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True or False...The Person Below Me

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False; my viola is all the companionship I need right now.

The person below me is equally sick of sans serif fonts always being the default.

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True when I open a new page in google docs.

The person below me has never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. 

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Very true! I should probably catch up but I’ve never gotten into it, all the lore and backstory seems quite overwhelming. 

The person below me is currently watching Netflix. 

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Forgot to add “the person below me...”

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Not anymore ^^ Should have come here a few hours earlier. Right now I'm catching up on a podcast I recently discovered. 

Also @Sooph you described the Game of Thrones dilemma so perfectly! I watched a few episodes of Season 1 when Season 3 had just come out. For some reason, I didn't really have the time to immerse myself into it and then the sheer amount of stuff I needed to catch up with was just way too much :lol: Although it looks a lot like something I would enjoy.

The person below me has special plans for the weekend. 

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False! I don't have Netflix. I only watch when I'm at my friend's house.

The person below me loves writing.

Oops: Selene and I got in at the same time. 

Uh, true! I mean I have Easter plans. That's special, right? Google says that roughly 2.2 billion people are pretty jazzed about it so I guess it counts

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True but I usually lack the motivation/confidence to do so. Hoping that'll change with practice though!

The person below me is a great cook!

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