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I have been waiting for this for a long time. Theres this boy that sits near me in the lecture hall most days. I'm going to call him "C". He has blue eyes creamy skin and darkish blondeish hair. He always looks so concentrated when he takes notes and its adorable:wubsmiley:. His nose and lips are perfectly portioned with just the right amount of turn-uppy-ness (idk). Unfortunately he has a girlfriend. Today he sneezed a perfect double. while taking notes he turned away from me and sneezed into his arm. kushoo I blessed him, he thanked me and turned back and picked up his pen. Suddenly his face screwed up and he turned away again for another kushoo. I blessed him and he thanked me again. I was in heaven! They were perfect! Not too loud, not too squeaky and not too vocalized but just right. He also thanked me both times. Sometimes people that sneeze more than once and are blessed more than once say thanks only once but not him! The whole thing was just so yummy!!! 

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