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High on Lullabies

Rule Amendment Regarding Consent

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High on Lullabies

Hello all,

Please note a minor amendment has been made to our Rules and Guidelines regarding consent. Specifically, Item 2 under the Posted Content and Consent section now reads as follows:


The forum staff do not condone members engaging in any form of activity designed to elicit fetish content from others without their awareness and/or consent and no observations, recordings etc. of such content may be posted. This does not apply to non-consent, torture, bondage or domination scenarios between consenting adults, but any media of this type must be posted in the Adult areas of the forum.

To clarify, this would include any activity such as trying to make others catch colds or flu, deliberately exposing them to allergens, trying to have them come into contact with pepper, chinknni, etc. 

It should also be noted this only applies to real-life events i.e. observations, not works of fiction.

Thank you for your attention! :)


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