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Fetishy things you're ridiculously particular about

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Soo... I was thinking about this today and I wanted to discuss it! I don't think there's ever been a topic like this, but if there has, I apologize.


By the way, slight mess warning!! Because that's the thing I'll be talking about.


I realized that when it comes to snot, I have ridiculously particular opinions. :lol: Allow me to elaborate.


- Sniffling? Perfect. :wub2:

- Seeing a tiny trail of clear snot? Uhhhh... not really my kind of thing, but okay. Can be hot occasionally.

- Wet nose-blows? Yes, definitely.

- Holding a tissue for a boy when he blows his nose and feeling the snot through the tissue? Umm... yes, actually. :blush:

- Snot with a color other than clear... EWww! Get away from me! No, no, NO, just no!!

- Messy sneezes? Also ew. Not really for me. Thanks very much.

- Now anything regarding... *shudders as she types this* dried snot aka boogers  makes me gag just thinking about it! Like, it's literally the most disgusting thing for me!!


Honestly, fetishes are so weird! :laugh: I realized that this may seem somewhat ridiculous to outsiders, but I'm sure a lot of us actually have conflicting preferences like this that make little sense?


Do you have any? What are they?

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Yes yes they are for me it's volume. If it's really loud I can't Handel it because it makes me jump and upsets me I have no idea why medium volume cute depending on who it is but can also make me very uncomfortable or uneasy quiet cute very cute but can occasionally bother me good stifles I fall over and die. Also covering you fist fine elbow fine handkerchief not a favorite (probably bc both my dad and brothers use them ewe) shirt fine.  Open no unless it's an accent and they get embarrassed then they couldn't help it  palm no-one finger no but you know I'm only a teen so why do I think I know anything :) shrugged 

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I can't deal with any mess at all. A little bit of spray is fine, but any sort of snot is just an INSTANT turn off, and I find it really disgusting. Also nose blowing and sniffling do little for me. It's all about the sneezing. ;)


It also bugs me when women stifle a sneeze and then add a fake, girly 'choo!' sound at the end. It's so affected and irritating, haha.

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It's funny, I never realized just how many particulars I have until you brought it up... I've always thought myself to be low-maintenance, but I guess the fetish is where all my picky-ness lies...


The notables:

I agree with those above that hate mess, I really can't tolerate much mess either, or any descriptor words ascribing to that (juicy UGH UGH UGH)


Weirdly enough, I'm not a huge fan of spellings that include too much 'r' sound. "HURRASHHOO" or "KERCHEW" or "HRRSH"... It's really strange, and I can always tolerate it, especially if it seems accurate to the person or character being written about. I don't actively think about it if it fits well. It's just sort of a turn off. Maybe it's because that's kind of how my dad sneezes/acts out sneezes? I don't know. Thinking about it makes me uncomfortable.


I don't like stifles that squeak too loudly. I don't think I've seen this talked about on here, but to me, if the stifle sounds actually painful, or is loud enough to not even warrant stifling because of its squeakiness, it kind of weirds me out.


16 minutes ago, Musical_Dork said:

It also bugs me when women stifle a sneeze and then add a fake, girly 'choo!' sound at the end. It's so affected and irritating, haha.

^^^THIS, oh my god, THIS! It bugs the hell out of me too. Or when people have such an obviously fake, girly sneeze that you can't help but roll your eyes. I had a friend in High School who had the MOST annoying girly fake sneeze ever, and everyone commented and cooed and giggled over how cute it was. She would always follow it up with an affected little sigh and talk about how annoying allergies are. But then, we went on a retreat, and I ended up sharing a hotel room with her, and she sneezed completely normally when only I was around to hear her. I almost said something about it, but I lost my nerve. People are so silly sometimes.


Then again, I like cute sneezes for the most part. As long as they're natural.


I'm sure there are more particulars, but I'll be done with my little negativity party for now, haha.

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Sen Beret

I think I'm one of the least picky people around when it comes to the sneezing itself, but I'm so particular when it comes to the reactions and feelings surrounding it!

  • Playfully teasing somebody who has a cold/allergies? Hell yes! Love it! But as soon as somebody starts mocking them or being otherwise rude/mean/malicious, I'm outta there.
  • Somebody being frustrated/exasperated/annoyed about their own sneezing is the best! But I hate reading about somebody else feeling that way about someone else's sneezing. It just seems so mean and unpleasant, and it's also the exact opposite of how I feel!
  • In the same vein, I really don't like when someone is too upset about being sick/allergic, because I end up empathizing too much and it takes all the fun away from me. There's definitely a fine line!

