expression and an impish smile. "Well then, I guess your cold isn't done troubling her yet. She still looks pretty sick" said Violet. The girls watched as Katie walked into the living room, holding a bowl in her hands. Sarah, Katie's girlfriend, was lying on the couch, covered in a blanket. "What's this?" asked Sarah, looking at the bowl in Katie's hands. "I bade you sobe soup" said Katie in a stuffed up voice. "You did't have to do that- soup is for sick people add I'b dot sick" said Sarah through a stuffed up voice of her own. Her big nose was red. "Sweetie- It's clear that you've caught by cold" said Katie. "You've beed feelig cold all bordig, add" "Hu Reshoo, Ha Urshoo!" Sarah rocked forward, doubling over with two harsh loud sneezes. "You've beed sdeezig a lot" finished Katie. "It's just sobe sdeezes" said Sarah "doesd't bead I'b Ha Rishoo! sick". "Have you looked at yourself? You're dose is really red, add that's do wodder- you've beed blowig it sidce last dight, whed you thought I wasd't lookig" said Katie. "So what if by dose has beed actig up a little? This still doesd't bead I'b sick" said Sarah. "You're the ode with a cold here, rebebber"? "I Tshoo, Hi Tshoo, Itshoo!" sneezed Katie. "Add you have ode too" she said. "Why wod't you just adbit it"? "Ha Rushoo, Hu Rashoo, He Reshoo, Her Shoosh!" Sarah's nose exploded and she sprayed her surrounding with huge wet sneezes. "O.k., there is do way you cad still say you're dot sick" said Katie. She placed the bowl of soup on the table, took a tissue from the box on it, and knelt near Sarah's head. "Babe, what are you doig?" asked Sarah. "Dod't speak" said Katie. She then gently pressed the tissue against Sarah's nose, producing a loud gurgling blow. "Why are you blowig by dose? I'b dot a child" said Sarah, sounding a little agitated. "Thed stop actig like ode, add adbit you're sick" said Katie. "But first, eat your soup before it gets cold. Lilly and Violet watched as Sarah, who still looked quite reluctant, allowed Katie to feed her the soup. "Ha Tishoo, Itsh, Hi Tshoo, Hi Itshoo!" Katie turned her head away from Sarah and sneezed, right after she placed the empty bowl of soup on the table. "Ble.... Re Ashoo, Hu Re Shia! Sarah sneezed into her hands. "Ugh gross. What a bess". "Bless you sweetie. Here" said Katie, who had just finished blowing her own nose and now pulled a fresh tissue to blow Sarah's. "Thadks for takig such good care of be babe" said Sarah. "I dod't kdow how this happeded, I dever get si.... Hi Rashoo, Ho Arshoo, Hu RushShoosh!" she sneezed right into Katie's face. Katie simply wiped her face with another tissue and smiled. "Dod't worry" she told Sarah "w'll get through this cold together". "I have to say" Violet told Lilly after they finished watching Katie and Sarah "this mischief ended up kinda sweetly, don't you think"? "Yeah, Tshoo, Etshoo, Ha Etshoo, He He He Tshoo! I guess you could say that" said Lilly. TBC
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