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What is your favorite sneezing scenario?

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I should add any allergy/hay fever scenario  or sneezing fit from a desired type is also primo!

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inducing someone or being induced by someone/ something/ situations

trying to hide your sneezes from others but failing

sneezing trapped somewhere and you can't leave


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Definitely me hiding in closet with woman that has to sneeze along with my finger under her nose

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definitely catching somebody's sneezes (being directly sneezed on is nice in theory but I don't think it would be so great in real life)

sneezes while cuddling or kissing as well!


when my bf and I started dating (before he knew about the fetish), one of his first sneezes in front of me was while we were cuddling, my head in his lap, and out of nowhere he sneezed (and tried to stifle), then quickly apologized. it was so cute. basically a fantasy-come-true. :) 

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On 1/28/2018 at 11:48 PM, lunarcat42 said:

a character (always male for me) getting a bad cold and needing to be induced so he can clear his head but also being told/trying to hold them back so all the congestion is cleared in one massive sneeze. (Hitching and build up are my fave parts!) I just kinda recently rediscovered this particular fetish of mine  😍

Oh god, THIS. THIS!  *New fantasy*

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Aliena H.

Wow, great thread!!! Some suggestions are... interesting.

My favorite sneezing scenarios :

  • Someone having an fit (allergies or cold, doesnt matter) in the train, because you can't leave or hide, especially if you're near the window and someone is sitting next to you.
  • Music and sneezing (I don't care for the instrument, but preferably during a concert): a musician desperately trying to hold them back or muffle them, but unfortunately he has to play, so his hands aren't available for rubbing his nose, blowing or covering the sneeze. I think this has to do with a larger scenario many of us already mentioned: when someone has to sneeze when his hands are occupied, so the person tries to cover it in another way so that it doesn't get messy. I love it.
  • Last but not least, I love when someone feels a sneeze coming, pulls out a handkerchief or a tissue, is having a huge build-up, brace for the sneeze... and nothing comes, the tickle abates, he believes it's over, he doesn't pay attention anymore... and there the sneeze comes back with full power (after some seconds) and almost takes him by surprise. Unfortunately, I have not witnessed this scenario very often in real life. :nosad:

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On 4/22/2018 at 9:58 AM, snuffle-bunny said:

Oh god, THIS. THIS!  *New fantasy*

Oh dear god, how on earth have I never thought of this in such detail? .////. 

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