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The aspects that bother me:

> When someone holds a tissue to someone else's nose when they are blowing it.
> When a sneeze sounds like a cat being stepped on or something else ridiculous like that.
> Noisy, "honking" blows.
> The sight of excessive snot. I don't mind hearing a wet blow or sneeze (I actually find it a bit pleasing), but whenever I see the resulting mess I can't help but feel grossed-out.
> When stifles have too high-pitched of a squeaking sound or end up sounding kind of like a fart.

I could go on and on about all the things I have qualms with, but I will cut my list off there. :P

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I have a lot of those. Particularly mess-related. I like some spray, but not snot. I don't wanna see it. Hearing it, fine, I can like the sound of messiness. But I do not want to see it. I like sniffling, but not when someone does the snooooorrt-swallow thing. UGH!


I don't like people blessing themselves.


I don't like too small or "girly" sneezes, and I don't like obnoxious scream-sneezes either. I do like them pretty loud and I love a sound of desperation to it, but not when it's clearly done for show.


I don't like it when people enjoy their own sneeze. I'm a kind and caring person for most part, I promise, but this particular little aspect of my fetish is extremely important; I want the person to be embarrassed and miserable when they sneeze. And this is paired with my thing for "powerful" women, in fact, my fetish is almost conclusively directed at women who are above me socially, and preferably very arrogant. Yep, there are some exceptions, but mostly, this is it. It's really important. I could write a psychological thesis on why this combination has shaped my sexuality, but I'm too lazy. 


Building on that one, I dislike induced sneezes. Someone deliberately setting off their existing allergy, that can be nice, but the whole losing control thing is what I like about it, and it is kind of lost if someone makes themselves lose control, somehow...?


I try to get more into cold sneezes, but I really have a hard time with the, uh, gunk. :lol: And contagion makes me nervous.


I do like when someone makes off-hand comments on how miserable and sniffly and itchy they are, or how high the pollen count is, or something like that, but I don't like it when it turns into self-pitying whining, like they want to tell me I'm not allowed to enjoy the nice spring weather because they can't.


I prefer sound over sight and description (fiction) over sound. Although in a perfect world it comes together, the world isn't perfect. :P


Hmmm, I have lots more, but I think I'll stop there.


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I'm fairly particular in the sense that my fetish exists in fiction more than real life experiences. I do enjoy the occasional sneeze from someone attractive, but it typically makes me nervous and fidgety. So, I will focus on fiction more, though touch on a few real life instances. 


  • I typically don't enjoy mess, but if it's only a mist, I'm fine with it. The one thing I absolutely cannot stand is graphic descriptions of snot and all that. *shudders*
  • Care-taking is extremely important. This especially includes blessing. I don't enjoy a blessing after every sneeze, but a substitute for that could be a comment out of sympathy such as: "You don't sound well" or "Poor thing". 
  • Something I tend to find adorable is when a partner in a couple notices the other's nose is running and wipes it away with a tissue. There's something very vulnerable about it and it taps into my vulnerability fetish, as well. 
  • For males, loud sneezing is pretty nice, although not extremely loud to the point it's dramatic. When the male is embarrassed due to an unfortunate loud sneeze and attempts to hide it, it's adorable. But I also enjoy small, kittenish sneezes for men, too. 
  • For females, anywhere from soft to medium volume sneezes are the best. I don't enjoy loud sneezes for females because they tend to be overly dramatic and have high-pitched endings that are unattractive. 
  • I mainly enjoyed covered sneezes, such as: into the crook of an arm, wrist, sometimes a hastily cupped hand(s), etc. Uncovered sneezes typically are unattractive, but if it's out of complete desperation and the character was unable to get a tissue or limb there in time, it's attractive. If the uncovered sneeze is on someone's face or anywhere other than the occasional chest or shoulder misting, it's definitely unattractive and disgusting. 
  • A character sneezing while groggy after waking or exhausted during the day/night is very attractive. Those are typically unrestrained and demonstrate desperation that is wonderful.
  • When I'm writing fiction, as in private roleplays, I don't get typically get turned on by anything that isn't written by me. If the other person is writing a male character that I'm attracted to, I will get a reaction. But if they're writing a female, I'll feel nothing. If I'm writing a female, on the other hand, I definitely will have a reaction for some strange reason. Don't judge me. 
  • Sneezing fits aren't bad, but there's a point when there's too much without a break. Just no. Give me a chance to prepare in between fits so I don't end up as a puddle. 
  • Contagion freaks me out in real life since I'm a complete germophobe, but in fiction it doesn't bother me that much. If it's only something minor such as a cold or the flu and nothing serious, it's pretty attractive. As well as this, the concern that follows when a sick character believes they have gotten their partner sick tends to be quite adorable. 

