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Hey I’m new to this so be honest and say if it sucks 😂 

It was the day after the snowball dance (which is set in Season 2, meaning all the characters are 13 or over) and the guys, Elle, and Max were coming over to mikes house later that day. There was only one problem,

Heaptcho hectcho heptshh mike sneezed

for what felt like the billionth time that morning. 

He hadn’t felt well the last week but now his cold was hitting him like a brick wall. 

He got up blew his nose and got dressed as sick as he was he still wanted to see his friends. A few moments later he heard a knock on the door. Steve had given all of them a ride over. 

“Mike are you all right?” Dustin asked, 

“Yeah just tired” answered mike 

HNXCHO HEPTCHO HNXTT oh shit mike thought but nobody heard him they were all talking about last night. This was going to be a long day thought mike. 


(Should I continue?)


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Clarification of age of characters

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how old are you?

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