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Adult board rules/etiquette question

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Obviously, posting 18+ things outside the adult section of the forum is against the rules. Is it also unacceptable (breaking the rules, or even just frowned upon/an annoyance) to post something on the adult boards that does not contain 18+ content?

Context: I'm in the middle of writing something that could be posted in the general stories forum and be just fine, but it's about an original character I'm planning to do non-fetish things with and I would really, really hate for someone to stumble across... all of this Weird Stuff I'm doing. The advantage of the adult boards here is that their content is kept away from non-validated members.

If posting it there would break rules or even just prompt a lot of 😕 faces, though, I won't do it.

(realistically speaking, it's highly unlikely that anyone would ever search for my character on Google or whatever, but I really don't feel like taking that chance no matter how small it is.)


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My opinion is that it's fine, but maybe I'd put a disclaimer saying that it doesn't have anything 18+ in it.  When I was in the youth board, sometimes people would post about older people or characters, just to keep it private as well.  I've also seen not 18+ content on the adult board before, so you wouldn't be the first. :heart:

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