Real Life:

  • I absolutely despise uncovered sneezes. They're disgusting and I don't want to possibly get someone else's germs in my body.
  • Sneezing fits are okay, but if there's too many I get annoyed very fast. I get disgusted when it's someone I don't find attractive. 
  • I find it extremely disgusting when someone basically snorts because they're congested and I know someone who does this when they're sick, which makes it worse. (Also mentioned by Chanel)
  • I hate it when people just blow their nose out in the open with no shame about how disgusting or loud it sounds. Seriously, just go to the bathroom or something, man. 
  • I don't like it when people announce that they have to sneeze. I honestly don't care if you have to. Keep that information to yourself. 
  • I don't appreciate it when people complain that they're so sick. If you're that sick, you shouldn't even be around people. Suck it up and act like a normal person because no one wants to listen to you whine while we have work to do. 
  • This also ties into the previous statement. I hate it when people talk about how sick they were while they were on break for the weekend. Example: "I literally was unable to get out of bed the whole weekend. I was sick the entire time." I really don't care. I'm not glad you felt horrible, but I didn't sign up to have you whine about your problems when I have my own. 

...That was a lot. I'm very particular. Oops. :zippy2:  


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Just now, Sophie83540 said:

I don't appreciate it when people complain that they're so sick. If you're that sick, you shouldn't even be around people. Suck it up and act like a normal person because no one wants to listen to you whine while we have work to do. 


Ugh, this is my mother in a nutshell. She's overdoing the whole sniffling/congestion/coughing thing to make people go "ooooh how are you, poor thing...!" and I. Refuse. To. Acknowledge. This. You're either so sick you withdraw from people altogether, or you act like you're fine. (Wo)man up or go into quarantine. Ew.

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OMFG, I totally agree about the b-word. So gross. Which is weird because I actually like mess a lot. But dried mess? Ew. Otherwise though, I'm not really particular when it comes to fetishy stuff. That's the only thing I can't go. ETA: i forgot, I also HATE the blessing yourself thing!! Like when someone sneezes and then says "Bless me". I just want to scream. I don't know why that's so annoying to me. But that's more of an annoyance than a fetish thing for me, actually.

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On February 13, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Artemis said:

Yes yes they are for me it's volume. If it's really loud I can't Handel it because it makes me jump and upsets me I have no idea why medium volume cute depending on who it is but can also make me very uncomfortable or uneasy quiet cute very cute but can occasionally bother me good stifles I fall over and die. Also covering you fist fine elbow fine handkerchief not a favorite (probably bc both my dad and brothers use them ewe) shirt fine.  Open no unless it's an accent and they get embarrassed then they couldn't help it  palm no-one finger no but you know I'm only a teen so why do I think I know anything :) shrugged 




Yes! I have really bad anxiety and super loud and especially unexpected loud sneezes scare me too much! :(

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That is my exact reasoning 

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Hmmm lets see.


Agree with the stance on mess, I don't like it at all. 

Hate when someone holds the tissue/handkerchief for the other person or wipes their nose, it just...ugh makes me shudder.

I don't like long spelled out sneezes or giant ones just seem fake to me.

I love shivering, whether it's from the cold or because the person is sick.  I just melt, I find it so adorable.

I love care-taking but I don't like when the care taker is overly caring, like won't leave the sick person alone or just going way beyond normal standards.  Hard to describe I guess, I know it when I see it I guess.

Do not care for inducing in most cases, kinda depends on the situation, I guess I like it naturally occur.

I like it when the sick person complains about being sick but not like overly whiny.  More of they might feel bad they're imposing on the care-taker or just generally upset that they're sick.


I'm sure theres more but thats all I can think of for now.

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I've been waiting for a thread like this, haha. I'm pretty particular, but I'll try to keep it to the biggest points. 


