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    • matilda3948
      I burned through the first season of "The Good Place" in one weekend. It's charming and smart. Also, huge fan of "Killing Eve." It's funny and dark and addictive. Season 2 comes out in a few months and I can't wait!
    • matilda3948
      I love the 13th Doctor and wanted to try my hand at writing the new characters. I think I'll do another section after this. Her comment in the pilot about her nose being unreliable was too cute not to use in a story. * Graham walked into the TARDIS console room and stopped next to the Doctor. “Hey, Graham,” she said. Her head was tilted up towards the ceiling and she would wink one eye, then the other at regular intervals. Graham looked up to try and see what she looking at. “Whatcha doing, Doc?” “Not sure. Got a bit of a funny feeling in my face and I’m trying to figure it out.” “What do you mean, a funny feeling?” he asked. The Doctor turned and looked at him. “Oh! That was good!” she said, looking up at the ceiling and back at Graham again. “Moving my head like that makes it worse…or better…still not sure.” “Doc, you’re not making any sense.” “I got this weird sort of crawly, prickly feeling just here,” she said, pointing to the bridge of her nose. “It sorta comes and goes, but it makes my eyes go all watery and…” she trailed off and scrunched her nose up, then rubbed it back and forth, before huffing in frustration. “Arg! Almost got it.” “Maybe it’s best not to think about it,” Graham said. “Sometimes thinking about it just makes it—” “Oh, wait!” She grabbed his arm and froze, taking a careful breath through her nose. “Yes, I thihh, hehihh—ehhKitshhew!” “Bless you,” Graham said, patting the hand that was still gripping his arm. He chuckled a little. “That was brilliant!” she said. “Sneezing?” “Yes! In fact, oh good—think I’m going to do it again.” She wiggled her nose up and down and squeezed her eyes shut. Heh Ehh…ehhKitchhew! Her whole upper body seemed to shiver with the force of it. She sniffled and grinned, tucking her hair back behind her ear. “Graham, have you ever done that? You’ve got to, it’s the best!” “Yeah, Doc, I’ve sneezed before. Humans do it all the time. Most of us find us annoying.” “You’re kidding?” “Nope. You’ve never sneezed before?” “Not in this body at least,” she said, pressing a couple random buttons on the console. “Probably did in the others, but I don’t remember. Always takes some getting used to, but it’s fun…usually. Surprises around every corner.” Graham smiled and shook his head—she was too much sometimes. Only the Doctor could be so amazed by something as mundane as (re)discovering the novelty of sneezing. He watched as she stopped and tilted her head towards the ceiling again. Her nostrils flared slightly, her breath hitched twice, and then heh Ehh EhhKtischhew! “Bless you, Doc.” He got a handkerchief out of his pocket and held it out to her. She took it but just stared at it for a couple seconds before remembering what it was for. “Right! Thanks, Graham.” she rubbed her nose in the fabric and sniffled. “You feeling okay?” he asked. “Think so. Why?” “Sometimes folks sneeze when they’re coming down with a cold.” “Never get colds,” she said like it was a reflex. “Or do I? Hm…don’t know. Maybe I do—or did. Definitely still have that feeling like I’m gonna—hehKitschhew!” “Bless you again.” Now Graham was starting to feel a little concerned. Yaz and Ryan came down the hall, rested and ready for another adventure. “Morning all,” Yaz said. “What are you two up to?” Ryan asked. “Doc’s just having a bit of a sneezing fit this morning,” Graham said. “Seriously?” Ryan asked at the same time Yaz asked, “You alright?” ehh heh HehhKitshhew! “Oh, bless you,” Yaz said, putting a hand on the Doctor’s back. Ryan laughed. “You look like a rabbit when you sneeze,” he said. Yaz shot him a look, but the Doctor lit up. “Really? Aw, that’s sweet. Thanks, Ryan. Just for that, I’m going to let you pick where we go today,” she said, moving around the TARDIS console pulling levers and flipping switched. Graham stepped in and slowed her movements. “No hold on a sec, Doc. Before we go out on some kind of adventure, I think we should figure out if you’re coming down with something.” “Nah. I think this nose is just unreliable,” she said. “It’s felt like this for the last two days and this morning it’s just decided to start sneezing for—” “Wait, you’ve been feeling bad for two days?” Yaz asked. The Doctor paused and seemed to think about it. During that time, Graham said a quiet word to Ryan who nodded, and went off towards the kitchen. Yaz reached up and put her hand on the other woman’s forehead. “You might be a bit warm,” Yaz said. “Is your temperature close to humans’?” “A few degrees higher—two hearts,” the Doctor said. “Well, maybe we should—” “Hold on!” The Doctor held up both hands like she was playing a game of freeze tag. Yaz looked at Graham and he shrugged. The Doctor closed her eyes and stayed absolutely still for several seconds, then: hehKitschhew! HehKishhew! “Oh, two that time!” she said with a sniffle. “Bless you,” Yaz said, frowning. “Alright, Doc. You got a spaceship full of crazy technology. One of these machines has got to be able to tell us if you’re sick,” Graham said.
    • Reader
      I heard it got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. ~~~ I binge-watched Altered Carbon in like two days. I’m so ready for the second season! 
    • Yuurei
      I recently binged Russian Doll on Netflix. It's only 8 episodes and stars Natasha Lyonne. It's super good and very entertaining (and moving).  
    • Luisa39
      That was wonderfully described.  Congratulations for the blessings, btw.  It really does become easier the more you say it.=D
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