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I told him!!!!!!

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So last night I was talking to my boyfriend (J). We were facetiming and he had a friend over. They were playing some video game and having fun and I was happily staring at him. Another friend (G) I was talking to at the same time asked me "Whats the difference between a kink and a fetish?" I thought she was being serious and I didnt know so I asked J the same question. Here is the following conversation the best that I remember it.

J: You just broke my mind

G: A kink is something you do during sex and a fetish is something that turns you on

Me: *Repeats that to J*

J: Oh then I have a fetish *then tells me it after making me promise never to tell anyone*

Me: Thats kinda weird but I cant judge

J: Oh you have on?

Me: Ummmmm yeah?

*I really didnt want to tell him but since he told me his I felt better about it.*

Me: Umm pleas dont judge me but ummm sneezing

J: sneezing?

Me: Yeah is that too weird?

J: nononono its kinda cool. I'll try to sneeze around you more often

Me: *Dies inside* lol theres a whole forum for it.

The conversation continued a little more with questions for each other but theres nothing really interesting that happens after this (I also dont want to accidentally fudge the details) i was really suprised that my brain let me tell him all this but he seemed really open to the idea that this was a thing. 

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It sounds like a big burden has been lifted. Well done sistersneezes. I hope this admission will make for more sneeze filled fun future experiences.

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Congrats! I really hope this helps you both in your relationship! 

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Awww that's a great reaction from your boyfriend!!! I'm happy for you 😊 Hope you're going alright.

I read stuff about kinks and fetishes, and turns out, kinks are something that adds to your sexual experience. You can easily get turned on without it, kink just enhances the experience. Fetish is another step from kink, it's when you get turned on mostly only from this thing or action. As a fetishist myself, I find "normal" (aka socially accepted) things such as touching and hugging arousing, but they're far from what the fetish does to me. Oh, and you can do both things during sex, and both kink and fetish turn you on, the difference is just in the extent to which they do. 

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