- Certain words make my skin crawl. I can't stand the words sinus, drippy (this one reminds me of sick little kids I hate it so much), phlegm, hanky (ew) ...I'm sure there are more. 


- Spelling is important. I usually only like sneezes that start with an H or "uh" sound. A plain old "achoo!" makes me uncomfortable. A good "ch" sound is also essential. 


- If there were sneeze covering police, I'd sign up for the job in a second. In real life, using an elbow is the only way I approve of (exempt from a sneezing SO. They could probably get away with the next part). In fiction, into cupped hands or a blanket is my favorite, but a wrist or fist works too. Uncovered irl makes me very angry. 


- Honks and unnecessary, dry blows are a turn off. There's nothing better than a wet and gurgly (a word I actually like!) blow. 


- Inducing is awkward. I hate imagining the feeling of a twisted tissue (asgjfsd) or other pointed object up my nose. Maybe something like nuzzling into feathers is okay. Long as it doesn't enter the nose. 


- Allergies can be nice, but colds :hypoc: *choir of angels* wil always win. I like to hear some comments on discomfort, like "my body/head aches," "I'm so stuffed up," "I have to sneeze," but there is a point that it gets to be too much. 


- Going off of illness, dry coughs are good but if it's congested and chesty I will be terrified. The sound reminds me of disease and I know a cough like that can burn so badly. Fevers are lovely, especially hearing someone say they think they have one. Mmm, I love when feelings are vocalized, haha. Unless it's someone complaining or uttering a "gee, thanks" because you didn't bless them. News flash, you'll live without it. 

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I always feel weird about how particular I am so I'm glad this topic exists!


-Allergies? Holy shit, yes please. Pollen allergies? Even better. Flower pollen allergies? I'll melt. However...

-Literally any mess just grosses me out. I can't deal with it. It takes me right out of my feitshy heaven, even if it's from allergies!

-I'm okay with colds, but pretty much any part of it besides the caretaking and the sniffly sneezing is out. The flu is right out. I can't stand it. I am not an illness fan in any way, shape, or form, with the exception being literally one sneezefic I found very early on in my fetishy tiptoeings through the internet.

-Inducing is the best, all the time! Whether with existing allergies, feathers, perfume, tissues, pepper, I love it all. I get a little squicked out when animals are involved, though, for whatever reason.

-BUILDUPS. I LOVE BUILDUPS. Especially long, loud ones, like "ah-hhuh- huh- huaah-!" and if they're punctuated with a phrase like "My nose tickles" or "I'm going to sneeze"- :heart:

-Tiny sneezes and stifles are automatic turn-offs. They just sound so unsatisfying and at worst, fake. I don't even like when they're spelled out! I don't normally like smallish sneezes either, unless they have big buildups in front of them.

-On the same vein, if fits have sneezes that are too quick it's not fun. I like fits with huge, lasting sneezes.

-I'm neutral on noseblowing. I like helping someone blow their nose, but in fiction it's like *skip!* to get to the actual sneezing.

-Back to allergies- in fiction, someone getting surrounded by an allergen and not being able to escape is wonderful. I'm all for it. I love it. Someone with very sneezy pollen allergies being dropped in a flower field with no allergy medicine is one of my favorite fictional storylines.

-I don't like most "giant sneeze" stories, whether of giants sneezing or regular sized people sneezing giant sneezes. I know a lot of my fantasies are fantastical but that's a little too ridiculous for me, ironically enough.

-Words I hate: snotty, spray, honk, snort


I might add more as I remember but those are my weird specifications ehehe.

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I like to think I'm pretty easy-going in terms of the actual act. I like both genders and most sounds, although I prefer no exaggeration or "cutesy" vocalization (although I like big and consonant-y, especially in men). I can deal with seeing mess and enjoy hearing it, and buildups are my favorite thing, especially with talking. 

I fic I am pickier, because I like realism. I actually prefer stories with less sneezing, because sorry no nobody in real life has ever actually had a nonstop fit of thirty plus, nor do colds cause prolonged fits ever. This is totally personal preference, and possibly a very minority opinion, but I have it. I'm also not into fantasy* (or syfy, or ghosts or historical fiction or anything outside of characters doing everyday 21st century things while also having immune system issues of the over or under-active variety). I SO wish I was more because there is SO much good fantasy and such here. I read all those stories and love them when they are beautifully written, but I usually have to tune out the non- realistic aspects in order to fully enjoy it. 

