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I’ll probably come back and do a full post later but for now I just wanted to add that I actually lately really like fits that apparently a lot of people would think are too long. Just when it’s done in a way where they just can’t stop and I find that really hot. Obviously, still not going up to anywhere near 50 lol. Depending on how seperated the fit is, I’d say 7 is still good with me but 10 is almost always too much.

Also, I don’t mind/can like uncovered sneezes just as long as it’s not onto something (unless that something is involved in contagion or it’s into their partner’s shoulder/etc while cuddling). As for covered sneezes, I don’t really like handkerchiefs? For anything, really? I don’t know why but I much, much prefer tissues, elbows, hands (if it’s fiction), scarves sometimes, collars, etc.

I don’t really mind the author over-using congested speech? It doesn’t bother me because if it’s too much I kind of start just skipping over it myself and reading the dialogue as if it was spelled normally. I like it best when it’s moderately or occasionally used though.

I guess I’m not that into self-induced sneezes aside from wavs, but in fiction I really like someone else inducing another character (mainly in that trope where a character’s been needing to sneeze for a longgg time but they just can’t and someone close with them decides to help). This is partially because I really like the desperation this usually entails, either by the sneezer having really needed to sneeze or by the inducer teasing/torturing them with it.

You know what I recently realized I’m trash for? The end of the sneeze being half-exhale half-sneeze. I’m bad at explaning it. It can be common in some stifles or in normal sneezes, and with either one, it’s sexy as hell. In addition,

On 9/25/2018 at 7:29 AM, JaeChaeGi said:

This thread is fascinating! Like most people here, I have preferences and things that can really send me over the moon, but before this thread I thought I was completely accepting of all sneezes on some level. Not true. Y'all made me reflect and discover I have two "minimum requirements" for real or fictional sneezes to be interesting to me:

  1. Syllables. i.e., more than one. I'm not a fan of the "choo" or the "cha" or the "chih." Lead with a "ha-" or "heh-" or "hit-" or "eh-" or "ih-" or… You get the idea. :)
  2. Pause. I prefer a longer build-up, but at a minimum I need at least a pause before and between sneezes. The sudden sneeze and strings of steam engine sneezes do almost nothing for me.

I feel like those two are related somehow…

Who's with me ?



Superpower sneezes are 100% my thing as long as they’re not super loud since I don’t like those types of sneezes in general. I am definitely up for super-strength/etc sneezes, magic, fire, and ice sneezes. Especially if their powers malfunction not only during sneezes and build-ups but outside of sneezes too due to their illness/allergies/etc. :drool: Though mainly only with those types of powers? Actually, if anyone has any recommendations for that type of thing, I’d love that. I really should write one myself sometime but I already have too many other fics to work on (ones that can’t involve powers).


I absolutely love fics involving giants (or a shrunk/small person, though I prefer giants a bit more) especially if another character has to be/accidentally ends up in their nose but I can be picky about how it’s described. And no soaking the smaller character. Just no. Not at all. 


Finally, words/descriptors that will always kill me:

-Describing a nose as any variation of sensitive (especially oh-so-sensitive or ever-so-sensitive), ticklish/tickling, twitching, etc

-”Sneezy tear(s)”

-The word “desperate” or “desperately” in almost any sneezy context, be it a “nose twitching desperately” or a gaze or a sneeze or anything really, sign me up.


-I’ll probably add more to this list later but I’m blanking for some reason

But I’m really not into

-Descriptions of someone about to sneeze involving anything like they’re “going to blow”

-Add the word “loud” to most things without it being relative to normal/previous occurs XDD


-Leaking nose




Okay that was kind of longer than I meant for right now but oh well.

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I tend to only be into female colds, for whatever reason.  And I'm an absolute sucker for stuffy/congested talk and contagion.

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People that blow their noses on the cloth napkins at restaurants—that's a no for me.  It doesn't matter ow good the blow is.

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A turn-off for me is when a fic author uses over-congested talk. I can’t really read it and it kinda ends up ruining the story for me. And it’s the same for gigantic sneezes; I’m all for them as long as they don’t exaggerate it, since that’s just too comical to take seriously.

Mess is definitely not my favorite thing, but it can be alright in some scenarios, like if a sneeze is described as “wet” or “messy.” I hate the words “snot” and “mucus” so I won’t  be reading any fic that contains those. 😕 

I like sneezing in fits as long as it’s not too ridiculous.

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