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So this is my first like real post on here so I'm kinda nervous :worriedsmiley: So I've been with my boyfriend now for over a year, I'll call him J, and he lucky is a very sneezy person. J is my first ever boyfriend which is crazy considering I'm almost 20... but I realized how strong my fetish really was when we started dating. So a little info on J, he's 3 years older then me, he's 6'2 with medium brown hair and a short beard. I have tons of obs that I've never posted, and maybe I'll post them later, but I have one that happened today in mind. We were sitting on my bed getting ready to go eat lunch and he was playing Fire Emblem on his phone. So I decided to wrap my arms around him from behind to watch. (And before I go any further, he knows about the fetish). So I was just watching him play when I noticed he started rubbing at his nose, which he does a lot and it kills me. :bleh: But usually, it doesn't end up in any sneezing. But I was wrong this time. A few seconds later I literally could feel him take a gasp as he sneezed to the left away from my face. I was so shocked I just started rambling...:sweatdrop: He then turns to me and just grins, knowing exactly what I'm thinking. And he also is always saying and I quote "Why is my nose so itchy all the time make it stop." Which KILLS me. :wubsmiley: So anyways that was my little obs. Be gentle I'm still learning how this works. :ph34r2:

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Ooh your really lucky that you have a wonderful boyfriend who knows about your fetish. 

Does he have any sneezing fits? 

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