Also the kind of spellings that make me hear the sound I am reading. Yes please. "Achoo" and its affiliates are the worst words ever invented.


*ooh actually that's not entirely true, Harry Potter and sometimes LOTR are large exceptions to this rule, I think because of happy nostalgia feels

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I am SO particular about some of this stuff it even weirds me out a little bit, but anyway:


  • Mess is gross. Period. I'm not even germaphobic, but like the snot, the mist, all of it just grosses me out and it's just an instant turn off
  • The only exception is in sick fic. It's still not great, but I can handle it better
  • No noseblowing. Never been a fan personally, probably never will be
  • Inducing is okay, but only if it's a natural allergen. Like someone smelling pefume or flowers is fine, but sticking something up your nose is gross to me
  • CONGESTED TALK. If a character's sick, I love hearing the congestion when they talk. IRL I'm usually a fan of congestion if it's a person I'm attracted to
  • Sniffling to an extent. Like people have been saying, the massive congested sniffles are gross, but tiny ones are amazing
  • Build-ups are amazing. I love when the person/character just has no choice but to wait for the inevitable
  • In the same vein, announcements and complaints about the tickle are my kryptonite
  • And those people that sneeze in multiples and they make you wait for the last one before you bless them
  • Denial of a problem is my weakness, whether it be cold or allergies. I love seeing characters trying to power through it only to be found out (can you tell I've got a major vulnerability thing too)

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head but tbh there are probably more 

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So what I have gleaned from this thread is that I absolutely horn on and include in most of my writing/discourse the shit that y'all find despicable. Like, seriously, some of the "WORST OF THE WORST" mentions here get me going like a house on fire.


Without getting into any further detail on that front, though, here's the shit that will kill an otherwise nice fic, obs, etc. for me:

  • Spelling, or sound in general. I'm so picky. I'm ridiculously fucking picky, and basically the more crazy consonants and little vowels you have in a thing, the more inclined my horn is to head for the hills. Likewise, you could manufacture my ideal possible scenario for a wav or the like, but if your snez is ugly to my brain, sorry. We're done here. 
  • Overworking: I can tell what details you embellished, in an obs. Which, to be fair, is fine. I'd probably still read it. Just don't sell it as a slice of life if you're exaggerating it to silly, self-serving fic type proportions.
  • Overworking Part II, Electric Boogaloo: In fics, I have a very low saturation point for the actual snez. If the basis of your entire story or character is how ultra super sneezy X is, or why in Y scenario they're sneezing constantly, I hate it. I hate it so much. The fetish will forever be a trump card for me, a secret but ultra hot weapon to be deployed at the ideal moment, preferably after lots of exposition and context.  Any sooner or more frequently and it just strikes me as contrived and far, far too much of a good thing, to the point of bland disinterest.
  • Subjects. I could write an entire discourse on the ways in which my preferences are divergent from the apparent forum norm but, you know. I attribute that to a largely underaged crowd that I just can't relate to. 


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10 minutes ago, Garnet said:


  • Overworking Part II, Electric Boogaloo: In fics, I have a very low saturation point for the actual snez. If the basis of your entire story or character is how ultra super sneezy X is, or why in Y scenario they're sneezing constantly, I hate it. I hate it so much. The fetish will forever be a trump card for me, a secret but ultra hot weapon to be deployed at the ideal moment, preferably after lots of exposition and context.  Any sooner or more frequently and it just strikes me as contrived and far, far too much of a good thing, to the point of bland disinterest.


Oh my god this! This /kills/ stories for me. It's like, just stop. Less is more; putting more sneezes in doesn't make it better. It makes each sneeze feel less... I don't know hot to describe it. Less impactful, maybe?


I get it, sometimes I can be imapatient to get to the sneezy parts, but don't oversaturate a story with sneezes. If you're writing like 10-15 long sneezes in a fit, I'm done. I just can't deal. I end up just staring at the screen with a bored expression and actually scrolling past the sneezes to try and find other substance to a story.


I could probably list more, but mobile is a bit of a female dog to type on.

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Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea

Hmmm... well, I was listing big obvious things (such as: children in youtube videos, both in the search results and in clips of adults sneezing. Why, God, why.), but this topic is more about our super specific preferences so...


