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Song by 1st, rating by 2nd plus new song~~~

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It definitely has the feel of a traditional folk/indie song, especially with those breaks in song for the whistling chorus. It may be too dreamy for my tastes... As for a rating, I'd give it a five. I wouldn't protest if this was music in the background, going by the singing alone (and not knowing the words.)

I have a weakness for songs with hints of blues/soul and good BASS. This song I offer also coincidentally has to do with relationships, ending, that is... and the uncertainty of what being single again /means/ after living a certain way for so long and the risk of change.



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spooky scary sQueletons 🎃

Okay, this is a good song! I like the vocalist, she has a very smooth and powerful voice, and the beat is solid, too. I could picture dancing to this at a bonfire or something. I give this song an 8. Not a fave, but really good!

Here rate this song: 


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@PuddinPop I was going to look up operatic metal after listening to Nightwish.....HAHAHA! Yea, hand slap to the forehead. Loved the guy’s voice so much! It was like gritty and strong. :wub:

@Selene I def see what you mean about writing to it. It kinda gives me the scene vibe of someone observing someone else across the room and reminiscing. But then the kicker is that the other person has amnesia or something. Anyways def keep them coming!

@Sageacity Great song! Love the part where her voice becomes inhuman! 


@Quing Nerd I really like the melody of the instruments. When the group started singing, I wished they were louder or the background music was quieter because I really enjoy unique voices like that I can match my voice to and sing along with. The “Achoo” detracts from the song for me because it sounds generic but of course it fits with the lyrics. I do like the lyrics though (I looked them up) and some of the words could be straight from a fetishist’s mouth. Good find! 6.8

Well, I love violins so this song is my favorite violin piece that falls under violin/modern combo music. I will say that I wish the violinists hadn’t talked through some parts. Oh and this group was on America’s Got Talent years back. One person in the comments said that this song is the sound of a violin crying. 


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Hello @Reader 

thanks for your post. I really liked the violins and also, as you already wrote, it seemed like a violin cried. The music was kind of melancholy and pensive, but I did not liked the Hip Hop part at 3:00. But otherwise I enjoyed your song. I will give 7/10, okay?

I thought about showing you a part of my culture with the next song.
Music can bring people together, everywhere. Why should not it work here? The song also has a very personal background.
My beloved nephew joined the Turkish army on May 4 this year. It is an obligation, even though he is Kurdish boy.
He has to do military service for one year and a few months. And I have to let the terrible possibility in my heart, that he is sent to Syria in the war.
I have many neighbor Syrian children whom I have all taken to my heart. I cook for them, they can play in my apartment, intestine I pray please stop the war....
After military service, my nephew wants to marry his girlfriend. I pray everyday he will return as a happy, bearing young man. That he can be with his love for life. I just want to see him again. I can't call him for now, and have to wait for his messages and sometimes it is unbearable for me, because he is not my nephew for me he is like my little brother I love him with all my heart:hug:
And this song, which I want to show you, I play for him. It is a song which is often played for kurdish weddings. 
Mardin is a Kurdish city on the Turkish / Syrian border and back in 2014 I traveled there with my nephew to help syrian refugees. It was an experience for lifetime....
I know it is an entire other culture but really hope you like the song?

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I really like the B-mu. When her voice is added to it, it becomes a bit busy for me. 6 

I am hardcore feeling this song right now! It’s applicable to everything! And it’s my new rebuttal song until I get over a few certain things my family and friends are no doubt waiting for.


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This song is bumpin'. It's great! I love it.

I guess that the subject of the song isn't exactly new or anything. This could easily be thrown in a bin full of songs that all are essentially the same, content-wise, but I don't think that matters so much. The bells and whistles carry it far enough on their own.

It kinda reminds me of this song "Should've gone to bed" by Plain White T's, which is a band maybe even whiter than the band name suggests, but still fun. It might be cheating that I'm giving that as a suggestion, but it's more of in a: in case you want to hear more along these lines.

In any case, cool find, @Reader

My choice is:

Shhh.... The baby is sleeping

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Thank you for sharing the upbeat song. It is not my cup of tea, but i quite like the beat. I'm sorry to say that from me, i can only give the the song 4/10. Truly its not becuase the song is bad, its just really not my taste that i cant enjoy the song. I'm sure others will give much higher point than me >< 

This is the song that i really really like, i hope others can enjoy it too


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Posted (edited)

So the other day, I wondered where this thread had gone and went out to find it again.

I liked the song, because it has such a calm, yet powerful character to it. It has been around some time now and I might have listened to it a few times too often in the past because I can't enjoy it as much as I used to. Yet this does not change the fact that it is an enjoyable song :)

The song I'd like to leave here for you all is "Drive Darling" by BOY. I can't recommend their album "Mutual Friends" enough.

(Had to go for the lyrics video because the actual music video would not show)

Edited by Selene

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Posted (edited)

“And no rear view could picture what we leave behind.” That’s such a beautiful line! I love her voice! I was singing along! It was all these little feelings that you felt as you listened. Just quiet contemplation, nostalgia, sadness, and some peace too. I imagined I’d be driving along on a road trip with my hand hanging out the window and just singing it as I passed trees and empty fields. Nice one! 

Ok my song is a cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling by a group named Thirdstory. Although I like the original, I was in my feelings with this version. Pun...intended! 😋 


Edited by Reader

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I give it a 9/10! I love a good a capella pop cover. I feel okay about the song itself. The arrangement is a little busy and they could have had more fun with it, but I appreciate the minimalist percussion and the vocalists are very talented (that falsetto tho 🤩)

My song is Shine by Frisbie. 


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This is such an awesome thread idea! I'm excited to participate :thumbsupsmiley:


I actually really ended up enjoying this song!  I listen to a lot of different genres of music but this kind of folk-y type of song is one of my favourites. I really loved the lead singer's kind of whiny voice, it just seems like such a great song to have in the background while relaxing or studying or something. Definitely adding it to my playlists :) 7/10 


My song is The Twist - Frightened Rabbit. (This is my first song I ever heard by them and made me absolutely fall in love with them. If you end up liking this I'd give that whole album a go! RIP Scott Hutchison :nosad: ) 



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