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Don't Sneeze At The Date! ( Yin X Soap )

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It began as an normal evening in Hotel OJ, everyone was doing their own things in their own hotel rooms. Yin-Yang was in his room, looking out the window. Yang was thinking about the view while Yin began to blush. 

"Yin, why are you blushing?" Yang asked.

"Yang, I have a date with Soap tonight!" Yin reminded him. 

Yang has a hard time remembering things, especially from Yin. 

"Oh...~" Yang said, as if he just realized. 

Yin couldn't stop thinking about that date, and how beautiful Soap looks. 

Finally, the time came. Yin had worn a fancy tuxedo for the occasion. 

Yin straightened his bow tie in nervousness. 

Soap had made reservations at a really nice restaurant. 


Yin went into his car, and drove down to the place, obviously using a GPS, for he did not know where the place was located. 

A while later, he arrived, with Soap standing near the door. 

"H-Hi Soap..." YIn said, blushing lightly. 

Soap put her hand in front of her mouth and giggled, while Yin tugged nervously at the tie. 

Let's go in, shall we?" Soap asked as she reached for the door. 

Yin went in front of her and held the door. 

"Ladies first~" Yin said, bowing almost. 

"Oh, why thank you~" Soap said, giggling a little more. 

Yin followed behind her. 

Soap and YIn followed the friendly waitress, named Pineapple to their table. 

She put two menus in front of them, and came back with two waters. 

Soap got chicken alfredo, while Yin got some kind of veggie burger. 

" I forgot you were vegetarian!" Soap said with a giggle again. 

Yin laughed a bit too. 

"That's okay." He said with another chuckle. 

There was a vase with brightly-colored flowers at the middle of the table, but that didn't seem to bother Yin very much. 

Yin and Soap continued to chat when Yin suddenly got a ticklish feeling in his nose. 

He turned away from Soap and rubbed his nose with his finger, then turned back. 

"What was that?" Soap asked, in concern. 

"I thought I saw something." Yin said, lying, but she was unable to tell.

"Oh, okay!" Soap said. 

Yin let out a silent sigh of relief. 

They chatted a bit more, when Yin felt another tickle, but it was worse than the last one. 

"Are you okay?" Soap asked, seeing his face. 

His eyes were half-lidded and slightly crossed now. 

"Y-yeah!" He said. 

He couldn't sneeze in front of Soap, he just couldn't! She's afraid and will have a panic attack if he did! 

Yin pressed his tongue to the roof of his mouth while Soap turned away to look at something. 

The tickle had faded, for now. 

Soap peered at the giant stained glass window to their left. 

"Isn't that window beautiful?" She said. 

"Yes it is." Yin said, but put his hand down on the table, which caused her to look up at his eyes. 

"But not as much as you are~" He said, putting his hand on Soap's cheek, she blushed and giggled. 

He had also worn white gloves for the occasion, as so did she. 

He had put his hand down, nose a little pink. 

Soap didn't notice, because he was also blushing.

They ate and chatted at the same time when in the middle of eating, a fan from above blew some of the pollen near Yin's face, causing his eyes to squeeze shut as he rubbed them. 

Soap giggled a little bit louder. 

YIn chuckled nervously, and then spoke up. 

"Puh...pardon me, I...I need to use the....thuh....the restroom..." Yin attempted to say, holding back the sneeze as much as he could.

"Okay!" Soap said.

Yin immediately got up and kind of ran into the men's restroom carefully, when he walked in, he began hitching.  

"H-Hih....Haahh..." His head reared back slightly as he let out a somewhat high-pitched sneeze. 

"ESHHHHHEW!!!" He pitched forwards, covering his mouth with his arm.

He took in a gasp, eyes squeezed shut.

"HAH-SSSHHHEWW!" He sneezed again, tears running down his face.  

He had began a fit now, thankfully, no one was in the stalls. 


He let out a sigh, and a wet sniff, he took a paper towel from the paper towel holder, and blew his nose with a wet, gurgling sound. 

Yin rubbed his nose with his forefinger, wiped his sleeve, and washed the hands and put his gloves back on before returning to Soap. 

"You took a bit of a while, you sure you're okay?" Soap asked with more concern.

"I'm fine, don't worry." Yin said with a sniff.  

"What's wrong?" Soap asked. 

"Nothing." Yin said. 

"So why'd you sniff?" She asked. 

"Chef's cookin' something. Do you smell it?" Yin asked. 

She sniffed too, and nodded.

"Smells like barbecue." She said. 

Yin nodded before turning away again and rubbing his nose with the back of his wrist. 

"You're not acting like yourself today, Yin. What's wrong?" Soap asked. 

Yin accidentally let out a small hitch, eyes blinking a few times. 


Soap got a bit started. 

"What was that?" She asked. 

"A hiccup..." Yin said, trying not to sneeze again. 

Before Soap could say another word, YIn went into the restroom again and began sneezing. 