1) It's dumb, I know, but I really like spellings that emphasize how big the sneeze is. Lots of extra oooo's? I'll take it. Bold, italics? Yes, please. I'll even take a larger font size. I know it's cheesy. But I've been looking at this stuff since 2.5 minutes after puberty started; my brain is pretty well trained to respond to sneezefic conventions.


2) You know what I hate? unsatisfying sneezes of any kind. On a video, I can deal with a bunch of small sneezes in a row, because I can see visually that the stimulus is still intense, there's still some energy to it. Outside of that, small sneezes and---god forbid---stifles, are horrid. I only like stifles when it is clear that the sneezer is desperately stifling to keep from sneezing full-out, and that eventually they will fail. Without getting too explicit, isn't a lot of this fetish about the implicit sexual metaphor? Stifles and tiny sneezes do *not* play into said sexual metaphor very well at all.


3) Danger. I love sneezing while hiding scenarios, I love gigantic sneeze scenarios, I love anything with some drama and some stakes... until the moment i feel like any character is in any sort of actual danger whatsoever and then it freaks me out and I hate it. It is a very bizarre line, and I'm not even sure where it lies.


4) Sneezes with no nose-sound. Okay. I love big, loud sneezes. Generally, the bigger the better. However, the loudest sneezes I've ever heard, I *hated*, because they had absolutely no "nose-sound." I don't even know how to describe it, but nose-sound is the difference between a sneeze that "adds" vocalization or that sounds very vocal (I LOVE this) vs. what is presumably a sneeze but *only* sounds like a yell (I HATE these). It was the ideal scenario: a girl who I had class with in college on multiple occasions. She had huge sneezes that always shook the class, always made the professor stop in his tracks, always interrupted everything, were clearly totally uncontrollable... and they sound literally like someone yelling "Ha-ha!" No nose sound. So unpleasant.


5) I have to confess I'm of the unpopular party when it comes to sneezefics and plot. I am not very picky about how sneezes are written. As long as you say they're big, I will be on board 99% of the time. I am VERY picky about how narrative prose is written. In general, I don't like prose narratives, and I mean I don't like novels by Great Writers (and I will generally devour things by Great Writers, if it's a poem or a play or even philosophy or essays.) Even in the books I do like (which frankly are 80-90% fanfiction), my eyes skim right over the exposition and zero in on the dialogue. In a sneeze fic I will often ignore any large chunk of plot and just zero in on a) dialogue b ) sneezes. Everything else? It has to be reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllll good to really keep me at all focused/interested. But at the same time, if there WERE a sneezefic where I actually loved the writing, and it was just a really enjoyable story with some sneezes sprinkled throughout? I would go CRAZY. But because I'm so picky about prose (and so un-picky about sneezes) that has happened... almost never. For some reason the happy medium for me seems to be a plot where sneezing plays a key role but is not the *only* or even primary plot element... and then I skim the story mostly for the sneezes. Oops.


6) Speaking of prose quality, description of all of the aspects of a sneeze---from the sneezer's perspective---is like my favorite part of sneezefics. I can't decipher what the formula is for which descriptions I love and which I'm indifferent to, but I can *immediately* tell the difference. I'm so picky about sneezing descriptions I don't even know what exactly my own tastes are! But I *definitely* know it when I see it.


Okay, I think that's all I can think of for the moment. This was a lot of fun, lol! I had never consciously articulated to myself a lot of the specifics of my fetish/fetish interests. Twas fun!

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I love this thread, 


Allergies. FTW. Fits are likely. People tend not to whine about how ill they are. The complete helplessness sometimes. Perfection. I can handle a little bit of mess here.


Colds..Snot..Ugh Nope. I love the idealism of taking care of someone when they're sick with an illness, then they start coughing and I hear all the phlegm and I'm out the door. Turns out what i thought was my caring side, was actually just around to see them sneeze. 


Reading this back, I've just realised I'm an awful human being. Oops ahha



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I'm with Garnet, most of the stuff I love you guys can't stand :lol: But I guess I'll list some preferences.


See, I kinda separate my fetish into two different categories; arousal and emotional. Some fics get me off, others make me feel, and I like different things for different purposes.



