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Quick mafs!

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Hello to the people that indulge my random postings! 🤗

Sooo I was talking to my sister on the phone. We were breaking down our schedule into how many hours we wanted to spend weekly on certain goals. 

We came up with three numbers: 12, 26, and 7.

(Add those numbers up in your head real quick and remember your method.)

My sister’s method: 12, 12, 12 is 36 + 2, 38, 8 + 7, 15 so the ending number is 5 and it has to be in the forties so 45

My method: 26 + 10, 36 + 2, 38, 38 +2, 40 + 5 = 45

Brother’s  method: “I would see the numbers 12 26 and 7 in my head, throw the 12 and 7 together get 19, then go 9 plus 6 equal 5 carry over the 1 boom you get 45.”

So do you guys have a different method or does your method match one of ours? 

Just little funny parts:

Me: “You force like numbers to go together. I stop at the zeroes. Brother is a calculator. 

Sis: “No, you force numbers! You be chopping off limbs and separating families.”

Me: “You be puttin on bandaids and takin ten minutes to solve a problem!”

Sis: That’s because I’m a doctor! (she isn’t) I make the numbers into more manageable chunks.


She went to school in Japan for a few years.

The curriculum was more advanced than her schooling in America (that she was ahead of her classes in).

So when they would play popcorn and the teacher would call out numbers, she would get overwhelmed.

28 + 30 + 12 + 47.....

Meanwhile my sister is like 28 ok that looks like a 2 and a 8 😂 And by then, everyone else is shouting the correct answer. 

“It got to the point I’d just wait for the times zero at the end but it never happened.”

“Well it happened once but the other children still shouted the answer faster.”

Guys I was laughing so hard. I’ve just been cracking up this morning. 


Anyways, I look forward to seeing how each of your brains work and I hope you enjoyed our humor. I will say it’s a lot funnier when voices are involved though. 

Have a good day! 

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I don't break things up like you and your family members do.

I just take the numbers as they are and set them up in my brain the same as if I were doing it on paper, namely vertically with the bigger number on top.

So for 12, 26, and 7, I just do:






This is an interesting topic since we all have to do math everyday, but clearly even if we were taught the same, we approach it differently.

Thanks for sharing, Reader!

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12 + 26 + 7 = 12 + 20= 32 + 6= 38 + 7= 45

I needed to count on my fingers. I use the calculator all the time 😅

This is how I would do it. Maths never been my favourite and I don’t really have a method. 

I have just learnt the method they teach at school here.

26 + 12 + 7 = 26 + 4 + 8 + 7 = 30 + 8 + 7 = 38 + 7 = 38 + 2 + 5 = 40 + 5 = 45

PUH, I still find it a lot of work, but I guess when you first learn it, its a good method for the kids. They basically brakes it down in ten and one

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•.*°•☆. Q .☆•°*.•
Posted (edited)

okokok here's my method:

the two smallest numbers are 12 and 7, so i added those first. 2 plus 7 is 9, and then put the one in front of it that's 19

so then i add what's left, 26 and 19

so starting in the ones place that's 9 plus six, which is 15 (bc 6 plus 10 minus 1 is 15)

so that means the last number is 5

so then the 2 from 20 plus 1 from 19 is 30 plus the extra 1 from 15 is 40 so it's 45

Edited by •.*°•☆. Q .☆•°*.•

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I added 12 and 26 to get 38, then added 7 to that to get 45 and that's the only method that I even thought of to try before reading the other ones, some of which seemed a bit complicated, but whatever works for other people. :)

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Joal 555
27 minutes ago, Bondi said:

I added 12 and 26 to get 38, then added 7 to that to get 45


Maybe I'm lucky to be able to do it that simply, but some of the other methods look very complicated!




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I added 26 and 2 = 20, then added the remaining 10 = 38. Then I add 2 to make 40, then 5 remains, resulting in 45. Is this extremely convoluted? Maybe. Does it work? Yes!

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I always add the bigger numbers first so it's easier at the end.

26 + 12 = 38

38 + 7 = 45

Idk, I think it's much easier this way :laugh:

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