"EHTSHEWW! HAHT-CHOO! TISHOO! PISSSH! KAT-CHEWWW! ASHOOO!" Yin sneezed, arm near his mouth. 

Soap walked up to the men's restroom. 

"Yin..?" She asked. "Are you okay..?" 

Yin froze. He didn't know Soap was there, so he spoke. 

"Yeah, I'm fih..fuh...fine..." Yin said. 

"You sure?" Soap asked. 

"Yeah...I'm...I-I'm..." Yin couldn't talk anymore, so he began inhaling. 

"Yin?" Soap asked. 

"Aaah....Ahhhhhhhh...." Yin reared his head back slightly. 

Soap realized and didn't say anything. 

"I- HAHSHEWWWW!!!" Yin attempted to speak. 

"Yin..." Soap said.

He just realized that Soap heard the sneeze. 

"Soap, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-" He got cut off. 

"Come out...I want to talk with you..." She said. 

Yin stepped out of the restroom. 

Soap also paid for the food. 

"I paid by the way." Soap said. 

"You didn't have to!" Yin said. 

"I don't want you doing too much." Soap said. 

"Anywho, you're sneezing. Are you sick?" She asked. 

Yin looked at his feet, then looked at her. 

"The flowers on the middle of the table....I'm...*sniff*....I'm allergic to them....please don't break up with me..." Yin said. 

Soap gave a gentle smile. 

"Yin, if you were allergic you could've told me!" She said with a smile. 

Yin was surprised, no hyperventilating, no screaming, nothing but a smile. 

"I could...?" Yin asked. 

Soap nodded. 

"Of course! I would've moved them away for you!" She said. 

"I just didn't want to ruin everything for this evening with you Soap.....I'm sorry.." Yin said. 

"Ruined?! Are you kidding?! This was the best evening of my entire life!" She said. 

Yin was still in shock. 

"R-Really? It was?" He began to smile a bit. 

"Yes! You have some amazing stories about you and your brother!" Soap said with a giggle. 

"Well, you want to hear more on the way back to the hotel?" Yin asked, holding the door. 

"I'd love to! But first..." 

She handed a white handkerchief with blue flowers on it to Yin. 

"Huh?" He said, taking it. 

"Blow your nose!" She said with a giggle. 

Yin did, he blew his red nose with a wet gurgling sound. 

"You can keep it." Soap said. 

"Thank you very much, Soap. I'm sorry about my allergies." Yin said, sniffing a bit. 

"It's fine, Yin!" Soap said. 

"Really?" Yin said. 

"You can just tell me you're allergic! I would've gotten the flowers away from you!" She said with a laugh. 

Yin smiled and took Soap's hand. She began to blush, but blushed more when he kissed it. 

He quickly turned away and sneezed, Soap smiled. 

"Bless you, Yin~" Soap said, giggling a little more. 


"Thank you." He said, sniffing as he rubbed his nose with his forefinger. 

He drove Soap back to the hotel. 

Inside the hotel, Yang was waiting. 

"There you two lovebirds are!" Yang said. 

"B-Be quiet, Yang.." Yin said, looking to the left as he blushed more. 

Soap giggled. 

"Did you two have fun~?" Yang asked. 

"Yeah!" Soap said with a smile.

Yin sniffed. 

"Were flowers there?" Yang asked.

"Yeah, in the middle of the table." Soap said. 

"Hahahaha! Yin went through allergies at the date!" Yang said, continuing to laugh. 

"Yang....ESSSSHEW!" Yin ducked, sneezing into his arm and rubbing his nose with his wrist while getting up. 

"Bless you, Yin." Soap said. 

"Gesundheit, sneezy." Yang said with a snicker. 

"Ugh, thanks..." Yin said. 

"Well, I got to go, I had a great time with you, Yin!" Soap said. 

"Okay, bye!" Yin said. 

"But before I go...one quick thing..~" Soap said, coming closer to Yin. 

"And what is tha-" 

Yin froze when Soap pulled YIn to her and kissed him on the lips. 

Yang took a picture. 

The two of them broke from the kiss. 

"Don't you dare seh...send it!" Yin said, pointing an angry finger towards Yang. 

"I won't!" Yang said, laughing. 

Before Yin could say anything else, he put up a finger in forewarning, and turned away into his arm and sneezed three times. 


"Bless you!" said Soap.

"Bless you!" said Yang. 

"Thank you!" Yin said.

"Well, I have to go now, goodnight Yin!" Soap said. 

"Goodnight, Soap! Sleep well!" He said. 

"You too!" Soap said as she waled out the door, closing it behind her. 

Yin got undressed and sat next to Yang. 

"I'm gonna make you delete that picture." Yin said. 

"I bet you will..~" Yang said with a laugh. 



( HI everyone! This is my first sneeze story of Inanimate Insanity! I hope you guys enjoy it!) 

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