  • Mess: I love love love mess! Can't get enough of it! Anyone who reads my (especially earlier) fics knows my favorite is snot, but spray is pretty good too. I start to get squicked out by dried snot, though. I can get over it, but still.
  • Cause: Illness or allergies or induced, I don't mind! Induced, I'll admit, took me longer to get into, but I like it now.
  • Pre-Sneeze: I love desperation, audible buildups, sniffling, runny nose, eyes fluttering, relaxed or scrunched up face, sometimes even waving their hand in front of their face :P (sounds silly I know). I like my buildupls a little overdramatic and desperate. Not toooo long though, it does start to get old after a while.
  • Sneeze: I love small to medium-large sneezes. Big sneezes only do it for me at certain, arbitrary times which I have yet to detect a pattern in. I also love long, drawn-out, desperate fits. As mentioned above, I loooove mess! :heart: Stifles... It kinda depends. If they're messy and desperate, and preferably fail eventually and let the sneeze out, they'll do it for me.
  • Reaction: I love it if the person is miserable or embarrassed. I don't really like too much reaction from others to the sneeze (unless it's a more sexual sneezefic, in which case I like it if the other party is aroused by the sneeze). Otherwise, I'd prefer if the sneezer was alone/with another sneezer/in a crowd of strangers who won't directly react to it.
  • Contagion: Yes, to a degree. I love casual contagion; like, realistic contagion. I don't like it when it's on purpose as much, and I can't stand it when a person is doing something like sneezing in someone's mouth or food (ewww). If it has to be on purpose, I'd prefer it be either indirectly (e.g. sneezing on objects the target is likely to touch, etc.) or just by proximity. I definitely don't like consensual contagion (if that's a thing)
  • Gender: male or female do it for me. Initially, it was just females for the most part, but males got mixed in there pretty early on as well.



  • Mess: I'm okay with it, but it's not necessary. I generally like it if it's mentioned vaguely, just because it's more realistic than the sneeze being entirely clean. Especially like it if it contributes to the sneezer's misery.
  • Cause: Illness is best, but allergies are good too! Caretaking is a must for me, so illness just makes that all the better.
  • Symptoms: Sneezing, but not in huge excess, preferably small/stifled to medium-large. Fever, definitely; especially if it causes confusion or delirium, or perhaps emotional vulnerability. Vulnerability is a big part of it for me. Shivering, yes! Coughing, yet, but not necessarily as a spotlight. Just in the background. I also like congestion a lot, and hoarse voices (sometimes the voice going away completely!). Genral fatigue and weakness, soreness. Headache in moderation. Just anything that makes them vulnerable and weak and in need of cuddles and caretaking :heart:
  • Reaction: Caretaking! I love the checking for fevers, concern, worry, cuddles, petting of hair, kisses, tucking in, sending to bed, insistence of caretaking, comforting, blessing, handing tissues, providing meds, watching tv together, just general caretaking all around! In public, I might like a bit of general concern or indignation, to make the sneezer embarrassed, and perhaps the partner indignant on the sneezer's behalf or perhaps a teensy bit possessive, sinc ethey're supposed to be taking care of their partner (heheh ;)). I definitely like worry on the caretaker's part. And if they happen to catch what their partner has, then... Well :P
  • Gender: Any gender works, but for some reason male gets me more than female...? Idk. Fetishes are weird >.<

So those are my particular tastes :P 

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I think for me, there's a very fine and delicate line between yum and eww! I like pretty much everything, to a degree and then it becomes undesirable. Problem is though, that fine and delicate line is often absurdly unrealistic :P I'll demonstrate.

Also. What I say here only applies to fiction. The real life fetish is a lot more complicated for me.



  • Allergies or colds mostly work for me. I love the desperation that often comes with allergies, the unbearable tickle, the urge to sneeze, the inability to hold back. Yum! And I adore the caregiving and caretaking that comes with colds. I'm a sucker for the secret caregiving, e.g. Taking care of a sleeping sickie and provide relief without the other person being completely aware of it. But I like cutesy and cuddly caretaking too :D 
  • I don't mind induced sneezing, but I'm very particular about it. The person shouldn't be inducing him/herself, but the person inducing should of course a) have consent and b ) do it for something other than pure pleasure, like a prank or a payback. 
  • I adore the pre-face expression if the description is good, but again, I'm not into what some have christened "nose-porn". I don't mind a bit of flaring nostrils, fluttering eyes, the look of miserable confusion. Yum! Too much nose porn and descriptions and it becomes eww!
  • I love hitching breaths and build-ups, though not too drawn out

Actual sneeze:

