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boyfriend coming down with something

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sooooo it looks like my boy is getting sickk!! and i hate to say im enjoying it ;)

we live about 3 hours away for the summer, so sadly i can only experience this over facetime:nosad:

it started last night.. he was just complaining a lot of a sore throat, feeling hot, and his nose being a bit stuffy. he would cough a bit every 30 minutes or so, but it really wasnt that bad.. along with the occasional sniffle. but it got me wanting more!!

this morning i wake up early and call him, but he doesn’t answer for a few hours. i figured he was sleeping in so i just left it alone. he called me back at around 1pm. he looked sick as could be, but i was honestly loving it! his hair was a mess, he looked so sleepy, couldn’t stop sniffling.. but still denying he was sick!! usually he is such a baby when it comes to not feeling well, so if he says hes fine i usually trust him. this time i knew something was up. 

about an hour later he let out a huge double..

”babe i uh- haaCHEW haaCHEW!!”

”ahh, bless you baby!”

”ugck, thangks - SNIFF” 

“you sureeee you arent feeling sick love?”

”i’b find i prombise ju-ju-haCHEWW - SNIFF - judst sdiffly”

”how about you go blow your nose babe, it won’t hurt your head so much”

”IM FIND. i swear ib not sick ok”

he had to go shortly after that, but started losing his voice also. between that, coughing, sneezing, and how tired he looked.. i knew he was sick. 

and tonighttt he confirmed it. as expected, he was being a total baby begging me to get there and cuddle him untilhe felt better. i didn’t catch any sneezes tonight, but tons of sniffles. sadly, he refuses to blow his nose while i can hear eventhough he is completely blocked up. he fell asleep just before i started to write this, and is snoring and sniffling away in his sleep. i honestly feel so bad and wish i was there with him, but im enjoying this a lot. hopefully there is more to come in the next few days. :razz:

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as soon as i posted this, he woke himself up with a loud “haaCHEWW” i blessed him but sadly i think he’s still asleep.. sniffling away. poor thing:mellow:

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It’s time for a surprise visit!! Treat yourself !! Lovely obs! 

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Nice obs, @sneezyysophI really feel you about wanting to be with him!! I also wonder if you could give a description of his coughing for me? Are they only a few or short/long fits? How do they sound like? Thank you! 

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