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Received a message about a warning? PLEASE READ

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Dear forum, 

Some of you may have received a message (or maybe more than one) recently advising you that a warning has expired. We appreciate this may be confusing, especially if you didn't have any warning points on your profile. 

The reason this message is being sent is because it has recently come to our attention that any warnings removed after February 2016 disappeared from a member's profile completely with no trace of it ever being there. Therefore, we are issuing these messages - that will appear very similarly to a warning post - so that there is a record on your profile of any previous warnings, and whether these have now expired or not. 

These are not new formal warnings. There will be no additional warning points given for these messages being sent. They are purely a reference for the staff, and will also not be visible to any other member. 

If you have any queries in regards to this, please contact the staff using the Contact Us feature. 

Thanks for your attention. 


on behalf of the SFF Staff

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