  • For some reason I prefer the "Aah" sound to all other sneeze sounds. "Eh" is fine too, but not as good. anything else is just okay... I make exceptions though ;) if the spelling is good and realistic sounding. 
  • I don't like single sneezes. Sneezes should come in pairs, triples or fits. If fits though, it should be drawn out and not just a full minute of "ISH! ISH! ISH!"
  • I love when a person is trying to talk through a sneezing fit, like excusing himself, scolding himself, begging, anything. YUM! Or if another person is trying to talk to them, bless them etc., during their fit... YUM!!
  • Here's where it gets tricky, I love the sound of mess but not mess itself, BUT! There should be mess to make it more realistic, so I prefer the messy sounds of a sneeze (not a dry cough sneeze), but I don't want to read about actual mess, but I like a subtle mentioning of "he cleaned himself up" or "taking care of his mess" etc., but no actual descriptions. 
  • I don't mind free and unrestrained sneezes, but again, delicate line to eww.
  • I love the "pressed wrist to nose during sneeze"-thing, that's adorable, muffling sneezes by using handkerchiefs of tissues, though if handkerchiefs, call them that and not "hanky" cuz eww! 
  • I love it when people sneeze into their collars or into someone else's shirt (with consent), again, not imagining sneezes. 

Post sneeze:

  • Embarrassment, asking for tissues, blushing, apologising, just general awkwardness is adorable to no end! 
  • I ADORE blessings, or some other form of acknowledgement like a kiss, a caress, an "Awww" etc. but don't dwell on it or show too much interest cuz eww! 
  • Post sneeze sniffles, coughs, shivers (swoon) YUM! Nose blows? Eww! But should be there to make it realistic
  • I adore the worry that sneezes will ignite in the caregiver to the sickie. That whole, "aww, you getting sick?", testing for fever, feeling for tension, shivers, headaches, etc. love it!!

Joining this site has expanded my fetish in areas I couldn't have imagined. I've always been a sucker for colds and cutesy caretaking, but now I can add my fetishy love of glasses, scarfs, sweaters and handkerchiefs.

And FEVERS!! I love everything about them, the burn, the confusion, the vulnerability, the helplessness, the dizziness, testing for them (swooooon) preferably by hand, kissing, etc, thermometers are boring :P




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- induced sneezes don't really do anything for me

- contagion = nopenopenopenope

- I don't like it when people are overly dramatic and shout while sneezing.  But naturally loud sneezes are fine.

- I'm actually more into nose blowing than sneezing.

- I like honking blows from guys.

- I hate when people blow their noses when they don't have to.

- two-handed blows are more visually appealing for me than one-handed blows for some reason.

- I don't like when someone tries to blow their nose loudly as much as someone who blows their nose as they normally would.  One of my favorite scenarios is when a guy happens to have a loud honking nose blow and just casually blows it.

- When seeing someone blow their nose, I like the face to be relaxed and the eyes open.

- I absolutely hate it when people switch nostrils rapidly while blowing their noses.  I much prefer a long continuous blow.

These are so oddly specific.  I'm weird.

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Posted (edited)

My pet peeves include:

-- The word "hanky."  "Handkerchief" I love but the abbreviation I don't even like to type, much less hear.

-- Super-loud sneezes, particularly ones that are yelled.  I find old people tend to have these.  Unlike many here, I don't mind hearing "girly" sneezes (I sneeze like that sometimes); it's those shouted, old-person ones, or just any sneeze so loud it makes me jump out of my skin, that for me are :nonono:

-- Blessings for me are absolutely essential.  If a fic features a character who sneezes around others and is not blessed by anyone, I will stop reading that fic.  And it doesn't matter to me what language the blessing is in.  I love pretty much all the foreign versions, my favorites probably being the Spanish "Salud" and the Hebrew "Labriut."  On the other hand, I hate to hear people bless themselves. 

-- "Congested talk" in fics is another big pet peeve of mine.

-- People who act disgusted by just the very act of sneezing.  Like, someone sneezes in a polite way, and the bystander doesn't bless them but instead reacts like "Oh gross!" and immediately demands they use hand sanitizer or criticizes the way they covered their nose/mouth.  I actually have a co-worker who's like this.  She's a real piece of work.  

-- People saying "sorry" after sneezing.  Like, why are you apologizing?  "Excuse me" is a little better, imo, but even that I feel is unnecessary unless it was a really loud or messy sneeze.

-- And, finally, I don't like cold denial.  It just seems childish to me.  I'm not a fan of inducing, either.











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