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Dandelions ( Female, allergy)

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Hello lovelies! This is something that’s been floating around my head for a while. This girl is doing a scenario for her girlfriend as a treat. She has typical allergies but also is very allergic to dandelions ( which she is aware of, it’s part the scenario she’s doing to pretend she doesn't know). 


Ann is tall, skinny, has small green eyes, dark red , straight hair, and  high cheekbones. She has a  button nose and generally soft features ( think a blank-canvas for makeup kind of face).


( note: Everything in this scenerio is consensual.Ann and Sierra both have a mutual sneezing fetish, and they do stuff like this to please one another.  Everything that Sierra does in this fic is something Ann already consented to. )


As they were walking to the field, Ann rubbed her nose in circles with a pale blue handkerchief. Her dark red hair reached almost to her waist ,tumbling down almost to the top of her navy blue miniskirt. 


“ You’re going to love your birthday present ,babe.And today….” She paused, tilting her head back as her little nose, flushed pink, quivered, eyes lost focus, and lips parted “ happens to be the perfect day to give it to you. My nose has been tickling all day…but I just…can’t…sdeeze.” 


Spring hayfever season had started, and Ann had started her medication. But, it hadn’t built in her system all the way, and the tree pollen wasn’t that high yet, so Ann had been stuck with a tickley nose all day, but not being able to get a sneezing fit out to relieve it. 


They finally arrived at the field, filled with spring flowers, grasses, and various dandelions, all in different stages of development. Some were long stalks with marigold flowers at the end, others were short, with puffy white balls on top. 


Ann sat on her knees amidst the plants. 


“Look at all these lovely flowers, Sierra! Spring really delivered this year. Ooo!” She picked up a white, fluffy dandelion, with tickley-looking puffs all around it. 


“ I wonder if these smell nice.” She held the dandelion to her face, and immediately her button nose flushed deep pink and her little nostrils quivered. “ Hah…*she inhaled deeply, sniffing the “flower”* It doesn’t smell like anything…but my dose is tickling-a little- hah—hah—aahhh-HHAAIISSHEEWW!” The puffs blew off the dandelion and into the air with the force of Ann’s tickley, allergic sneeze. 


Sierra smiled. Oh , Ann knew just what to give her for her birthday. The best girlfriend she’d ever had.


“Oh…” Ann pulled her handkerchief from her pocket  rubbed  and wiped her nose with it. “ Not sure what made me sneeze. But I love watching the little puffs fly away! They’re so cute!”


She picked a few more of the fluffiest, tallest dandelions in the field, and held them in front of her face. She motioned Sierra to sit next to her.  


“ Watch this.” Ann told Sierra. Sitting closer, Sierra could see how pink Ann’s nose was, how her little nostrils flared with every breath. It was amazing that she could hold her powerful, allergic sneezes back to talk. It took a lot of will power to not just kiss her right there. 


Ann took a deep breath and , facing Sierra so she could clearly see, blew the puffs off of the dandelions, surrounding them both in a cloud. 


“ See how beautiful they a- ah!- are! Aaahhh-hhahhh—-ahhh!” She fished her handkerchief out of her pocket and held it in front of her quivering, tickling nose “ I have to sdeeze again! Ahh-hhah- HHHAAIASSHEEWW! ….AH! …ahh!…AAAISHEW!….Hih—-HIH-ISHHOO!” Three more allergic sneezes into the handkerchief. She blew her nose lightly. 


“ Oohhh…I don’t know why I keep sneezing. Must be all the tree pollen in the air.” She paused to sniffle and rub her nose, rubbing the tip in a little circle in a way she knew Sierra loved “It’s really tickling my nose.” But instead of putting her hankie back in her pocket, she set it down next  to her on the field. 


“ Bless you baby.” Sierra cooed, rubbing Ann’s lean shoulders. “ Your hayfever must be really bad today.” She smiled, and kissed Ann’s forehead.  She gave her a tissue from her pocket, and wiped her girlfriend’s nose for her, pressing a few extra tissues into Ann’s palm. 


“Here, “ Ann said, “ Why don’t you …”she turned around and plucked three more dandelions from around them  “ try?”


Sierra took the dandelions ,  took a deep breath, and blew the puffs around both of them. 


 Immediately Ann’s eyes screwed shut “ AAhhh-hahh!…” , her nose turned almost as red as her hair,  her delicate nostrils flared, her lower lip , painted a lovely crimson, quivered, and she bent forward with a volley of sneezes right into the tissue “ AHH-ISHOO! “ her  crimson hair fell forward as she bent at the waist to sneeze some more “ HAHH-IISHHOO!  ISHO! …HA-HA!  AAHH-IHSEW! ISHEW!….huhh….hhhhuuuhhh…..HUT’CHOO!”…ACk’SSHOO!” 


She blew her nose with a quick gurgle, and rubbed her nose up and down. 

“ Ohh…my dose is ticklingd so badly…it feels like there’s a feh- hih! -hih-IsssSSHHUuu!—feather up there! I think I may have forgotten my hayfever medicine this morning!”


“Blessss you, darling.” Sierra soothed. She brushed her girlfriend’s hair from her face and stroked her cheek. She was loving this. Ann’s acting was amazing, and her denying being allergic to the dandelions was hotter than Seirra could have imagined. She put her arm around Ann’s shoulders, took another tissue from her pocket, wiped Ann’s nose again, and kissed her cheek. 


“You wanna try another one, baby? Here.” She plucked a yellow dandelion from near them and sniffed it “ This one smells…kind of like coca cola.” 


She put the yellow dandelion in front of Ann’s face. Her green eyes were already unfocused, and as soon as the tickly plant came in her face again her pink nose became red again. Sierra grabbed her girlfriend’s hankie , delighted to see that it had little puffs stuck to it. She stuffed it into her pocket and got  more tissues, fearing the allergen covered hankie might just be too much for her girlfriends, poor, oh-so-very allergic nose. 


Ann managed to sniff the flower, her nostrils flaring widely “ Ohhh…*snf* it kind of!…aahhH!….AAHH!…It kind of does!..But I deed to…hih!!…Sd-IiissssSSSSHUUUUuu!-sdeeze again!” Ann’s eyes screwed shut and she tilted her head back. “ Ahhh….ahhh!” 


Sierra grabbed the tissues and pressed them over Ann’s nose. It was quivering so much, so desperate to get rid of the allergens, she could feel it through the tissues. Ann snapped forward, her hair flowing down as she bent at the waist and sneezed sneeze after desperate sneeze into the tissues “ HAAHHHIIISSHEEWW!…hahh…hahh! HAAAHH-IISSHEEWW!…Hih-ISHEE!..ISHEE!..Hehh-ISHEE!…Hahh…..Hahhh…aahhh!..” Sierra pushed the tip of Ann’s nose upward slightly, so the stuck sneeze could come out. It worked. “ AHHTT’SSHOO!….Ack-SHOO!….” Those last two were so vocal it sounded like they were being shouted.” …Hih…iihhh….IH-ISHU! ISHU!” She blew her streaming nose so hard her ears almost popped. Sierra wiped her nose for her, rubbing in circles. 


“ Oh..those sdeezes felt good, but my dose still feels like there’s a thousand little feathers in there! Mby allergies are so bad….Honey, where’s my hankie?” Sierra passed Ann her hankie, covered in little puffs of allergen. Ann folded it over her face and blew her nose loudly. 


Ahhh…hahh!…HA-ISHEW!….HA-IIISSSHUU!!…Hah-Ah-AHT”ISSSHEW! IISSHEEWW!” She lowered her hankie from her face folded it, and looked at it “ My hankie is making be sdeeze more! It’s covered in ..- Ahh!..AHh!-AHT’SHU!…covered in dandelion fluffs! I think I’b allergic…to…Ahhh!….allergic to…to…Haahh’AAAKKHHOO!” A deep , throaty sneeze, barely covered by the hankie “ To the dandelions! Sierra, honey, can you give be a ti-hihh!-ISHU!- tissue?” 


“ Of course baby…” Sierra replied, plucking a few more tissues from her pocket and pressing them over Ann’s nose, while she sneezed and sneezed 


Aaahhh-ISSHHOO!..Ha-ISHO!…HA-ISHU!….Ha-ISHU!…Hahh!Ahh!-AAAHHH”ITTSSHUU!…oohh!…hahhh…ahhh’….ahh-ISHO!….aahhhh?ahh!Aahhh-ISSHJEW!…AH”ISHHJJEW!..AaHH-ISSS”CCHUU!….Hehh…hehh…heiissssssSSSHUUUuu!”Ann blew her red nose in the mound of tissues. 


“Mmm, baby, I think you’re right. It was the dandelions tickling your nose. They make you so very sneezey. Blessss you” She leaned forward and kissed Ann’s nose, causing another “ Ishu!” to escape. She kissed Ann deeply,  and they both lay on the field, one on top of the another. Sierra whispered into Ann’s ear “ That was amazing.” 



Ann smiled. “ I knew you’d like it.Iiiisshhheeww!”She sneezed against Sierra’s shoulder. 


“Bless you, baby.” 


“Thanks, Sweetie. Happy birthday.”And they went back to kissing. 



What do you guys think? Let me know. Sorry for any grammar/formatting/spelling errors, I kinda banged this out on impulse.  I feel like my descriptions are a little repetitive sometimes, but I like to describe sneezes really well.  

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I really enjoyed this story

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I certainly enjoyed it

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Completely loved reading this! Hopefully you enjoyed writing this as much as I did reading it :)

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Oh my goodness this is so great 😍 gotta find me a cutie that will pull stuff like this for me 🤐🤭

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Lovely :)

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Alex Hemmings

oh my god this is so adorable

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Lol you don’t need to do a consent disclaimer for imaginary characters....

Love the story though!!

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i loved this!!!

so so cute

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